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We are all building something whether it’s a business, a skill, a house, a relationship, a family or a life. Casey Grey is a husband, father, entrepreneur and leader in the construction industry. Learn how to become a conscious builder through these informative interviews and personal sharings.


#246 - A Healthier Home with Jen and Rusty Stout
Husband and wife duo, Jen and Rusty Stout are co-founders of JS2 Partners Healthy Home Builders in Central Texas. In this episode they share what makes a healthy home, how to avoid mold problems, what chemicals to avoid and more. 1:54 Introduction  6:11 What is a Healthy Home  10:30 How to Improve your Home  22:35 Air and Vapour Barriers  27:50 Building Healther Homes    Connect with Jen and Rusty: Instagram:  Facebook:  Facebook Group & Hashtag: #healthierhomesnation HEALTHIER HOMES Link tree:  JS2 Partners Website:   For more from The Conscious Builder go to: The Conscious Builder Website: The Conscious Builder Academy: Podcast: YouTube: Instagram: Linkedin: Facebook:  
41:06 9/28/23
#245 - Eliminating Toxins from your Home with Lisa Beres
Lisa Beres is a renowned healthy home expert, Baubiologist, accomplished author, professional speaker, and Telly award-winning media personality. She specializes in helping busy individuals eliminate toxins from their homes through simple, practical solutions that improve health. Together with her husband, Ron, she co-founded The Healthy Home Dream Team and an online membership, The Healthy Babes Academy. Lisa is the author of "My Body, My House," a children's book, and co-author of "Just GREEN It! Simple Swaps to Save the Planet & Your Health." Lisa has made notable appearances on national television shows like "Dr. Oz," "The Rachael Ray Show," "TODAY," and others. As an experienced Baubiologist, she focuses on how the built environment affects human and ecological health. In this podcast episode, Lisa discusses common factors that may contribute to health issues in your home. She provides practical solutions, including tips on identifying and addressing mold problems and suggesting indoor plants that can help improve air quality. 2:30 Introduction  5:19 Baubiologist  12:00 Putting your health first  20:46 Fragrances  24:00 Mold  34:11 Portable Air Purifiers    2 Exclusive Gifts for our listeners from THE HEALTHY HOME DREAM TEAM: Free Gift #1 Free Gift #2  Connect with Lisa Beres: Instagram: Website: Linktree:   For more from The Conscious Builder go to: The Conscious Builder Website: The Conscious Builder Academy: Podcast: YouTube: Instagram: Linkedin: Facebook:  
46:06 9/14/23
#244 - Passive House & Certification - Interview With Mike Anderson
Mike Anderson is the CEO and Design Leader of Passive Design Solutions. Drawing on his combined background in architecture and physics, Mike leads a design production team and has worked on over 300 Net Zero Ready projects (100 of them passive house) throughout North America over 10 years, establishing him as one of the nation’s foremost passive house experts. In this episode, Mike talks about solar hot water versus solar panel with heat pumps, where Passive House certification makes sense, and how larger scale projects are benefitting from Passive House. 1:27 Intro into passive house  6:45 Passive House Certification  20:00 Hybrid Heating Systems  25:24 Larger Scale Apartment Projects  Check out Plans from PDS HERE For more from Mike and PDS:  
43:40 9/6/23
#243 - Breaking Through with Contractor Evolution Host Benji Carlson
Benji Carlson is the host of Contractor Evolution and head of content at Breakthrough Academy a business providing contractors with the management systems and processes to build sustainable profits while getting the spare time you deserve.  Benji shares how blinders can be extremely important as a business owner, what the real problems are that contractors are dealing with and how there are way more opportunities in the blue collar world than people think. ​​Get Breakthrough Academy's Annual Strategic Planning Template, FREE for Conscious Builder Listeners HERE   3:00 Intro 9:18 Break Through Academy  13:25 Common Problems for Trades  17:54  The Real Problems  25:43 What to look forward to    Connect with Benji Carlson: LinkedIn:   Breakthrough Academy: Website:   Instagram:  YouTube:  Facebook:   LinkedIn:     For more from The Conscious Builder go to: The Conscious Builder Website: The Conscious Builder Academy: Podcast: YouTube: Instagram: Linkedin: Facebook:
40:18 8/28/23
#242 - Interview with Mentor and Leader Elinor Moshe
