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Join me, Ruthie, and snuggle up in bed with fascinating people, as I tempt them to reveal their cheeky bedtime secrets, and chat intimately about their lives, beliefs, loves, wishes and dreams. In bed with a Druid, where I will bring you a mixture of interviews for every occasion, covering topics such as creativity, spirituality, relationships, passions, hobbies and careers. There will be some funny interviews, some serious, some saucy and some a little of all three but all will be with fascinating folk who live different and interesting lives..


Suzanne Rance, Traditional Witch/Druid/Author
Suzanne Rance Suzanne, author and runologist is Sussex born and Sussex bred with a love of history and a strong drive to research everything.  A Traditional Sussex Witch for over 30 years Suzanne is also a member of the Anglesey Druid Order and the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids. Since my first visit to Wales as a teenager I have felt like I have a foot in two worlds, that of the Welsh and of the English.  I moved to Wales during the 1990’s and learned to speak Welsh for two reasons, one because I sent my son to Welsh school and the other because I loved the sound.  As I learned the language I became increasingly involved in the culture of the land, developing a deep connection with its history and myths.  Finding links between Wales and the Sussex landscape sparked an interest in the land of my birth and a need to connect to my roots there. I returned to Sussex at the beginning of the new millennium and began researching the ancient British landscape of Anderida and the Early English landscape of Sussex.  Having learned Welsh I can see many connections with the Old English Language, especially in pronunciation.     Mentions Suzanne's website   Facebook   A.D.O.   O.B.O.D.   Anderida Gorsedd   Children of Artemis Worthing Museum Lyminster Dragon   ============================================= Contact Ruthie by email Follow Ruthie on Facebook at or Instagram @InBedWithADruid Chat to Ruthie on Twitter @InBedWithADruid
66:12 11/30/20
Eva Bay Greenslade, Doula/Druid/Shaman
Eva Bay Greenslade A little about me, I am 39, a mum of four, two grown-up babies, and two still growing. I am passionate about women feeling empowered, informed, and positive about their birth experience.  I feel my aim is that every woman will look back on her birth and have no regrets, feel that she did all she could, and feel positive about her experience.  I am also passionate about encouraging parents to think about their fourth trimester, and creating an easier positive supportive experience for parents and baby that is best for their needs.  Ever since I had my first baby I knew I wanted to somehow help other parents.  I knew I wanted to be a doula after attending my sister's home birth.  My niece Nixie's birth was the most amazing experience to be a part of, and it helped that the midwife suggested I become a doula without knowing my thoughts on walking the doula path.   I have undergone Breastfeeding / Feeding volunteer Peer Support Training and spent time volunteering on the postnatal ward and in the community. I have also breastfed all my babies long term so understand fully the stresses, strains, and loveliness breastfeeding brings. You will see I have a huge interest in how spirituality can aid pregnancy and birth preparation, because it is what empowered me with my own births, and I see it help others too, and whilst I lean towards shamanic and nature pathway approaches, I have seen these deep connections throughout many religious paths, supporting different families with different religious beliefs.  I always come back to feeling that good birth preparation is doing anything positive that aids your trust and belief in your body and yourself.  As your doula I will support you and your family in doing what is right for you, during your pregnancy and birth,  to help enable you a positive birth experience, I will also provide important postnatal nurture and support. It will all depend on what you want and need. I do have a passion in using meditation, in pregnancy and labour to help you connect to your experience more, as I found it helped me during the births of my own children.   I find meditation can help you to let go and be in the zone allowing your body to do its job creating a more empowering experience. I also feel meditation in pregnancy helps you connect with your changing body and the new life growing within you, which I feel has a possible effect on trusting your body and baby when it comes to birth as well as being able to be in ‘the zone’ naturally to birth instinctively. Being a doula is an absolute honour. If you are interested in meeting up or have any questions I will look forward to meeting you.   Mentions Eva's website   Facebook   Instgram:   OBOD   Wicca   Children of Artemis   Pagan federation   About placenta remedies.   To find out more about doula's ============================================= Contact Ruthie by email Follow  Ruthie on Facebook at or Instagram @InBedWithADruid Chat to Ruthie on Twitter @InBedWithADruid
47:46 10/1/20
Gary Andrews, Animator/Director/Artist
