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The Future of Content explores how we create, manage, and distribute content. Hosted by Todd Ross Nienkerk and brought to you by Four Kitchens—Way more than websites.


Episode 49 – How to Get the Most Out of AI with Sebastianna Skalisky
Unlock the potential of AI in content management with Sebastianna Skalisky in the latest episode of "Future of Content"! Learn how a chat GPT-style chatbot with Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) can revolutionize university communications, enhancing response quality while safeguarding data. Discover strategies to optimize your content for AI and Large Language Models (LLMs), blending traditional SEO with AI requirements for improved accessibility. Dive into prompt engineering, token usage, and the importance of clear, concise content for both AI and human audiences. Gain practical tips to elevate your content strategy in today's AI-driven landscape. Ready to learn more? Sebastianna Skalisky on LinkedIn Todd Ross Nienkerk on LinkedIn About Four Kitchens Your website needs to fulfill your mission and stand the test of time. We have a long history of helping teams like yours — those who educate, advocate, and inform — realize their website’s potential and make a positive change in the world. At Four Kitchens, we make the web a better place to teach, learn, and advocate for all. Driven by our content expertise, technical excellence, and a shared purpose of doing good, we craft websites that help organizations fulfill their missions.  Click here to learn more about how Four Kitchens makes websites with love. For good. 
43:18 6/11/24
Episode 48 – Beyond the Screen: Understanding Immersive Content and Universal CMS with Preston So
What if content was no longer confined to just a screen? The rapid advancement and integration of artificial intelligence and augmented reality have begun to push these definitions, allowing everyone, from content creators to compliance officers, to rethink what is possible. From revolutionizing everyday tasks to creating a universal CMS where content authors can edit and update content across platforms, our conversation bridges what is to come.  Preston So joins “The Future of Content” to discuss not just the creation of content but the creation of experiences that are as intelligent as they are intuitive.  Ready to learn more? Preston So on LinkedIn  Preston So Preston So’s Books Todd Ross Neinkerk on LinkedIn Your website needs to fulfill your mission and stand the test of time. We have a long history of helping teams like yours — those who educate, advocate, and inform — realize their website’s potential and make a positive change in the world. At Four Kitchens, we make the web a better place to teach, learn, and advocate for all. Driven by our content expertise, technical excellence, and a shared purpose of doing good, we craft websites that help organizations fulfill their missions.  Click here to learn more about how Four Kitchens makes websites with love. For good.
58:56 3/19/24
Episode 47 – Crafting Better Content Through CMS Design with Greg Dunlap
We spend so much time and resources on frontend development, isn’t it time we give the same treatment for content authors? Greg Dunlap, the director of strategy at Lullabot, joins “The Future of Content” to discuss the relationship between user-centered design and quality content.  Drawing from decades of experience, Greg shares his insights into involving authors in the development process. From utilizing paper prototyping to researching ways to reduce cognitive load, our conversation outlines practical strategies to create more efficient and user-friendly systems. Greg also shares the process of drafting his book, Designing Content Authoring Experiences, which aims to serve as a guide for crafting better author experiences.  This week’s episode invites listeners to rethink CMS from the ground up, ensuring it meets the needs of those it serves. Connect with Us!  Designing Content Authoring Experiences Kickstarter Greg Dunlap on LinkedIn  Lullabot Todd Ross Neinkerk on LinkedIn
42:10 3/5/24
Episode 46 – Crafting the Narrative in the Age of Conversational AI with Polly M Allen
Systems like Alexa and ChatGPT have brought conversational AI to the mainstream, allowing users to tailor how they experience this technology. This week, Polly M Allen of AI Career Boost joins the podcast to discuss how conversational AI is changing our physical and digital lives. With Polly's insights, the conundrums of AI-driven content creation and ownership becomes clear. From supporting content creation to tempering online interactions with Ghostbot, we assess AI's dual nature. Closing on an optimistic note, we envision a future where content's value is synonymous with its originality and authenticity, inspired by recent initiatives to honor genuine reporting. Want to learn more about Polly and the work she's doing at AI Career Boost? Then be sure to follow her by clicking on the links below! Polly M Allen on LinkedIn AI Career Boost Website