Elinor Moshe is an ambitious and driven thought-leader, mentor, best-selling author, award-winning podcast host and businesswoman. She’s the founder of The Construction Coach, with the purpose of enabling people to focus on themselves and defy the status quo by providing mentoring, training and coaching.  Elinor discusses the importance of defining success for ourselves and touches on the power of mentorship, understanding the rules of the game and making sure you’re playing to win the game.   1:54 Introduction   5:49 What is a Successful Career  7:20 Challenges Starting a Business  14:00 Coaches/mentorship 22:00 Current Labour Shortage 30:00 What's coming up in the Future   Connect with Elinor Moshe Instagram:  LinkTree:  LinkedIn:  Website:  Twitter:  The Construction Coach Website:    For more from The Conscious Builder go to: The Conscious Builder Website: The Conscious Builder Academy: Podcast: YouTube: Instagram: Linkedin: Facebook:  
34:12 8/22/23
#241 - Interview with Author and Marketing Expert David Meerman Scott
David Meerman Scott is an author, speaker and marketing expert. His latest book Fanocracy is a Wall Street Journal Best Seller focusing on creating an organization that puts the needs and wishes of fans ahead of every other priority.  David covers a lot of topics including writing a book and how it can help you, what strategy works if you’re only focused on a local demographic, where you should start if you’re at ground zero and why websites are still extremely important in today’s market. 3:00 Introduction  6:30 Write your own Book  14:00 Self Publishing? 21:30 Youtube 31:00 Paid Adds  38:00 What is David most excited about   Connect with David Meerman Scott: Instagram: Twitter:   Blog: LinkedIn: Home renovation:    For more from The Conscious Builder go to: The Conscious Builder Website: The Conscious Builder Academy: Podcast: YouTube: Instagram: Linkedin: Facebook:    
45:51 8/14/23
#240 - Strategic Website Design for Builders and General Contractors with Katlyn Slocum
Katlyn is the owner and creative director of Katlyn Slocum Design a boutique web design agency. Her agency specializes in building high-converting websites for builders and contractors to help them meet their business and financial goals. We chat about what every website needs, what to look out for if you’re designing your own website and how to create a strategy to get you the clients you want and deserve. It’s a noisy world out there but websites are still very relevant and important to the success of your business.   1:11 Intro 5:52 Search Engine Optimization  13:28 How to get started with a Website  22:50 How often should you be updating your Website  27:15 Web hosting 28:50 Marketing Metrics   32:00 Giveaway: 10 things you need to do on your website    Connect with Katlyn Slocum: Instagram: Linkedin: Facebook:   For more from The Conscious Builder go to: The Conscious Builder Website: The Conscious Builder Academy: Podcast: YouTube: Instagram: Linkedin: Facebook:
35:38 8/9/23
#239 - Commercial to Residential with Business Owner and Founder Jeff Sawyer
Jeff Sawyer is the owner and founder of TruNORTH Inc, a Remodeling and commercial development company based in Connecticut. Jeff shares his unwavering focus on building meaningful connections.  1:37 Intro  5:00 Commercial to Residential  9:07 Pricing of Residential  14:35 Biggest Challenges to Overcome  18:27 How to find Skilled Labour  22:11 What's Exciting for the Future    Connect with TruNORTH: Website:  Instagram: Facebook:   For more from The Conscious Builder go to: The Conscious Builder Website: The Conscious Builder Academy: Podcast: YouTube: Instagram: Linkedin: Facebook:  
31:00 8/1/23
#238 - Growing your Construction Business with Parm Bhangal
Parm Bhangal is a multi award winning entrepreneur who specializes in cost reduction in the construction industry. In this episode he shares some tips on how to grow and scale your construction businesses.   2:10 introduction 10:00 Managing your clients Expectations 20:27 The Process of starting your construction Business 25:30 How much money do you want? 30:28 Challenges   Connect with Parm Bhangal: Linktree: For more from The Conscious Builder go to: The Conscious Builder Website: The Conscious Builder Academy: Podcast: YouTube: Instagram: Linkedin: Facebook:
38:21 7/26/23
#237 - Employees Incentives Over Pay Raises with Michael Fortinberry Co-founder of Protiv
Michael Fortinberry is the Co-Founder and COO at Protiv, a company set on revolutionizing the way workers and companies collaborate, putting control back into the workers' hands and transforming the broken model of hourly compensation. In this episode, Michael shares insights into how Protiv will help you motivate your employees and speed up your projects.    1:12 Intro 7:45 How it works  14:55 Challenges  26:30 What's coming up in the future   More about Michael Fortinberry: Website: Protiv: Youtube: Linkedin:   For more from The Conscious Builder go to: The Conscious Builder Website: The Conscious Builder Academy: Podcast: YouTube: Instagram: Linkedin: Facebook:  
37:05 7/18/23
#236 - Financial Benefits of Solar Energy and Why it is a Great Investment
