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A few years ago I was a broke, university dropout, at 18 I built an industry leading social media marketing company, and at 27 I resigned as CEO. At 28 I co-founded Flight Story – a marketing and communications company, and thirdweb - a software platform, making it easy to build web3 applications. I then launched private equity fund, Flight Fund, to accelerate the next generation of European unicorns. During this time I decided to launch 'The Diary Of A CEO' podcast with the simple mission of providing an unfiltered journey into the remarkable stories and untold dimensions of the world’s most influential people, experts and thinkers. Thank you for listening. My New Book: IG: LI:


"Casual Sex Is Almost Always Dangerous For Women!" This Is What Casual Sex Is Really Doing To Women - Louise Perry
Has feminism failed women? Louise Perry uncovers the truth about sexual liberation  Louise Perry is a British journalist and host of the ‘Maiden Mother Matriarch’ podcast. She is also press officer for the charity, ‘We Can’t Consent To This’ and author of the book, ‘The Case Against The Sexual Revolution: A New Guide to Sex in the 21st Century’.  In this conversation, Louise and Steven discuss topics such as, the dangers of casual sex for women, why you should trust your ‘icks’, how dating apps are making men lonely, and the truth about sex on a first date.  You can purchase Louise’s book, ‘The Case Against The Sexual Revolution: A New Guide to Sex in the 21st Century’, here:  (0:00) Intro (01:42) What are you trying to achieve?? (03:45) What does society disagree with you on? (04:21) The trade-offs of the contraceptive pill (05:30) How has sexual culture changed? (06:59) Working in a rape crisis centre (09:49) How to channel men's aggression in the right direction (11:59) The physical differences between men and women (13:28) How men and women differ in their view on sexuality (14:58) Why men are more likely to have casual sex (17:59) How does a culture of casual sex impact women (23:31) Repercussions of casual sex in society (28:54) The lack of communication and education is hurting both genders (31:18) Why women have icks towards men (33:30) Women should listen to their icks (38:10) Women's 6th sense (41:02) There are some jobs women shouldn't do due to biology (46:44) Heroic masculinity (48:22) Social media affecting our view on relationships & dating (50:54) Wait until engagement to have sex (56:11) The dating crisis (01:00:41) Why you should have sex before marriage (01:03:29) Why is marriage good (01:07:33) How likely you're to get divorced (01:11:02) Step-parents vs biological parents (01:14:47) Why are you saying these unpopular opinions (01:19:50) The decline in birth rates (01:25:16) What porn is doing to your brain (01:30:16) Is reproduction at the heart of male motivation? (01:31:03) Unwanted choking during sex (01:33:24) Should we ban porn? (01:40:36) What are we attracted to? (01:44:50) Better looking people bias (01:48:05) The last guest's question Follow Louise:  Twitter -  YouTube -  Watch the episodes on Youtube - My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now - Follow me:  Sponsors: Colgate - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
112:22 6/20/24
Simon Sinek: "Strong Thigh Muscles = More friends", This Is Why You Can't Make Friends!
An optimist’s guide for fighting the loneliness epidemic taking over the world Simon Sinek is a renowned leadership expert and the founder of ‘The Optimism Company’, which provides programmes for leadership development. He is also the best-selling author of the books, ‘Start With Why’, ‘Leaders Eat Last’, ‘The Infinite Game’, and ‘Find Your Why’.  In this conversation, Simon and Steven discuss topics such as, how loneliness impacts addiction, why people are struggling to make friends, the truth about TikTok and depression, and the link between thigh muscles and popularity.  (00:00) Intro (01:38) Simon's take on the times we are living in (05:04) We don't have strong role models anymore (10:06) Why isn't there demand for friendship therapy (12:53) What really is a friend (15:37) The most important metric for longevity (17:50) Have we lost the skill of making friends? (21:46) Why national service is so important (30:24) The importance of belief (36:05) Remote connection vs in person (38:57) Is the office outdated? (43:47) The importance of acts of service (45:41) Is the rise of individualism hurting us? (49:05) What direction should young people be directing their life towards (51:34) Andrew Tate's approach validating young people (53:40) Are friendships the same as relationships? (57:53) Having our priorities wrong (01:12:31) What is Simon struggling with (01:17:17) Where does inspiration come from? (01:20:49) Techniques for public speaking (01:26:46) The difference between validation and insecurity (01:31:40) Companies misunderstand what service means (01:37:33) How to have those difficult conversations (01:45:03) We undervalue stories (01:49:10) Connecting with people (01:52:01) Last question You can purchase Simon’s book, ‘The Infinite Game’, here:  Follow Simon:  Instagram -  Twitter -  Watch the episodes on Youtube -  My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now -  Follow me:  Sponsors: NordVPN: ZOE: with an exclusive code CEO2024 for 10% off Colgate - Uber: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
124:01 6/17/24
Moment 166: What Men (& Women) NEED To Know About The Menstrual Cycle: Dr Mindy Pelz
In this moment, nutritionist and functional health expert, Dr. Mindy Pelz gives the information that every man needs to hear about menstrual cycles in order to better understand the females in their life: The menstrual and reproductive cycle lasts from 28 - 32 days (this varies from female to female) Day 1 - 10, is when a female is building oestrogen, Mindy says that for the first 2 days is the best time to give the female’s of your life some space. Afterwards they will be more present and outgoing. Day 12/13, is when oestrogen is at it’s peak in the female body and is the best time to resolve any conflict Day 10 - 15, is when ovulation happens and is when a female’s libido is highest, after Day 15, there is a crash of hormones which can lead to feeling low Day 17/18 is when progesterone starts to come in and is the time to be particularly nice and caring to the female’s in your life until the cycle begins again Mindy says that understanding the patterns of the female menstrual cycle, can create large amounts of empathy, and men can change their behaviour to help the females in their life as best they can. Listen to the full episode here - Apple- Spotify- Watch the Episodes On Youtube - Dr Mindy: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
12:35 6/14/24
The Menopause Doctor: This Diet Delays Menopause! They're Lying To You About Menopause! Menopause Is Shrinking Your Brain! - Dr Lisa Mosconi
