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We believe creating something of true significance starts with seeing things others do not. NFX is a venture firm exclusively focused on pre-seed & seed stage startups.


The Past, Present, and Future of Longevity w/ Joe Betts-LaCroix Alex Colville
In this episode, Omri Amirav-Drory (NFX), Joe Betts-LaCroix (Retro Bio), and Alex Colville (Age1) discuss the history, recent progress, and hurdles in the longevity industry, including the evaluation of potential founders and business risks. The discussion further encompasses the global fundraising potential and societal impact of the longevity sector, viewing aging as a disease, and the future of longevity drugs. Learn more at -
38:19 4/10/24
The NFX Podcast w/ Alex Babin of HerculesAI
Hercules builds high-quality, enterprise-grade AI solutions based on data extraction, transformation, and verification, while integrating with enterprise systems and tools for maintenance and monitoring. Join NFX general partner James Currier and HerculesAI CEO Alex Babin talk about the latest breakthroughs in the AI space of enterprise companies.
35:09 3/20/24
Real Estate’s Hidden AI Revolution (Sunday Readouts)
This is an essay readout using an AI voice clone of NFX general partner, Pete Flint. AI has the potential to smooth out many links in the real estate production chain and create a cascade that will close the productivity gap. This essay reveals what’s on the way and how founders can seize this opportunity. Read the full essay here -
16:13 10/22/23
#1 Phone A Friend: "Astronauts for Inner Space" with Raed Khawaja
Morgan Beller calls up Raed Khawaja - CEO & Co-Founder at Open - to catch up and talk about the current movement around one's 'inner-space'. Open is a social space for meditation, movement, and practice — on and offline, who’s raised close to $15M to help friends be present together. They blend old and new to bring you to the here and now on their app, in person at their Venice Beach studio, and even in the sky on JetBlue airlines. Their hybrid method strengthens the mind-body connection. NFX operates as a pre-seed and seed stage VC that is transforming how true innovators are funded - subscribe, share, and stay tuned for more episodes of 'Phone a Friend' with General Partner Morgan Beller.
34:20 7/26/23
Generative Tech Begins (Sunday Readouts)
This is an essay readout using an AI voice clone of NFX general partner, James Currier. Generative Tech is the next step in software. It’s a new level of human-machine partnership. It turns deep learning engines into collaborators to generate new content and ideas nearly like a human would. This area is so new, and moving so fast, you can have an advantage in your chosen area in a few months… for now.
18:55 7/23/23
3 Waves of Successful Generative Tech Startups (Sunday Readouts)
This is an essay readout using an AI voice clone of NFX general partner, James Currier. Every 14 years there’s a tech revolution, and we have now entered the Generative Tech revolution. Anything you’re interested in, anything you’re working on is going to be impacted by generative tech and generative AI. In addition to the AI model companies, many unicorns and decacorns will be built, starting now. We’re already seeing three types of winners. If you can wrap your mind around what is happening with these new capabilities and see the future better than others, there is no better time to build something huge.
04:35 7/16/23
AI x Speed (Sunday Readouts)
This is an essay readout using an AI voice clone of NFX general partner, James Currier. The AI revolution just ratcheted up the speed bar for startups. You think you’re moving fast enough. You’re not. Speed is the number one advantage of a startup. But now that generative AI here, your definition of speed has to increase 10x.
08:36 6/25/23
Building Your Startup’s Attention Flywheel with Vijay Chattha (Founder of VSC)
There’s a concept in network theory called Preferential Attachment. When one node gets ahead, it attracts more resources, and more attention. It's a snowball effect. PR for your company works the same way. Once you become the biggest node, more resources flow to you. Today, NFX General Partner James Currier sits down with Vijay Chattha, founder of PR agency VSC to reveal how to build that attention flywheel. VSC has worked with NFX unicorn companies like Mammoth Biosciences, Poshmark, and Outdoorsy, to build attention and momentum from the ground up.
60:55 1/20/23
The Strategies of Elite CEOs with Avishai Abrahami (CEO & Co-Founder of Wix)
The transition from Founder to CEO is a watershed moment in your company, and in your life. A great Founder creates something from nothing. A great CEO takes the next step, and builds mechanisms of success. They turn that vision into a well-functioning machine. Becoming a great CEO is a matter of tactics and personal growth. Today, NFX General Partner Gigi Levy-Weiss reveals how to get there, with special guest Avishai Abrahami, the founder of Wix. Avishai built Wix into a company of about 5,000 people, with 1.4 billion in revenue. They’ll cover how Founders can become great CEOs, measurements that most startups miss, the difference between good failure and bad failure, and more. (edited)
45:59 1/18/23
NFXBio: Deal or Die – A Guide to TechBio Business Development and Strategy
There are two parts to building a bioplatform: you have to focus on the science, then you have to think about the business side. When do you partner? When do you develop your own products? How can you determine the real value of a deal? How do you build a strategic network? What avenues are Founders overlooking right now? These are questions our companies ask us all the time. Today, Head of NFXBio Omri Amirav-Dory, Yael Gruenbaum-Cohen, a venture partner at aMoon Fund, and Peter Nell, former Chief Business Officer and head of Therapeutics at Mammoth Biosciences, are charting a roadmap for successful bioplatform business development.