49:19 2/13/24
Episode 45 – Museums Are For Everyone with Michelle Graves
Visitor's experiences are curated the second they enter a museum. Every detail in the exhibit is carefully thought out, from the lighting to the placement of the artwork. In this episode, we speak with Michelle Graves, a museum curator from the Morris Museum. As we navigate the complexities of exhibition design and storytelling, it becomes clear that institutions like the Morris Museum are revolutionizing the visitor experience to ensure inclusivity and engagement.   Museums are evolving from their traditional “stuffy” demeanor. Innovative collaborations and immersive experiences are drawing a wider audience into their doors. Michelle reveals how the Morris Museum blends its historic architecture with contemporary gallery spaces, creating a narrative that respects the past while embracing the future. The discussion delves into the evolving landscape of museum practices, highlighting the vital role of technology and social awareness in shaping exhibitions that resonate with today’s audiences. Todd and Michelle’s conversation reminds us that museums are for everyone.  Want to learn more about the Michelle Graves, the Morris Museum and the ways they are changing the museum space? Check out the links below! Michelle Graves on LinkedIn Morris Museum  Art in the Atrium From Flower to Flame: The Artwork of Paul J. Stankard
63:51 2/6/24
Episode 44 – Innovations in Content Design and Visual Storytelling with Samantha Enslen
Today, we sit down with Samantha Enslen from Dragonfly Editorial to chat about how you can turn industry jargon into compelling content. Samantha offers a valuable look into the process of making intricate concepts digestible, from employing the ISO's guidelines for plain language to embracing an "explain like I'm five" philosophy. Whether it's the tactile charm of print or the swift click-through of digital media, we examine the evolving landscape of content creation and why major businesses are leaning on specialized teams like Dragonfly to articulate their value. As we wrap up our dialogue, Samantha pulls back the curtain on the meticulous design choices that keep readers hooked, from the allure of a well-placed infographic to the familiar comfort of scrolling through a PDF. We then pivot to the significance of carving out a niche in a market brimming with agencies, as Dragonfly's expertise in demystifying complex content sets them apart. Eager to learn more? Samantha welcomes you into the Dragonfly community, where you can explore the interplay of writing, editing, and design to elevate your own content creation game. Samantha Enslen on LinkedIn Dragonfly Editorial
60:27 1/23/24
Episode 43 – The Fandom Formula with Jenny Stiven
What does it take to build a thriving fan community around a franchise? Let's probe this question as we chat with Jenny Stiven, a fandom expert and an authority in audience development. From her work on The X-Files to her experiences with franchises like Stargate, Jenny brings a wealth of knowledge about the nurturing of fan communities and driving passionate engagement. Uncover the secrets behind cultivating franchise audiences. We get into the nitty-gritty of how content creators can foster sustainable communities and build robust relationships with fans. Hear from Jenny how she has successfully navigated the terrain of fan conversations in both digital and physical realms, keeping the momentum long after the content has been released.  Get ready for an enlightening conversation packed with valuable insights from the world of fandoms and audience development. >>Jenny Stiven on LinkedIn >>Jenny Stiven on Twitter >>SG Blaise
69:07 10/3/23
Episode 42 – Navigating Young Adult Fiction and Nonprofit Storytelling with Katie Bayerl
