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A Conversation On Mental Health and Suicide
Tatiyana Giddings sits down with Dr. Alan Podawiltz, JPS Chair of Psychology, to discuss suicide and how to help those showing signs of ideation.
16:30 9/30/22
We'll Never Forget
After a year on the frontlines battling COVID-19, some JPS team members share their hardships and how they found the strength to push forward.
07:40 6/22/21
Breaking the Language Barrier
The best doctors and nurses in the world can't solve the problems of patients if people can't tell them what's going on. Scott Wuerz sits down with members of JPS Language Services to discuss how they bridge that communication gap, so patients of all cultures can get better no matter what language they speak.
30:36 6/15/21
They Don't Teach You This In School
Our first year residents reflect on what their first year was like at JPS, and how being thrown directly into the middle of the pandemic has made them more adaptable providers.
13:19 6/8/21
Dealing With Grief
Host Scott Wuerz sits down with Glenda Mutinda and Annia Palacios to demystify grief, and discuss that it's okay to not feel okay.
25:28 6/1/21
Getting Better With Age
The need for geriatric care is rising. This week, Scott sits down with doctors Reena Mathews and Nnyekaa Collins to discuss the rising need for senior care, and what JPS is doing to ensure those resources are available.
24:45 5/25/21
Overcoming Isolation and Loneliness
Aside from COVID-19 infections shining a spotlight on comorbidities, feelings of isolation and loneliness due to the pandemic have further amplified existing conditions. Dr. Buck helps us identify these feelings, and how we can better help our mental health.
23:46 5/18/21
Service Above Self
Volunteers have been an integral part of the care found at John Peter Smith hospital. Until the pandemic sent them all home. This week Scott sits down with Volunteer Services to talk what’s changed during the pandemic, and what’s next for our community members looking to serve.
17:03 5/11/21
Navigating the Care Gap
When resources shifted to help efforts in responding to COVID-19, new challenges arose when addressing the needs of many in the community. This week, host Scott Wuerz looks at how team members adapt to ensure those who are the most marginalized aren’t left behind.
22:27 5/4/21
It's Time to Reclaim Our Lives
For a year, we have endured COVID-19. This week, we kick off the season with Dr. Rick Miller as helps guide us on our path back to reclaiming our lives.
21:22 4/27/21
Season 3: Coming April, 27, 2021
Welcome back for our third season of The JPS Podcast! Join host Scott Wuerz as he asks what we've been all thinking a year into this pandemic: how do we take back control of our lives?
02:39 4/26/21
New Road, Same Rules
Own it. Seek joy. Don’t be a jerk. Those are the rules of the road at JPS. President and CEO Robert Earley talks about how in the face of a pandemic those rules are now more than ever key to the care we provide.
30:22 11/24/20
How Far We've Come
COVID-19 has put pressure on the healthcare system and our caregivers, but we’re responding at record speed. Dr. Steve Davis gives us a look into what we’ve learned over the last nine months, and how we’re taking that into the future of medicine.
22:01 11/17/20
Taking Wing
About 40 years before COVID-19, another deadly virus swept the globe. JPS Health Network’s Healing Wings program has played a vital role over the decades in helping to tame HIV in Tarrant County. While HIV has never been cured, it’s become something those infected can live with. Healing Wings serves about 2,000 patients a month, making sure they get the medication and all the associated care they need to continue to live to their fullest.
20:11 11/10/20
Remembering Your Why
These are tough times, not only for healthcare workers, but for everyone. So, how do JPS team members, nine months into the COVID-19 pandemic, find the determination to keep serving their community? We handed them the microphone and asked where they find the strength, courage and willpower to be ready to serve when they're needed.
15:18 11/3/20
When Seconds Count
It may seem like time stands still for family members as they wait for a loved one to emerge from trauma surgery, but things happen fast when lives are in the balance. That’s why there’s no substitute for the skill and experience of the Level I Trauma team at JPS. Trauma surgeons Dr. Carlos Rodriguez and Dr. Raj Gandhi discuss what Level I Trauma care means for patients in an emergency and the community as a whole.
18:27 10/27/20
Making Time for Mental Wellness
The COVID-19 pandemic has been a time of fear and anxiety for many of us, but getting the care we need can be a challenge when we're supposed to stay apart. Fortunately, the JPS Behavioral Health team is finding new ways to connect with patients remotely, ensuring they get the counseling and resources they need to be well.
