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Countyfairgrounds, USA - interviews of Entertainers and Performers who participate in Fairs and Festivals.


Salsa Steel Drums interview by CoolKay
Countyfairgrounds and CoolKay interviews Salsa Steel and Stephanie Gudeman and Bill Harris about how they got started. We talk about each of their entrance in to music and the experiences and intstruments they each play. We talk about why they do this and where they have been. They hae a few websites .... this one tells where they will be performing this year Music And Bands, Live the Music
24:04 6/3/23
Balloonacy and Dennis Forel Interview
Podcast interview of Dennis Forel and Balloonacy by Coolkay fo We talk about how he got started and why he does this.... and how his act developed thru the years. A;sp we talk about where he has performed and where of course he would like to/ Dennis is a grounds act and a stage act. Check out his website at Balloonacy - Dennis Forel
13:59 5/11/23
CoolKay interviews - K9Kings Flying Dog Show
Countyfairgrounds and CoolKay interview J.D. Platt - out of Oregon and his Flying Dog Show. We talk about how he got started and why he does this - and how he enjoys this. AND of course we talk about his flying dogs. J.D. is definitely a dog lover. Check out his website at K9 Kings
20:58 5/1/23
Travis Mettler and CoolKay
CoolKay of interviews Travis Mettler of Cracker Jack and Company out of Ohio.Travis Mettler is a Comedic Magician. Find Travis on Facebook. He started as a professional auctioneer.
16:01 4/27/23
Countyfairgrounds interviews Sam Rezz
CoolKay and Countyfairgrounds interviews Sam Rezz who got hooked on hula hoops and practiced and practiced and ended up becoming a show producing aerialist who performs at fairs, trade shows and events around the country... Check out her website Sam Rezz Performance Art
10:45 4/4/23
CoolKay interviews Steve Rosen 0f Steves Fun Balloons
Countyfairgrounds and Coolkay interview Steve Rosen of Steve's Fun Balloons about how he got started and why he is a balloon artist... who loves kids. Steve makes all kinds of shapes of balloons at fairs and festivals thru the country AND makes a lot of kids happy.
07:00 3/24/23
CoolKay interviews Laura Ernst - Kinetic Entertainment
Countyfairgrounds USA and Coolkay interview Laura Ernst and Kinetic Entertainment about how she got started and wy she does this. She is a busy mom with two little kids. We talk about her hamster ball and juggling and how she started. We also talk about what else she has done career wise. Where is she booked for the upcoming year also.
14:07 3/11/23
CoolKay presents Kenny Ahern-Comedian
Countyfairgrounds and Karen ( ah..... CoolKay) interviewed the physical comedian Kenny Ahern yesterday..... learn about how he got started and why and some of his expierences. Kenny is a physical comedian still going strong at age 60 AND lots of lots of events every year.
20:07 3/7/23
Circus Science Spectacularinterview by Countyfairgrounds
CoolKay of Countyfairgroundsinterviews Steve Russell and Kobi Shaw about their show Circus Science Spectacular. They both started as jugglers and now they do this. Everyone needs Science and they put in a show with science on stage. Is fun and entertaining. This is an interview about how they satrted in this by acccident and talks about where they have performed. Its a very entertaining and educational act at fairs and festivals.
19:57 2/4/23
CoolKay of Countyfairgrounds interviews Alex Zerbe ZANIAC
CoolKay = interview of Alex Zerbe - definitely the Zaniac - a one man variety show, he started in high school with Hacky Sack.... and did all kinds of shows and went overseas - he is. juggler, a magician,,,,, but mostly just a Zaniac who does weird things.... he also has a sience show
24:09 1/26/23
CoolKay of Countyfairgrounds interviews Matt Baker, Comedic Stuntman
Countyfairgrounds interviews Matt Baker a comedic stuntman about how he got started and what he does. He got started with Hacky Sac at the age of 17 and did not even finish high school but went on tour sponsored by Snickers.
