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We believe creating something of true significance starts with seeing things others do not.


A Founder’s Exponential Toolset with Azeem Azhar & James Currier 45:41 09/14/2021
A Mammoth Becomes A Unicorn: Inside a Scientist-Founder’s Journey from Pre-Seed to Series D (NFX Bio) 27:13 09/09/2021
Choosing The Final Frontier: Launching a Rocket Company with Andy Lapsa of Stoke Space 40:55 08/04/2021
The Founders' List: Status, Wealth, & Power: Network Effects Demand A New Social Contract 30:42 07/30/2021
NFX Mashup: The SPAC Masterclass 20:53 07/29/2021
Meet the Team Behind 'Stoner Cats' (NFT Animated Series from Mila Kunis & Friends) 50:52 07/23/2021
Ann Hiatt on Trillion Dollar Leadership (An Inside Look at Jeff Bezos & Eric Schmidt) 47:57 07/22/2021
The Founders' List: Vitalik Buterin on Bitcoin Maximalism, Currency, and Platform Network Effects 30:10 07/21/2021
Making Markets with Prof. Scott Duke Kominers (HBS) & James Currier 51:45 07/19/2021
The Founders' List: How VCs See Your KPIs 08:23 07/17/2021
The Founders' List: The New Generation of Labor Marketplaces and the Future of Work 17:37 07/15/2021
Seeing Growth in a Downturn with Eran Ben-Shushan & Gigi Levy-Weiss 44:21 07/12/2021
The Founders' List: 8 Skills Top Founders Master for Startup Fundraising (How VCs Negotiate) 13:46 06/30/2021
The Founders' List: 7 Principles of Game Design from Design Gym 05:07 06/29/2021
How a Top Investor Sees the World with Saar Gur 39:45 06/28/2021
Why C2i is the World’s First Platform for Cancer Intelligence (NFX Bio) 48:53 06/25/2021
Tony Fadell on Learning To See, Telling Stories, & Being A Troublemaker 39:34 06/22/2021
The Founders' List: Shishir Mehrotra with an Inside Look at How YouTube Scaled (Rituals for Hypergrowth) 11:41 06/17/2021
Super Founders with Ali Tamaseb & James Currier 38:39 06/15/2021
Major Opportunities for Young Founders with Jon Levin, Dean of Stanford GSB 37:20 06/10/2021
The Insider Story of Waze with Noam Bardin 61:24 06/02/2021
Heather Fernandez & Pete Flint on Startup Speed As A Public Good 48:38 05/25/2021
The Founders' List: The Great Online Game by Packy McCormick 20:18 05/21/2021
Li Jin on The Passion Economy & Its Hidden Currency 44:06 05/18/2021
The Founders' List: Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants from Marc Prensky 15:50 05/14/2021
The IPO Whisperer Lise Buyer Talks Going Public 53:28 05/11/2021
The Founders' List: The Maker Protocol Whitepaper - MakerDAO's Multi-Collateral Dai (MCD) System 33:15 05/10/2021
Julia & Kevin Hartz On Taking Eventbrite Public 42:29 05/05/2021
The Founders' List: Mind the Moat: Notes on 7 Powers (written by Hamilton Helmer) from Flo Crivello (Founder & CEO Teamflow) 24:31 04/30/2021
The 7 Powers with Hamilton Helmer & Jeff Lawson 36:15 04/29/2021