Dive headfirst into an enlightening conversation with our special guest, Katie Bayerl, a stellar young adult fiction author and content strategist. Katie's insights, stemming from her experiences as a teacher and her deep understanding of the teenage psyche, provide a fresh perspective on writing for young adults. We explore the appeal and unique characteristics of this genre, and why it strikes a chord with readers across all age groups.  Transitioning from the realm of fiction to the very real world of nonprofits, we dive into the complexities of storytelling and messaging for these organizations. Join us as Katie shares her expertise on the strategic use of headlines, headings, and imagery to guide the reader's journey through a story and the surprising truth that paper might be making a comeback in an increasingly digital world. Together, we tackle the challenges many nonprofits face - limited staff, resources, and time for content creation and how to navigate them.  Finally, we unwrap the future of print publications and discuss the immense power of personal connections in communication. Katie's experiences as a freelance consultant bring valuable insights into managing constraints in the nonprofit sector. We also delve into how a compelling story can resonate across multiple media platforms. This intriguing conversation is one you wouldn't want to miss! >>Katie Bayerl >>Katie Bayerl on Facebook >>Katie Bayerl on Instagram >>Katie Bayerl on Twitter >>A Psalm for Lost Girls
52:38 9/19/23
Episode 41 – Mastering Ethical Storytelling in Nonprofits with Maria Bryan
Ever wondered how to effectively use storytelling in nonprofit work while honoring those you're representing? Join us in an enlightening conversation with Maria Brian, the seasoned founder of Maria Brian Creative, as we demystify trauma-informed marketing. Maria brings her unique approach to the table, shedding light on ethical storytelling that not only enriches the narrative but also fosters impactful connections. We navigate the often complex issues of consent, emphasizing the necessity of obtaining enthusiastic agreement from those we tell stories about. Maria guides us through the potential of composite stories for vulnerable clients, the art of slowing down the storytelling process, and the importance of understanding the ultimate goal of each narrative. We discuss common pitfalls nonprofits face and the significance of making numbers relatable, all while placing the story owner at the heart of the narrative. Maria also shares invaluable advice on managing workflow, practicing grounding, and exercising choice when conducting interviews. She also introduces us to the concept of trauma-informed storytelling, explaining how to repurpose stories effectively across various platforms, including blogs, email series, and social media. Take a leap with us into this enriching dialogue and revolutionize the way you tell stories for your nonprofit.  >> Maria Bryan >> Maria Bryan on Twitter >> Maria Bryan on LinkedIn
56:42 9/5/23
Episode 40 – Marketing Academia: Building Communities and Blockchain in Education with Brian Piper
In this episode, we sit down with Brian Piper, Director of Content Strategy and Assessment at the University of Rochester, to discuss leveraging student insight to aid University’s marketing strategies, the use of emerging innovations to create communities within higher education, AI generated content, Blockchain technologies, and the value of using NFTs in the academic space. >> Brian W. Piper >> Brian Piper on Twitter >> Brian Piper on LinkedIn >> Epic Content Marketing >> The Most Amazing Marketing Book Ever
49:13 8/22/23
Episode 39 – Amplifying Digital Agency Marketing Strategies with Lauren McGaha O’Brien
In this episode, we dive into the world of digital agency marketing strategies with Lauren McGaha O'Brien, the Chief Strategy Officer at Newfangled. Join us as Lauren, an expert in content marketing and long-term strategy, shares her insights on clarifying brand positioning, crafting compelling messages, and connecting with potential customers. Discover how she empowers digital agencies to thrive in a competitive market by revolutionizing their marketing approaches. Don't miss out on this enlightening conversation packed with practical tips to unlock your agency's true potential.   >> Newfangled >> Lauren McGaha O'Brien on Twitter >> Lauren McGaha O'Brien on LinkedIn >> Lauren McGaha O'Brien on Instagram  
51:58 8/8/23
Episode 38 – Connecting with Your Audience Through Authentic Storytelling with Vanessa Vidacs
In this episode, we have the pleasure of hosting Vanessa Vidacs, Communications Manager for the Wu Tsai Institute at Yale University. Join us as we explore Vanessa's innovative approach to science communication and her efforts to bring together groundbreaking research in neuroscience and data science. Vanessa dives into the significance of authenticity in connecting with audiences, sharing her insights on the power of showcasing the human element and telling hard or complex stories.   To learn more about Vanessa, be sure to check out the links below! >> Yale University >> Vanessa Vidacs on Twitter >> Vanessa Vidacs on LinkedIn >> Vanessa Vidacs on Instagram