46:08 1/10/23
NFXBio: Tech Founders, Don’t Be Afraid of Bio
There’s huge value in integrating tech and bio. But many tech entrepreneurs don’t realize what they can bring to the field. Tech entrepreneurs: you can come to bio, if you learn to speak the language. Today, head of NFX Bio Omri Amirav-Drory sits down with his former co-founder at Genome Compiler, and Founder of Yogev Debbi. Yogev has bridged the gap between tech and bio several times in his career. Here’s how to build a culture of trust, leverage your fresh perspective, and build impactful companies at the intersection of tech and bio.
44:12 1/5/23
Ep 11: Network Effects In TechBio (NFX Masterclass)
Biology is the most advanced technology on earth. It’s a nanotechnology that actually works, and it scales. The rest of the world will benefit when there are more TechBio founders and investors in the space and this sector has never been more central to shaping a better future. The next significant phase of human progress is going to be led by these Scientist-Founders who build TechBio companies capable of unlocking that future. In this episode, general partner Omri Drory explores how network effects are helping TechBio companies cure diseases, fight climate change, and tackle some of the biggest issues facing humanity today.
09:34 12/21/22
Ep 10: Network Effects In Gaming (NFX Masterclass)
We are in the first wave of web3 games, and some believe that games don't have network effects built into their development or long-term strategy. In this episode, listen to NFX partner Gigi Levy-Weiss as he dives into the world of defensibility within the gaming industry, sharing the 4 layers of network effects, the future of virtual goods, and a case study on Steam - the leading platform for video game development.
17:40 12/14/22
Ep 9: Why Network Effects Are (Even) More Powerful In Web3 (NFX Masterclass)
In Web3, network effects are fundamental and critical to survival. If you’re building in Web3 properly, then it should automatically include network effects. Listen in as General Partner Morgan Beller acts like the river guide of network effects for Web3 as she shares her experience and insights on how to be defensible in this new world. Eventually, we will see Web3 swallow Web2 - look how much we’ve learned since that white paper for BTC arrived in 2009. Founders on the frontlines of the Web3 world are educating us on how to remain defensible and retain growth amongst competitors.
24:01 12/7/22
NFXBio: The Promise of Synthetic Embryos with Dr. Jacob Hanna of Renewal Bio
We're highlighting a breakthrough moment - this summer, Dr. Jacob Hanna, a professor at the Weizmann Institute of Science published a paper demonstrating that synthetic mouse embryos could be grown outside the womb, without an egg or sperm. This is a major advance that was covered by Nature, The Washington Post, The New York Times, and others. Today, the head of NFXBio Omri Amirav-Drory is sitting down with Dr. Hanna to discuss how we reached this milestone, what it means for science, and how entrepreneurship can help bring this technology out of the lab.
25:20 12/6/22
Ep 8: Your Life Is Driven By Network Effects (NFX Masterclass)
What city you live in. Who you date or marry. Which job you choose. What clothes you wear. We all think we make these choices ourselves. It certainly feels like we’re in full control. The unseen hand in them all is the networks that surround us and the powerful math they exert on us. This episode outlines how we see network effects impacting nearly every aspect of your life. It will hopefully help you make decisions that are more true to the kind of life you want to lead. This is an audio version of episode 8 from The Network Effects Masterclass, curated for audio and listening on the go.
15:20 11/30/22
Ep. 7 - Network Problems Demand Network Solutions (NFX Masterclass)
In this episode, James Currier delves into the power law in network effects and its impact. He explores the transition from an agrarian to a networked economy, discusses the perception of status in this new system, and examines the social and economic impacts of network effect businesses. He also discusses changing social contracts and the role of an ombudsman in network effect businesses.
16:56 11/23/22
NFXBio: TechBio Platforms Developing a Universal Vaccine & Beating Treatment-Resistant Cancer
In this episode, Nick Goldner and Jacob Glanville share their founder journeys and discuss platform technologies in biotech. They delve into the business models of Resistance Bio and Sentivax, strategies for infectious diseases, and the challenges of scientific entrepreneurship. The conversation shifts to fundraising experiences and understanding investor feedback, concluding with visions for the future of biotech.
