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Breakthrough Millionaire is about stepping into your full potential. How do you create a millionaire mindset? How do you bust through limiting beliefs and claim victory when you get knocked down? Our mission is to help you find, treasure, and share your abundance because there is greatness within you. Together we're building wealth from the inside out. Both Michael and Marlon are determined to help spread financial literacy and share the tools necessary to build wealth in today’s fast-paced world. As entrepreneurs and investors themselves, the M&M team will share their patterns for success. They will also share their challenges along the way and explain how they deal with fear and doubt. There’s always another level of growth, so learning to "fail forward" is the key to building lasting wealth. With change being a constant in life, the M&M team will also expose you to new perspectives. This is your chance to turn change into opportunity! With the right shift - life will never be the same again.


097: What are NFTs and why are they generating BIG profits 20:15 10/18/2021
096: Are you having fun yet? Why, or why not? 36:31 10/11/2021
095: How Elyshia Brooks plans for success each morning 40:00 10/04/2021
094: How to unlock asymmetric returns and rewards 21:07 09/27/2021
093: How Khiry found empowerment through adversity 30:06 09/20/2021
092: How Alexandria Hernandez reveals God's purpose through Financial Empowerment 25:51 09/13/2021
091: Inside the minds of a multi-generational family business 46:15 09/06/2021
090: How do you know WHEN to pivot? 25:46 08/30/2021
089: Who do you have to become in order to earn what you deserve? 27:38 08/23/2021
088: Why you want to IPAD your money with Tony Jackson 54:31 08/16/2021
087: Finding the courage to ask for help and give freely 40:40 08/09/2021
086: 5 Secrets to Unlocking Peak Performance that Anyone Can Use 26:38 08/02/2021
085: Preparing for the unexpected with life insurance 25:34 07/26/2021
084: It Pays to Pay attention to Technology 25:20 07/19/2021
083: How to get comfortable with being uncomfortable 18:20 07/12/2021
082: How to Leverage the Power of WHO 20:18 07/05/2021
081: What a Coin Flip can teach us about life-long Learning 18:14 06/28/2021
080: How to build passive income streams with Charles Rose 39:02 06/21/2021
079: How to become a Renaissance Woman with Kristen Sharma 28:03 06/14/2021
078: Powerful minority women helping to spread financial literacy 34:48 06/07/2021
077: What are you doing different as a result of 2020? 27:41 05/31/2021
076: What Lessons Did You Learn from COVID? 25:14 05/24/2021
075: Ruin to Redemption with Dr. Joe Martin (pt.3) 71:04 05/17/2021
074: Riches to Ruin with Dr. Joe Martin (pt. 2) 63:26 05/10/2021
073: Rags to Riches with Dr. Joe Martin (pt. 1) 52:28 05/03/2021
072: How to Accelerate your path to Financial Independence 40:15 04/26/2021
071: How to Plan for Financial Independence and Retirement Early 32:19 04/19/2021
070: Introspection of Wealth with Dr. Paul Collins 50:12 04/12/2021
069: Living in Service and Significance with Aunt Thelma 59:27 04/05/2021
068: Why PERSISTENCE is the Key to Success with Jen Fontanilla 46:54 03/29/2021