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The Future of Content explores how we create, manage, and distribute content. Hosted by Todd Ross Nienkerk and brought to you by Four Kitchens—Way more than websites.


Episode 36 - Presentation Design with Mikey Mioduski
We’ve all put presentations together, or helped others do so. We thought about what we wanted to say and made sure to add cool graphics and images to break up blocks of text. We may even have kept the bullet points to a minimum. Our guest this week, Mikey Miodusky, is the founder of Ghost Ranch Communications and a presentation designer. Lieten this week as he explains why there is much more to putting presentations together than we realize.    >> Ghost Ranch Communications >> Mikey Mioduski on Twitter >> Mikey Mioduski on LinkedIn >> Mikey Mioduski on Instagram
45:27 05/10/2022
Episode 35 - Couch to 5K and Inclusion with Josh Clark
You might think that content and running are about as far apart from each other as they could possibly be, but our guest this week, Josh Clark, founder of Big Medium and the Couch-to-5K running program, joins us to explain how they’re more alike than we may realize.    >> Big Medium >> Couch-to-5K >> Josh Clark on Twitter >> Josh Clark on LinkedIn >> Josh Clark on Instagram
41:43 04/26/2022
Episode 34 - Content, Architecture, and Design Systems with Jeff Eaton
Content is a term that many organizations use, but it doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone. Our guest this week, Jeff Eaton, co-founder of Autogram believes in order to communicate effectively, we have to agree on language and meaning. Listen to this week’s episode as he discusses the importance of content management, design systems, and architecture.    >> Autogram >> Jeff Eaton website >> Jeff Eaton on LinkedIn >> Jeff Eaton on Twitter
53:01 04/12/2022
Episode 33 - Leadership Coaching with Jen Dary
Often, when we think of coaches, we think of someone involved in the life and performance of an athlete, or someone who is responsible for pushing us and bringing out the best in us. Jen Dary is a leadership coach, mom, business owner, and founder of Plucky, and is our guest this week. Listen to this week’s episode as she discusses her unique and creative approach to coaching others to be their best.    >> Plucky >> Jen Dary on Twitter >> Jen Dary on LinkedIn >> Jen Dary on Instagram
47:10 03/29/2022
Episode 32 - Pulling Back the Curtain on Packaging with Adam Peek
Do you enjoy watching unboxing videos on YouTube or TikTok? If you do, you’ve probably come across videos of Adam Peek, SVP of Sales at Meyers, TEDx speaker, pastor, host of the People of Packaging podcast, and our guest this week. Listen to this week’s episode as Adam discusses the importance of packaging in marketing, and the psychology behind the packaging we see every day.   >> Adam Peek website >> Adam Peek on LinkedIn >> Adam Peek’s Podcast >> Adam Peek on YouTube
46:03 03/15/2022
Episode 31 - Brand Voice and Copy with Wynne Renz
What do you get when you add naming, brand voice, copywriting, and content together? You get someone like Wynne Renz, Brand Voice and Copy Lead at and our guest this week. Listen to this week’s episode as Wynne shares how to successfully communicate who your company is through a well-thought out strategy that combines those four elements.  >> Wynne Renz website >> Wynne Renz on LinkedIn >> Wynne Renz on InVision >> Wynne Renz on Etsy
52:22 03/01/2022
Episode 30 - Raising Significance with Michelle Taylor Willis
Passion is often overlooked for knowledge and experience. In order to be successful, we need all 3. But what is our definition of success? If it’s only what we can do for ourselves, we’ve completely missed the mark. For author, media mogul, and founder of Gagnant Media Michelle Taylor Willis, success means what you do for yourself; significance is what you do for others. Listen to this week’s episode as she discusses her passion for significance.   >> Michelle Taylor Willis website >> Michelle Taylor Willis on LinkedIn >> Michelle Taylor Willis on Instagram >> Michelle Taylor Willis on Twitter
42:21 01/18/2022
Episode 29 - Teaching History Through Comics, Video Games and Cosplay with Arijit Bhattacharyya
Entrepreneurial ideas don’t come in a vacuum - they grow out of everyday situations and interactions. For Arijit Bhattacharyyan, serial entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of virtualinfocom and Founder of World Leader Summit, his entrepreneurial spark came from the most unlikely of places - his love of comic books. In this episode, he shares how he combined his love of math, science, and physics with his love of comic books and became the serial entrepreneur that he is today.   >> Arijit’s website >> Arijit Bhattacharyya on LinkedIn >> Arijit Bhattacharyya on Instagram >> Arijit Bhattacharyya on Twitter
23:40 01/04/2022
Episode 28 - Being Seen, Heard and Remembered with Mildred Talabi
Some of us are most comfortable in the background or in the shadows but author and speaker Mildred Talabi believes in the intersection of visibility and women. In this episode, Mildred discussed why your target audience needs to feel like you ‘get’ them and the only way they can do that is if you write your content in a way that speaks directly to them, in their voice. Be sure to listen to her episode today and follow her by clicking on the links below! >> Mildred Talabi on LinkedIn >> Mildred Talabi on Facebook >> Mildred Talabi on Instagram >> Mildred Talabi on Twitter >> Mildred Talabi on YouTube >> >> Visible Women Tribe
38:53 12/21/2021
Episode 27 - Influencing the Job Market with Jonathan Javier
