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People’s Party is a weekly interview show hosted by hip-hop legend Talib Kweli. The show features big-name guests exploring hip-hop, culture, and politics.


Yasiin Bey Gets Raw about the Process behind the Black Star Sequel ‘No Fear of Time,’ and Shares What’s Next for Black Star
Hip-hop legend and icon Yasiin Bey joins Talib Kweli and Jasmin Leigh for a second time to talk about the process behind “No Fear Of Time,” including the decision to drop it as a Luminary exclusive, and where the group is going next. In the this interview, Bey also touches on his deep love of fashion and his friendship with the late Virgil Abloh. This episode isn’t solely for fans of Black Star and the artistry of Kweli and Bey. Followers of underground hip-hop, comedy, and fashion will discover some previously unknown gems, too.  More Info Listen to the "No Fear of Time" album within "The Midnight Miracle" podcast feed on Apple Podcasts, or on Luminary:
07:10 09/27/2022
Aja Monet on the Role of Poetry in Modern Society, Her Complex Relationship with Hip-Hop, and the Power of Languuage
This week Talib Kweli and Jasmin Leigh are joined by poet, writer, and activist Aja Monet.   The trio talk about some of Monet’s seminal works, exploring her patterns of language and the deeper meaning of some of her most well-known poems. They also discuss the poet’s role in modern society.   Monet breaks down her complicated and complex relationship to hip-hop, and speaks to the power and vitalness of language and of the written word. Plus, she talks about what’s next in her career. This episode is for lovers of language, whether you’re a fan of the written, rapped, or spoken word.
06:52 09/19/2022
Just Blaze Opens up about His Legendary Production Career, Starting Out as a DJ, and the Stories behind His Classics
This week Talib Kweli and Jasmin Leigh are joined by Just Blaze–architect of classics from the ‘90s, aughts, and into today–for a deep dive into his storied career.   Kicking it off with a discussion of how producing and computer coding go hand-in-hand, Just and Kweli go into the history behind his alias “Megatron Don” as well as Just’s love of sneakers–and how that led him to his new Uproxx show “Fresh Pair.”   Kweli and Just also delve into the history behind the Just Blaze tag, and the importance of branding yourself as a producer. They also discuss his work with rap legends Jay-Z and Beanie Siegel, among others.   The episode rounds out with a discussion of the production behind Rihanna and TI’s “Live Your Life” and the recording of “Exhibit A” and “Exhibit C” with Jay Electronica.
05:18 09/05/2022
DJ Quik Breaks Down the History of the West Coast Rap Sound, Talks about the Making of Classics Like "You’Z a Ganxta," and Gives Flowers to Legends Easy-E and Tupac
In this important episode of The People's Party, Talib Kweli and Jasmin Leigh sit down with hip-hop legend DJ Quik for a much-anticipated career retrospective.   Quik breaks down the West Coast sound, and how he learned the importance of pushing himself while working with Teddy Riley. He describes growing up in Compton, and the fact that his focus on music allowed him to avoid gang life as a youngster. Quik also goes deep on his collaborations—giving flowers to and speaking on the importance of the late Eazy-E and Tupac. Plus, he recounts some of his work with Suga Free, Raphael Saadiq, and of course Talib Kweli.   This episode is truly legendary, and will take you places you wouldn’t expect. Talib, Jasmin, and Quik will have you locked in. Enjoy!  
03:26 08/22/2022
Sonia Sanchez Lays Out the Role of Poetry Today, Talks about Her Relationship to Hip-Hop, and Breaks Down Some of Her Most Vivid Verses
Poet and civil rights activist Sonia Sanchez joins Talib Kweli and Jasmin Leigh for a deep exploration of her poetry, the importance of spoken word, and her relationship with hip-hop music.   But this interview is more than a study on the power of words. Sanchez also dips into colorism, shares how she turned her personal struggles into triumphant pieces of art, and touches on the contentious relationship between art and the media.   Whether you’re moved by words or actions, Sanchez is an interview that will deepen your thinking on the power of both in this must-listen interview. It also offers tremendous context for those who want to understand more about the era of conscious hip-hop.  