Gary Andrews Gary graduated in 1983 at Exeter College of Art and Design with BA (Honor) Degree in Graphic Design. He would do some freelancing for two years starting in 1987 and did some commercials before having a stint in Disney UK in 1989. He currently owns a company called Egotrip Media in the UK. Egotrip Media has become a force over the last five years or so in all forms of entertainment. Gary has been working as a Director for Avenging Angel (2001), 12th Night (2005), The Spirit Of Albion (2012), Lady In The Woods (2013), Q Pootle 5 (2013), Jack O'Lantern (2014) and Tales Of Albion (2014).   About Gary's new book 'Finding Joy'. From learning how to juggle his kids' playdates and single-handedly organising Christmas, to getting used to the empty side of the bed, Gary's honest and often hilarious illustrations have touched the hearts of thousands on social media. Mentions Gary Andrews Website Damh the Bard Spirit of Albion Sepsis Trust UK Gary on YouTube Winston's Wishes Marie Curie The Big Draw Finding Joy Gary on Twitter ============================================= Contact Ruthie by email Follow  Ruthie on Facebook at or Instagram @InBedWithADruid Chat to Ruthie on Twitter @InBedWithADruid
70:57 8/29/20
Adam Ranger, Druid/Bard/Drummer
Adam Ranger   A super interview with Druid/Bard/Drummer Adam Ranger, about walking the South Downs Way, his Druidry & spiritual experiences and his love of the Pentacle Drummers. Adam says: I am 53 years of age and I was born and bred in South London. I moved to Sussex 20 years ago and now very much call Sussex my home. I have always been interested in myths and legends and old stories and folklore. I came to paganism through the Folklore of the trees. Whilst trying to learn how to identify the different English trees some 17 years ago, I stumbled across the Ogham language and it fascinated me. This in turn led me to the path of Druidry. A path I still walk today. I love the bardic element to Druidry, and I have as a result studied the various old tales and folklore associated with these blessed Isles. My Druidry led me to start writing short stories and poems again. Many of these poems and tales centred around the wheel of the year and the cycles of nature. Many of them also got their first public performance during the Eistedfodd section of the Open Rituals held by the Anderida Gorsedd. The Gorsedd meets on a hill beneath the feet of the Log man of Wilmington. A chalk figure in East Sussex. That is where the name of My Blog and my You tube channel comes from. I have been honoured to have been awarded the title of Chief Bard of Anderida on three separate occasions. Mentions Nik Turner Butser Ancient Farm & the Wicker Man Kate Bush Anderida Gorsedd The Celtic Myth Podshow Pentacle Drummers - website, Facebook, Twitter Adam's Blog - A Druid's Journey Adam's YouTube channel - Beneath the Long Man's Feet ============================================= Contact Ruthie by email Follow  Ruthie on Facebook at or Instagram @InBedWithADruid Chat to Ruthie on Twitter @InBedWithADruid
69:33 3/9/20
Greg Draven, Druid/Actor, 18+
Greg Draven   A great interview with Greg as he talks about his acting work, his druidry and his special work as Santa Claus. He spoke about his work on Justice League, about his time as Hagrid and his life as a family man. Greg was born in Eastbourne in 1976. He has always sought ways to entertain people and make them laugh, or sometimes cry. At a young age he attended stage school at the Brighton Drama Centre for two years. Landing the principal role of Jackdaw in their theatre production of The Long March To Jerusalem. Greg needed an outlet for performing, and around 15 years ago joined a small troupe of drummers called Pentacle Drummers. Greg helped drive the Pentacle Drummers forward, promoting their presence, creating their website, social media channels and performing all out to entertain the crowds. Soon Pentacle Drummers were to become the premiere drumming troupe in Sussex and beyond.. His passion for acting was reignited after being cast as the Viking drummer in the award Winning 2010 Florence and The Machine music Video for Dog Days. Over the last few years Greg’s roles have grown in visibility. He’s played Rubeus Hagrid for Warner Brothers, the evil Woodsman in Horror movie 13 Graves, the cuddly band member in the latest Haribo TV Commercial as well as bringing the magic of Yule to hundreds of children by portraying Santa. Greg now earns his living as a professional actor, presenter, host and MC. Greg also still performs with the Pentacle Drummers when his schedule allows. His journey with acting continues with this aim; to be the best actor he can be & to support his family through his love of performing. Greg’s journey with Druidry began at The Longman Of Wilmington, where he and his now wife Nicky, ventured up there for a picnic. Eventually dozens and dozens of others showed up too, which they thought was interesting. What started as a picnic ended with Greg and Nicky being introduced to the world of Druidry, a world which Greg has a great love for. Greg’s journey with Druidry continues through his love of acting, perhaps sometimes even channeling The Bard - Taliesin (Not Willy Shakespere), finding inspiration in characters he portrays and brings to life. Greg’s Druidry is deeply personal to him and while he holds a fond love of it, never preaches or uses his Druidry as a defining feature; but rather it’s part of who he is and is not what he does. Mentions Gary Andrews Marq English Greg's website - Greg Draven on IMDB - Greg as Hagrid - Watch Ravenswood on Amazon Prime - 13 Graves trailer - Haribo advert - Justice League - ============================================= Contact Ruthie by email Follow  Ruthie on Facebook at or Instagram @InBedWithADruid Chat to Ruthie on Twitter @InBedWithADruid
56:02 2/14/20