Casey compels reasons why solar energy is a remarkable investment opportunity. He discusses the financial advantages, long-term savings, and environmental benefits that make solar power an excellent choice for investors. Join us as we explore the reasons why going solar is not only a wise decision but also a pathway towards a sustainable and profitable future. 0:44 Investing in Stocks  1:45 Electricity Rates 3:50 Tax Incentives 6:33 Example Project Solar Part 1: The Pros and Cons of Solar Energy Solar Part 2:  Environmental Pros and Cons of Solar with Casey Grey To learn more about installing solar on your home visit: For more from The Conscious Builder go to: The Conscious Builder Website: The Conscious Builder Academy: Podcast: YouTube: Instagram: Linkedin: Facebook:  
10:58 7/12/23
#235 - Well being and high performance with Australian Passive House Architect Roger Borland
Roger Borland is the founder of Borland Architecture a top-tier studio based in Melbourne, Australia.  In this episode, we dive deep into the world of high-performance homes and explore how building standards and innovative concepts like Passive House are having a positive impact on the architecture industry in Australia. We also discuss the fascinating benefits of green roofs for the ecosystem and the surprising ways that your unventilated bedroom could be negatively impacting your cognitive abilities and sleep. 2:00 Intro into passive house  6:45 SIP Advantages 10:00 Australia Building Code vs. Passive House  21:35 Incorporating well-being into design and function  30:50 Roger's biggest challenge  40:00 What is he most excited for  Gain further Knowledge about Borland Architecture at Instagram: @borlandarchitecture 
44:26 7/6/23
#234 - Environmental Pros and Cons of Solar with Casey Grey
Casey Reviews the Environmental Pros and Cons of Solar Energy and shares his take in this 2nd of 3 episodes focused on PV (Photovoltaic) Panels.   1:10 - Pros 1:12 - Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions 1:30 - Reduced Water Usage 2:14 - Clean Air 2:39 - Reduced Land Use 3:00 - Cons 3:05 - Manufacturing 3:36 - Rare Materials Extraction 4:18 - Land Use and Habitat Impact 5:00 - Energy Intensive Production 5:23 - Casey’s thoughts  6:00 - How we make change  6:28 - A note for US Homeowners     For more information on solar panels and to get your free assessment go to:     For more from The Conscious Builder go to: The Conscious Builder Website: The Conscious Builder Academy: Podcast: YouTube: Instagram: Linkedin: Facebook:  
07:32 6/16/23
#233 - The Building Envelope with Neil Freidberg
Neil Freidberg is the Building Science Manager for OSB Technology at LP Building Solutions. With years of construction experience under his belt, Neil is passionate about ensuring entire building assemblies last as long as possible, not just individual components. In this podcast, we dive into the importance of WUFI as a tool for your construction projects, the process of making OSB and some great product options that LP has to offer.  2:02  Intro 5:08 What is WUFI 7:08 Examples of building failures  11:01 Types of Products at LP  13:18 What is Weather Logic  22:41 Education and Training    Learn more about LP Structural Solutions products at Instagram: @lp_pros
32:55 6/16/23
#232 - Building a system to solve affordable housing with Mike Kaeding
Mike Kaeding is the CEO of Norhart a company specializing in design build and rental apartments.  Mike hopes to help solve America's housing shortage by transforming the way apartments are built.  On this episode Mike share's how Norhart is leveraging innovative technologies and efficiencies from other industries to create high-quality, cost-effective projects that are changing the way we build.  Table of Contents  2:15 Intro - Why housing is important and how he got here 8:58 Solving the affordable housing problem  16:00 What is Mike building  19:00 How do you price housing 24:14 Renovations 26:00 New technology   Show Links: Visit:  
35:18 6/16/23
#231 - My Healthy Home with Caroline Blazovsky
Caroline Blazovsky is the CEO of My Healthy Home, a national company specializing in indoor air quality products, consultation and testing services. Her focus is on working with physicians, homeowners, other building professionals and the public to improve wellness through home environments and make humans healthier. In this episode Caroline shares tips for homeowners to improve their home along with some common missteps that you might be making. She shares her cleaning secrets, why your air purifier might be doing more harm than good and why formaldehyde is such a resilient nemesis and so much more.  4:00 Mold and Other contaminants  9:00 Formaldehyde  12:00 Radon 14:00 When to use Air Purifiers  20:00 VOC levels  29:30 Testing Indoor Air Quality  36:00 What are Caroline's biggest challenges  41:30 What is Caroline most excited about 45:00 Recommended Products     For more from Caroline: IG @healthyhomeexpert Twitter @healthyhomeexp FB Caroline Blazovsky, Healthy Home Expert, My Healthy Home
59:13 6/7/23
#230 The Pros and Cons of Solar Energy
In this episode Casey describes the Pros and Cons of Solar Energy. 0:00 Introduction 0:30 Pros 3:00 Cons  5:48 Solar Opportunity To learn more about installing solar on your home visit:   MORE FROM THE CONSCIOUS BUILDER:  Academy: Website: Instagram: Facebook: LinkedIn: Twitter:        
