Show cover of Flash Forward Presents with major K

Flash Forward Presents with major K

major K spins the hottest house, tech house, progressive house and (melodic) techno tracks of the moment in a two weekly uplifting mix!


What an energy in the new techno (!) track by Jaydee. Plus: saying goodbye to hero Vangelis. 60:00 05/21/2022
Whoohoo, it's FFP Year 4 release day! And Danny Quasar has a stunning new track out. 60:00 05/07/2022
Introducing the FFP Year 4 Compilation with 23 tracks! 60:00 04/25/2022
Introducing the 4 'Ad Astra' remixes 60:00 04/09/2022
The set I played at Flashing Fridays on March 18, 2022 60:00 03/28/2022
Introducing the new Danny Quasar and Flashing Fridays coming up! 60:00 03/12/2022
Introducing the new Lucky Jesus and more Flashing Fridays party details 60:00 02/26/2022
Introducing the new Jaydee 60:00 02/12/2022
Introducing my new 'Ad Astra' and the new podcast BACK TO THE CLUBS 60:00 01/29/2022
Introducing the new Lucky Jesus & wild plans 59:59 01/15/2022
Discover the most played tracks of 2021 60:00 01/01/2022
Introducing the new Lagas & some jealous thoughts 60:00 12/28/2021
Getting in the mood for the second Flashing Fridays party night! 59:59 12/04/2021
One hour of major K at Flashing Fridays on Nov. 19, 2021 60:00 12/04/2021
Revisiting DJ Sinchronic // Flashing Fridays tickets going fast! 60:00 11/10/2021
Introducing the new Noceur Pneuma, 'Submarine' 60:59 11/04/2021
Introducing the Smicer remix of major K's 'Leave The Dark Behind' 63:38 10/12/2021
Introducing the great new DJ Da House & new Brit Gareth Wyn 60:57 10/01/2021
Leading with Lagas, announcing a new Flashing Fridays event and new t-shirt 62:16 09/15/2021
Introducing the new Jaydee, the debut of Lagas and a brand-new take on I Feel Love 60:53 09/01/2021
Live from the AZUA Tennis Open Doubles Tournament 62:08 08/14/2021
Introducing major K's new track 'Per Aspera' (with introduction in Dutch) 60:00 08/04/2021
Introducing the new Alledo & Luygi De Paula + Flashing Fridays Tickets 61:26 07/17/2021
Introducing the new Down Bear 61:24 07/03/2021
Introducing the new Jack Solo and our Summer Vibes 59:56 07/01/2021
Teasing Summer Vibes 2021 and Flip-Flops in the Flashing Hot Shop 61:34 06/05/2021
Introducing the new Jay Morales and Theo Swagten 61:52 05/23/2021
Celebrating 3 Years of Flash Forward Presents 60:15 05/09/2021
Announcing Flashing Hot Shop, introducing the new Noceur Pneuma 60:06 04/24/2021
Introducing the new Jack Solo and Noceur Pneuma 60:57 04/10/2021