Meet the woman behind the scientific research revolution that could change the lives of 50% of the world’s population Dr Lisa Mosconi is the associate professor of neurology and radiology at Weill Cornell Medicine and director of Women’s Brain Initiative and Alzheimer’s Prevention Program. She is also the author of the books, ‘The XX Brain’, ‘Brain Food’, and ‘The Menopause Brain’. In this conversation Lisa and Steven discuss topics such as, how the menopause impacts the brain, the link between menopause and Alzheimer’s, why sex hormones are essential for brain health, and the truth about hormone therapy. 00:00 Intro 02:05 Why People Should Listen To This Conversation 04:10 What People Need To Know About Menopause And The Impact On The Brain 06:21 Who Is Lisa Misconi? 08:08 Why Hasn't There Been Research And Investment Into Menopause? 14:28 What Is Menopause And Signs 15:54 Menopause Stages Start Before You Think! 19:07 What's The Youngest Person With Menopause 22:35 Perimenopause Transition 29:54 Menopause Brain Scans 33:09 Some Women Have More Shocking Brain Scans Than Others 34:28 Behavioural Changes From Menopause 38:05 How Many Women Experience Brain Fog? 39:53 Menopause Rewires The Brain 41:11 Symptoms As A Result Of Brain Change 43:57 Isn't The Cure Simple? 51:50 What Age Should We Think About Treating/Preventing Symptoms 52:50 Going Deeper Into The Stages Of Menopause 58:34 Link Between Suicides And Menopause In Women 01:02:55 Brain Fog Over Time With Menopause 01:07:28 The Benefits Of Exercise 01:11:04 Link Between Exercise And Alzheimer's 01:14:11 Caffeine, Sleep And Menopause 01:18:08 Is Alcohol Bad For Menopause? 01:20:52 What Toxins Should We Be Aware Of? 01:22:40 Specific Foods That Help Stave Off The Menopause 01:25:42 Are Supplements Needed In Our Diet? 01:30:06 What Is The Evolutionary Reason For Menopause? 01:37:14 Does Menopause Make You Sad? 01:40:11 Surgical Menopause 01:45:17 Isn't It Just Ageing? 01:53:07 When Will I Go Through Menopause? 01:56:48 Last Guest Question You can get in contact with Lisa’s team to discuss enrolling in her studies, here: You can access the results from Lisa’s research on brain changes during the menopause, here: You can access a time lapse video of changes to the menopause brain, here: You purchase Lisa's most recent book, ‘The Menopause Brain: The New Science Empowering Women to Navigate Midlife with Knowledge and Confidence’, here:  Follow Lisa: Twitter -  Instagram -  Watch the episodes on Youtube - My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now - Follow me: Sponsors: PerfectTed - Code: DIARY10 at checkout for 10% off  Colgate - Uber: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
121:30 6/13/24
Simon Cowell Opens Up About His Heartbreaking Loss, "losing them was the hardest thing that happened to me"!
From working in the post room in a record label to becoming the world’s best known music mogul, this is the Simon Cowell you don’t see on TV. Simon Cowell is a world-renowned record producer, talent scout, and music mogul. He is best known for being a judge on some of the world’s most popular TV shows including, ‘The X Factor’, ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, ‘Pop Idol’, and ‘American Idol’.  In this episode, Simon and Steven discuss topics such as, being bankrupt at 30, working his way up from the bottom, his life threatening accident, how his son’s birth changed his life, and his one and only regret about One Direction.  (00:00) Intro (00:52) Early Context (02:38) Your Parents (03:53) Your Work Ethic, Where Does That Come From (06:41) The Importance of Respect (10:23) Making the Decision to Pursue Entertainment (15:45) Working in the Post Room at a Record Label (19:24) Making His Way Up in the Music Industry (23:21) Starting a Record Label with Your Boss (28:40) Creating Your First Smash Hit Record (31:58) I Don't Know How Music Is Made, Staying in the Mind of the Consumer (39:40) Going Broke Right After Creating Your First Smash Hit (46:39) Meeting Pete Waterman, a Moment That Changed Everything (50:37) Being an Early Adopter of TV (59:50) Following Your Gut Regardless of the Criticism (01:06:30) Finding Westlife (01:09:30) Your Father Passing Away (01:17:37) Your Life Changing After Your Son, Eric, Was Born (01:23:09) Loyalty, Why It's So Important to Me (01:25:35) Setting New Work Boundaries in My New Life (01:29:15) Advice for a Young Simon Cowell (01:32:03) The Importance of Hard Work (01:34:30) Your Accident, Breaking Your Back in 3 Places (01:39:39) Going to Therapy (01:45:56) Foundational Advice for Anyone Starting Out in Their Career (01:49:39) The Importance of Legacy (01:53:02) The Rise of Bullying (01:55:02) One Direction (01:58:11) Searching for a New Boy Band (02:03:33) Harry Styles (02:05:54) AI Within the Music Industry (02:09:48) Will One Direction Get Back Together? (02:11:14) The Last Guest's Question Follow Simon:  Instagram -  Twitter -  Simon Cowell Launches Nationwide Hunt For Next UK Boyband Phenomenon Audition, sign up here - Watch the episodes on Youtube -   My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now -  Sponsors: Linkedin Jobs: Colgate - Uber: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
134:25 6/10/24
Moment 165: This Exercise Enhances Mood, Memory & Concentration: David Raichlen
In this moment, leading professor of evolutionary biology, David Raichlen discusses how to boost the brain benefits that come from exercise. Most people know that exercise can improve cognitive function, but don’t realise that different sort of exercise, like cardio or strength training, can provide different types of neurological benefits. David says that whilst all exercise is beneficial to the brain, research shows that the best sort of physical activity is a combination of physical and cognitive challenges. This helps the brain function as it copies how humans evolved to find food and survive. So this could mean that the next time you go for a run, choose the great outdoors over the treadmill and try different routes you haven’t taken before. Listen to the full episode here - Apple- Spotify- Watch the Episodes On Youtube - David: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
10:18 6/7/24
Secret Agent: Send Your Children To A Village! How To Detect A Lie Instantly! The Eye Contact Trick I Learnt From 12 Years As A Secret Service Agent! - Evy Poumpouras
She was the last line of defence and ready to die for the most important person on earth, here are the secret skills she’s learned defending 4 U.S. Presidents.  Evy Poumpouras is a former U.S. Secret Service Special Agent and multi-media journalist. She is also the co-host of Bravo TV's series ‘Spy Games’ and author of the best-selling memoir, ‘Becoming Bulletproof’. In this episode, Evy and Steven discuss topics such as, Evy’s close encounter with death on 9/11, how to gain control over anyone, her biggest lessons from working for Obama and Bush, and the best way to tell if someone is lying to you.   00:00 Intro 02:05 My Mission To Unlock People's Potential 05:05 How You Became A Secret Service Officer 10:43 How To Get Someone To Do What You Want Them To 13:10 When You Listen To Someone They Like You More 14:34 You Need To Know About Them And Then You Can Start Asking The Right Questions 18:18 How To Get Others To Respect You 22:59 Is It Your Ego Or Have Your Boundaries Being Broken? 26:49 How To Build Confidence 29:34 The Different Versions Of Ourselves We Create 32:49 What I Learnt About Leadership From Working With 4 US Presidents 35:47 I Was In The Room When US Presidents Would Make Tough Decisions 38:36 My First Day Working For George Bush 41:07 Secret Service Training: Only 1% Make It Through 44:16 The 1% Of People That Became Part Of The Secret Service 46:06 How Can You Tell If Someone Is Lying To You? 48:16 Who's The Biggest Liar You've Met? 50:54 Signs They're Lying To You 52:59 What Your Body Language Reveals About You 01:00:19 Do Men Struggle With Strong Women? 01:01:00 What Advice Would You Give Your Daughter Become A Resilient Person 01:04:37 What Do You Work Out Your Mind And Body 01:07:19 What Was The Scariest Day Of Your Career? 01:12:28 How Was Your Mental Health During Your Career? 01:17:48 Discrimination In The Secret Service 01:19:39 How To Be Heard And Respected 01:25:51 Why You Need To Take Personal Responsibility 01:33:48 The Addiction To Being A Victim 01:35:02 Identifying Victims That Don't Want To Change 01:39:47 Undercover Missions 01:45:24 Discrimination In The Job 01:50:58 Labelling Yourself Can Affect The Way You See Yourself You can purchase Evy’s book, ‘Becoming Bulletproof’, here:  Follow Evy:  Instagram -  Twitter -  Watch the episodes on Youtube - My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now - Follow me:   Sponsors: PerfectTed: with an exclusive code DIARY10 for 10% off ZOE: with an exclusive code CEO10 for 10% off Colgate: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
125:58 6/6/24
The Pregnancy Doctor: Pregnancy Halves Every Year After 32! If You Want 2+ Children, You Need To Know This! If You Experience This Pain, Go See A Doctor!
