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Trucks and buses are the backbone of economy and society. Without them, the world would come to a standstill. At the same time, commercial vehicle manufacturers have a great responsibility when it comes to their impact on climate change and their role in society as employers and corporate citizens. In his monthly podcast 'Transportation Matters' Martin Daum, CEO of the global manufacturer Daimler Truck AG, invites prominent guests to discuss highly relevant topics ranging from the future of transportation to sustainability, leadership and ethical business, sometimes taking unexpected positions.


Katharina Zaiser & Philipp Litzinger – What matters to young talents | #05.01
Marking the launch of the fifth season of his podcast, CEO Martin Daum discusses what truly matters to young talents with two participants of the Daimler Truck trainee program. With his guests Katharina Zaiser and Philipp Litzinger, he talks about corporate culture as well as the significance of an international work environment – and whether being a trainee gives you a better chance of becoming a board member. More information and other podcast episodes: Listen now and subscribe to the podcast: - Apple Podcasts: - Spotify: - Deezer: - Google Podcasts: - YouTube:
26:47 9/5/23
#04.06 | Anna Mascolo – Zero emissions: The infrastructure challenge
Martin Daum talks to Anna Mascolo, Executive Vice President for Emerging Energy Solutions at Shell. They discuss the zero emissions target, focusing especially on the infrastructure – an aspect that is highly interesting and relevant for the industry and consumers alike. What challenges and dependencies do exist? Which fuel do we bet on? What is the role of society, politics and the industry? And why are the two convinced that scale and speed are crucial factors? Enjoy listening!
23:35 11/1/22
#04.05 | Sherry Sanger – Co-creation & autonomous trucks
In the latest episode, Martin Daum and Sherry Sanger talk about the power of co-creation and how we can use it to unlock the full potential of autonomous driving. Sherry Sanger is Executive Vice President for Marketing and Chief Marketing Officer at Penske Transportation Solutions, a U.S.-based provider of global transportation services and a long-time Daimler Truck customer. What is co-creation? What’s so special about it? What are the advantages? Can it bring us closer to autonomous driving? And if so, what will be the future job description of a truck driver? Find the answers to these questions in our latest episode.
28:08 10/11/22
#04.04 | Dr. Frank Appel – The future of logistics
Martin Daum and Dr. Frank Appel talk about the backbone of modern life: transportation and logistics – the network that connects markets across regions, countries, and continents. They discuss the challenges the logistics network is facing: supply bottlenecks, geopolitical tensions, and of course the necessity to decarbonize. Dr. Frank Appel is the CEO of Deutsche Post AG, a global leader in logistics. He studied chemistry and earned a Ph.D. in Neurobiology. As a natural scientist he has expert knowledge to share about the issue of decarbonization. Listen to the new episode to learn what the future of logistics could look like!
31:21 9/13/22
#04.03 | Bernd Heid – The Power of Hydrogen
In this episode, Martin Daum talks to Bernd Heid about the transformation of the energy sector - more specifically, they address one of the most controversial topics: the role of hydrogen. Bernd Heid, one of the leading experts on climate technologies and a strategic partner of the Hydrogen Council, discusses with Martin Daum whether hydrogen can be used as a fuel for commercial vehicles. Bernd Heid also clarifies myths and facts around hydrogen and explains what role this energy source has for the transformation of the transport sector. Listen to the latest episode and learn more about the future of carbon-neutral transport and how hydrogen can be part of this transformation. Enjoy the episode!
29:14 8/16/22
#04.02 | Prof. Ferdinand Dudenhöffer – Technological transformation (German)
The topic of the latest episode is the electrification and digitization in the transport sector. What are the opportunities and the challenges? One of the most renowned automotive experts will help to answer these questions: Ferdinand Dudenhöffer. As director of the Center of Automotive Research in Duisburg, he has been researching the auto industry for decades. Martin Daum and Ferdinand Dudenhöffer will take stock of the commercial vehicle industry's efforts at transformation and discuss how these can be accelerated. Enjoy our new episode!
27:40 7/12/22
#04.01 | Britta Heidemann – Motivation & competiton
Today Martin Daum speaks with Olympic fencing champion Britta Heidemann. They tackle a topic that is core to business and sports alike: motivation and competition. Britta is the first epée fencer in history who won the golden triple, which means being Olympic, World and European Champion at the same time. Therefore, she’s the perfect guest to discuss how to best motivate yourself and others and how to stay focused among strong competitors. Martin Daum and Britta Heidemann will also touch on the topic of China since Britta is a true expert on the country. She has studied Chinese and business studies at university, has lived in China and speaks the language. Britta will share her insights on how to navigate the Chinese business world. Enjoy the new episode!
