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The Podcast to make you laugh and think. Join Emma Stroud and her clown Barbara interviewing experts from all walks of life. They will share their stories, wisdom and wit. This is personal development that will make you laugh and think.


Entrepreneurship with Erica Britles
Join Em as she is joined by Erica a powerhouse of a young entrepreneur who I creating huge waves in the world of EDI – we chat all things business journey, how she likes working with her dad and how we can all be a little bit braver…     Follow Erica: LinkedIn:     About Erica Birtles: Erica is the Interim CEO of the UWI, a social enterprise helping to connect the seekers and solvers of workforce topics in order to drive positive change in the workplace. Through their UWI:Hub community app, events and initiatives, Erica and her team are empowering businesses and their leaders to move the dial on their DEI, Future of Work and Culture initiatives.  
55:08 2/20/24
Stay on your own path
Join Em as she shares how she is choosing to stay on her own path. Why it is important that we alldo that and how we can be truly brave when we stick to where we want to go.
09:31 2/13/24
Free Up Time for What Matters Most with Alexis Kingsbury
How can you as business owner really find time for what matters?  How can you truly create the life you want?  Join Em as she chats this and so much more with the fab Alexis!   Follow Alexis: Facebook:   Instagram:   LinkedIn:   Twitter: About Alexis Kingsbury: Alexis always wanted to be either a comedian, or a business owner like his childhood hero, Richard Branson.   After being booed off stage when telling jokes at a school talent show, Alexis started his first business aged 12 — four years earlier than Branson!   However, Alexis then failed to grow any of his six(!) businesses all the way through school and University. His most successful business closed after a visit from the police.    His early failures lead to him fear hiring people and so he nearly gave up completely. Even his wife and mother were telling him to wake up and let go of the dream.   Fast forward 10 years, Alexis is now an award-winning entrepreneur, with two software businesses and a consulting practice, serving over 600 organizations around the world, including well known brands such as Sony, 3M, Swarovski, Fitness First, and Pepsi.   Alexis is passionate about freeing up time for business leaders so they can spend it on what matters most.   Through his work as Founder of AirManual, Alexis has saved 1,000s of hours of time for business owners and their leaders each year, enabling them to unlock business’ growth, and scale with less stress.   In his own businesses, he has removed himself from day-to-day operations, allowing him to go on a 6-week road trip across Europe whilst his businesses continued to operate and grow.  
64:19 2/6/24
Natural World with Sophie Darlington
Natural World with Sophie Darlington   How can we all shift our perspective on the natural world?  What can we learn from someone who has made her career documenting the natural world?  What are the moments that have taken her breathe away while in the natural world?  Join Em as she chats this and so much more with the fab Sophie.   Follow Sophie:   Instagram: @sophiedarlingtondop LinkedIn: Twitter: @S_Darlington   About Sophie Darlington:   Sophie left the UK at age 19 and moved to Tanzania to chase a dream of wildlife filmmaking. That was 30 years ago, where she was one of a handful of female filmmakers working in the wild. Today, she is a BAFTA-award winner who has held the door open for other women to follow in her footsteps. She is actively and passionately involved in mentoring, public speaking & increasing diversity in wildlife filmmaking.   Sophie has an outstanding reputation as a highly experienced self-shooting cinematographer specialising in long lens camerawork, beautiful composition, high speed and animal behaviour. She has worked on many feature films for Disney Nature, BBC Earth and The Discovery Channel as well as landmark television series for The BBC, Netflix, National Geographic, CBS, PBS & The Discovery Channel.  
45:52 1/30/24
Episode 200!
Join Em as she reflects on Clowning Around’s 200 episodes!  It’s a short, joyful episode!
