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SQL Server Radio is a Podcast for SQL Server DBAs, database developers, architects, system administrators, and anyone else who is interested in the Microsoft SQL Server platform and the Microsoft data platform in general. As the data world changes, we also occasionally talk about other platforms and services like Azure and Amazon cloud services, Elastic Search, Hadoop, MongoDB, Machine Learning, and much more.


Episode 162 - Backups and Recovery, RTO, RPO, and RCO
Guy and Eitan talk about some interesting news from Microsoft about SQL Server in Azure. And also discuss the topic of Backups and Recovery, RTO, RPO, RCO, and database Integrity Checks. Relevant links: Microsoft Copilot in Azure extends capabilities to Azure SQL Database (Private Preview) - Microsoft Community Hub Regex in SQL DB ( SQL Server Regular Expressions Library Sample - Microsoft Community Hub STRING_SPLIT (Transact-SQL) - SQL Server | Microsoft Learn Do You Have a Proper Backup Strategy? ( CHECKDB From Every Angle: Consistency Checking Options for a VLDB - Paul S. Randal ( Where to Run DBCC on Always On Availability Groups - Brent Ozar Unlimited®   Also, check out our previous episode, if you haven't yet: SQL Server Radio: Episode 161 - EXCLUSIVE: Announcing the Biggest Innovation for Azure SQL Managed Instances (Codename: Hermes)
35:55 4/8/24
Episode 161 - EXCLUSIVE: Announcing the Biggest Innovation for Azure SQL Managed Instances (Codename: Hermes)
Niko Neugebauer and Vladimir Ivanovic are our esteemed guests for today, and they have a HUGE announcement to make about Azure SQL Managed Instances. Extra! Extra! 🗞 Hear all about it on this exclusive scoop here at the SQL Server Radio podcast! Relevant links: Azure SQL Managed Instance Next-gen GP ( Use Next-gen General Purpose service tier - Azure SQL Managed Instance | Microsoft Learn Try for free (preview) - Azure SQL Managed Instance | Microsoft Learn Next-gen General Purpose service tier brings 500 user dbs, improved storage and more to Azure #SQLMI ( (2 min video)
41:51 3/21/24
Episode 160 - OPTION RECOMPILE and the magical Turbo button
Guy tries to convince Eitan that OPTION(RECOMPILE) is the ultimate "Turbo" button in SQL Server, and that it's strongly underappreciated. Relevant links for more info: OPTION(RECOMPILE) (Transact-SQL) - SQL Server | Microsoft Learn Recompile a Stored Procedure - SQL Server | Microsoft Learn Should I use option(recompile)? – SQLServerCentral SQL SERVER - Parameter Sniffing and OPTION (RECOMPILE) - SQL Authority with Pinal Dave
32:49 2/12/24
Episode 159 - Select * Wastes Money
Guy and Eitan discuss various practices in SQL Server that hurt performance and possibly waste money, negative VarDecimal numbers, renumbering Identity columns, and the new Azure Database Fleet Manager. Relevant links: SQL Server IN Clause With Multiple Literal Values Performance Behaviour | Neeraj Prasad Sharma Could SQL Injection be dangerous even when perfectly safe? | Eitan Blumin The Anatomy of Vardecimals | Mark S. Rasmussen Utility Scripts/ReNumber_Identity_Column.sql Introducing Azure Database Fleet Manager Also, Happy New Year! 🎉🎈🥂
37:55 1/8/24
Episode 158 - Reverse Engineering Table Relations based on SQL Plans
Guy and Eitan talk about some great things about SQL Server, and mostly Guy’s experience in digging into execution plans and generating synthetic IO workloads. Relevant links: What’s new in SQL Server and Azure SQL 2023 Year in Review Multi-Tenancy in the Real World | Eitan Blumin (Data Weekender 6.5)  
41:41 12/11/23
Episode 157 - Let's Talk Some Hardcore SQL Server
Guy and Eitan go back to their SQL Server roots and go hardcore into execution plan analysis and database corruption. Relevant links: Health Check Scripts/Find_Top_Exec_Plans_to_Optimize.sql Database Corruption Challenge by Steve Steadman A DBA's Guide to the Proper Handling of Corruption Data TLV Summit PASS Data Community Summit  
39:00 10/9/23
Episode 156 - Back to School with Encryption as a Tool
Guy and Eitan celebrate resuming the school year with some learning of their own. This time, focusing on encryption types in SQL Server. Relevant links: External REST Endpoint Invocation is now GA! Types of Encryption in SQL Server PWDENCRYPT and PWDCOMPARE Dynamic Data Masking And also, don’t forget to register for the upcoming Data TLV Summit!
