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Cover Your Assets Podcast with Billy Gwaltney

Don’t let accidents, illness, or injury destroy your hard work. You’ve spent years of your life and hundreds of thousands of dollars to become a physician. This is the career that will give you and your family everything you’ve dreamed of. You know you need to be insured, but how do you sort through the mountains of information when you barely have enough time to eat? On the C.Y.A. Podcast, Billy Gwaltney shows you exactly what you need to do to protect your income and your way of life.


Billy's initial conversation with a Female Trainee 22:17 08/10/2022
Paying student loans if disabled 06:51 07/27/2022
Explaining the Guardian future insurability option 10:27 07/13/2022
Explaining the Mass Mutual future insurability option 11:07 06/29/2022
Top 5: Ten minute crash course on specialty disability insurance 09:15 06/15/2022
Top 5: Why should I get disability coverage in residency or fellowship? 09:24 06/01/2022
Top 5: What is the process for obtaining specialty disability coverage? 09:31 05/18/2022
Top 5: What is the 'specialty own occupation' definition of disability 09:53 05/04/2022
Initial spreadsheet overview with a Non-Surgeon Trainee 34:44 04/20/2022
Initial spreadsheet overview with a Surgeon Trainee 31:55 04/06/2022
The rate is the rate 10:33 03/23/2022
Top 5: How much life insurance do I need? 07:41 03/09/2022
Explaining the Ameritas guaranteed renewable premium option 07:51 02/23/2022
Explaining the Ameritas Nondisabling Injury Benefit 06:23 02/09/2022
How do I budget for disability insurance while in training 10:52 01/26/2022
Does what my broker says matter 05:48 01/12/2022
What is wrong with the AMA policy 10:05 12/29/2021
Mass Mutual's Future insurability option vs Benefit increase rider 08:17 12/15/2021
If disabled can I collect from both private coverage & also employer group LTD 06:12 12/01/2021
As a trainee how much private disability coverage can I purchase 08:59 11/17/2021
As a trainee does Employer LTD impact how much private disability coverage can I purchase 04:19 11/03/2021
As an attending how much private disability coverage can I purchase 10:46 10/20/2021
How important is the COLA calculation 06:48 10/06/2021
Clarifying Psychiatric vs Mental Nervous 05:29 09/22/2021
Explaining the Future Insurability Option 08:33 09/08/2021
Explaining Principal's Benefit Update rider 10:38 08/25/2021
Should I combine my Life insurance with same company as disability insurance 06:44 08/11/2021
Should I buy life insurance when buying specialty disability coverage 06:43 07/28/2021
If I'm not a surgeon do I still need specialty occupation coverage 07:54 07/14/2021
What if I think I'm medically uninsurable 05:15 06/30/2021