21:47 6/14/22
#03.06 | Austin Russell – Entrepreneurship & autonomous trucking
Our guest today is a true wunderkind. Austin Russell filed his first patent when he was 12 and built a cell phone out of a Nintendo device when he was a teenager. He went to Stanford and dropped out after six months. Today his company Luminar Technologies, which he founded when he was 17, is publicly traded and a key player in the field of autonomous driving. Together with Daimler Truck Luminar Technologies is working on making their Lidar technology, a 3D laser scanning high-tech, the state of the art for reliable and safe autonomous trucking (SAE Level 4). Martin Daum not only talks to Austin Russell about the future of autonomous trucking (SAE Level 4) but also about what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. Enjoy this very inspiring new episode of Transportation Matters!
30:31 10/12/21
#03.05 | Martin Lundstedt – Partnerships & coopetition
Today Martin Daum talks to Martin Lundstedt, CEO of Volvo Group. Both are competitors but also partners, so in this episode of the podcast they will discuss the unique situation of collaborating with a rival. Some issues – like climate change – are so important that competitors might want to join forces. Together they can speed up the road to a net zero transportation system. What are the hurdles and what are the benefits of working with a competitor? Today Martin Daum and Martin Lundstedt talk about their joint venture cellcentric, a partnership of Daimler and Volvo to make fuel cell technology ready for mass production. Enjoy this very special new episode.
26:28 9/14/21
#03.04 | Ana-Cristina Grohnert – How diversity works
Today Martin Daum speaks with Ana-Cristina Grohnert, Chairperson of German diversity charter, about diversity in the workplace. Diversity is an omnipresent buzzword – but what does it actually mean? What advantages do corporations have when they promote diversity? And how do organizations best integrate the different dimensions of diversity? Martin Daum and Ana-Cristina Grohnert discuss these and further questions around the broad topic of diversity. They give concrete examples of everyday workplace scenarios and tips on how big and small businesses can master the challenge of fostering diversity. Enjoy the new episode!
32:37 8/3/21
#03.03 | Adina Vălean – The road to decarbonization
Martin Daum, CEO of Daimler Trucks & Buses, talks to Adina Vălean, European Commissioner for Transport, about ways to achieve carbon neutrality. A topic of utmost importance not only for the transport sector, but also for society as a whole. Although the goal is clear, there are different opinions on how best to achieve it. The latest episode of Transportation Matters looks into this, in depth. Adina Vălean has been the European Commissioner for Transport since 2019. When Romania joined the EU in 2007, she became a member of the European Parliament. Since then, Vălean has held several key positions, including Vice President of the European Parliament and Chairwoman of the Committee on Environment. Enjoy the new episode!
31:44 7/11/21
#03.02 | Prof. Dr. Ottmar Edenhofer – Carbon pricing
In this episode, Martin Daum speaks with Prof. Dr. Ottmar Edenhofer, Edenhofer is the director and chief economist of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research. He is also a professor for Economics of Climate Change at the Technische Universität Berlin and is considered one of the leading German climate economists. Together, they discuss the topic of carbon pricing as a measure to combat climate change. In the beginning of this year Germany introduced a national emissions trading system for the heating and transport sectors. As of January 1st, carbon emissions due to fossil fuels have a fixed price of € 25 per tonne of CO2- which will increase to 55€ per tonne by 2025. Companies using fuels such as petrol, natural gas or coal must acquire corresponding certificates for emission allowances. Martin Daum and Prof. Dr. Ottmar Edenhofer examine why carbon pricing is indispensable, which countries should urgently apply a similar system and how carbon neutral transport can be achieved.
34:27 6/1/21
#03.01 | Dr. Franz-Werner Haas – Successful innovations
Today, Martin Daum speaks with Dr. Franz-Werner Haas about successful innovations. Haas is the CEO of CureVac, a biotech company that creates messenger RNA based vaccines. Take COVID 19 or, for that matter, climate change - global challenges require entirely new solutions. Often, it is a long way from the birth of an idea to its launch. In their talk, Daum and Haas tackle vital questions: When is the right time for innovation? From product development to market launch- what does it take for an innovation to become a success? What specific challenges are innovative companies faced with? Enjoy!
