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The truth is...organizations that focus on creating a thriving workforce are more successful now and later. Join Susan Morgan Bailey, Marsh & McLennan Agency Culture & Wellbeing Practice Leader, for discussions with executives and practitioners as they break down the art and science of building successful organizations through thriving team members. If you believe it is possible to take care of your people and be successful in business too and aren’t quite sure how to get there, the Growth Collective podcast is for you.


Helping Employees Find Purpose Beyond a Paycheck: Revisiting a conversation with Zach Mercurio 59:58 08/02/2022
What is Culture? A metaphor to bring culture to life (Rebroadcast: Episode 0) 13:43 07/19/2022
A Manufacturing Culture Transformation Story: A conversation with Webasto’s Corey Stowell 46:39 06/07/2022
Tactics for Supporting Mental Health in the Workplace: A conversation with Dr. David Ballard 48:34 06/07/2022
Designing Space for Thriving: A conversation with Ghafari CEO Ki Hammer 36:12 05/17/2022
Social Determinants of Health Deep Dive: A conversation with Treger Strasberg 48:44 04/19/2022
Making Memories Purposefully in Retail: A conversation with Charlie Malouf 51:42 04/05/2022
Impacting the Manner in Which Business is Done: A conversation with Rhino Foods’ Ted Castle 46:32 03/08/2022
Invisible Factors Driving the Great Resignation: A conversation with Zach Mercurio 47:23 02/04/2022
Self-Care for Thriving Leaders: A conversation with Dr. Michelle Thompson 37:51 11/17/2021
Thinking Outside the Box to Support Resilience: A conversation with Promedica’s Kate Sommerfeld and Randy Oostra 48:35 11/09/2021
Building an Attractive & Fulfilling Culture: A conversation with Scribe Media CEO JeVon McCormick 55:17 11/02/2021
The Power and Potential of Conscious Capitalism: A conversation with CEO Alexander McCobin 42:09 10/26/2021
More Rest+Less Work: Exploring the power of a shorter workweek with Alex Soojung-Kim Pang 59:46 10/12/2021
Mental Health Support in the Workplace: Why it matters and how to help with Tremaine El-Amin 47:27 09/29/2021
Happiness, Purpose and the Future of Work: A conversation with Tracy Brower, PhD 47:39 09/13/2021
Thriving Culture in a Hybrid World: A conversation with Robert Glazer 37:32 09/13/2021
Forever in Transition: Getting comfortable with change with the help of Chuck Gaidica 48:05 09/01/2021
Culture Isn't Soft-It's What Sets Your Company Apart: A conversation with Ron Alvesteffer and & Gretchen Murphy 50:13 08/03/2021
Stop Worrying and Start Leading: Leadership lessons from Joe Hart 37:18 07/21/2021
Business as a Force for Good: A conversation with Alison Omens 34:46 07/06/2021
Disrupt Yourself: Master relentless change and speed up your learning curve with Whitney Johnson 46:36 06/09/2021
The Power of the B-Corp to Attract Talent and Do Good: A conversation with Hanna Schulze 38:46 05/19/2021
From Mess to Success: Lessons on culture, leadership & marketing from Scott Jeffrey Miller 45:07 05/19/2021
People, Purpose & Values: A Conversation with WD-40 CEO Garry Ridge 51:48 04/21/2021
People Like Us do Things Like This 42:58 04/20/2021
Enabling Wellbeing in the Workplace: A discussion with physician Dexter Shurney 53:08 04/14/2021
Building Employee Resilience as a Core Business Strategy 58:08 02/23/2021
Hero, Revolutionary or Sage: What is Your Organization's Culture Archetype? 56:42 02/06/2021
Ally Financial: Culture & Brand Synergy Done Right 55:54 01/26/2021