39:42 9/11/23
Episode 155 - Kevin Chant
Today we have Kevin Chant as our guest! We talk about Kevin’s favorite topics: Microsoft Fabric, Azure DevOps, SQL Server, and more. Relevant links:  
33:24 8/14/23
Episode 154 - Beavers and very loud farts
Guy and Eitan discuss several interesting topics and recent experiences that you'd want to hear about! Relevant links: Trigram Wildcard String Search in SQL Server The Story of DBeaver, PostgreSQL, and the silly data engineer SQL Server Error Log Management High VLF Counts Got You Down? Here's How to Keep Them Low and Performance High
37:14 7/10/23
Episode 153 - Erik Darling Is Our Guest For Today
As promised in the previous episode, Guy and Eitan interview an actual human this time! The one and only, the famed Erik Darling is our guest for today! Check out his official website: Erik Darling Data Erik Darling's YouTube Channel We apologize in advance for Guy's occasional audio glitches, as he was having network issues on the day of recording.
39:04 6/12/23
Episode 152 - We interview ChatGPT
Guy and Eitan try something new for today's show - we interview ChatGPT as our guest for today, and make it pretend that it's a SQL Server expert! Let's see how it does. Relevant links: Monitor performance by using the Query Store Brent Ozar Unlimited SQLSkills Scary DBA SQL Authority PASS Data Community Summit SQLBits GroupBy Virtual Conference Data Platform Summit
37:01 5/8/23
Episode 151 - Tales from the SQL Bits of 2023
Guy and Eitan share their experience from SQLBits 2023 and some of their favorite sessions. Relevant links: Official SQLBits Website SQLBits Content Library SQLBits YouTube Channel SQL Server Debugging with WinDbg – an Introduction Join #TeamHugo and Help Fight Leukemia Parameter Sensitive Plan optimization Azure Functions overview GitHub CoPilot  
31:57 4/10/23
Episode 150 - Artificially Intelligent Query Processing
Guy and Eitan discuss some new and existing capabilities in the SQL Server engine related to Intelligent Query Processing, and whether our job positions as DBAs are at risk due to the imminent takeover by our robot overlords. Relevant links: Intelligent Query Processing Adaptive Joins (Batch) Intelligent Query Processing Feedback family of features Parameter Sensitive Plan Optimization Scalar UDF Inlining
33:42 3/13/23
Episode 149 - 8 Common DBA Mistakes in SQL Server
Guy and Eitan list several common mistakes done by DBAs in SQL Server. Some relevant links: Architecting Database Dev and Test Environments: Best Practices and Anti-Patterns for SQL Server Ola Hallengren's Maintenance Solution HADR My Jobs - Open Source Solution by Madeira Columnstore Indexes: Planning and Implementation TSQL Script to Check for Weak Passwords Script to Check for Max DOP Configuration Best Practice
35:45 2/13/23
Episode 148 - Rob Sewell and SQLBits 2023
Today we have the pleasure of hosting Rob Sewell, and talking about the upcoming SQLBits event of 2023! Relevant links: SQLBits 2023 agenda, speakers, pricing, and registration - YouTube playlist of all 195 sessions from SQLBits 2022 - available for free! SQLBits helpers form - Rob Sewell's blog -
40:54 1/9/23
Episode 147 - Congratulations! It's an RTM!