03:59 1/23/24
Simplicity with Ben Guttmann
Simplicity with Ben Guttmann How can we make our lives more simple?  How can we make our businesses more simple and why should we?  Join Em as she chats to Ben about all things Simple and why it will help you in your life and your business!   Follow Ben: Instagram: LinkedIn:   About Ben Guttmann: Ben Guttmann is a marketing and communications expert and author of Simply Put: Why Clear Messages Win — and How to Design Them. He’s an experienced marketing executive and educator on a mission to get leaders to more effectively connect by simplifying their message. Ben is former co-founder and managing partner at Digital Natives Group, an award-winning agency that worked with the NFL, I Love NY, Comcast NBCUniversal, The Nature Conservancy, and other major clients. Currently, Ben teaches digital marketing at Baruch College in New York City and consults with a range of thought leaders, venture-backed startups, and other brands.   Simply Put Book: Free Chapter:
55:35 1/16/24
Society with Leigh Vallance
Leigh is one of the most remarkable people I have met – we chat her story and how she sees Society from her perspective of Hospice CEO – you really are in for a treat. Follow Leigh: Facebook: boltonhospice Instagram: @boltonhospice Twitter/X: @boltonhospice LinkedIn: /boltonhospice About Leigh Vallance: Leigh has been a CEO for over 20 years working for organisations both large and small, operating at local, regional and national level, in areas of activity ranging from: looked after children; families in crisis; domestic violence; homelessness; urban and rural community development, autism, learning disabilities, mental health; and specialist health care before joining the hospice in 2012.
33:11 1/9/24
End of Year Solo Episode
Em ends this year with a brief short reflection on all things 23.
04:23 12/19/23
Allyship with Humour with Shivani Nadarajah
How can you bring more humour into all elelemtns of your business?  How can use more humour and light in work and what difference will it make?  We chat this and so much more with the fab Shivani..  Her new comedy show can be watched here!! Follow Shivani: Facebook: Shivani Tamil Comedian Instagram: @igetitfrommyamma LinkedIn: About Shivani Nadarajah: How do you retain and attract diverse talent? Organizations world wide are all working on this initiative without really moving the needle. Shivani Nadarajah, Senior HR Director of Cytiva and part time storytelling comedian believes allyship is the answer to retaining and attracting talent.  Shivani’s first comedy special will be released by DryBar comedy early 2024. She has also developed a keynote presentation on “how to tell a work appropriate joke: How to use humor to bring your authentic self to the work place without getting in trouble with HR”
48:26 12/12/23
Soul FULL Ness with Shelley Paxton
How can you create a life full of the brilliant things that will make your Soul Full?  How and why should you put in the effort to do this?  Join Em in this most joyful of inspiring chats with the fab Shelley… its so good there is going to be another.. Follow Shelley: Instagram: @soulbbatical LinkedIn: About Shelley Paxton: Think Brené Brown meets Biker Babe, with a dash of Liz Gilbert. As former Chief Marketing Officer of Harley-Davidson, Shelley Paxton found herself at the top of the proverbial mountain feeling success-EMPTY instead of success-FULL. That awakening led her on a profound journey that became her mission, business, and Simon & Schuster-published bestselling book, Soulbbatical: A Corporate Rebel's Guide to Finding Your Best Life. She’s leading a REBELution to rewrite the script of success.  Shelley’s work has been featured on NBC, CBS, Forbes, Thrive Global, Inc., Business Insider, Yahoo!, and other high profile media platforms.  She’s based in Chicago (when not indulging her wanderlust) and is obsessed with mental health advocacy and the color orange. 
50:34 12/5/23
Coming Together with Jake Dubbins
Follow Jake:  LinkedIn: Twitter: @jacobdubbins About Jake Dubbins: Co-founder and Managing Director of Media Bounty, on a mission to be the leading independent ethical creative and media agency by 2026. We grow sustainable and ethical brands and businesses through deep insight, business and brand strategy, outstanding creative and transparent media planning and buying. Clients include New Automotive, Make My Money Matter, Bodyform, Ocean Spray, Crackd, AQA, Kind Snacks, RoC Skincare and Terry's Chocolate Orange.  I am a passionate advocate of business as driver of social good. Media Bounty has funded the purchase of over 700 acres of critically threatened habitat through World Land Trust and the agency team volunteer for environmental, homeless and social cohesion charities. I am also co-chair of the Conscious Advertising Network (CAN), a cross industry group that believe that the ethics must now catch up with the technology of modern advertising.