05:38 08/16/2022
Russell Peters Talks about His Legendary Comedy Specials, the Art and Beauty of Roasting, and How His Comedy Has Evolved throughout His Career
Comedian and actor Russell Peters joins Talib Kweli and Jasmin Leigh for an in-depth discussion on his storied career as a stand-up.   Peters also breaks down the art, beauty, and ethos of roast culture, what it was like to launch the first Netflix comedy special, opening the door for many comics to follow, and how his brand of comedy continues to evolve.   Kweli, Leigh, and Peters shared love and knowledge of both comedy and hip hop make this a must-listen for fans of a clever turn of phrase and a good rhythm.  
04:34 08/08/2022
Lord Finesse Talks Crate Digging, Origins of the Half Moon Fade, Producing the Iconic “The Awakening,” and Working with Dr. Dre
Legendary hip-hop producer and rapper Lord Finesse talks about the formula that lead to “Funky Technician,” what it was like working with Dr. Dre on “The Message,” and takes us behind the scenes of his groundbreaking album “The Awakening.” Whether you grew up during hip-hop's golden era or simply have a deep appreciation for the greats, this interview is a must-listen. Talib and Jasmin's interview is full of hidden gems from one of hip-hop's greatest living producers.
05:17 07/25/2022
Ali Shaheed Muhammed Discusses a Tribe Called Quest ,The Loss of Phife Dawg, and His Work on the Luke Cage Soundtrack
Talib Kweli and Jasmin Leigh sit down with hip-hop icon Ali Shaheed Muhammed, who shares stories of putting together Tribe’s most iconic works, as well as the formation of The Ummah production collective and R&B supergroup Lucy Pearl.   The DJ and producer also shares his tricks for pulling out warmth in samples, how he met J Dilla, putting together the score of Luke Cage, and his deep love of jazz. If you’re a fan of hip-hop history and the art of production in equal measures, this episode is a must-listen.
05:13 07/18/2022
Coast Contra on the Origins of Their Table Rap, How Their Backgrounds Shaped Their Sound, and Why They’re Getting So Many Co-signs from Legends
Talib Kweli and Jasmin Leigh sit down with RioLoz, Eric Jamal, and Ras and Taj Austin of Coast Contra to talk about the origins of their iconic table rap videos and why those performances seem to connect with so many legendary MCs. The group also shares stories about their respective upbringings, their debut album “Apt 505,” the Black love featured in their lyrics, and where they plan to take their careers next.   If you’re down for a new rap group filtered through an old-school, lyrics-driven lens, this is the episode for you.
07:33 07/11/2022
Congresswoman Karen Bass Talks about How Her Background in Social Work Shapes Her, Her Plan for Los Angeles, and the Importance of the Rap Endorsement
Los Angeles Mayoral candidate Karen Bass joins Talib Kweli for a deep discussion about race and politics, as well as how Bass’ upbringing, social work, and experiences play into her politics.   Aside from the concerns of Los Angeles, and her plans for the city if she were to become mayor, Kweli and Bass also discuss the George Floyd Policing Act, her relationship with BLM and the importance of the rap endorsement.
03:14 07/04/2022
Redman Shares the Origins of Soopaman Lova, Goes behind the Scenes on “Da Rockwilder,” and Speaks on His Distinct Rap Persona
It’s Redman. Funk Dr. Spock. DJ Kut-Killa. Reggie Noble.   This interview goes deep and – better still – heads in unique and fun directions that most Redman interviews don’t. If you love hip-hop culture, you want to listen to Talib Kweli and Jasmin Leigh interview Reggie. Trust that.