Guy and Eitan finally celebrate the generally available release of SQL Server 2022! And also discuss other announcements from PASS Data Community Summit, and also various interesting news and features of Azure SQL announced in November 2022. Relevant links: SQL Server 2022 is now generally available Consumption-based PAYG billing model for SQL Server 2022 on-prem PASS Data Community Summit Hug a DBA song by Killa DBA SQL Server 2022 song by Killa DBA The SQL Server Native Client has been removed from SQL Server 2022 (16.x) and SQL Server Management Studio 19 (SSMS). Switch to the new Microsoft OLE DB Driver (MSOLEDBSQL) for SQL Server or the latest Microsoft ODBC Driver for SQL Server going forward. Mid-November 2022 Public Preview updates to Azure SQL Azure SQL database external REST endpoints integration in public preview Mid-November 2022 General Availability updates to Azure SQL Public Preview Azure SQL Managed Instance feature wave for November 2022 General Availability Azure SQL Managed Instance feature wave for November 2022 Learn more about the November 2022 Feature Wave for Azure SQL Managed Instance Azure SQL - General availability updates for late November 2022 Azure SQL - Public preview updates for late November 2022 DR Secondary licensing is free with Azure VM and SQL Managed Instance in PAYG model
34:42 12/12/22
Episode 146 - New DMVs and Application Reliability
Guy and Eitan play a game of word associations to spout a bunch of stuff about SQL Server features - mostly reviewing new system objects that replaced old DBCC commands, useful scripts in our toolbox, and talking about Application Reliability Errors. Relevant links: Buffer Pool Extension SQL Server editions comparison dashboard by domains, features, and scale capacities – by Romain Ferraton SQL Server Standard vs Enteprise Edition features history – by Romain Ferraton SQL Server Scale Limits by Version and Edition - by Eitan Blumin sys.dm_os_buffer_descriptors Madeira Toolbox: Buffer Pool Distribution by Tables.sql Get the last known actual execution plan using sys.dm_exec_query_plan_stats sys.dm_db_page_info sys.dm_db_log_info sys.dm_db_stats_properties sys.dm_db_stats_histogram Madeira Toolbox: Shrink All Shrinkable Transaction Logs.sql Madeira Toolbox: Shrink_Transaction_Log_File.sql Madeira Toolbox: Application_Reliability_Monitor_SQLServer.sql Madeira Toolbox: Application_Reliability_Monitor_AzureSQLDB.sql PASS Data Community Summit 2022 - Register now!
33:32 11/14/22
Episode 145 - Itzik Ben-Gan Strikes Back
Today we're pleased to have the one and only Itzik Ben-Gan hosted at our show again! We talk about interesting SQL/T-SQL related topics, the experience of teaching, his new upcoming book edition of T-SQL Fundamentals, and more. Relevant links: Itzik's personal web page at Itzik Ben-Gan's Blog posts at SQL Server Central - Question of the Day Even more fun with DATETIME arithmetics (Eitan Blumin) The Itzik Ben-Gan Trick (batch processing hack)
44:11 10/10/22
Episode 144 - Getting Locked Outside Without Your Keys
Guy and Eitan discuss a few new features in SQL Server 2022, and Guy tells a story about an interesting use case where a customer accidentally dropped their encryption keys in production. Relevant links: SQL Server 2022 RC0 is now available! Azure Active Directory authentication for SQL Server 2022 Tutorial: Set up Azure Active Directory authentication for SQL Server Bidirectional Transactional Replication in SQL Managed Instance Considerations on Bidirectional Transactional Replication Azure Data Studio August release with SQL Server 2022 support Create identical symmetric keys on two servers - Microsoft Docs BACKUP SYMMETRIC KEY (Transact-SQL) - New SQL Server 2022 Syntax Troubleshooting Long-Running Shrink Operations - Eitan Blumin Shrink_Database_File_in_Specified_Increments.sql - Madeira Toolbox Too Many Plans for the Same Query Hash - Eitan Blumin
33:11 9/12/22
Episode 143 - A mash-up of mistakes all in one place
Today, Guy has a lot of tips to share after reviewing one of those... "problematic" customer environments. Let's just say that he's got his hands full. But it's still fun, and you get to learn as well! Relevant links: Forced Parameterization | Microsoft Docs Forced Parameterization Can Lead to Poor Performance | Microsoft Tech Community Why Multiple Plans for One Query Are Bad | Brent Ozar Relevant scripts from our Madeira Toolbox: Find Unused Indexes Find Redundant Indexes Join, Query, and Table Hints (Transact-SQL) | Microsoft Docs Indexed Views | Microsoft Docs Second Normal Form  
35:15 8/29/22
Episode 142 - What is Your Favorite Feature in SQL Server 2022?
