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The Ninjababes Podcast

Cara Poalillo Mack, a 3x American Ninja Warrior leads a discussion about females in the sport of ninja. She interviews female athletes within the ninja world about their personal stories, performance on the ninja course, and mindset practices.


Hormones and Training: How Can We Work Together Naturally? 35:10 10/22/2021
Post-Partum Ninja Training 50:00 10/15/2021
Full Send Or Rest Up?! 50:58 10/08/2021
Eating Disorder, Ninja, and Body Image with Emerson Muise 39:32 10/01/2021
How to Mentally Prepare for a Ninja Competition 28:45 08/27/2021
Rachel Degutz: Jersey Girl and Top Ninja Competitor 50:19 08/20/2021
Chris Wilczewski and Michelle Warnky Buurma on National Ninja League Season 7 Changes 66:50 08/13/2021
Cara Mack and Mary Leighton: What's Been the Response from the Community About Our "Females in Ninja" Presentation? 62:59 08/06/2021
Addy Herman: 15-Year-Old Ninja Force 26:42 07/23/2021
Lindsay Eskildsin; Momma Strong 28:10 07/16/2021
Megan Rowe: The Axe Throwing Ninja & ANW13 37:48 06/18/2021
Isabella Wakeham: Teen Ninja Warrior Competitor 52:26 06/11/2021
Megan Budway: Opera- Singing Music Ninja Rookie on American Ninja Warrior 26:04 06/04/2021
Zuri Hall: American Ninja Warrior Sideline Host 31:56 05/28/2021
Nicolette Mcdonnell and the Wonders of Being a Ninja Mom 29:23 05/14/2021
Meagan Martin: What are the Challenges For Females In Sports? 41:28 05/07/2021
NNL New England Regionals Extravaganza! 33:31 04/30/2021
100th Episode Open-Mic Celebration! 32:57 04/23/2021
What's The Best Ninja Warrior Gear? 37:14 04/16/2021
What's the Power in Empowerment? 37:51 04/09/2021
Jennifer Stefano 46:12 04/02/2021
Avery Glantz Teen American Ninja Warrior Competitor: 29:02 03/19/2021
Athlete Blood Test with A'nna Roby 41:43 03/12/2021
How Do Ninja Athletes Prevent Injury In High Impact Sports? 44:47 03/05/2021
Dr. Elspeth Hart 33:04 02/26/2021
Taylor Johnson: Top Elite Ninja 36:47 02/19/2021
The Sober Ninja: Kendra Nyrkkanen 37:14 02/12/2021
Future of Females in Ninja: A Conversation with Jordan Thurston 49:42 02/05/2021
Jason Huewe, USNL, and The Future of Ninja 59:41 01/29/2021
Megan Johnson- Med Student By Day, Ninja By Night 36:52 01/15/2021