Where have all the babies gone? Dr Natalie breaks down everything you need to know about fertility.  Dr Natalie Crawford is a double board-certified fertility doctor. She is also the co-founder of Fora Fertility clinic and Pinnacle Conference, a leadership conference for women in medicine. In this conversation, Dr Natalie and Steven discuss topics such as, how plastic and pollution affect your fertility, the surprising condition that’s affecting 1 in 4 women, the best time to have sex for pregnancy, and the impact of phones and hot baths on sperm count.  00:00 Intro 02:05 You Need To Look After Your Fertility Even Before You Want Children 04:31 We're Struggling More Than Ever To Have Children 07:00 Are We Having Less Sex? 07:47 Sperm Count Is Declining At Scary Risk 10:38 I Had 4 Pregnancy Losses And It's Devastating 13:36 The Stigma Of Infertility 16:15 Infertility Is Not Just A Female Issue, Men Are Affected Too 18:49 Understanding The Basics Of Fertility 22:26 Environmental Factors Affecting Male And Female Fertility 26:32 Are Phones And Laptops Bad For Fertility? 29:40 Heat And Infertility 30:15 What Testosterone Replacement Therapy Does To Your Sperm 31:45 The Egg Vault 35:25 Egg Production And Anomalies 42:41 Regret, Hindsight Of Patients And What You Can Do 47:16 What Has Changed Since Our Parents 49:06 The Effects Of An Unhealthy Lifestyle 54:07 Sleep Is Crucial In Your Reproductive Hormone System 55:07 How Stress Impacts Fertility 57:14 The Best Diets For Good Fertility 59:11 How Dairy Impacts Your Fertility 01:01:05 You Need To Understand The Reproductive Cycle To Know How Exercise Impacts It 01:10:58 Menstrual Irregularities And What's Normal 01:16:57 How Long Does It Take To Get Pregnant? 01:17:50 When Trying To Have Children Sex Can Become A Chore 01:21:43 Purchasing Sperm From The Black Market 01:24:48 PCOS Explained 01:30:59 PCOS Diagnosis 01:33:50 Link Between PCOS & Endometrial Cancer 01:37:02 What Is Endometriosis & How Do You Know You Have It 01:43:55 What Happens When You Come Off The Pill And Want To Have Children 01:46:25 Advice For People With Endometriosis And PCOS, If They Want To Have Children 01:49:36 Getting Started With Freezing Eggs And Embryos And Success Rate 01:55:15 The Cost Of Fertility Procedures 01:56:40 IVF Stigma 01:58:42 Ads 01:59:32 When To Think About Fertility Treatment 02:01:54 Dummies Guide To IVF 02:06:38 Myths Of Conception 02:08:54 Best Sex Position To Get Pregnant 02:10:33 Is Birth Control Healthy? 02:13:36 What Can People Do If They Struggle With Infertility? 02:15:40 Last Guest Question Follow Natalie:  Instagram -  Twitter -  YouTube -  Watch the episodes on Youtube - My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now - Follow me:   Sponsors: Colgate: Shopify: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
145:02 6/3/24
Moment 164: AVOID These 3 Phone Habits That Are Killing Your Brain! The Mental Health Doctor: Dr Aditi Nerurkar
In this moment, the world renowned expert in stress, Dr Aditi Nerurkar discusses how the majority of people in the modern world suffer from ‘Popcorn Brain’. According to Dr Aditi ‘Popcorn Brain’ comes from our excessive use of smartphones and social media. This is a real biological phenomenon where your brain circuitry ‘pops’ due to overstimulation and spending too much time online. Your brain never really gets a moment of rest, as being online means it it receives a nonstop stream of information. ‘Popcorn Brain’ is different to the psychological disorder that is internet addiction, as internet addiction seriously affects your ability to live your life, whereas Popcorn Brain defines modern life with everyone being constantly distracted. One of the ways that you can overcome ‘Popcorn Brain’ and improve our mental health is by reducing your reliance on your phone, making sure that you create healthy digital boundaries, so that you give yourself the mental space to live your life. Listen to the full episode here Apple- Spotify- Watch the Episodes On Youtube - Dr Aditi Nerurkar - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
14:26 5/31/24
Dr Mike: The Hidden Side Effects Of Vaping! The Dark Side Of Being A Doctor! We Need To Stop Medical Misinformation!