46:47 11/28/23
Magic of Media with Jon Card
How can we create more Magic in the media?  How can we tell really brilliant stories of really brilliant people?  How can you get your stories told in the media?  We chat this and so much more on this weeks episode! Follow Jon: LinkedIn: About Jon Card: Jon Card is a media strategist and the author of How to Make Your Company Famous. He has worked as a business journalist for The Guardian, Daily Telegraph and The Times. He now uses his media skills to help mission-led entrepreneurs gain the attention they deserve. He also works as a professional speaker helping companies to communicate better with his Fleet Street Test. 
61:54 11/21/23
Sisterhood with Chloe Davies
Why does Sisterhood matter?  What happens when you are truly in a Sisterhood and how can it make you feel?  Join Em as she chats to Chloe about all this and so much more – expect laughs, truly brilliant words of wisdom and a lot of fab chat. Follow Chloe: LinkedIn: Instagram: @simplymschloe About Chloe Davies: With over 20 years of experience in various business sectors, I am a founder, consultant, and leader who is passionate about creating and sustaining inclusive cultures within the workplace and society. I believe that community is the heart of everything, and I seek to empower and celebrate the diverse talents and experiences of underrepresented groups, especially Black women and LGBTQ+ people. As the founder of It Takes A Village, a collective for Black women in advertising, media, and marketing, I work with partners to amplify the voices and visibility of this demographic and to create opportunities for their professional growth and recognition. As a social impact consultant, I advise and support social enterprises, organisations  and charities on their cultural strategy, inclusion and stakeholder engagement. I am also an ambassador for Mental Health First Aid England, a director at the London LGBTQ+ Community Centre Project, and a member of several and organisations that promote gender equality, diversity, and inclusion. Through my work, I aim to change the world for my sons and future generations.
51:46 11/14/23
Women In Business with Victoria Armstrong
How can we think differently about Women In Business? What can we learn from Victoria and her attitude to business? What can we do to support more women become founders?  Join Em as she chat to Victoria about all this and so much more… Follow Victoria: Instagram: LinkedIn:  Twitter: About Victoria Armstrong: Victoria is a serial successful founder and Angel Investor from NZ,. She is currently COO for a Cyber tech company. On the board of Female Founders Rise (Emmie Faust)....growing hugely in less than a year.
48:21 11/7/23
Culture with Matt Fletcher
How can you create a brilliant culture in your business?  What are the things you need to consider to create a truly brilliant place to work – join Em and Barbara as we chat to Matt who is quite simply brilliant! Follow Matt: LinkedIn: Twitter: @matt1fletcher About Matt Fletcher: Co-founder of Fivium, a software company who are on a mission to improve the life of the public sector through better technology whilst creating the best possible place to work for our people. Also a husband and proud dad.
36:53 10/31/23
Black Women In Leadership with Elizabeth Anyaegbuna
In Black History Month Em is joined by the fab Elizabeth – we talk all things Leading as A Black Woman, we talk her journey and what inspires her to be the fabulous human she is – we also talk challenges in the business world and so much more… Follow Elizabeth: Instagram: @@16x9media / @elizabethanyaegbuna LinkedIn: About Elizabeth Anyaegbuna: Elizabeth, a shining star in UK and African media with over 20 years under her belt.  She secured high-value partnerships with big brands like 20th Century Fox, NFL, Nike and Adidas. With stellar experience at media giants Sky, Viacom, Turner and A+E Networks, she pioneered ad sales for African broadcaster GTV across 50 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa - how brilliant is that? She is an entrepreneur extraordinaire as Co-founder of indie 16x9media – a strategy, planning and production media agency. Elizabeth is super passionate about social justice and advocates loudly for diversity and inclusion in media fueled by her studies in Eng Lit and Law and a Masters in Law & Justice. She's a Founding Partner of Join Our Table, getting more Black women access in marketing, media and advertising. Our girl is President of Bloom UK, on the Mediacat editorial board, and made the 2022 IPA iList for her kick-arse DEI work. Tune in for all the insights from this female media powerhouse!  
