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Forgotten songs from the broom cupboard.

Forgotten Songs from the Broom Cupboard is a trawl through a collection of 78rpm and vinyl records seeking out the obscure and lesser played artists, songs and music from 1900 to 1960. Played directly from the original record. We also look into some of the history and stories behind the music and artists. Episodes 1 to 79 we look at all genres of music. From episode 80 we concentrate more on American roots music. Early country, folk, blues, bluegrass, Cajun and Western Swing. Presented by Miles Tubb all the way from Edinburgh, Scotland.


FS82: Harry Parry and his Radio Rythmn Club Sextet 50:59 06/24/2022
FS 81 Milton Brown to Lottie Kimsbrough and Pine Top Smith 60:20 06/17/2022
F.S 80. Cowboys and gals and folky blues 56:41 06/10/2022
F.S 79: We're back- Harry Wulson to Billie Anthony via strict tempo 59:27 03/18/2022
FS 78: Bob Skyles to Alma Cogan and some singing dogs. 52:26 09/17/2021
FS77: Tom Foy to Florrie Ford, David McCallum and Bing Crosby!! 51:59 09/10/2021
FS76: Fats Waller to Anita O'Day, Hutch and Phyllis Robins 64:50 09/03/2021
FS75: Billy Cotton to The Stargazers and Felix Mendelssohn 53:55 08/27/2021
FS74: Nick Lucas to Billie Anthony and Esther Walker. 52:44 08/20/2021
FS73: Teresa Brewer, Mary Ford to Wingie Malone & Fats Waller 57:43 08/13/2021
FS:72 Savoy Havana Band to Anne Stephenson and Kay Starr 62:12 08/06/2021
FS71: Don Robertson to Mario Lanza and Edith Lorand. 56:15 07/30/2021
FS70: Florrie Forde to Jack Payne, Milt Shaw and J.C Scatter. 63:15 05/28/2021
FS69: Bob Skyles, Al Dexter, Archie Lewis and Sophie Tucker. 50:12 05/21/2021
FS68: Sophie Tucker to Nellie Lutcher, George Formby and Hutch 57:14 05/14/2021
FS67: Fats Waller to Tiny Bradshaw, Lulu Ziegler and Eartha Kitt. 57:04 05/07/2021
FS66: Anita O'Day to Lucky Thompson and Billy Banks 60:30 04/24/2021
FS65: Nellie Lutcher, Delia Murphy and Carl Barriteau. 60:05 04/17/2021
FS64: Clara Butt, Stanley Kirkby to Tennessee Ernie & Mantovani 51:40 04/10/2021
FS63 Pine Top Smith to Marion Mann and Red Nichols 63:07 04/03/2021
FS62: Female artists. Gogi Grant to Nina Rae and Ivy Benson 50:36 03/27/2021
FS61: Way out west: Hoosiers Hot Shots to Johnny Denis 38:03 03/20/2021
FS60: Ernest Tubb to Edythe Baker and Ruby Wright. 62:57 02/24/2021
FS59: Hoosiers Hot Shots to Molly Picon and Mindy Carson. 62:53 02/17/2021
A three record special for Valentines day 08:52 02/14/2021
FS58: Andy Iona to Ethel Smith, Freddy Mills & Wingy Manone 61:56 02/10/2021
FS57: Hindustani, Hawaiian, Italian and a wee bit of Scottish. 64:41 02/03/2021
FS56: Pennies from Heaven- a musical tribute to the TV series. 60:42 01/27/2021
FS 55: The fabulous 1950s: Eve Boswell to Jack Scott and Jill Day 59:02 01/20/2021
FS54: Hot Lips Page to Charlie Barnet and Maggie Teyte. 65:49 01/13/2021