57:33 7/25/23
Episode 37 – The Frontier of Human Imagination with Vince Kadlubek
In the world of immersive art experiences, one name stands out as a visionary leader: Vince Kadlubek, the Founder and Director of Meow Wolf. With its psychedelic and captivating installations, Meow Wolf has taken the art and entertainment industry by storm, captivating audiences of all ages. Kadlubek's creative genius and dedication have transformed the way we engage with art, bringing a childlike wonder to adults and breaking the barriers of traditional artistic experiences.  >> Meow Wolf >> Vince Kadlubek on Twitter >> Vince Kadlubek on LinkedIn >> Vince Kadlubek on Instagram >> Vince Kadlubek on TikTok
49:25 7/11/23
Episode 36 - Presentation Design with Mikey Mioduski
We’ve all put presentations together, or helped others do so. We thought about what we wanted to say and made sure to add cool graphics and images to break up blocks of text. We may even have kept the bullet points to a minimum. Our guest this week, Mikey Miodusky, is the founder of Ghost Ranch Communications and a presentation designer. Lieten this week as he explains why there is much more to putting presentations together than we realize.    >> Ghost Ranch Communications >> Mikey Mioduski on Twitter >> Mikey Mioduski on LinkedIn >> Mikey Mioduski on Instagram
45:27 5/10/22
Episode 35 - Couch to 5K and Inclusion with Josh Clark
You might think that content and running are about as far apart from each other as they could possibly be, but our guest this week, Josh Clark, founder of Big Medium and the Couch-to-5K running program, joins us to explain how they’re more alike than we may realize.    >> Big Medium >> Couch-to-5K >> Josh Clark on Twitter >> Josh Clark on LinkedIn >> Josh Clark on Instagram
41:43 4/26/22
Episode 34 - Content, Architecture, and Design Systems with Jeff Eaton
Content is a term that many organizations use, but it doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone. Our guest this week, Jeff Eaton, co-founder of Autogram believes in order to communicate effectively, we have to agree on language and meaning. Listen to this week’s episode as he discusses the importance of content management, design systems, and architecture.    >> Autogram >> Jeff Eaton website >> Jeff Eaton on LinkedIn >> Jeff Eaton on Twitter
53:01 4/12/22
Episode 33 - Leadership Coaching with Jen Dary
Often, when we think of coaches, we think of someone involved in the life and performance of an athlete, or someone who is responsible for pushing us and bringing out the best in us. Jen Dary is a leadership coach, mom, business owner, and founder of Plucky, and is our guest this week. Listen to this week’s episode as she discusses her unique and creative approach to coaching others to be their best.    >> Plucky >> Jen Dary on Twitter >> Jen Dary on LinkedIn >> Jen Dary on Instagram
47:10 3/29/22
Episode 32 - Pulling Back the Curtain on Packaging with Adam Peek
Do you enjoy watching unboxing videos on YouTube or TikTok? If you do, you’ve probably come across videos of Adam Peek, SVP of Sales at Meyers, TEDx speaker, pastor, host of the People of Packaging podcast, and our guest this week. Listen to this week’s episode as Adam discusses the importance of packaging in marketing, and the psychology behind the packaging we see every day.   >> Adam Peek website >> Adam Peek on LinkedIn >> Adam Peek’s Podcast >> Adam Peek on YouTube
46:03 3/15/22
Episode 31 - Brand Voice and Copy with Wynne Renz
What do you get when you add naming, brand voice, copywriting, and content together? You get someone like Wynne Renz, Brand Voice and Copy Lead at and our guest this week. Listen to this week’s episode as Wynne shares how to successfully communicate who your company is through a well-thought out strategy that combines those four elements.  >> Wynne Renz website >> Wynne Renz on LinkedIn >> Wynne Renz on InVision >> Wynne Renz on Etsy
52:22 3/1/22
Episode 30 - Raising Significance with Michelle Taylor Willis
Passion is often overlooked for knowledge and experience. In order to be successful, we need all 3. But what is our definition of success? If it’s only what we can do for ourselves, we’ve completely missed the mark. For author, media mogul, and founder of Gagnant Media Michelle Taylor Willis, success means what you do for yourself; significance is what you do for others. Listen to this week’s episode as she discusses her passion for significance.   >> Michelle Taylor Willis website >> Michelle Taylor Willis on LinkedIn >> Michelle Taylor Willis on Instagram >> Michelle Taylor Willis on Twitter