He might be known as the ‘Sexiest Doctor Alive’ but his true talent is fighting against the ugly side of medical misinformation.  Doctor Mike is a family medicine doctor and YouTube’s #1 Doctor. He has over 25 million followers on social media and is also the host of ‘The Checkup with Doctor Mike’ podcast.  In this conversation, Doctor Mike and Steven discuss topics such as, the errors in the biggest online health trends, which popular diets are destroying your health, the real truth about calorie counting, and the one thing that helped Dr Mike cure his depression.  00:00 Intro 02:01 Helping People Make Better Health Decisions 05:10 Why Have People Resonated With You And Your Approach True Medical Information 09:54 How Do You Check The Evidence Of The Studies You Share? 11:56 The New Health Trends: Optimisation, Longevity, Anti-Ageing 16:17 Lifestyle Changes Is The First Doctor's Advice 18:14 Do Shortcuts Exist In Medicine? 19:03 What's Your Take On Calories In, Calories Out 21:02 How To Make A Diet Stick 23:16 The False Illusion Of A Good Body Equals Good Health 26:46 Calories In And Calories Out Does Work 28:49 The Benefits Of Exercising 30:21 Where Is The Direction Of Travel With Our Health? 32:51 What Would Happen If There Was A Deadlier Pandemic Than Covid 34:41 Is Vaping Dangerous? 39:27 The Real And Painful Reason Why I Started Boxing 41:32 Losing My Mum 47:07 What's The Best Way To Heal From Grief? 49:49 Your Journey With Mental Health & Social Media Bullying 54:05 The Best Advice I Received From My Therapist 55:55 Are Certain People More Prone To Get Addicted To Social Media? 57:12 Have You Considered Quitting Social Media?? 58:25 Are Vitamin Supplements Good For Us? 59:45 Can We Get All Our Nutrients And Vitamins From Foods? 01:03:36 Do Prebiotics And Probiotics Work? 01:05:19 We Should Listen To The Health Advice Our Grandmothers Told Us 01:08:15 Mentioning Experts That Are Wrong 01:10:46 People Are Losing Trust In Doctors Because Of This 01:18:28 Look After Your Children, We Need This Out Of Schools 01:25:09 Are You A Deep Thinker? 01:27:39 How Do You Deal With So Much Loss And Grief? 01:29:01 What Was Your Hardest Day? 01:33:53 How To Save Someone's Life Doing CPR 01:41:23 I Asked The Doctors To Stop Doing CPR On My Mother 01:43:29 Last Guest Question Here is a link to an article discussing the inefficiency of the anti-depression drug, Paxil:  Follow Doctor Mike:  Instagram -  Twitter -  YouTube -  Watch the episodes on Youtube - My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now - Follow me:  Sponsors: ZOE: with an exclusive code CEO10 for 10% off Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
110:37 5/30/24
Charlamagne tha God Opens Up About His Depression & Childhood Trauma!
He’s never hidden from the truth or been shy about expressing his opinion, now he brings the same honesty to his rocky journey to fame.  Charlamagne tha God is co-host of the American radio programme ‘The Breakfast Club’ on Power 105.1, reaching 8 million listeners each month. He is also a New York Times best-selling author and CEO of the Black Effect Podcast Network.  In this conversation, Charlamagne and Steven discuss topics such as his difficult relationship with his father, the moment that changed his whole life, coming to terms with childhood molestation trauma, and how he went from being fired 4 times to one of the world’s biggest radio hosts.  00:00 Intro 02:17 "Get Honest Or Die Trying" 04:09 What Made Charlamagne? 08:56 Charlamagne's Father's Impact On His Relationships 12:11 Charlamagne's Sexual Abuse 16:28 Charlamagne's Troubled Youth 22:16 Role Models For Men 27:58 The Man Charlamagne Wants To Be 30:41 The Route Of Charlamagne's Anxiety 33:50 Reaching Personal Rock Bottom 36:53 Working In The Radio 38:30 Getting Fired 4 Times 42:21 Panic Attacks & Depression 48:17 Dealing With Grief And Suicide 56:13 Charlamagne's Infidelity 58:34 Growing With Therapy 01:00:32 What's Help You To Heal? 01:02:07 What's The Cost Of Living With The Lies? 01:05:44 Disconnecting From Social Media To Be Original 01:08:00 What's Your View On Trump? 01:11:50 Healing And Rebuilding The Relationship With His Father 01:14:19 How Is Charlamagne Doing? 01:18:06 The Importance Of Living A Life Of Service 01:22:19 The Dangers Of Materialism 01:24:02 Last Guest Question You can purchase Charlamagne’s book, ‘Get Honest or Die Lying: Why Small Talk Sucks’, here:  Follow Charlamagne:  Instagram -  Twitter -  Watch the episodes on Youtube - My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now - Follow me: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
95:34 5/27/24
Moment 163: Happiness Expert Reveals The One Type Of Person You Should NEVER Date
In this moment, happiness scientist and expert, Arthur C Brooks, discusses what people get wrong in their search for romantic happiness. According to Arthur, the biggest mistake people make when searching for their romantic partner is looking for an exact copy of themself. This is one of the reasons that dating apps are so unsuccessful, as their dating profile will rigidly select people with the same preferences as them, allowing no surprises and potential to experience different qualities. Instead, people are better off looking for someone who complements and completes them and their qualities. This is why many happy marriages will be between people with different qualities, such as an introvert and an extrovert. These sorts of relationships celebrated their difference rather than partners trying to change each other to be more like them, as Arthur says that this is a killer of relationships Listen to the full episode here - Apple- Spotify- Watch the Episodes On Youtube - Arthur C Brooks: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
10:17 5/24/24
The Exercise Neuroscientist: The Shocking Link Between Exercise And Dementia! Coffee Is Destroying Your Brain! Our Brains Have Been Hacked! - Dr Wendy Suzuki
Learn the secret to unlocking your brain’s full potential from over 25 years of brain research.  Dr Wendy Suzuki is a Professor of Neural Science and Psychology at New York University and the bestselling author of books such as, ‘Good Anxiety’ and ‘Healthy Brain, Happy Life’.  In this conversation, Wendy and Steven discuss topics such as, how a single drop of sweat from exercise can improve your brain function, the 4 things that can enhance your memory, the shocking brain benefits from cold showers, and how to reduce your risk of dementia by 50%.  00:00 Intro 02:18 The Importance of Healthy Brain 02:58 Why People Need To Look After Their Brains 04:23 How To Keep Your Brain Healthy 07:09 Learning This About The Brain Changed My Life 10:37 My Father's Dementia Journey 12:37 You Can Grow New Brain Cells 16:01 How Learning Changes The Structure Of Your Brain 18:43 You Can Improve Your Brain Health At Any Point - Here's How 22:28 What's Causing Dementia & Alzheimer's 24:24 How Does Memory Work? 24:53 How To Improve Your Bad Memory 26:35 The Different Types Of Memory 27:35 How To Remember Things Better 28:49 The Memory Palace Technique 37:19 The Best Exercise For Your Brain 42:04 How To Be Better At Speaking And Memory 43:37 The Effects Of Coffee On Our Brains 45:09 What Lack Of Sleep Is Doing To Your Neurons 46:58 The Best Diets For An Optimal Brain 47:48 The Shocking Benefits Of Human Connections 49:15 Neuroscientist Recommends This Morning Routine For Optimal Brain Function 50:31 What Are The Worst Habits For Your Brain? 51:41 Does Mindfulness Help The Brain? 52:21 What Social Media Is Doing To Your Brain 55:46 What To Do About Social Media And Phone Addiction 59:21 Anxiety Levels Are Increasing 01:04:02 Where Do We Experience Anxiety In The Brain? 01:06:22 How To Turn Down Our Stress Levels 01:08:18 What Do Emotions Do To Our Brain And Body? 01:11:22 Does The Brain Change When We're In Love? 01:14:13 What You Learn From Going Through Grief 01:29:26 What Is The Best Quality Of Humanity You can purchase Wendy’s book, ‘Good Anxiety’, here:  Follow Wendy:  Instagram -  Twitter -  Watch the episodes on Youtube - My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now - Follow me:   Sponsors: PerfectTed: with an exclusive code DIARY10 for 10% off Uber: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
93:11 5/23/24
The Divorce Expert: 86% of People Who Divorce Remarry! Why Sex Is Causing Divorces! If They Say This, Do Not Marry Them!