05:19 06/27/2022
Cypress Hill Talks About: Their Legacy as West Coast Hip-hop Icons, Writing Weed Anthems as Activism, and What’s Next
In this expansive conversation with B-Real, Sen Dog, and Eric Bobo, the Futuristic Funk pioneers share stories from the sessions that launched their most celebrated albums, the streets they grew up on, and the legacy of hits like “Insane in the Brain.”   Because this is a Cypress Hill interview, you can also expect a lot of deep discussions on cannabis, and how the group turned their weed anthems into pieces of activist art.   If West Coast hip-hop from the ‘90s is your golden age, this interview is a must-listen.
06:24 06/20/2022
Leon Mobley on Playing for Mandela, Collaborating with Nas, Starring on Zoom, and Performing with Duke Ellington
Leon Mobley has lived an absolutely fascinating life. From performing with Duke Ellington as a child, to being mentored by Babatunde Olatunji, to recording with Stevie Wonder, to collaborations with Nas, the longtime percussionist with Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals is a legend among drummers. The story for Mobley starts early, at the Elma Lewis School of Fine art and continues with a role in Raisin (the musical based on A Raisin In The Sun) on Broadway. From there, he embarked on a fascinating ride that saw him share a stage with everyone from Michael Jackson to the Marley family. His collaboration list is unimpeachable and his energy is always turned to 11. If you have an interest in drumming, and the traditional African rhythms that informs so much of our music today, this is the episode for you!
03:55 06/13/2022
Niko Is Charts the Journey from His First Mixtape, to Brutus, to His Recent Work; and talks about Tupac’s influence on Him, Meeting Kweli, and More
Talib Kweli is joined by trilingual MC, songwriter, rapper, and Javotti Media signee Niko Is who talks about growing up in Orlando, and takes us behind the scenes of the Florida hip-hop scene. The Chillest Rapper In Showbiz also breaks down the process of tightening up his bars by rapping in the streets of LA, and talks about the importance of travel on artistry, as well as the massive influence Tupac has had on him.   Later in the episode, Niko Is and Kweli discuss some of the rappers' greatest collaborations, including their recent "Live From The Blue Note." If you like bars that make you laugh as much as they make you think, you’re not going to want to skip this interview. 3hwM0Vr1h95PrYFN7z2t  
04:55 06/06/2022
The D.O.C. Talks Early Death Row Days, Writing Lyrics for the “Straight Outta Compton” Sessions, and How Snoop Dogg Helped Him Regain His Voice
Talib Kweli is joined by legendary songwriter, producer, rapper, and one of the founders of Death Row Records, The D.O.C.   In the episode, D.O.C. takes us behind the scenes of his solo albums, including “No One Can Do It Better,” and talks about the early days with the Fila Fresh Crew.   He also shares some stories about the “Straight Outta Compton” sessions and how Snoop helped him recover his voice. If you have a deep love and respect for ‘90s G-Funk, and all things Dre, this is a must-listen.    
08:21 05/30/2022
Trae Tha Truth on the Plight of the Streets; Houston Car and Rap culture; Breonna Taylor, and His Long History With Activism
Talib Kweli is joined by rapper, record executive, and fixture of the Houston rap scene, Trae the Truth. The pair talk about the responsibility to the streets that their platform has given them.   Trae brings us into the world of Houston rap and car culture, talks about the influence of UGK, and touches on his strong creative relationship with Bun B, which extends past music and into the community.   Trae also breaks down why Breonna Taylor’s story inspired him to get involved on the ground level.    
05:14 05/23/2022
Talib Kweli Talks About the New Black Star Album, Meeting yasiin bey, Making “Quality,” Connecting with Dave Chappelle, and More
For this special episode, the tables turn as Poet jessica Care moore, along with Jasmin Leigh, interview People’s Party’s own Talib Kweli. This wide-ranging conversation answers so many of the questions we get from fans and listeners! Kweli goes deep on his many famous collaborators, his approach to the new Black Star album "No Fear of Time,", and his relationship with social media. If you’re a fan of Kweli, and understand his place in hip-hop, this is the interview you need. He’s funny, thoughtful, and most of all, bracingly honest. Mentions: BUGS BUNNY MATHEMATICX episode on "The Midnight Miracle" Listen to this episode for free on Apple Podcasts: Listen for free on Luminary:
06:14 05/16/2022
Cory Mo Talks Houston Rap, His Brother Mike Mo, Working with Ye and Mike Dean, OutKast, Organized Noise, His Mentor the Late Pimp C, UGK and the Legacy of Southern Rap Music
Cory Mo has been present at some of the most important moments in hip-hop history–as a producer, a rapper, and an early legend of Southern hip-hop. From his early beginnings with his brother Mike Mo, to being in the studio with Kanye West and Mike Dean, he's got stories for days. But his time with Pimp C, his mentor and his friend, solidified his legacy in hip-hop.