35:31 5/4/21
#02.06 | Jeremy Rifkin – The future of hydrogen
In this episode, Martin Daum talks to Jeremy Rifkin. The US-economist, author and professor at the University of Pennsylvania is considered a visionary of the hydrogen economy. Daum and Rifkin exchange views about hydrogen as an energy source of the future and its significance for the transportation industry. Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe - and its potential for the mobility sector is almost as vast as outer space itself. As an energy carrier for fuel cell technology for instance, it plays a central role in Daimler‘s drive strategy. The advantages are obvious: zero emissions, long range and short refueling times. Hydrogen can also be one answer to the issue of meeting climate change requirements. Martin Daum and Jeremy Rifkin explore why the time for hydrogen energy has come, and examine how infrastructure has to evolve to fully utilize hydrogen´s potential. Enjoy the final episode of this season.
28:11 12/2/20
#02.05 | Claudia Nemat – Digital transformation
In this episode, Martin Daum talks with Claudia Nemat about Digital transformation. Nemat is a board member of Deutsche Telekom and in charge of the Technology & Innovation department. Few industries have, over the past 25 years, developed as rapidly as Telecommunications has. Needless to say that from early on, Digital Transformation has become a defining factor for success in enterprises such as Deutsche Telekom. Digitalization has been changing all forms of our life, such as our economy, our consumer habits and our communication. Software has become the key component for a company's prosperity – in both the telecommunications field and in the automotive sector. During this episode, Martin Daum and Claudia Nemat exchange views on how societies, businesses and individuals remain competitive. They discuss strengths and strategies for sustainable success and good leadership in the digital age. Enjoy!
35:21 9/1/20
#02.04 | Dr. Sigrid Nikutta – Future of freight transport (German)
In this episode Martin Daum meets with Dr. Sigrid Nikutta, CEO of DB Cargo AG and member of the Management Board of Deutsche Bahn. Both discuss the future of freight transport and the importance of transport by rail and on roads. Transport volume is supposed to grow both in Europe and worldwide. In order to cope with the growth, efficient and sustainable road and rail modes are necessary. Thus, the two businesses - transport by rails and by roads - are facing similar challenges. Martin Daum and Dr. Sigrid Nikutta talk about the similarities of both industries, how they can complement each other and how freight transport might develop in the future. Enjoy!
28:52 8/4/20
#02.03 | Nigel Topping – CO2-neutral transport
In this episode Martin Daum welcomes Nigel Topping who acts as the High Level Champion for Climate Action for the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference scheduled for 2021 in Glasgow, Scotland. Five Years have passed since the Paris Accord. In 2015 the members of the United Nations agreed on regulations to limit global warming. The main goal was to keep the increase of the global average temperature well below 2 °C above pre-industrial levels. So in this episode Martin Daum and Nigel Topping talk about how climate action can actually be taken and how fast CO2 neutrality can be implemented to a cost sensitive industry like transportation. And also what a High Level Champion for Climate Action actually does. Enjoy! (This episode was recorded before the implementation of social distancing and the restrictions to public life due to the coronavirus.)
33:04 6/2/20
#02.02 | Madeleine Albright – Global challenges
In this episode, Martin Daum welcomes via the internet Madame Secretary Madeleine Albright who was the first female United States Secretary of State during the Clinton administration from 1997 to 2001. Both discuss the challenges of global collaboration in times of a crisis like the current coronavirus pandemic. Madeleine Albright was born in Prag, Czechoslovakia, and immigrated to the US with her family at the age of 11. Before she was appointed as Secretary of State under President Bill Clinton, she was a teacher at Georgetown University and U. S. Ambassador to the United Nations. After her term in office she founded a strategic consultant firm and wrote several books. For this episode, Martin Daum and Madeleine Albright speak about the importance of global collaboration, why the public and private sectors have to work together in early stages and why Madame Secretary describes herself as a worried optimist. Enjoy!
29:44 5/5/20
#02.01 | Daniel Harkavy – Leadership in turbulent times
To kick off Season 2 of our 'Transportation Matters' podcast, Daimler Truck CEO Martin Daum remotely connects with Daniel Harkavy, author, leadership expert and CEO of Building Champions, an executive coaching and management development company. The current coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic challenges the daily lives of people around the globe. Most of the private and business life is transferred from public or work spaces into private homes while interaction with friends and colleagues is limited to remote options like video calls. Martin Daum and Daniel Harkavy discuss leadership in turbulent times, and how the current crisis impacts the role of leaders and leadership behavior. How can leaders navigate their people through difficult times in the best possible way? From emotionally adjusting to this new situation to concrete advice and takeaways, the two spin a highly relevant discussion in a time, when leadership is more crucial than ever. Enjoy!