Divorce rates are dominant, but is there hope for a happily ever after? James Sexton is America's top divorce lawyer, and bestselling author of romantic advice books 'How to Stay in Love' and 'If You're in My Office, It's Already Too Late'. In this conversation, James and Steven discuss the number one reason for 99% of divorces, the link between sex and divorce, the glue that holds marriages together, and a ‘note hack’ that could save relationships.  00:00 Intro 02:02 I Am A Divorce Lawyer 02:37 How Many People Divorce 08:51 The Dynamics Between Gold Diggers And Millionaires 12:33 What's Prenups? And The Legalities Behind Marriage! 17:14 The Perfect Prenup 18:56 Disagreements Over Prenups 26:48 Are Prenups Legal? 28:34 The Most Shocking Prenup (Don't Get Fat) 29:59 Appearance As A Measure Of Love In A Relationship 32:33 Prenups With Fidelity & Cheating Clauses 37:30 Are Prenups On The Rise? 39:39 Are People Fake Happy? 44:18 Stop Comparing Your Relationships To Others 50:44 How To Prevent Divorce 55:25 "Happy Wife, Happy Life" 01:02:59 Is Sex The Biggest Cause Of Divorce? 01:07:53 Fixing The Marriage 01:09:36 Who Cheats More? 01:10:02 Who Wants More Sex? 01:13:05 Most Shocking Deceit 01:14:18 Why Husbands Like To Sleep With The Nannies 01:16:36 Killing To Get Out Of A Relationship 01:22:17 Have You Ever Cried? 01:24:29 Love And Loss 01:37:01 Seeing Relationships As Chapters 01:40:55 Have We Been Sold An Idyllic Lie? 01:44:34 Is Money The Biggest Cause Of Divorce? 01:48:59 Can You Hide Money? 01:50:16 You Are Liable For Debts 01:51:49 Winning The Lottery And Keeping Quiet 01:53:20 LGBT Rights & Divorces 01:59:19 Are Open Relationships The Answer? 02:02:00 Is Cheating Okay? 02:05:44 Should We Get Married? 02:13:14 Last Guest Question You can purchase James’s book, ‘How to Stay in Love’, here:  Follow James: Instagram -  Twitter -  Watch the episodes on Youtube - My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now - Follow me:   Sponsors: Linkedin Ads: Uber: Shop the Conversation Cards:  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
142:32 5/20/24
Moment 162: The ONE Thing Stopping You From Reaching Your Full Potential!: Africa Brooke
In this moment, world renowned mentor and writer, Africa Brooke discusses how the idea of personal accountability has been hijacked. She says that all too often people can pass up on accepting responsibility and instead blame others for their misfortune and see themself as a constant victim. However, Africa says that the idea of accountability is actually a way of giving power, freedom, and control back to people, as they realise there is always something they are able to do to change their situation. Once they realise this, people gain resilience for future tough times, as they know that no matter the situation they have the ability to control how they move forward in life. Listen to the full episode here - Apple- Spotify - Watch the Episodes On Youtube - Africa: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
13:14 5/17/24
The Glucose Expert: The Only Proven Way To Lose Weight Fast! Health Experts Are Wrong About Calorie Counting!
Poison or guilty pleasure, the REAL truth about sugar.  Robert Lustig is a Professor of Paediatric Endocrinology and a public health expert on the impact of sugar on our health. He is the author of bestselling books such as, ‘Fat Chance’, ‘Metabolical’, and ‘The Hacking of the American Mind’.  In this conversation, Robert and Steven discuss topics such as, how nearly 75% of grocery items have added sugar, that obesity rates have doubled, the health impacts of childhood obesity and how calorie counting doesn’t help you to lose weight.  00:00 Intro 01:58 Our Minds Have Been Hacked! 05:03 What Dopamine Does to Your Brain 07:53 Sugar Is A Big Problem In Today’s Society 10:28 Why Sugar Is Poison To Our Bodies 11:08 The Difference Between Sugar and Fructose 14:53 This Is How Sugar Is Damaging Your Body 18:29 Damaging Effects on the Brain from Sugar Consumption 22:20 How the Food Industry Is Making You Eat Crazy Amounts of Sugar 25:05 Health Side Effects 27:12 Diet Coke, Saviour or Villain? 35:17 Sugar and the Impact on Our Organs 40:08 How Important Are Calories as a Way to Lose Weight? 43:47 Sugar Addiction, Stress, and Other Triggers 46:03 The Only Foods That Don't Contain Sugar 48:31 Food Labels Are Sending Wrong and Inaccurate Messages 50:16 Babies Are Born Fatter Than Before 51:30 Research on Children's Obesity 54:20 Insulin Resistance 56:00 Can We Reverse Diabetes? 58:34 What Is Leptin & How It’s Involved In Weight Loss 01:02:23 What Are Obesogens & How They Impact Our Health 01:03:31 The 3 Different Types of Fat You Should Be Worried About 01:09:34 Fruit Consumption… Good or Bad? 01:11:45 Environmental Chemicals That Make Us Fat 01:14:16 What Is an Endocrine Disruptor & How Can We Deal with Them? 01:17:11 How To Identify Real Food 01:22:20 The Importance of Fibre in Food 01:27:02 Personal Responsibility 01:34:50 Should the Government Get Involved? 01:39:40 Are We Being Lied To? 01:42:09 The Four C's for Contentment 01:47:19 What Is the Cause of All Our Health Problems? 01:49:46 Last Question   You can purchase Robert’s book, ‘Metabolical’ here:  Follow Robert: Twitter -  Watch the episodes on Youtube -  My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now - Follow me:  Sponsors: ZOE: with an exclusive code CEO2024 for 10% off Uber: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
115:00 5/16/24
Nuclear War Expert: 72 Minutes To Wipe Out 60% Of Humans, In The Hands Of 1 Person! If Nuclear War Starts, Go To This Country!
