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Sober Vibes Podcast

Courtney Andersen hosts the Sober Vibes podcat. A woman who decided to end her decade long love affair with alcohol in 2012 at 29 years old. She chose to live openly as a recovering alcoholic with honesty and humor while figuring it out one day at a time. This space and community will bring you weekly episodes of Courtney's experience and help as well as interviews from incredible souls who are living a life without drugs and alcohol. Courtney's sister Kimberly Elledge who also is a recovering alcoholic and addict, will join her in open conversations. The sisters will bring you their insights on this disease, family dynamics, and how they have healed — a show within a show. This podcast is here to inspire, empower, uplift, and bring you some laughter along the way in your journey.


Livin on the El-Edge: Procrastination and You Can F*cking Do It 36:17 09/30/2021
10 Reasons to get Sober this Fall 16:57 09/23/2021
National Sober Day Event 2020 190:43 09/14/2021
Livin on the El-Edge: Money after Addcition 56:09 09/09/2021
Overcoming Trauma with Chris Nell 59:55 09/02/2021
Nine Years Sober 29:35 08/26/2021
Livin on the El-Edge: Waking Up 43:06 08/19/2021
Limiting Beliefs and Protecting Your Energy with Mindi Huebner 43:06 08/12/2021
What will you give up? 16:54 08/05/2021
The Sober Glow Up with Jen Golden 39:39 07/15/2021
The Sixty-Minute Rule 16:37 07/08/2021
Livin on the El-Edge: An honest open chat about addiction 38:04 07/01/2021
Socializing Alcohol-Free in Covid times with Jenn Kautsch 55:31 06/24/2021
The Secret to Long-Term Sobriety 22:23 06/17/2021
Livin on the El-Edge: How to heal your body naturally in Sobriety 48:53 06/10/2021
Doughp with Kelsey Moreira 36:38 06/03/2021
Have you made a decision? 12:36 05/27/2021
Harm Reduction with Jen Elizabeth 62:09 05/13/2021
When you stop getting invited 15:46 05/06/2021
Livin on the El-Edge: The best friend's point of view with Katie Mack 40:57 04/29/2021
Losing A Child To The Disease of Addiction with Eve Goldberg 35:24 04/22/2021
IVF and Sobriety 17:28 04/15/2021
Livin on the El-Edge: Sissy has a Secret 24:46 04/08/2021
Depression in Sobriety with Craig Pothier 39:07 04/01/2021
Overcoming Alcohol Cravings 13:11 03/25/2021
Livin on the EL-EDGE: Breaking through Sobriety Burnout 31:15 03/18/2021
Sober is Dope with Pop Buchanan 41:21 03/11/2021
It's ok if you haven't "hit" all the goals of the New Year 12:38 03/04/2021
Livin on the El-Edge: Lessons of 2020 32:49 12/24/2020
Proudly Non-Alcoholic with Jeff Stevens 37:59 12/17/2020