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Welcome to The Candid Happiness Podcast hosted by Jessica Little! This podcast was created with a mission to uplift and motivate you to take charge of your life! Subscribe to receive candid insight on strategies related to; personal development, creative career pursuits, spirituality, energetics and so much more. Come say 'Hi' on instagram @iamjessicalittle


40. Getting Comfortable Confronting Ourselves
It’s my deep-seated belief that change comes from being honest with ourselves and taking personal responsibility for our lives. We can’t change if we aren’t willing to acknowledge what is truly taking place and bring light to what isn’t working. Enroll in my Self-Study Business Program: Support this podcast by leaving a review! Screenshot and Tag me on Instagram @iamjessicalittle
19:48 07/06/2022
39. Riding Emotional Waves
Moving through waves of our human existence, we learn to ride this inevitable turbulence of highs and lows. We learn to not get swallowed up in the big waves. Emotional intelligence means learning to simply observe our emotions and allowing things to move through us without really settling in and making a permanent home in our vessel. To truly live means we get to feel every fragment in the textures of living.  Connect with me on Instagram: @iamjessicalittle
09:33 06/22/2022
38. The Gift of Presence
Presence is an act of mindfulness and allowing yourself to intentional slow down and become a better observer of life. It’s not about changing anything, but rather accepting what is presenting itself to us. Tune in to hear what it means to truly be present and tips on how you can be practicing this better. Connect with Jessica on Instagram @iamjessicalittle
21:33 05/26/2022
37. The Power of Doubt & Questioning
There’s a gift to unlock through doubt and questioning – and its found between the lines of imagination and logic.  There’s literally no ONE WAY to do anything! There are no set rules to life – only the ones you choose to believe. Connect with me on Instagram @iamjessicalittle
16:55 05/18/2022
36. My Human Design Experiment (1/3 Manifesting Generator)
Interested in experimenting with your own human design? My signature program: Accelerate in Alignment takes you through a self-study journey of learning and uncovering your own human design, and then building an aligned business with the intention to honour your energy. I invite you to explore the link below to learn more about the program and see if it is the right next step for you.
30:17 12/09/2021
35. Returning with renewed energy + a message on self-acceptance.
I'm back with the mic in my hand, renewed energy and so much insight overflowing from me, ready to deliver so much goodness to your earbuds!  Tune in to hear where I've been + a chat on radical self-acceptance.  ~ Jess (
15:46 11/24/2021
34. Cultivating Happiness & Freedom as an Entrepreneur
In today's podcast episode I'm candidly chatting all about how I stepped into my own alignment and accelerated my business in the process. Be sure to take a screenshot while listening to the episode and share your biggest take away from the episode by tagging me @imjesslittle ENROLL in Accelerate in Alignment ->
20:54 05/05/2021
33. Embodied Marketing & Why you should feel good about what you're selling.
'With embodied marketing, we focus on helping our audience make informed buying decisions, not “tricking” them into buying. We build relationships based on trust and authenticity, and we sell to serve. Simple as that!' @imjesslittle (Don't miss next week's Live IG Series)    
29:21 04/21/2021
32. Shifting our Mindset
Shannon Wilson is a life and mindset coach and helps women shift their mindset, release limiting beliefs and old patterns as well as how to learn to love and accept themselves. All things totally in alignment with my heart, so I’m excited to share our conversation here on the Candid Happiness Podcast today. Please tag me @imjesslittle on Instagram & Let me know you're listening!
43:33 03/31/2021
31 - Human Design & Alignment for Business Success
My self-discovery journey reached a new awakening with a remarkable system that I want to share more about with you today on the Candid Happiness Podcast. - The power of uncovering Human Design! Check out today's episode to learn all about what this system has done for me and my business, and how it can help attract more success for you.  Schedule a call with me:  
30:10 03/24/2021
30. The Steps You Need To Care For Yourself
Today I’m sitting down with Victoria Yates, a nurse turned health coach. We dive deep into creating a life full of balance, building confidence and allowing yourself the space to form a lasting relationship with yourself and the food you eat. Ultimately allowing you to pursue your dreams fully! Follow me on IG @imjesslittle and find out more here Learn more about Victoria here: 
47:13 03/03/2021
29. Selling on Autopilot - How to Create Your Digital Offer
This week I’m sitting down with Justine Haveland - creator of Funnel The Sells. We’re talking digital offers, how you can create yours and possibly the most important thing. How it’s possible to do this while being a mother to young twins. Follow me on IG @imjesslittle and find out more here
40:54 02/24/2021
28. How To Create and Aligned Business
This week I’m talking about aligning your business with your true purpose. If you want to create a business you’re madly in love with, attract the clients you LOVE and feel forever fulfilled you’ll want to give this a listen. Follow me on IG @imjesslittle and find out more here 
16:05 02/17/2021
27. Overworked To Successful Online Entrepreneur
This week I’m sharing the story of how I went from overworked, burnt out and exhausted to become a successful online entrepreneur. Not to gloat, but to inspire you to follow your dreams and heart to reach your fullest potential. Follow me on IG @imjesslittle and find out more here
31:19 02/11/2021
26. Military Wife On A Mission
This week I’m sitting down with Brittany - a military wife on a mission - to discuss life, business and happiness. Brittany is a life and business coach that also dedicates her time to sharing the inspiring and grounding stories of military wives around the world. Tune in to hear her amazing story as well as how she brings spirituality into her life every day. Follow me on IG @imjesslittle and find out more here 
40:44 02/04/2021
25. Everyday Spiritual Practice Ideas
Today on the podcast I’m chatting all about how to be more mindful with your day. Because doing theses simple things brings more flow into your daily life and undoubtedly always leads to more happiness!  Come Follow me on Instagram @imjesslittle WWW.JESSLITTLE.COM
22:55 01/27/2021
24. Ways to invest in your online business in 2021
A sure fire way to reach success is by investing in your dream! In this episode business mentor, Jess Little is talking about a few key ways you can be investing in your online business in 2021.  *****Be sure to leave a review!  Come join the conversation over on instagram @imjesslittle   
17:57 01/20/2021
23. Mindful Productivity while working from home
Today’s podcast episode will inspire you to take charge of your day with intentionality. When we get intentional about operating from an energetic state, as well as set our day up for success then we align with our desires in a really magnetic way! In this episode I’m sharing; • How energy comes from unplugging • Tips on defining your workspace • Setting Boundaries • Living with Self Compassion • and more... Be sure to come join the conversation over on instagram @imjesslittle