The world could end in 72 minutes, see how the apocalypse plays out Annie Jacobsen is an investigative journalist, New York Times bestselling author, and a 2016 Pulitzer Prize finalist. Her books include, ‘Area 51’, ‘Operation Paperclip’, and ‘The Pentagon’s Brain’. In this conversation Annie and Steven discuss topics such as, how one person could cause the end of the world, what country would survive WW3, how close we are to nuclear war, and the strategic deception of the CIA. 00:00 Intro 01:59 Why Write This Book Now? 06:30 Are We Getting Closer to Nuclear War? 08:05 Who Is in Charge of the Nuclear Button? 12:23 The Evolution of Nuclear Weapons 16:16 Who Has Nuclear Weapons? 21:32 What Is the Football and Why Is Near the President 24/7? 24:30 How Important Is Picking the Right Leader? 28:17 What If the President Is Dead? 29:28 The Biggest Mistakes in Nuclear Detection 32:16 Nuclear War Games and Strategies 38:09 How Do the Decision Makers Cope? 40:32 How Would We Know Where the Nuclear Bomb Got Launched From? 46:02 What Happens After the First Minutes? 51:46 What Happens if the President Dies 53:23 The Aftermath 01:01:59 What Would Happen to a Country After It's Struck by Nuclear Bomb 01:06:51 How Many People Will Die? 01:07:35 Where Is Safe? 01:10:07 What Is the Solution? 01:14:02 How Did Annie's Feelings Change? 01:15:53 Conspiracy or Real? 01:26:55 The Role of the CIA 01:30:36 AI and the War Machine 01:40:55 Is Annie Optimistic? 01:43:37 The Origin of War 01:46:24 The Most Important Takeaway from Annie's Books 01:50:25 The People on Both Sides of Nuclear 01:59:18 The Impact of Your Books on You 02:00:46 Survivors of Nuclear Bomb 02:02:28 Conversations with Her Husband 02:06:18 What Have You Changed Your Mind About? You purchase Annie’s most recent book, ‘Nuclear War: A Scenario’, here: Follow Annie: Twitter - Instagram - Watch the episodes on Youtube - My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now - Follow me: Sponsors: Shopify: Uber: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
134:12 5/13/24
Moment 161: The Surprising Link Between Your Gut And Your Brain: Gary Brecka
In this moment, world-leading wellness expert Gary Brecka explains the fundamental relationship between our mental and our gut health. For years people have thought that their anxiety and depression are either all in their head or a product of their environment, however, Gary says the gut is the crucial hub for mental well-being. He believes that our gut functions like an assembly line. If anything disrupts its pace or workings, the wider factory of our body and mind is at risk. As a result, Gary believes that it’s crucial, before anything else, to find out how your gut is working to ensure optimal mental and physical health. Listen to the full episode here: Apple- Spotify- Watch the Episodes On Youtube - Gary Brecka: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
09:51 5/10/24
The Fertility Expert: Delaying Having Kids Is Impacting Your Future Children & Reducing Your Chances Of Parenthood By 90%! Masturbation Reduces Cancer Risk!
The simplest lifestyle choices are impacting the biggest decisions in a man’s life; entering fatherhood. Dr Michael Eisenberg is a Professor of Urology at Stanford University, and is a male fertility and sexual function specialist In this conversation Michael and Steven discuss topics such as, what is ruining men’s sperm count, the reasons for hair loss, what is causing erectile dysfunction, and the truth about testosterone therapy. (02:02) Why do you do what you do? (02:58) What does reproductive health encapsulate? (04:27) Fertility health is growing (06:14) Researching on fertility issues (06:46) Why are we seeing more infertility? (07:18) Are you concerned about society's fertility issues? (11:14) What chemicals are reducing our sperm count? (13:50) Society measures (14:59) Sperm Quality (20:37) micro plastics affecting sperm count (23:57) Technology and heat fertility damage (30:07) Countries with biggest fertility problems (32:41) Does sitting for long periods affect our sperm count? (33:53) Fertility issues caused by OBESITY (34:46) Alcohol consumption and sperm count (36:32) What you can do to give yourself the best chances of conceiving (39:08) Man or woman, who has the most issues? (40:06) Male testosterone decline (41:31) The impact of exercise on our sperm count (43:04) What does Testosterone do? (45:23) side effects of taking testosterone (48:18) Common symptoms of testosterone use (51:01) Female fertility (51:57) How is Testosterone therapy given? (54:15) Exercise and health impact on testosterone (55:04) Penis average size increasing (57:24) Erectile dysfunction treatments (01:03:58) Pelvic floor strength (01:05:31) What causes cancer in the reproductive system (01:14:20) other male issues Dr Michael is being asked about (01:15:47) Best diets for better fertility (01:24:41) What's next for Dr Michael (01:26:04) biggest concerns (01:27:14) Advice to men who are struggling (01:03:11) Does shock wave therapy work for erectile dysfunction? Follow Michael: Twitter - Watch the episodes on Youtube - My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now - Follow me: Sponsors: NordVPN: - gives you 4 extra months on the 2-year plan. ZOE: with an exclusive code CEO2024 for 10% off Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
94:29 5/9/24
Rebel Wilson: I Experimented With Ozempic! Childhood Trauma Was The Reason I Couldn't Lose Weight & ALL The Truth About Sacha Baron Cohen!
She’s stolen every scene she’s ever been in, but her hardest role might be being herself Rebel Wilson is an Australian actress and producer best known for her roles in films such as, ‘Bridesmaids’, ‘Pitch Perfect’ and ‘Jojo Rabbit’. In this conversation Rebel and Steven discuss topics such as, her battles with self-esteem and her weight, her malaria vision to be an actress, being a virgin at 35, and the truth about Sacha Baron Cohen. You purchase Rebel’s memoir, ‘Rebel Rising’, here: Follow Rebel: Instagram - TikTok - Watch the episodes on Youtube - My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now - Follow me: Sponsors: LinkedIn: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
97:19 5/6/24
Moment 160: Menopause Expert: They're Not Telling You The Full Truth! "No Ones Talking About This": Mary Claire Haver
In this moment, menopause expert, Dr Mary Claire Haver reveals what people don’t understand about the menopause. Right now, about a third of the female population of the world is in some stage of the menopause, however doctors aren’t fully trained to treat it and society is unaware of it’s impacts. A major piece of knowledge that people lack is that there are estrogen receptors in every organ system of the female body, so when estrogen levels drop with the menopause it can have a huge variety of impacts, varying from person to person. Mary believes that giving people this knowledge can help women feel validated and that they aren’t crazy, believing that these symptoms were all in their head. Listen to the full episode here - Apple- Spotify- Watch the Episodes On Youtube - Mary: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
13:24 5/3/24
Russ Cook (Hardest Geezer): I Haven't Told The Whole Truth About Africa!, They Took Me Into The Jungle To Kill Me!