04:53 05/09/2022
Jazzy Jeff Talks About Pioneering the Transformer Scratch, Working with Will Smith, Developing Artists Like Jill Scott and Eminem, and the Beauty of Philadelphia Summertime
The legendary producer, songwriter, actor and DJ talks about his early days of scratching, and takes us into hit songs like “Parent’s Just Don’t Understand” and “Summertime.”   Jazzy Jeff also talks about working on the television show “The Fresh Prince,” the work of developing artists like Jill Scott, The Roots, Eminem, and Talib Kweli, and breaks down the best rap releases of the ‘90s.
06:02 05/02/2022 Reflects on 25 Years of Black Eyed Peas, his Underground Rap Origins, Ye, Rap-Techno Connections, and The Future
You’ve never met a person like He’s a rapper, a producer, a futurist, an autodidact, and generally one of the most fascinating humans on the planet. And this longform interview with Kweli—a close personal friend—is the definitive conversation with the globally renowned multi-hyphenate. Do you love rap? Dance? Techno? Humanity itself? Then you want to hear more from Seriously. And in this riveting conversation, he’s raw, funny, unguarded, and—as always—deeply inquisitive!
06:56 04/25/2022
Masego Talks About Making Jazz Cool Again, About Why World Travel is so Vital for Musicians, and and the Inspirations Behind His Most Well-Known Songs
The singer, sax player, and multi-instrumentalist Masego takes us into his world of jazz and discusses the art form's roots as dance music. Masego also shares stories of his travels, discusses the universal language of music, and takes us behind the stunning visuals that almost always accompany his best songs. If you want to hear to masters of their craft geek out on all things music, this is a must-listen.
05:24 04/18/2022
Hit-Boy on Working with Legends Like Kanye, Beyoncé, and Others—Plus Stories Behind Creating Some of His Well-Known Hits
The innovative producer, rapper, singer, and songwriter talks about working with greats such as Drake, Beyoncé, Kanye, and Eminem, then takes us behind the creation of some of his most well-known songs.   The multi-hyphenate also breaks down his long relationship with rapper Dom Kennedy, and tells us why FL Studio is his DAW of choice.
03:30 04/11/2022
K. Foxx on Her Storied Career in Radio, What She Learned From DJ Khaled, and Her Falling out With Ebro
Curator, DJ, and tastemaker K. Foxx talks about her life in radio, including the tips she picked up from working with DJ Khaled, and how things went during her most memorable and difficult interviews. K. Foxx also describes the differences between Miami, NYC, and Philly radio, the K. Foxx Princess Project Proms, and her falling out with Ebro.
07:17 04/04/2022
Warren G on the Early Days of G-Funk, and How and Why he Brought Melody to the West Coast Sound
West Coast G-Funk legend Warren G sits down with Talib Kweli and Jasmin Leigh to share stories from the recording sessions of “The Chronic,” and “Regulate,” as well as his most beloved albums.   Warren G also expresses his love for east coast hip hop, his passion for BBQ sauce, and how the 1995 Source Awards changed G-Funk forever.
09:16 03/28/2022
Jay Pharoah Talks the Art of Great Impressions, SNL, Jay-Z, His Latest Projects, and Being Profiled by the Police
Comedian and SNL alum Jay Pharoah sits down with Talib Kweli to go deep on hip hop, stand-up comedy, and the power of impressions. From his rap albums to his latest on-screen projects, Pharoah and Kweli chop it up with behind the scenes stories from some of Pharoah’s most memorable work. Also in this episode: more on Pharoah’s run in with the police during the COVID lockdown.