51:52 11/22/22
Ep. 6 - Case Studies: Network Effects In Action (NFX Masterclass)
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
21:49 11/18/22
Ep. 5 - Network Bonding Theory (NFX Masterclass)
In this episode, James Currier delves into 'Network Bonding Theory'. He elucidates how to make implicit network calculations explicit, discusses declining equity distribution in startups, and the future of calculating node value. He explores the role of fungible tokens in enhancing network nodes and the shift to tokens and NFTs. Lastly, he discusses the vulnerability of networks and the importance of understanding and measuring nodes for company development.
22:06 11/9/22
Ep. 4 - The 4 Pillars of Defensibility (NFX Masterclass)
In this episode, Pete Flint discusses the four major defensibilities in the digital world: network effects, brand, embedding, and scale. He emphasizes the importance of these defensibilities in early-stage startups and explains why focusing on network effects can be more beneficial than scale effects. The episode also explores the role of intellectual property in certain categories and how to incorporate different forms of defensibility over time.
17:34 10/26/22
Ep. 3 - Mapping Out the 16 Network Effects (NFX Masterclass)
In this episode, James Currier dives into the Network Effects Masterclass, exploring various types of network effects. He discusses personal utility, direct, marketplace, platform, expertise, and data network effects, with examples from Bit Torrent and Skype. He also explores social or human, tribal, and hub and spoke network effects, emphasizing their cultural and business influence.
23:39 10/19/22
Ep. 2 - The Underlying Properties Of Network Theory (NFX Masterclass)
Unlearn what you thought you knew about network effects. This episode takes you to the very beginning and lays out network theory from square one. Listen in as James covers the basics of network principles to use as a launchpad for the rest of the course and see how your startup behaves as a network itself.
27:56 10/12/22
Ep. 1 - Why Network Effects Are Mission Critical (NFX Masterclass)
In this episode, James Currier provides a masterclass on Network Effects. He discusses his experiences, understanding, and the evolution of network effects in companies like, Apple, and Salesforce. The episode explores the history and importance of network effects with examples from marketplaces, AT&T, and Microsoft, and presents case studies on Facebook and WhatsApp. The episode also teases upcoming content.
13:12 10/5/22
Coming Soon: The Network Effects Masterclass [special audio edition]
In this episode, James Currier delves into the significance of network effects, providing insights on their impact on startups and daily life. Also included is an introduction to a master class on network effects.
02:41 9/22/22
NFXBio: Academia or Startup? A Decision Matrix for Future Scientist-Founders
In this episode, guests Jennifer Dionne and Yaniv Erlich share their journey transitioning from academia to startups, including Yaniv's experience with MyHeritage and Eleven Therapeutics. They compare academia and startups, discuss career options post-PhD, and provide advice for PhDs considering starting a company. They also delve into translating academic experience to business, reflecting on their academic careers and realizations about entrepreneurship.
47:32 7/21/22
Crazy Until It’s Not: New Story Charity’s Bitcoin-Based Mortgages, NFTs, and 3D-Printed Homes
In this episode, Pete Flint chats with Brett Hagler about the recent activities and innovative strides of New Story. They delve into the company's origin, growth, and their mantra of pursuing innovative ideas. They discuss the influence of community on aspirations and New Story's culture and values. The conversation also covers the intersection of Web 3 and real estate financing, future plans, and the potential of NFTs for nonprofits.
44:26 12/14/21
The Inside Story of Nextdoor with Sarah Friar
In this episode, Pete Flint converses with Sarah Friar about her career and the COVID impact on Nextdoor. They discuss crisis leadership, the power of storytelling, the evolving landscape of social networks, and building network effects in localized businesses. The conversation also touches on balancing growth, community engagement, new technologies' potential consequences, and different ways for a company to go public.
48:08 11/18/21
Building Confidence Networks In Latin America
In this episode, James Currier chats with Antonio Rojas, discussing his role at LVP and their focus on LatAm. They delve into Antonio's investment experience, the importance of entrepreneurial networks in Mexico, and the impact of increasing valuations in LatAm. They also discuss international outreach, unique challenges, the rise of web 3, and the potential of investments to influence societal change.
35:40 11/10/21
Eynat Guez & Gigi Levy-Weiss on 7 Mental Shifts For Hiring Now
In this episode, Gigi Levy-Weiss converses with Eynat Guez about the effects of remote work on global hiring and company culture, the influence of a founder's personality on recruitment strategies, and the challenges in automating processes. They discuss the importance of early planning in startups, the potential impact of crypto on payroll, and the transition from founder to CEO. They also touch on balancing personal life with startup demands and the role of female leadership in tech.
57:57 10/28/21

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