What does it take to become the Hardest Geezer and run 9,940-miles in 352 days? Russ Cook, also known as the ‘Hardest Geezer’, is an ultra-endurance athlete and the first person to run the entire length of Africa, raising over £1 million for charity. He is also the first person to run from Asia to London. In this conversation Russ and Steven discuss topics such as, his childhood and difficult teenage years, hitting rock bottom, wanting more from life, being robbed at gun point, and the struggles of being the first man to run across the length Africa. 00:00 Intro 02:00 Russ' Childhood & Being Rebellious 05:50 Relationship With My Parents 12:00 Trying To Get People’s Attention 16:42 Distancing Himself from Family 16:22 The Impact of Russ' Girlfriend 19:11 Moving Out as a Teenager 21:02 Going Down the Wrong Path 25:10 Russ' Mental Health 26:18 What Would Russ Say to His Younger Self 30:52 Russ' Epiphany 32:09 The Feeling of Progressing in Life 35:07 Travelling the World Running 35:53 First Challenges 36:51 Doing Things That Aren’t Considered Normal 39:03 Returning from the First Trip 42:26 Relationship with His Dad 44:09 Burying Himself Alive 44:33 Russ DM’d Steven Before Going To Africa 46:40 Why Africa? 48:40 Meeting His Girlfriend Before Leaving to Africa 52:41 How Have You Changed 54:52 Preparations to Run the Entire Length of Africa 01:03:25 Getting Robbed 01:03:26 Being Kidnapped 01:10:05 Facing Death 01:24:14 Team Struggles 01:31:52 Was Quitting an Option? 01:36:18 Visa Issues 01:37:59 Nearing the End 01:45:12 Crossing the Line 01:45:44 What’s Next? 01:50:41 What Was the Goal? 01:55:36 Russ Inspiring Others 01:59:20 The Last Guest Question  You can donate to Russ’s charity fundraiser here: Follow Russ: Instagram - Twitter - YouTube - Watch the episodes on Youtube - My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now - Follow me: Sponsors: PerfectTed: with an exclusive code DIARY10 for 10% off PerfectTed x Hardest Geezer - Strawberry Daiquiri Flavour: (all profits to charity) Uber: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
126:17 5/2/24
Ozempic Expert: Ozempic Increases This Disease By A Factor Of 9! They're Lying To You About Ozempic Side Effects & What It's Doing To Our Brains! - Johann Hari
It is being called a miracle drug, but what is the dark side to the weight loss medication Ozempic? Johann Hari is a New York Times best-selling author, his books include, ‘Chasing the Scream’, ‘Lost Connections’, and ‘Stolen Focus’. He has written for the world’s leading newspapers and magazines, and has twice been named ‘National Newspaper Journalist of the Year’ by Amnesty International. In this conversation Johann and Steven discuss topics such as, the link between weight gain and sexual abuse, what Ozempic does to the brain, how Japan will help solve the obesity crisis, and the 12 biggest risks of taking Ozempic. 00:00 Intro 01:46 How Did You Find Out About Ozempic 06:37 What Is Ozempic & How Much Is It? 09:51 How Does Ozempic Work 16:03 The Impact of Ozempic on the Brain 26:17 The Cheesecake Park Experiment 31:16 Obesity Is a Choice 44:53 Addiction Transfer 52:25 Obesogenic Environment 01:04:55 Where Can You Buy Ozempic 01:07:43 The Origins of Ozempic 01:10:15 Why You Shouldn't Take It 01:13:56 Is The Ozempic Face Real? 01:18:08 The Risk of Muscle Loss 01:20:36 Suicide Risk and Fatalities 01:29:49 How Do We Undo Stress 01:30:01 Diabetes Is More Deadly Than Weight Loss Drugs 01:32:24 Downsides 01:39:21 Will Everyone Be on Ozempic? 01:42:47 Should the Government Intervene? 01:50:46 Weight Gain After Ozempic 01:53:59 Children and Ozempic 01:57:21 Celebrities Taking Ozempic and Hiding the Truth 02:05:37 Ozempic Is An Addiction Killer! 02:12:34 Oprah Taking About Her Losing Weight Journey 02:15:03 Will People Exercise Less If They Can Just Take Ozempic 02:18:58 High Demand Of Ozempic & Issues Caused 02:23:10 The Last Guest Question You can purchase Johann’s newest book, ‘Magic Pill: The Extraordinary Benefits and Disturbing Risks of the New Weight Loss Drugs’, available on 2nd May 2024, here: Follow Johann: Instagram - Twitter - YouTube - Watch the episodes on Youtube - My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now - Follow me: Sponsors: WHOOP: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
150:17 4/29/24
Moment 159: The Most Important Sex Advice You NEED To Hear: Esther Perel
In this moment, world-renowned relationship therapist, Esther Perel discusses sexless relationships. In her work, Esther says that many of her patients focus so heavily on the amount of sex they are having, and begin to panic when this starts to change. Instead, she says that they should focus on the quality of the experience, and the connection they have with their partner. Esther believes that many of the issues and concerns around the amount of sex a couple is having can be reduced by having better communication around sex. These conversations include a partner’s fantasy life, what they enjoy, what excites them, and what do they look for in sex. Most couples have never had these conversations before and don’t realise that sexuality is a vast topic that changes with their lives. Listen to the full episode here - Apple- Spotify- Watch the Episodes On Youtube - Esther Perel: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
10:18 4/26/24
Mo Gawdat: 80% Of Illness Is Linked To One Thing! An Alarming Warning For The Burnout Generation! If You Feel Like This, Quit Your Job Today!
Life is getting faster and more hectic than ever before, but is there way to become unstressable? Mo Gawdat is the former Chief Business Officer for Google X, the founder of ‘One Billion Happy’ foundation, and co-founder of ‘Unstressable’. He is the bestselling author of books such as, ‘Solve for Happy’, ‘Scary Smart’, and ‘That Little Voice in Your Head’. In this conversation Mo and Steven discuss topics such as, why this is the most stressful time for any generation, how most people won’t recognise the world in 5 years time, and how stress is the new pandemic. 00:00 Intro 02:01 Mo How Are You Doing? 07:08 Mo's New Book & The State Of The World 12:31 The Speed Of The World 17:14 Stress Is The New Addiction 26:41 Will I Lose Productivity Without Stress? 31:06 What is TONN? The Origin Of Stress 36:07 Upsetting People With Change & Choosing To Put Ourselves First 43:31 What Is Loss Aversion? 50:43 The Noise Of Stress 01:01:38 How Do We Spot Our Own Stress? 01:04:49 Are We Really Too Busy? 01:08:23 What Is Steve's BS? 01:12:18 Setting Limits & Prioritising The Important Stuff 01:18:20 How Our Childhood Impact In Our Bias To Workaholism 01:22:22 Loss And How Long We Have Left 01:29:02 Passport Control Detention 01:29:49 How Do We Undo Stress 01:44:02 Work / Life Balance 01:44:52 The Impact Of AI 02:02:04 Being Successful And Balanced 02:16:20 Love & Relationship Advice 02:26:17 Why Some People Don't Find A Partner 02:34:22 Becoming Unstressable 02:40:15 Mo's Family Heartache 02:44:53 What Would You Tell The First People You Loved You can purchase Mo’s newest book, ‘Unstressable: A Practical Guide to Stress-Free Living’, available on 9th May 2024, here: Follow Mo: Instagram - Twitter - YouTube - Watch the episodes on Youtube - My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now - Follow me: Sponsors: Linkedin Ads: Shopify: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