06:55 03/20/2022
Faith Evans Shares the Stories Behind her Biggest Songs, Talks the Legacy of Biggie, and Shares her Deep Love of Hip-hop
Faith Evans is R&B incarnate. Her voice, style, and musical sensibilities are generation-defining. Hear her run through some of the stories behind her most well-known songs, as well as speak on the legacy of her late husband, Biggie Smalls. We also get into some antics from her R&B Divas and The Masked Singer days that are sure to keep you laughing. If you’ve ever felt moved—be it to dance, cry, laugh or love—because of Faith’s music you’re going to want to hear about it from the source. Here is a true Queen of R&B.
06:01 03/14/2022
Alyasha Moore Talks About the Importance of New York Punk, Graffiti, and Hip-hop Culture Colliding, and What Modern-Day Streetwear Means to Him
Alyasha Moore is an integral player in the story of streetwear. This cultural bridge-builder helped to fuse the worlds of New York City street culture—from graffiti to punk rock, to hip hop—forging a unique aesthetic that has come to dominate fashion (on both the casual and luxury fronts).   Streetwear isn’t streetwear without Alyasha Moore and this convo underscores that vital fact.
05:18 03/07/2022
Omari Hardwick Reveals his Workout Secrets, Dives into the Early Years of Chasing success, and Talks American Skin and Army of the Dead
Omari Hardwick is straight-up one of the most exciting multi-hyphenate artists working right now. In this lengthy interview he runs us through his early struggles while chasing his dreams, and dives deep into some of his most important achievements—from his work on American Skin to Zach Snyder’s brilliant Army of the Dead. More info: Hear Omari's podcast, Poetics, a show that doesn't just discuss poetry with hip-hop artists, it makes it.
06:08 02/28/2022
Selema Masekela on Racism in Action Sports, his Famous Father, his New African Surf Brand, and More
Selema Masekela is a legend in the board sports community. When there were very few Black voices in skate, snow, and surf, he was there–hosting shows for Vice, ESPN, ABC and more. Now that the action sports world is growing more inclusive, Selema is a central figure in the conversation, pushing the industries he loves while also launching his own label, Mami Wata, the nation’s first Afrocentric surf brand. In this deep-dive convo with Kweli and Jasmin, Selema shares memories of his world renowned father, jazz impresario Hugh Masekela, gets raw about how race is handled on the snow and in the surf, and talks about his new company. He also discusses his music, his recent viral tweet about vigilante justice, and so much more. This is a much needed interview with an icon in action sports and one of the best TV sportscasters in the game.
06:33 02/21/2022
Problem Discusses Nipsey’s Legacy, Gangs In LA, Snoop, Compton Rap, the LA Rams, and More
Our guest today is a flow artist with more mixtapes to his name already than the average rapper has in their whole career. Those tapes include Rosecrans, Coffee and Kush, OT: Outta Town, Welcome To Mollywood 1, 2, and 3. He also dropped Million Dollar Afro with Iamsu!. Hotels 1 and 2, Chachiville and The Separation, two studio albums, including Selfish and S2, and a debut EP called Understand Me that charted on both the Billboard Heatseekers and R&B and Hip-Hop charts.v  Rapper Problem has written with artists like Snoop Dogg, and his contributions on Ego Trippin’ and Malice N Wonderland cannot be overstated. He’s also worked with everyone from 9th Wonder to Nipsey Hustle, to John Legend, to DJ Quik, to YG, to Pharrell, to Kendrick Lamar. That’s a collaborator list if ever there was one.  If you haven’t heard his giant single “Like Whaaat,” you’ve probably heard his songs “Say That Then,” and “Do It Big,” both of which appeared on Grand Theft Auto V. He’s an independent musician through and through, with hometown pride: he gave the LA Rams their theme song “My Squad.”
04:27 02/14/2022