20:38 1/14/23
Countyfairgrounds interviews Bruce Manners
Countyfairgrounds and CoolKay interview Bruce Manners - a comedic juggler about some of his experiences and how he got started and why he does this for a living
12:22 12/21/22
Countyfairgrounds interviews Barnyard Racers
CoolKay and Countyfairgrounds interviews Barnyard Racers and Jennifer Gregston about what she does and all the different animals they race. They also do petting zoos
13:41 10/16/22
Dynamic FX Laser Light Show interview by Countyfairgrounds
CoolKay interviews Dynamic FX Laser Light Shows and Shane Martz (owner) about what they do and how this company got started. We talk about good and bad experiences. We also discuss how much it costs and where they have been
14:44 10/2/22
Interview of TC Hatter by CoolKay and Countyfairgrounds
Countyfairgrounds interviews the clown and statue guy TC Hatter about his career and how he got started and why he does it
17:13 9/30/22
Countyfairgrounds interviews Dale Jones- One Armed Juggler
CoolKay and Countyfairgrounds interviews Dale Jones the One Armed Juggler about his career and some of his interesting experiences. We also talk about his new book coming out
36:40 9/25/22
Countyfairgrounds interviews John Bloom
Coolkay of Countyfairgrounds interviews John Bloom of Grand Illusions and the DinosaurXperience about his life and all the things he has done, Magician, Disc Jockey, Truck Driver, father, - and his presidential driving
49:36 8/29/22
CoolKay interviews Pippi the Clown
Countyfairgrounds and CoolKay interview Pippi the Montana Clown - her real name is Jeanne Thomas - about how she got started and why she does what she does and a lot of her experiences.
25:00 8/6/22
Chris Mabrey, Hypnotist interview by CoolKay
Countyfairgrounds interview Chris Mabrey Comedic Hypnotist about he got started and why he does this and his degrees and how he likes to help people
15:48 7/30/22
DOO-Wah Riders interview with CoolKay and Countyfairgrounds
DOO-Wah Riders interview with CoolKay of Countyfairgrounds and Kenny Lee Benson of the Band Leader. we talk about how the band started and interesting experiences. Also about what is coming up in the future
26:10 7/22/22
Kent Family Circus interview by Countyfairgrounds
CoolKay of Countyfairgrounds interviews Victor Kent of the Kent Family Circus about all they do and some of their experiences. Magic Fire-Eating and Robots
20:50 7/9/22
Kyle Groves, The Colorado Magician interview by Countyfairgrounds
Countyfairgrounds interviews, Kyle Groves, the Colorado Magician, of The Party People from Pueblo, Colorado about how he got started and why he does this.
09:44 7/9/22
Unicycling Unicorn Interview by Countyfairgrounds
CoolKay of Countyfairgrounds interviews Jamey Mossengren - the Unicycling Unicorn. He rides a 12 foot unicycle, does comedy and all kids of tricks.
21:47 6/26/22
Chef Scott Landry interview by Countyfairgrounds
CoolKay of Countyfairgrounds interviews Chef Scott Landry about how he got started being a comedic chef show and where he has been.
12:27 6/15/22
Benjamin Jackson, Hypnotist interview by Countyfairgrounds
CoolKay of Countyfairgrounds interviews Benjamin Jackson a online stage performing hypnotist and comedian about how he got started and his audio hypnosis file.
28:01 6/7/22
Mark Hayward interview with Countyfairgrounds
Countyfairgrounds interviews Mark Hayward, Yo-yoer, Juggler and Comedian about how he got started and how he learned to juggle and be a comedian and some of the experiences he has had
12:40 5/29/22
Countyfairgrounds interviews Mike Walker - Singer
Mike Walker interview by Countyfairgrounds and CoolKay. Mike Walker, Singer and Impressionist about how he got started (at the age of five - impersonating Elvis Presley) and Honey Do and his various singing impersonating talents.
22:12 5/18/22
Michael Mezmer interview by Countyfairgrounds
Countyfairgounds and CoolKay interviews Michael Mezmer about his Hypnosis and Magic acts and how and why he got started, what he has done an where he has been.
25:56 5/12/22
Lanky the Clown interview by Countyfairgrounds
CoolKay of Countyfairgrounds interviews Lanky the Clown about how he got started and the different places in the world he has performed and how he got there. He has also taught at a Junior College! Lanky has gotten around!
31:12 5/7/22
Countyfairgrounds Interviews Eric Haines - The One Man Band
Countyfairgrounds and CoolKay talk to comedian, juggler and the One Man Band Eric Haines about how and why he got started and some of his experiences thru the years.
22:29 4/3/22