175:15 4/25/24
World No. 1 Biohacking Expert: "I Tested 100,000 People's DNA. This Diet Will Kill You!". Fix This Hormone And You'll Fix Your Anxiety! - Gary Brecka
His old job was to know when you would die, his passion is to extend and improve people’s lives Gary Brecka is the co-founder of 10X Health System and is one of the world’s leading experts in human biology and biohacking. He has worked with CEOs, models, to athletes from the UFC, NFL, and professional boxers. Gary is also the host of the ‘Ultimate Human’ podcast. In this conversation Gary and Steven discuss topics such as, the common supplement mistakes that people make, the vitamin that most people are deficient in, how we are in a pre-diabetic epidemic, and the impact of loneliness at a cellular level. 00:00 Intro 02:18 What We're Getting Wrong About Supplements & Deficiencies 09:20 Humans Aren't Functioning Optimally 11:49 The Biomarkers That Predict Your Health Outcomes 17:53 The Link Between Your Genes & Anxiety & Trauma 22:16 Common Deficiencies That Keep Us Away from Our Optimal Health 30:24 Working with High Profile People 32:00 How Your Life & Business Changed In The Last Year 34:43 Life Insurances Know When You're Going to Die 41:51 I Knew Thousands of People Would Die but They Wouldn't Let Me Help Them 43:18 Fixing Your Deficiencies Could Save Your Life 50:44 What I Learned Analysing Thousands of Medical Reports 51:57 Fix the Simple Things Before It's Too Late 54:52 The Importance of Grounding for Your Blood Cells 01:00:02 The Most Important Exercise to Oxygenate Your Blood Cells 01:04:26 The Incredibly Health Benefits of Red Light 01:12:15 How Hydrogen Gas Helps Your Body 01:15:23 The Issues with Ozempic 01:16:42 How Is Gary's Life and His Pain 01:18:18 Advice to His Kids 01:19:18 The Loneliness Epidemic 01:25:13 Unethical Insurance 01:27:09 Gene Test Results 01:42:10 Last Guest Question You can listen to the ‘Ultimate Human’ podcast and purchase Gary’s products here: Follow Gary: Instagram - Twitter - YouTube - Studies mentioned: 1. 2.,sodium%20concentrations%20and%20neuronal%20excitability Watch the episodes on Youtube - My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now - Follow me: Sponsors: Zoe: with an exclusive code CEO10 for 10% off Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
106:53 4/22/24
Moment 158: What is The Best Cheap Coffee? Coffee Expert Reveals In Blind Taste Test: James Hoffman
In this moment, world renowned coffee expert, James Hoffmann, tests and chooses the best high street coffee. James guides you though everything you need to know to assess coffee like a professional, this includes looking at the roast of the coffee, the smell and finally it’s taste and different tones. He also outlines the benefits of supporting your local cafe rather than getting your morning cup at a major coffee chain, as you can get a better cup of coffee from someone who cares nearly as deeply about coffee as you. Listen to the full episode here - Apple- Spotify- Watch the Episodes On Youtube - James: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
12:07 4/19/24
Special Forces Commander's Weird Trick For Overcoming Anxiety, "This Is The Reason People Quit", "Imposter Syndrome Is A Good Thing!"
Learn how to attack life with the same intensity as a member of the world’s most elite fighting force Jocko Willink is a retired U.S. Navy SEAL officer and New York Times bestselling author, he is also the host of the Jocko Podcast, and co-founder of the leadership training organisation, Echelon Front. In this conversation Jocko and Steven discuss topics such as, why excuses are pointless, the core component that every Navy SEAL has, how to overcome hesitation and take action, and why you should ‘embrace the suck’. You can listen to the ‘Jocko Podcast’ and purchase Jocko’s products here: Follow Jocko: Twitter - Instagram - YouTube - Watch the episodes on Youtube - My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now - Follow me: Sponsors: Whoop: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
113:14 4/18/24
Jimmy Carr: "I Was Laughing & Crying When He Died". Jimmy Opens Up About Being Cancelled & How Anxiety Is The Flip Side Of Creativity!
Learn the lessons behind the laughter, learned from over 20 years in the world of comedy. Jimmy Carr is an award-winning comedian, writer and TV host for shows including, ‘8 Out Of 10 Cats’, ‘Roast Battle’, and ‘Big Fat Quiz Of The Year’. In this conversation Jimmy and Steven discuss topics such as, why we don’t think about death enough, how to speak so people listen, the power of imposter syndrome, and how to find out what you want to do in life. 00:00 Intro 02:01 How Are You, Jimmy? 03:07 Every Single Person Has Life Dysmorphia 08:59 What Is the Point of All This Work? 12:35 What Is Our End Goal? 14:08 People Crave the Success Not the Journey 16:47 You Should Be Feeling Imposter Syndrome 18:45 I Entertained My Sick Mother 19:54 The Unmeasurable Stuff Is the Important One 24:29 Depression 25:46 Men's Mental Health 27:30 What Is It to Be a Man 33:25 Losing My Religion 33:52 How Do You Deal with Grief in Your Life? 35:19 The Passing of Sean Lock 38:27 Business Is Life 39:12 The Issue Is Young People Are Not Given Enough Agency 41:52 How Comedy Teaches You to Be a Good Communicator 45:06 The Importance of Taking Risks 52:38 How To Deal with Rejection 55:31 Knowing Who You Are & What You Want to Do 58:44 Is It Motivation, Luck or Talent? 01:02:14 Being Cancelled 01:06:12 Would You Erase Your Worst Moments? 01:15:26 Artificial Intelligence 01:26:37 Self Expression 01:30:51 Jimmy's Eating Disorder 01:35:31 Advice to Younger People 01:38:25 Why You Should Sweat the Small Stuff 01:42:45 Having Confidence 01:43:40 Netflix Special 01:46:09 Dave Chapelle Attack 01:50:38 What Would You Tell Your Kids? You can watch Jimmy’s new Netflix stand-up special, ’Jimmy Carr: Natural Born Killer’, out on the 16th April 2024. You can purchase tickets for Jimmy’s brand-new international tour, ’Jimmy Carr: Laughs Funny’, here: Follow Jimmy: Twitter - Instagram - YouTube - Watch the episodes on Youtube - My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now - Follow me: Sponsors: Fiverr: Uber: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
118:34 4/15/24
Moment 157: The Money Expert's Investment Strategy NO ONE Is Talking About: Morgan Housel
In this moment, financial expert and bestselling author, Morgan Housel discusses the hidden costs of everything in life. Morgan says that that anything good in life comes with an unseen price tag, and part of achieving success in any area of life requires putting up with unknowns and volatility. In a career this might be long hours away from your family, in a relationship it may be the sacrifices and compromises made for another person. Part of this is being aware of your time horizons in life, and the amount of time between now and your goal, determining whether you are willing to sacrifice precious time to achieve the goal. In the end, Morgan says that the key to success in life is identifying what the cost is for any decision and being willing to pay it. Listen to the full episode here Apple - Spotify - Watch the Episodes On Youtube - Morgan: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
11:25 4/12/24

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