31:50 10/20/20
Breaking the Cycle of Violence
Intimate partner violence comes in many forms. Still, it is such a taboo subject that some people don't even realize when abuse is happening to them. This week, Scott Wuerz sits down with Manza Agovi and Mary Ann Contreras to discuss the processes JPS has in place, and the ways we connect patients to safety and community.
17:18 10/13/20
Avoiding a Twindemic
A combination of influenza and COVID-19, potentially dangerous on their own, could be too much for a body to fight off at the same time. This week, we're talking with Krystle Gandhi, Executive Director of Clinical Informatics and Operations, about everything you ever wanted to know about the flu.
10:45 10/6/20
Finding New Ways to Connect
Technology helps bridge the communication gap, but recent efforts made by JPS team members have created the biggest impact. Devon Armstrong tells us how her team of social workers and nurse case managers has forged trusting relationships with the people they care for to help them overcome isolation and the fear of recovering from COVID-19 alone.
27:43 9/29/20
On the Front Line Against COVID-19
The fight against COVID-19 has been the toughest test that healthcare workers across the country have ever faced. When the flow of patients in need of intensive care doesn’t seem like it will ever stop and there are more questions than answers, how do doctors and nurses keep moving forward?   This week, we’re talking with pulmonologist Dr. Razaq Badamosi, Director of the Intensive Care Unit at JPS Health Network, about how COVID care has evolved over the last six months, where the battle against the virus stands and how the members of his team stay on top of their profession during seemingly endless shifts for the benefit of their patients.
26:24 9/22/20
Welcome Back for Season 2
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
01:32 9/18/20
Shaping the Next Generation of Doctors
JPS not only offers the highest standard of care to every behavioral health patient. It's also a leader in developing the psychiatrists of the future, teaching them how to treat people in need of behavioral health care in one of the premiere four-year psychiatry residency programs in the country. 
23:48 6/9/20
Finding New Ways to Provide Healthcare
JPS Health Network is always reaching for new ways to care for patients. Listen in to find out how medical homes and telehealth keep patients connected with personalized care tailored to their individual needs.
16:50 6/2/20
Reconstructive Surgery and Wound Care
When a person's appearance has been altered because of an accident or health condition, the operation to save their life is only the beginning of the healing process. Listen in to find out how Dr. Steven Mapula and his team give hope and confidence to those patients so they can feel like themselves again.
15:48 5/26/20
To Protect & Serve Patients
Being a cop isn't only about pursuing bad guys, investigating crimes and other typical police duties. It's about creating a safe place where people can get the care they need. 
12:29 5/12/20
Always Ready: 10 Years of Level 1 Trauma Care
A decade ago, JPS earned Level 1 Trauma Center status under the guidance of Trauma Medical Director Dr. Raj Gandhi. It's a standard no other Fort Worth hospital has been able to meet in the ten years that followed. Listen to find out more.
21:14 5/5/20
The Future of Cancer Care
Cancer is the word no one wants to hear. We all live in fear of it every day because in the past a cancer diagnosis was almost always a death sentence. But Dr. Bassam Ghabach, Medical Director of the JPS Health Network Oncology and Infusion Center, said new treatments, techniques and philosophies have given doctors more tools to fight the disease than they’ve had before. Listen in to find out how oncologists are taking the battle to cancer these days, giving patients longer, healthier lives and a real chance to beat the disease.
17:20 4/28/20
Pain Management Alternatives: How JPS is tackling the opioid crisis
It’s the job of Dr. Richard Teames to make the pain go away as patients recover from injuries or surgery. But, in a world where opioid drug abuse has been ignored for too long, Teames is on the cutting edge of finding non-narcotic ways to help control pain. Is it working? Tune in to find out more.
18:59 4/21/20
Demystifying Palliative Care
Dr. Anthony Zepeda and social worker Kelle White join Scott Wuerz to discuss palliative care at JPS, giving us insight into this unique relationship between patient, provider and family. Palliative care has grown tremendously in recent years as the American population ages, still many people don’t know exactly what it is. We discuss the support our palliative care team offers to patients and their families and how to connect to those services.
18:17 4/14/20