39:11 10/24/23
Speaking with Nick Morgan
How can you be a better speaker?  What does it even mean to be a good speaker and what are the challenges and joys in speaking as part of your business life?  Join Em and Barbara as they chat all this and so much with the fab Nic. Follow Nick:  Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn: Twitter: @drnickmorgan About Nick Morgan: Dr. Nick Morgan is one of America’s top communication speakers, theorists and coaches. A passionate teacher, he is committed to helping people find clarity in their thinking and ideas – and then delivering them with panache. He has been commissioned by Fortune 50 companies to write for many CEOs and presidents. He has coached people to give Congressional testimony, to appear in the media, and to deliver unforgettable TED talks. And he has himself spoken, led conferences, and moderated panels at venues around the world.  During the last election cycle, he provided expert commentary on the presidential debates for CNN. His latest book is Can You Hear Me?, on the perils of virtual communication, published by Harvard in 2018.
53:54 10/17/23
Love with Alana Jelinek
Well this is a special one… Join Em and her fabulous other half – that is right Em is interviewing her partner the brilliant Alana – we chat all things Love.. (I know!!) and Love in the context of her work as an artist and her new play plus our love we have – we giggle a lot, we chat a lot and I know you will love it. I truly hope this episode makes your heart happy Please support the play here: Tickets for the Play: Follow Alana: Instagram: @alanajelinek / @MMAJproductions LinkedIn: Alana Jelinek  Website: About Alana Jelinek: Alana is an Artist with exhibitions across Europe, Australia, Thailand, Japan, Russia, Ukraine.  She has an inter- and multi-disciplinary practice, often collaborating with virologists, anthropologists, archaeologists and engineers, as well as other artists.  In addition to painting, Alana writes novels, plays, makes installations and creates collaborative, participatory, site-specific interventions. Her PhD was in 'Art as a Democratic Act', which forms the basis of the books she writes about the role and value of art in society.
36:17 10/10/23
Thinking Big with Eric Zuzack
Is using porn just harmless fun?  What's so clowny about porn addiction?  The truth is, playing with porn can tear apart lives and lead to serious consequences. Special guest Eric Zuzack aka Powerful Eric found himself consumed by porn addiction, watching porn day and night and ruining his life. Today, Eric takes off his mask to share his story with us and shed some light on the very real dangers of porn addiction. So, if you're ready to hear a serious tale of clownery and addiction, put on your serious faces, and let's get started with this episode of Clowning Around! Follow Eric Zuzack: Is using porn just harmless fun?  What's so clowny about porn addiction?  The truth is, playing with porn can tear apart lives and lead to serious consequences. Special guest Eric Zuzack aka Powerful Eric found himself consumed by porn addiction, watching porn day and night and ruining his life. Today, Eric takes off his mask to share his story with us and shed some light on the very real dangers of porn addiction. So, if you're ready to hear a serious tale of clownery and addiction, put on your serious faces, and let's get started with this episode of Clowning Around! Follow Eric Zuzack: Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn: Twitter: About Eric Zuzack: Eric Zuzack is host of the popular five-star-rated podcast Pxrn Talk and is a pxrn and sex addiction recovery coach. He is also co-author of the #1 Amazon bestseller THINK BIG! He helps addicted entrepreneurs & salesmen worldwide not only break the habit but transform their sexual energy to repair relationships, increase sales, and vigorously pursue a great life. Connect with him at About Eric Zuzack: Eric Zuzack is host of the popular five-star-rated podcast Pxrn Talk and is a pxrn and sex addiction recovery coach. He is also co-author of the #1 Amazon bestseller THINK BIG! He helps addicted entrepreneurs & salesmen worldwide not only break the habit but transform their sexual energy to repair relationships, increase sales, and vigorously pursue a great life. Connect with him at
52:48 9/26/23
Heart In Business With Aileen Evans
How can we have more Heart in Business and why should we?  What does having a culture of heart really do for us all as people in business?  What can we do to instill more heart into our every day working lives.  Join Em as she chats all this and so much more with the fab Aileen Evans. Follow Aileen: LinkedIn: Aileen Evans Twitter: @Bushbell About Aileen Evans: Aileen leads a wonderful organisation called Grand Union Housing Group where she| counts herself lucky every day to work alongside brilliant colleagues providing homes and services to over 28000 people living in 13000 homes. She believes that the world needs more kindness and compassion and tries hard to demonstrate both. She’s also served as President of the Chartered Institute of Housing–the professional body for those working in the Housing. As part ofher Presidency, she worked with the mental health charity Mind to help raise awareness of good mental health practice in the housing sector and raised about £80k along the way. She’s campaigned for years (even when it wasn’t fashionable) to build more properly affordable social housing so people can live good lives because she believes (to misquote TS Eliot) that ‘home is where we start from’. She’s really angry that we have a housing crisis–it’s completely avoidable and needs proper political commitment to sort.  