07:05 6/1/23
#229 The 90 Day Business Plan with Randy Stanbury
In this episode Serial Entrepreneur and Business Coach Randy Stanbury explains how he looks at construction companies to simplify how to approach them, the importance of creating 90-day business plans, where most holes are found in business and what you need to focus on if you want to have a business that truly has value.   3:00 We’re in the logistics business  6:40 Where do you want to be in 5 years  7:58 Focus on the how; build the system  13:20 Most common construction business problems 21:30 Selling your construction business  27:15 How to value your business Show Links:  
40:42 5/26/23
#228 - Avoiding Common Contract Pitfalls with Cian Brennan
Cian Brennan is the CEO of Quantum Contract Solutions. His firsthand experience of witnessing some of the devastating effects of contracts on businesses has led him to his mission of helping contractors navigate their contracts and protect their businesses in this challenging industry. Cian explains why standard contracts are becoming extinct, how cost-plus contracts can be beneficial, and why white-collar jobs are more at risk than blue-collar jobs. 1:38 Introduction  3:48 Common contract pitfalls and cost plus contracts  17:00 What most successful Businesses do 23:27 AI technologies influence on HR and contracts    FOR MORE FROM Cian:  Website: Podcast: Youtube:    
35:50 5/19/23
#227 - The Most Important Thing You Can Do For Your Business
On this week's podcast, we're trying something a little different!  Rather than a live interview format, Casey is talking right to you - about the most important thing you can do for your business - Getting the right people. He shares lessons and experiences, common pitfalls to avoid and what's working for The Conscious Builder now, so you can benefit from the mistakes TCB has made in the past and be more confident when building your team. THE ULTIMATE HIRING HANDBOOK MORE FROM THE CONSCIOUS BUILDER: Academy: Website: Instagram: Facebook: LinkedIn: Twitter:  SHOP TCB APPAREL:  
13:29 5/11/23
#226 - Growing your Exterior Siding Business to Eight Figures with Ben Juncker
Ben Juncker is the co-founder and CEO of Craftsman’s Choice, a leading exterior remodeling contractor in Minnesota and one of the highest volume James Hardie siding installers in the United States. As a result of his success in the residential home improvement industry, Ben has been tapped many times by major home improvement brands, including James Hardie, to help up-and-coming contractors overcome their growth challenges so that they can scale into profitable 8-figure construction businesses. In 2021, Ben wrote the book The Minnesota Homeowner’s Guide to Exterior Siding, an Amazon #1 bestseller in the home improvement category. When he’s not coaching other contractors or helping people fall in love with their homes again, you can find Ben playing an active role in his community as a minister at his church.   2:06 Getting Started in the Business  3:48 Why James Hardy Siding  6:04 Business Structure and Growth  13:18 Ben's Biggest Challenge Today in the Business  22:00 Managing Client Expectations  28:04 James Hardy new product line and a new sales process  30:00 Best advice for Contractors   FOR MORE FROM BEN:  Twitter Handle: @CraftsMNsChoice Website: LinkedIn: Facebook:
38:12 5/3/23
#225 - Master Recruiting and Modernize Marketing - With Matt DiBara
As a 4th generation mason, Matt DiBara took over a very successful company and made it even more successful in the Los Angeles area. Matt used his degree in construction management and environmental design from UMass to earn a reputation for high-quality craftsmanship and impeccable service by bringing a fresh perspective to an old-school industry. In doing so, Matt discovered the answer to the biggest single challenge all contractors are now facing: recruiting. He also offers co-founded The Contractor Consultants, a service offering education, consultation and outsourced hiring for contractors. In this episode, Matt shares some serious wisdom for contractors and business owners, how improper recruiting almost bankrupted his company, what he did to flip this around, what their greatest marking strategy is, and so much more.  0:27 - Introduction 5:10 - The challenge of modernizing, should be difficult, shiny object syndrome  6:32 - Keeping a good balance of tradition and modern, approach 7:33 - Strategic thinking  11:34 - Modernizing approach, process improvements creating exponential growth  14:10 - Venn diagram exercise  15:16 - Almost went bankrupt/Recovering sales junkie 17:20 - Recruiting: 4 key parts 21:09 - Skills Assessments  27:47 - Marketing: One of the best tools  29:45 - Timing: How to Meet Contract Deadlines  32:30 - Process Innovation & solving problems in the future Reach Matt:   The Conscious Builder Academy  
36:25 4/27/23