Guy and Eitan discuss their favorite upcoming new features in SQL Server 2022, and talk about some major upcoming events and summits. Relevant links: SQL Server 2022 public preview is now available on Linux Introducing the SQL Server 2022 blog series by Bob Ward Contained Availability Groups in SQL Server 2022 | Eitan Blumin What is a contained availability group? | Microsoft Docs Erik Darling Blog series about Parameter Sensitive Plans XML Data Compression in SQL Server 2022 Link feature in Azure SQL MI for SQL Server Welcome to the new Azure SQL Database local development experience Planning new scenarios and use cases for Azure SQL Database local development experience DOP Feedback In SQL Server 2022 Upcoming community events: Data Platform Virtual Summit (by Data Platform Geeks) PASS Data Community Summit Madeira Toolbox Scripts: Compare SQL Server instance properties Change Tracking Generic Synchronization.sql 
36:41 7/11/22
Episode 141 - Howda Hadr Hader Hadader
Guy and Eitan talk about a lot of exciting announcements and announcements about a lot of excitements! Does this even make sense? I don't know! Listen to the show to find out! Relevant links: How to HADR Your SQL Jobs Contained AlwaysOn Availability Groups Overview Pedro Lopes's Slides Deck for SQL Bits 2022 How to Identify and Fix TempDB Contention The Best Solution for SQL Server Partitioning Sliding Window Roll_Forward_Transaction_Log_Backups.sql Restore-DbaDatabase (DbaTools) Tsql2sday - My First Technical Job  
37:17 6/13/22
Episode 140 - Migration Challenges
Guy and Eitan discuss interesting challenges and news about migrations in SQL Server. Also, we talk about performance considerations of partitioning in SQL Server, a blog post series about how to tune performance, and new scripts in our Madeira Toolbox on GitHub. Relevant links: Data-tier Applications (DACPAC and BACPAC) About: Snapshot Replication Generally available: Azure Virtual Machines increase storage throughput by up to 300% Generally available: Announcing Azure SQL Migration extension for Azure Data Studio Public preview: Reverse Migration of Azure SQL Database Hyperscale tier to General Purpose tier Limitations for Reverse Migration SQL SERVER – Table Partitioning for Slow Performance | Pinal Dave How To Tune Performance - Chapter 4: Common Problems | Sagi Amichai Find Redundant Indexes with Recommendations for all Databases | Madeira Toolbox
38:42 5/9/22
Episode 139 - What's New in 2022
Guy and Eitan discuss upcoming events and conferences in 2022, and also about new features in SQL Server 2022, and more. Relevant links: Conferences: SQL Server & Azure SQL Conference Data Platform Virtual Summit 2022 DataGrillen PASS Data Community Summit 2022 (registration is open!) Get Ready for SQL Server 2022 Get Azure recommendation in Azure SQL Migration extension Madeira Toolbox Roundup: Linked Server Vulnerability.sql Maintenance of Azure SQL Databases via Azure Automation and Powershell Balance CPU Cores Across NUMA Nodes.sql Database Design Best Practice Checks.sql
37:26 4/11/22
Episode 138 - EverSQL
In today's show, Guy and Eitan host the co-founders of EverSQL, Oded Valin and Tomer Shay. We talk about their automated SQL tuning solution and SQL tuning best practices in general. - Official Website Software Vendor Mistakes - Erik Darling Data
37:32 3/14/22
Episode 137 - It's That Time of the Month
It's that time again! The time to talk about SQL Server! We got a bunch of different topics to talk about on this show. Relevant links: Cardinality Estimation: Combining Density Statistics | Paul White SQL Server CE: Multiple single-column statistics connected by AND SQL Server CE: Multiple single-column statistics connected by OR Detect Low PAGE Compression Success Rates in all Databases | Eitan Blumin The Curious Case of… tracking page compression success rates | Paul Randal The Ultimate Compression Savings Estimation Script for an Entire Database | Eitan Blumin SQLBits 2022 Conference Enterprise Data World 2022 Conference Buffer Pool Distribution by Tables | Guy Glantser Track Failed Logins in Azure SQL DB using RING_BUFFER_CONNECTIVITY Is SQL Server Profiler in Azure Data Studio? – SQLServerCentral Using the SSMS XEvent Profiler