42:21 1/18/22
Episode 29 - Teaching History Through Comics, Video Games and Cosplay with Arijit Bhattacharyya
Entrepreneurial ideas don’t come in a vacuum - they grow out of everyday situations and interactions. For Arijit Bhattacharyyan, serial entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of virtualinfocom and Founder of World Leader Summit, his entrepreneurial spark came from the most unlikely of places - his love of comic books. In this episode, he shares how he combined his love of math, science, and physics with his love of comic books and became the serial entrepreneur that he is today.   >> Arijit’s website >> Arijit Bhattacharyya on LinkedIn >> Arijit Bhattacharyya on Instagram >> Arijit Bhattacharyya on Twitter
23:40 1/4/22
Episode 28 - Being Seen, Heard and Remembered with Mildred Talabi
Some of us are most comfortable in the background or in the shadows but author and speaker Mildred Talabi believes in the intersection of visibility and women. In this episode, Mildred discussed why your target audience needs to feel like you ‘get’ them and the only way they can do that is if you write your content in a way that speaks directly to them, in their voice. Be sure to listen to her episode today and follow her by clicking on the links below! >> Mildred Talabi on LinkedIn >> Mildred Talabi on Facebook >> Mildred Talabi on Instagram >> Mildred Talabi on Twitter >> Mildred Talabi on YouTube >> >> Visible Women Tribe
38:53 12/21/21
Episode 27 - Influencing the Job Market with Jonathan Javier
Job searching can be difficult and discouraging. How do we make sure our resume stands out from the rest? Jonathan’s mission is to turn underdogs into winners. He started Wonsulting a year ago when he realized that people from non-targeted and non-traditional backgrounds had difficulty being hired at their dream companies - Google, Deloitte, Goldman Sachs, etc. He created strategies that helped them get hired, sometimes without even applying. Jonathan’s strategies have been so effective that he now has roughly a million followers combined across LinkedIn, TikTok, and Instagram and reaches over thirty million people a month. Be sure to give his episode a listen and check him out on social! >> Jonathan Javier on LinkedIn >> Jonathan Javier on Instagram >> Jonathan Javier on TikTok >> Wonsulting on TikTok  >> Wonsulting
32:06 12/7/21
Episode 26 - Content that Stands Above the Rim with Scott Hale
Creating content isn’t always easy. It can be a thankless and sometimes challenging job - how do you say something different than what everyone else is saying? How do you find a way to stand out? Scott A. Hale found a unique way. He co-founded and has hired former NBA players to write for him, which means they bring a perspective and quality to their articles and podcasts that other writers can’t. Listen to his episode and be sure to follow Scott and today! >> Scott A. Hale on LinkedIn >>
40:36 11/23/21
Episode 25 - Creating Voice Content with Preston So
Content creating is a challenging task, and it’s especially challenging creating voice content. Preston So is the Senior Director of Product Strategy at Oracle and the author of Voice Content and Usability. He focuses on how content is changing and adjusting to new user experiences, namely voice experience and immersive experiences that challenge the notions we have about the web and content. Preston understands the challenges that come with trying to control every aspect of the content user’s experience. Listen to this week’s episode as Preston discusses how to overcome these and other user experience challenges, and be sure to check out his book, Voice Content and Usability! >> Preston So  on LinkedIn >> Preston So’s website >> Voice Content and Usability
41:45 11/9/21
Episode 24 - A Content Renaissance (Fair)
As a second-generation Renaissance festival face-painter, Elia Albarrán has seen a lot of changes in the ways festival-goers express themselves over the years.
42:10 4/20/21
Episode 23 - Meditation and Mindfulness
Liza Kindred is on a mission to create content about and for mindfulness that steers clear of intentionally obscured marketing lingo.
38:23 4/6/21
Episode 22 - Nerding Out
Emmanuel Aouad combines business strategy and nerdcore rapping as a means of influencing learning and facilitating awareness.
39:12 3/23/21
Episode 21 - Yes, And...
Reacting on the fly is the name of the game for improv comedy, but has the pandemic slowed this growing art form?
40:04 3/9/21
Episode 20 - Creating Connections, Not Just Events
Events strategist Dana Pake describes how events should be purposeful and create lasting connections, whether digital or in-person.
50:28 2/23/21