#224 - The Successful Business Mind - Interview with David Neagle
David Neagle is the founder of the multimillion-dollar global consulting company, Life Is Now, Inc, and host of the Business Daily News ranked podcast - The Successful Mind. Being in the personal and professional development industry for more than 20 years, David has worked alongside other well-known mentors like Bob Proctor and Tony Robbins, and his clients include many well-known people, including New York Times #1 best-selling author Jen Sincero. David has helped tens of thousands of students from across the globe, and is one of the architects of the personal growth industry.  In this conversation we talk about what you need to do in order to find more opportunities, how to bring A+ people into your business, the principles of leverage, the 4 things you need to learn how to leverage, and a lot more!  2:46  Intro  8:00 Triple Income  15:30 Challenges  18:20 Hiring process 24:40 Leadership  31:00 Coaches/consultants  39:00 website assessment    For more from David:  
47:06 4/14/23
#223 - Modernizing Construction Processes - Interview with David Vauthrin
David Vauthrin co-founded FinalCad 15 years ago. Since then, he has been committed to supporting the modernisation of construction. He is based in France but is now looking to bring FinalCad to the global market. In this episode we talk about how selling from the bottom up can be more impactful than going right for the CEOs, how to use AI within your business and other software that can help you succeed. Enjoy this conversation with David Vauthrin. 2:07 Intro  7:46 FinalCad 17:500 Challenges in the Business  21:40 AI Technology  For more from David:
34:11 4/6/23
#222 - Designing Your Construction Business for Success - Interview with Maria Coulter
Maria Coulter is the Founder of Construction Coach. With a career spanning over 20 years in the industry as a Quantity Surveyor, Project Manager and Risk Manager, Maria’s interest in personal development led her to become a qualified Personal and Business Coach in 2012. Maria launched Construction Coach in 2014 working with SME’s and micro-businesses to build stronger, more profitable and happier businesses. She also hosts the Construction Revolution podcast where she interviews change makers from inside and outside of the industry. To influence change Maria is also a Non-Executive Director on the Construction Industry Council national board, Chair of the CIC Diversity and Inclusion Panel, Chair of the CLC RMI Skills Group and member of the CLC working group, Skills for a Modernized Industry. In this episode we chat about the biggest hurdle that most contractors face, why working on yourself needs to come before working on the business and how to design your business for a successful life.   2:36 Intro  8:30 Challenges in Business  18:40 Creating Community  For more from Maria:    
28:08 3/31/23
#221 - Prefab Passive Houses with Craig Toohey
Craig Toohey directs Business Development at Collective Carpentry, a custom home wood product-based prefabrication company in Invermere, British Columbia focusing on super-insulated assemblies, low carbon materials, and off-site Passive House construction. Craig has been certified by both the Passive House Institute and PHIUS, and currently works remotely from Europe where he is closely connected to the European industry for prefabricated Passive House construction. Craig has worked with Passive House practitioners across North America, using his background in sustainable business strategy and technical product sales to simplify, communicate, and put into action the solutions that developers, architects, and builders need to meet their business challenges, regulatory requirements, and their own ambitions for providing effective radical building efficiency and carbon mitigation solutions. This episode is all about prefab construction. We chat about when it’s best to use Prefab, how Collective Carpentry is achieving Passive House Certification, how the industry is going to benefit from technology and so much more.    3:33 What got you into Pre Fab? 9:05 Getting to Scale  20:02 Wall section details  26:09 Biggest challenge in the industry    For more from Craig: Website:    
49:34 3/15/23
#220 - Keys to Straw Bale Home Construction - Part Two with Sigi Koko
This is part two of chatting with Sigi Koko, principal designer at Down to Earth Design, which she founded in 1998 to help people achieve their dreams of living in natural, healthy homes. (Part one is episode #201) In this episode, we touch on things like what the key to straw bale construction is, why she never uses a vapour barrier, what a waddle and dobb wall is, why ducts are unhealthy and so much more.  Sigi translates each client’s vision into a unique building design that reflects their personality and lifestyle, while responding to the surrounding landscape and climate. Her uniquely collaborative design process provides a high level of information and support, encouraging her clients to engage fully throughout design and construction. She also teaches natural building workshops that empower her clients to contribute meaningfully during the construction of their own home.  2:57 What is the structure? 9:42  Foundation to wall transition  13:55 Tips for straw bale  17:00 Vapour Barrier  26:35 Roof ceiling connection  30:45 Electrical  42:45 HVAC  For more from Sigi