40:58 2/14/22
Episode 136 - On the First Day of Christmas I got a TSQL Script
Guy and Eitan discuss some interesting announcements and focus on the topic of Security in SQL Server. Relevant links: Announcing new features for the SQL IaaS Agent Extension! - Microsoft Tech Community Troubleshooting SQL Server made easy via Notebooks – seeking your feedback - Microsoft Tech Community Veeam security breach: Backup “Removal” Solutions - From Conti Ransomware With Love sp_helprotect is very useful in permission issue - Microsoft Tech Community Databases and Guests - Vitaly Bruk Performance Tuning Like a Pro - with Hypothetical Indexes - Eitan Blumin Dynamic Data Masking in SQL Server Madeira Toolbox Roundup: GUEST user with database permissions.sql PUBLIC role with excessive permissions.sql DBCC CLONEDATABASE (Transact-SQL) Audit trace file binary search by timestamp.sql Security_Audit_Default_Trace.sql SQLSecurityAudit.sql Detect Weak Passwords in SQL Server track_logins_in_use_extended_events.sql
41:16 1/10/22
Episode 135 - Announcing SQL Server 2022
Guy and Eitan talk about the interesting new features announced in SQL Server 2022, a new sp_whoisactive version, and a bunch of Microsoft blog posts on Tech Community. Relevant links: SQL Server 2022: Announcing SQL Server 2022 preview: Azure-enabled with continued performance and security innovation Introducing SQL Server 2022 | Bob Ward Announcing the SQL Server 2022 Early Adoption Program SQL Server 2022 | Official Microsoft The new version of sp_whoisactive - v12.00 Extended Events to the Rescue - by Guy Glantser on SQLFriday New Microsoft support troubleshooting articles: SQL Server CE: Multiple single-column statistics SQL Server CE: Multiple single-column statistics connected by OR Update Stats Sample Rate does not work Use Orca.exe Tool to Verify Corrupted MSI/MSP file in Failed SQL Patching Use Trace Flag 902 (TF902) to Bring Up Your SQL Service in Failed Post Upgrade Script Prevent SQL Server Dump Generation in Hot Cases: Common Ways & Scenarios Recover TDE Databases in Disaster : Recover Steps for 3 Common Scenarios
35:33 12/13/21
Episode 134 - Availability Sets in Azure and SQL Server
Guy and Eitan talk about some important news, about Availability Sets in Azure, and several useful T-SQL scripts in our Toolbox. Relevant links: Azure Feedback is back! Troubleshooting SQL Server made easy via Notebooks – seeking your feedback Open sourcing the .NET 5 C# Language Extension for SQL Server Replication enhancements in the SQL Server 2019 CU13 release This episode was recorded on October 25th, before the important announcement about the release of SQL Server 2022. Check it out here. Availability Sets for Virtual Machines in Azure Madeira Toolbox Round-Up: Certificate Management Scripts Shrink All Shrinkable Transaction Logs.sql Ola Hallengren Recommended IndexOptimize Examples
46:20 11/8/21
Episode 133 - Good news, everyone!
Guy and Eitan talk about various topics related to SQL Server, including upcoming virtual events, interesting new scripts from our toolbox, and more! Relevant links: SQL Server 2016 SP3: Last Service Pack for SQL Server SQL Server Release Dates and Product Lifecycle PASS Data Community Summit - November 8-12, 2021 Development Lifecycle Basics for DBAs Group By Conference 2021 SSDT Methodologies & Features for DB DevOps Level up your skills with Bicep! TRY/CATCH and Transactions in SQL Server: TRY...CATCH (Transact-SQL) @@TRANCOUNT (Transact-SQL) XACT_STATE (Transact-SQL) SET XACT_ABORT (Transact-SQL) Today's Madeira Toolbox Round-Up: Table and Index High Unused Space.sql DBCC CLEANTABLE (Transact-SQL) DatabaseIntegrityCheck - Minimal check on PRIMARY, Full check on SECONDARY.sql DatabaseIntegrityCheck by Ola Hallengren Shrink_Database_File_in_Specified_Increments.sql SARGability Week by Erik Darling
36:50 10/11/21

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