34:10 4/14/20
#01.05 | Daniel Schaefer – Globalization
Daimler Trucks CEO Martin Daum and Head of the news division of Bloomberg Germany Daniel Schaefer discuss globalization and its opportunities and challenges. As leaders of global organizations, the two shed light on why globalization is much more than just trade and economics, why its benefits are not taken for granted by many these days and what responsibilities politics, media and business have to address peoples' concerns and fears. Daniel Schaefer is Head of the German office for world-leading media corporation Bloomberg and a seasoned business editor who worked for several business media outlets. For him, globalization and international exchange have always been part of his personal and professional life. The two spoke in his newsroom in Frankfurt, which delivers financial news and data from Germany to the rest of the world. Enjoy!
30:36 12/31/19
#01.04 | Terry Stotts – Leadership
Martin Daum is a die-hard basketball fan. As the CEO of a global company, he sees similarities in business and sports and often the same basic principles of leadership, team work and performance. In this episode he meets Terry Stotts – the NBA head coach of the Portland Trail Blazers. This year coach Stotts is currently in his eighth season with the Blazers based in the northwest of the United States. Previously he worked as a head coach and assistant coach for five different NBA teams – including the 2011 NBA champion Dallas Mavericks. Terry Stotts and Martin Daum discuss the parallels of coaching a NBA team and running a business. For example, why do you need both a strong bench and stars who can make the difference? Coach Stotts also provides some insights on what he tells his team in a timeout or during the halftime break… and what made Dirk Nowitzki a unique leader. Enjoy!
43:04 12/3/19
#01.03 | Brad White – Purpose
The latest episode of Transportation Matters is about the ‘Why?’. Why, as a company, are we doing business - beyond making money? What drives us, what gets us up in the morning to give it our best? In other words: What is our purpose? Martin Daum goes after these questions in his conversation with Brad White, a veteran specialized in helping businesses to define and use their purpose beyond the financials. Brad White likes to compare his work to that of an archeologist, who engages in digging deep down to the core of a company to find its heritage and reasons for existence, to reveal its underlying values and key principles. Having done this for dozens of companies across industries, borders and size, Brad talks to Martin about whether purpose is just another flavor of the day or if it is already embedded in every corporation. The two are also discussing why it is important to have a purpose and to live by it. And why, first and foremost, having a purpose is a basic human need. Enjoy!
32:31 11/5/19
#01.02 | Joschka Fischer – Sustainability (German)
In our second episode the focus is on the sustainability in the transport sector, one of the major challenges of our time. Martin Daum hosts a pioneer of sustainable and environmental friendly politics: Joschka Fischer, former Vice Chancellor and Secretary of State of the Federal Republic of Germany and now principal of Joschka Fischer & Company consultants, which he founded ten years ago. Having left active politics a while ago Fischer remains an attentive analyst of the political business and keeps on campaigning for environmental protection and a sustainable climate policy. Fischer's credo is that CEOs from large companies like Daimler Trucks & Buses have a specific responsibility. Martin Daum fully agrees and talks with Fischer about how to balance ecological and economical objectives. Joschka Fischer; Germany's Green Party methusalem and Martin Daum discuss, how society, politics and economics have to cooperate for a sustainable climate policy, why climate change does not come for free and why there is a chicken-egg-dilemma when it comes to hydrogen powered vehicles. Enjoy!
39:08 10/1/19
#01.01 | Michael Fleming - Automated driving
In our opening episode Martin Daum talks to Michael Fleming, a pioneer in the field of automated driving. With his company TORC Michael Fleming has been contributing to automated driving for a wide variety of vehicles for more than 15 years. Now TORC and Daimler Trucks & Buses have teamed up to teach trucks how to move goods safely and efficiently over long distances - thereby revolutionizing the transport of goods. About himself Michael Fleming says he is a "super nerd." He is fascinated by the technological developments in automated driving, as well as the goal of avoiding accidents. For Martin Daum the importance of logistics and trucks for the economy and society stands in the foreground. What connects the two is the passion to make road transport safer and more efficient with automated trucks. The approach Daimler Trucks & Buses is taking with TORC to explore what it's like to sit in an automated vehicle for the first time and why Las Vegas is a challenge for self-driving trucks is revealed in this episode. Enjoy!
28:27 9/3/19
Transportation Matters
In our podcast “Transportation Matters”, Martin Daum, CEO of Daimler Truck welcomes guests from all over the world and all areas of society to discuss exciting topics and pioneering ideas with them. Why is transportation of goods and people essential for our economic development and prosperity? How do you teach a truck autonomous driving? How do you transport goods on streets in an environmentally friendly way? And what does coaching a basketball team, and the business world have in common? Find answers to these questions in the first season of “Transportation Matters”, starting September 4th 2019, followed by a new episode -in German or English- the first Wednesday of each month.
03:07 8/23/19