59:13 3/8/23
#219 - A House Needs To Breathe...Or Does It? - HVAC Systems WIth Allison A Bailes
Allison Bailes is the Chief Troublemaker at Energy Vanguard, a building science firm located in Decatur, Georgia. The company’s focus is on residential HVAC design, consulting, and training. Dr. Bailes has a PhD in physics from the University of Florida and has been involved with the field of building science since 2001, when he built a high-performance home out of structural insulated panels. He is the author of a popular building science book titled A House Needs to Breathe…Or Does It? He also is well known for writing the Energy Vanguard Blog and a weekly newsletter. This episode is all about HVAC. We chat about what systems seem to be popular and why, the best place to filter the air for your central forced air system and the biggest mistake people make when designing a home from the perspective of an HVAC designer.   2:26 Intro 3:15 Catalyst into building science  6:01 Lessons learned from building house  7:00 Heat Load Calculation  10:00 Current challenges  14:26 SIPS - why  16:35 A House needs to breath or does it?  26:40 Electrification 29:00 High Humidity    For More From Allison  
33:18 3/1/23
#218 - Progress and Passive House - Interview with Andreas Benzing
Andreas M. Benzing is a practicing architect, teacher, and social entrepreneur. He is a distinguished faculty member and Part-Time Assistant Professor at Parsons School of Design, teaching Environmental Design and Design Studio to the next generation of architects. He is also a co-founder of New York Passive House where he serves as President and Executive Director. Andreas developed his tireless work ethic at the famous Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany, where he received his Master of Architecture degree in 1998. He was awarded the European Erasmus Scholarship and established his career at Oswald Mathias Ungers, and Hans Kollhoff in Berlin, Germany, learning the craft of the architectural profession. He then founded his company in 2006. Now he is licensed to practice Architecture in New York State, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Germany, and became a Certified Passive House Designer in 2009. In this episode we discuss why LEED certified buildings do not necessarily equal a better buildings, whether or not Passive House is picking up traction and recommendations for people interested in designing Passive Houses.   2:30 How did he get into Architecture 5:30 LEED  8:50 why build better 10:10 Current challenges 14:35 Passive house value in New York  23:56 products recommended     For more from Andreas check out:  
30:01 2/23/23
#217 - Success and Influence as a General Contractor - Interview with Brad Leavitt
Brad Leavitt is President and Founder of “A Finer Touch Construction” - a Scottsdale based luxury residential and commercial builder. AFT Construction, as known throughout the industry, is an award-winning construction firm and has been nationally published in magazines such as: Fine Home Building, Luxe Interiors and Design, and Professional Builder. Brad was awarded as an “Icon” in the AZ building industry by Sources for Design in October, 2019. He was also recognized as a 2022 Phoenix Titan 100. The Titan 100 program recognizes Phoenix’s Top 100 CEO’s & C-level executives. They are the area’s most accomplished business leaders in their industry using criteria that includes demonstrating exceptional leadership, vision, and passion. Brad is an energetic public speaker and ambassador for many national brands. He completed a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management from BYU in 2005 and worked on notable projects around Phoenix, including the Omni Montelucia in Paradise Valley. His Podcast, “The AFT Construction Podcast”, is focused on bringing value to its listeners, no matter their industry. The topics are focused on marketing, social media, entrepreneurship, organization, building science and construction.  In this episode we discuss what Brad did to build his company from scratch to do doing large multi-million dollar projects, how to manage the fluctuating prices, and what and how you should be charging for your services. 3:36 Starting in the Business  6:10 What does it take to become a contractor  10:03 Breaking into the high end luxury market 13:59 Business challenges today 19:30 Net Zero High Performance 20:47 Cost Plus 31:36 Current developments and changes in the industry   For more from Brad and AFT: social media: @aft_construction  AFT Construction Podcast  
42:03 2/16/23

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