Job searching can be difficult and discouraging. How do we make sure our resume stands out from the rest? Jonathan’s mission is to turn underdogs into winners. He started Wonsulting a year ago when he realized that people from non-targeted and non-traditional backgrounds had difficulty being hired at their dream companies - Google, Deloitte, Goldman Sachs, etc. He created strategies that helped them get hired, sometimes without even applying. Jonathan’s strategies have been so effective that he now has roughly a million followers combined across LinkedIn, TikTok, and Instagram and reaches over thirty million people a month. Be sure to give his episode a listen and check him out on social! >> Jonathan Javier on LinkedIn >> Jonathan Javier on Instagram >> Jonathan Javier on TikTok >> Wonsulting on TikTok  >> Wonsulting
32:06 12/07/2021
Episode 26 - Content that Stands Above the Rim with Scott Hale
Creating content isn’t always easy. It can be a thankless and sometimes challenging job - how do you say something different than what everyone else is saying? How do you find a way to stand out? Scott A. Hale found a unique way. He co-founded and has hired former NBA players to write for him, which means they bring a perspective and quality to their articles and podcasts that other writers can’t. Listen to his episode and be sure to follow Scott and today! >> Scott A. Hale on LinkedIn >>
40:36 11/23/2021
Episode 25 - Creating Voice Content with Preston So
Content creating is a challenging task, and it’s especially challenging creating voice content. Preston So is the Senior Director of Product Strategy at Oracle and the author of Voice Content and Usability. He focuses on how content is changing and adjusting to new user experiences, namely voice experience and immersive experiences that challenge the notions we have about the web and content. Preston understands the challenges that come with trying to control every aspect of the content user’s experience. Listen to this week’s episode as Preston discusses how to overcome these and other user experience challenges, and be sure to check out his book, Voice Content and Usability! >> Preston So  on LinkedIn >> Preston So’s website >> Voice Content and Usability
41:45 11/09/2021
Episode 24 - A Content Renaissance (Fair)
As a second-generation Renaissance festival face-painter, Elia Albarrán has seen a lot of changes in the ways festival-goers express themselves over the years.
42:10 04/20/2021
Episode 23 - Meditation and Mindfulness
Liza Kindred is on a mission to create content about and for mindfulness that steers clear of intentionally obscured marketing lingo.
38:23 04/06/2021
Episode 22 - Nerding Out
Emmanuel Aouad combines business strategy and nerdcore rapping as a means of influencing learning and facilitating awareness.
39:12 03/23/2021
Episode 21 - Yes, And...
Reacting on the fly is the name of the game for improv comedy, but has the pandemic slowed this growing art form?
40:04 03/09/2021
Episode 20 - Creating Connections, Not Just Events
Events strategist Dana Pake describes how events should be purposeful and create lasting connections, whether digital or in-person.
50:28 02/23/2021
Episode 19 - Transforming Higher Ed
Has higher education content marketing lost its way? A shift in strategy is needed to appeal to the next wave of applicants.
41:46 02/09/2021
Episode 18 - Unboxing Board Games
Board game marketing has changed during the pandemic, but one thing remains true: People of all ages love a bit of fun competition while they’re stuck at home.
30:08 01/12/2021
Episode 17 - Cocktails as Content
As barmaster of Austin, Texas’ Small Victory, Josh Loving took a cue from cocktail bars throughout history to create a menu that tells a story, answers questions, and sets the mood using very few words.
36:59 12/15/2020
Episode 16 - Content from the Bubble
The NBA’s fully confined bubble provided a thrilling finish to a season slashed by the pandemic and, consequently, a new way to create content that features the league’s superstars.
33:45 12/01/2020
Episode 15 - Immersive Video
360 video offers a fully immersive experience for the viewer. It’s as close to being there in real life as you could possibly imagine.
31:40 11/17/2020
Episode 14 - Video Game and Level Design
Bethesda Games’ Steve Massey designs video game levels that tell stories, evoke curiosity, and balance gameplay.
38:48 11/03/2020
Episode 13 - Memoir and Personal Essay
Memoirist Rachel Starnes provides a glimpse into the highly personal process of writing a memoir, an often misunderstood—and sometimes controversial—literary genre that continues to evolve.
35:43 10/20/2020
Episode 12 - Legally Speaking
Matchstick Legal’s Gabe Levine describes the legal world’s evolution from verbose Word-based documentation to simplified conversational automated content.
27:17 06/09/2020
Episode 11 - Content from Community, Trust, and Intimacy
Carl Smith of the Bureau of Digital tells host Todd Nienkerk about the business ownership content that comes from conversations with business owner members of the Bureau.
34:45 05/26/2020
Episode 10 - Content That Speaks to You
Voxable CEO and co-founder Lauren Golembiewski highlights how to create impactful conversational content in her discussion with host Todd Nienkerk.
38:45 05/12/2020
Episode 9 - Virtual Content in the Real World
Friends with Holograms CEO Cortney Harding brings her immersive training expertise to the discussion with host Todd Nienkerk.
40:15 04/28/2020
Episode 8 - Content Is in Our DNA
GenomeWeb is an independent digital news organization that publishes genome sequencing and molecular biology content. Its CEO, Bernadette Toner, joins host Todd Nienkerk on The Future of Content podcast.
36:21 04/14/2020
Episode 7 - Meeting Expectations
Elise Keith, author and founder of Lucid Meetings, joins host Todd Nienkerk to offer insights on how to run successful meetings every day.
30:03 03/31/2020