45:58 9/19/23
Sisu with Emilia Elisabet Lahti
Sisu – what is this Finnish word and how can it impact your life?  This week I am joined by Elisabet – she has been exploring, researching and living Sisu for years and herimpact in the world is undentable, from running the leght of New Zealand, writing a book, researching and challenging science and spirtualitiy she is a soul worth knowiung.  This conversation will enlighten you, make you think and help you in ways you are as yet to discover.. Follow Emilia: Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn:   About Elisabet Lahti: Dr. Emilia Elisabet Lahti is an awarded educator, international speaker, who is passionate about life force and how to tap into our innate capacity for virtuous fortitude under pressure. Elisabet's journey as the researcher of sisu - a Finnish idea denoting extraordinary determination under extreme pressure - began when she was called to reinvent herself in the aftermath of major trauma and later attended a master’s program at the University of Pennsylvania to study applied positive psychology. Consequently, she ran and cycled 2400 km across New Zealand in 50 days to study how humans overcome and even grow through extreme challenges. Elisabet´s purpose of life is to be a conduit for waking the primal spark of life force through human connection, so we can together give our work, vision, and families more of our best, while caring for ourselves. Her work has been featured at CNBC, BBC, Forbes, Business Insider and so on. She's given talks at Fortune500 companies, as well as TEDx and universities internationally. Elisabet´s book "Gentle Power: A Revolution is How We Think, Lead, and Succeed Using the Finnish Art of Sisu" published by Sounds True is an invitation to foster the constructive and life-expanding side of our inner power.
46:01 9/12/23
What Happens When a Clown Gets on a Motorbike - a Tale of Me and Fear and Bravery - Solo Episode
A Motorbike,  A Clown a whole load of fear and a dose of bravery.  Em is back after her holidays and in this solo episode sh reflects on a epic trip on a motorbike and what it meant to her.  Expect to laugh and think as she shares her challenges on her journey to Wales.
36:31 9/5/23
Investable Entrepreneur with James Church
Do you want to get investment?  How can you get to meet investors?  Do you want to think about securing brilliant support for your business?  Then you need to listen in to this week’s chat with James and Em – we chat all this and so much more! Follow James: Facebook: Instagram: @jameschurch88 LinkedIn: Twitter: @jameschurch88 About James Church: James Church is the author of the Amazon best-selling book, Investable Entrepreneur: How to convince investors your business is the one to back, and co-founder and COO of Robot Mascot, a global award-winning investment readiness agency. He’s on a mission to stop great ideas failing due to poor communication and is frustrated to see so many founders struggle to raise the capital they need because they’re unable to convince investors their business is the one to back. James is passionate about working with founders to present a clear, concise and credible business case to investors. James has won the Business Advisor of the Year award at the Growing Business Awards and has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine and Forbes. He’s run mentoring sessions at Tech Hub, Google Campus and Runway East, and delivered mastermind sessions for accelerators run by The Chartered Institute of Marketing, Design Museum, Dent Global and the University of East Anglia.