26:52 01/13/2021
22. Plan for a Brighter Future.
Regardless of how many times that you have not followed through on New Year's goal setting or think that this is a silly practice (because who even sticks to them anyways, right?!!) there is power in declaring what you want.   By having a plan you to put your goals and your dreams into tangible form - and it allows you to track your progress! Join me December 17th at 2:00pm EST *Align & Thrive* Masterclass Register Here ->
19:49 12/09/2020
21. Brand Authenticity to help you align.
In this episode I'm chatting on the importance of building a brand that is authentic, honest, transparent and real. And sharing three ways to ensure you are showing potential clients this genuine side of you. Follow me on Instagram @imjesslittle WWW.JESSLITTLE.COM
18:14 11/18/2020
20. How spirituality drives success.
Want more happiness, fulfillment and harmony as a business owner? The secret is to bring spirituality into the rhythm of doing business, and make it a part of your work day.   Follow me on Instagram at; 
18:22 11/04/2020
19. Getting to know yourself better
In this episode Jess is chatting all about why is self discovery important. Plus tips to guide your journey of uncovering who you truly are and owning your truth!  BOOK a Clarity Call with Jess ->
24:34 10/28/2020
18. Gain Clarity in your life!
Have you ever asked yourself what you truly want for your life? Or what you truly want as it pertains to building a creative business that will not only be profitable but also bring you so much happiness. Gaining clarity needs to be the first step you take in building a business. It's only ONCE you get clear that you can truly embody your truth and strategize the steps necessary to achieve the things on your heart.  In this episode Jess is diving into why clarity is important, a few questions to ask and the importance in encapsulating your authentic energy into your direction.  ... Book in a clarity call with Jess Little -->> 
34:40 10/21/2020
17. How to Attract Soul Aligned Clients.
In this episode Jess Little is chatting all about the things creative entrepreneurs must do in order to attract soul aligned clients. ~ Client attraction after all is the energy and oxygen of your business. Connect with Jess on Instagram @imjesslittle
21:20 09/30/2020
16. Living in your life purpose.
A beautiful chat with life purpose channel - Ashley Dufresne. We dive into all things spiritual practice, living your truth and take a deep dive into her personal journey. 
55:23 09/23/2020
15. Working with your energy.
Constructing your work schedule around your energy patterns can make a world of difference in the quality of work you are producing. ~ And who doesn’t want to produce their best? More than that though – the benefit of working with your energy flow is that your work becomes so much more enjoyable because your mood matches your state of energy. ... IG - @imjesslittle
16:06 09/16/2020
14. Have the courage to always begin again!
It does not matter how many times you stumble, fall or lose track of your progress as you reach for the goals you set out to accomplish. What matters most is that you recommit yourself as many times as it takes. Having this level of courage to lead your life, as you self define it, will ensure you succeed at ANYTHING you set your mind to.   
14:35 09/08/2020
13. Money mindset & abundance mentality with Emma Mumford *INTERVIEW*
Chatting with Emma Mumford, the spiritual queen herself all about daily spiritual practices, manifesting sustainable wealth as well as the importance of keeping a positive abundant mental focus! ~Tune in to listen to her incredible divine wisdom!
31:15 06/10/2020
12. Self care for business owners with Sara Monika *INTERVIEW*
Self-care is wrapped around three pillars – mind, body & soul. I was excited to sit down with a fellow creative and chat all about the importance of self care as a business owner. Sara Monika shares her definition of self care, her journey with spirituality and how she prioritizes self care while working from home.
49:01 05/27/2020
11. Small Business Solutions with Catchall Creative *INTERVIEW*
This week I’m featuring my interview with Samantha Mackinnon. Samantha is the owner of Catchall Creative, a boutique brand management firm based in Hamilton, Ontario. She is a virtual assistant that has a reputation for excelling under pressure and producing results, every time. With skills in planning and coordination, writing and reporting, process improvement and a wicked intuition, there isn’t much that’s outside of her wheelhouse. In this interview with Samantha we are chatting all about strategies for small business owners, working from home! We also hear some insight around hiring a VA!
50:23 04/23/2020