50:05 8/1/23
Festival! - Solo Episode
Clowning Around… Festivals. Who does not love a good festival?  Join Em as she reflects on Latitude, the music, the rain, the space and how she felt about coming home early…
13:53 7/25/23
Movement and Coffee with Ronni Gurwicz
What does having a 1000 coffees with a 1000 strangers do for you and your life?  How can coffee and moving really share your life, work and so much more.  Join Em as she chats to the brilliant Ronni about his new adventure of meeting with 1000 strangers for coffee.. as we chat he is over half way and there is much to learn, giggle and take from this fab conversartion. His new book and everything him can be found at:
61:01 7/18/23
Procrastination – Solo Episode
Why do we procrastinate?  What is it that you are holding yourself back from doing?  How can you stop it?  Join Em as she shares her current challenge of writing her second book, why she stopped writing and how she is getting over herself so she gets back on it!  (In a good and kind way!)
12:58 7/4/23
Goal Setting with Heather Barrie
How do you set goals?  Why does that either matter?  How can you be kind to yourself when you are thinking about your own set of goals?  We chat this and so much more on this week’s pod.. Follow Heather: LinkedIn: About Heather Barrie: Heather is the Goal Strategist at Effective Entrepreneurs and take ambitious overwhelmed entrepreneurs on a Goal Mastery Journey that gives them the tools and support to deliver THEIR vision of success – we’re turning SMART on its head and see goal setting from unusual perspectives to make a real impact on entrepreneurs who have a great product, service or brand but who are currently working too hard and not earning their worth! Heather is also known as the Squirrel Tamer as I help bring some order and focus to the chaos that can bring both genius and challenge to our entrepreneurial world! Heather finds herself being a published author, green party politician, occasional improv performer, coffee loving EmCee and sea swimmer!
53:44 7/4/23
Professional Speaking with Maria Franzoni
Do you want to be a speaker who gets paid?  What makes a good speaker?  What steps can you take to be a really memorable speaker?  Join Em as she chats all this and more with the brilliant Maria Franzoni – expect giggles, parrot chat and more! Follow Maria Franzoni: Facebook:   LinkedIn: About Maria Franzoni: Former Speaker Bureau owner, Maria Franzoni has 25 years of speaking industry experience. She has held senior positions at CSA Celebrity Speakers and London Speaker Bureau.  At London Speaker Bureau Maria played a major role in taking the bureau from one office to 25 offices globally and being named 'the only global speaker bureau' by the International New York Times.  She ran her own bureau for 14 years and was a founding member of the European Association of Speaker Bureaus.  More recently she founded Speaking Business Academy a training company showing speakers how to apply the strategies and tactics of speaker bureaus to grow their businesses. Maria has worked with the great and the good of the speaking world, including first man on the moon Neil Armstrong; Body shop founder and environmentalist Anita Roddick; survival expert Bear Grylls; business magnate Richard Branson and F1 and NASCAR racing champion Jacques Villeneuve …. To name (drop) a few. 
43:06 6/27/23
The Art of Getting What You Want with Alison Edgar
The Art of Getting what you want.  How can you truly get what you want?  How do you work this out?  Why does it matter and how will it help you to identify your goals?  Join Em and Alison as they chat all things Getting What you want and so much more including ducks holding kettles… Follow Alison: Facebook:  Instagram: LinkedIn: Twitter: About Alison Edgar, MBE: “Alison delivers clear business impact, with a human touch and personable approach.” In a world full of conference speakers, Alison Edgar MBE is a relatable figure for audiences around the globe, providing them with lasting impact and inspiration that resonates, not only from a workplace situation, but their whole lives. Working in the corporate world until she was age 46, Alison understands first hand the challenges that delegates face on a daily basis. Alison champions actionable takeaways for every audience, and her upbeat, passionate delivery style rubs off on even the most skeptical audience members. Alison is a sought-after media contributor, and recently became a mentor/boardroom judge for a new business TV show that launched on Amazon Prime in May.
43:53 6/20/23
Moments That Matter - Solo Episode
Slow down.  Take a beat.  Allow yourself to take some time to reflect on the Moments That Matter.  Join Em on this short solo episode as she talks all things moments and why they matter.
09:53 6/13/23

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