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The truth is...organizations that focus on creating a thriving workforce are more successful now and later. Join Susan Morgan Bailey, Marsh & McLennan Agency Culture & Wellbeing Practice Leader, for discussions with executives and practitioners as they break down the art and science of building successful organizations through thriving team members. If you believe it is possible to take care of your people and be successful in business too and aren’t quite sure how to get there, the Growth Collective podcast is for you.


HR Transformation @ Grand Valley State University: A conversation with Mychal Coleman and Lindsey DesArmo
This episode features an organization that is truly doing the deep work necessary to evolve culture.   My guests, Mychal Coleman Associate Vice President of Human Resources at Grand Valley State University and Lindsey DesArmo, Interim Director of Talent Management at GVSU, began the journey of culture evolution when they realized a few years ago, they were losing what had made their organization great for so many years and it was time to review and reset with a goal to reach higher by 2025.   In this episode, Lindsay and Mychal walk through the steps their team took to evolve their approach to HR and strategy resulting in evolution of the role of HR within the organization and further establishing wellness into the employee experience.  What I love about this episode is how it brings the beginning of culture evolution to life.  From the need to have senior leadership on board and involved in the conversation to the reality that change takes time and can be uncomfortable for some, yet when worked through intentionally it delivers a reward worth investing in… a culture that supports thriving humans and organizational sustainability. Connect with Mychal Coleman Email: Website: LinkedIn: Connect with Lindsey DesArmo Email: Linkedin: Connect with Susan Morgan Bailey Email:  LinkedIn:
54:04 6/27/23
For the Culture: A conversation with people-mover Marcus Collins
Dr. Marcus Collins is back on the podcast to talk about his new book For the Culture: the power behind what we buy, what we do, and who we want to be. Listen in a Marcus highlights why it’s essential to be clear on what you stand for as an organization and the importance of being intentional about building culture;  why we buy the things including why we buy including the idea that showing up to a job every day is a worthwhile endeavor beyond a paycheck; and, the power of the too often neglected role of storytelling in the workplace to motivate.   Connect with Marcus Collins Email: Website: www.marctothec.comLinkedIn: Connect with Susan Morgan Bailey Email:  LinkedIn:
48:33 4/30/23
Become a Better Business Citizen: A conversation with Victor Cho
My guest for this episode is Victor Cho.  A passionate consumer advocate, Victor was most recently the CEO at Evite where he led the company successfully through COVID-19 and returned it to growth, financial health, and a successful corporate buy-out. He is also the creator of the 4th Stakeholder Framework on improving stakeholder capitalism. Victor believes for society to thrive, we must shed what he calls the Mercenary Business approach and embrace a more balanced stakeholder model. Unfortunately, many organizations find it hard to balance even just the first three primary stakeholders (Shareholders, customers, and employees).  When you add Society (the 4th stakeholder) to the mix, that balancing act becomes even more challenging.   Gratefully, Victor has developed a framework to help organizations maximize impact and overcome the challenges that stand in the way of achieving balance between all the stakeholders. Listen in as we discuss a bit about the history of business and capitalism, the power of listening to stakeholders and the idea that considering the relative impact of various actions in combination with thinking about the broader whole can equal more than the sum of its parts.   Connect with Victor Cho LinkedIn: - Free leadership frameworks and courses - A practical framework to help businesses become better citizens Connect with Susan Morgan Bailey Email:  LinkedIn:
43:56 3/21/23
If People Feel Replaceable, They’ll Act Replaceable: A conversation with Zach Mercurio, PhD.
50 years of research has shown an individual’s sense of purpose and understanding of how they matter to an organization predicts motivation, productivity and the performance of an individual and the overall business.   A lack of feeling relevant and connected to the purpose within a job or organization is one of the drivers of the Great Resignation, Quit Quitting or whatever term is being used to refer to good old fashioned disengagement.   This suggests that one of the most important steps an organization can take to engage and attract great talent is to help them understand how they matter to the organization, the people they work with and the work that is done.   Zach Mercurio is back on the Growth Collective podcast for a third time to talk about lessons he’s learned through his own research and the work he has done with hundreds of companies to help them cultivate positive cultures that enable more meaning, mattering, motivation, wellbeing and performance. Listen in as we talk about how mattering sounds touchy feely but it’s not, the power of making sure employees feel seen, the incredible impact of creating a culture that humanizes, dignifies and grows people and considerations for organizations navigating the hybrid/return to office world. Website: www.zachmercurio.comLinkedIn : Twitter: @zachmercurio Connect with Susan Morgan Bailey Email: LinkedIn:
48:09 2/28/23
Opportunities for Thriving in the Multigenerational Workplace: A conversation with Dr. Jean Accius
People are living longer and that can mean they are working longer. Where there was once a 1st act – work and then a second act – retirement, there now may be a 3rd or even 4th act. The effort to attract and engage great talent has pushed organizations to invest in the wellbeing and growth of all of their people – meeting them where they are at and offering them more of what they want – opportunities to learn and earn longer. This conversation features Dr. Jean Accius. At the time of this interview, he was serving as Senior Vice President of Global Thought Leadership at AARP.  AARP is the largest non-profit in the US focused on empowering people to choose how they live when they age with a focus on health security, financial stability and personal fulfillment. They provide a range of resources for people over 50 and advocating for this population is at the heart of their mission.  Jean is a passionate champion and catalyst for changing how the world sees and values aging. He is an internationally recognized thought leader on aging, longevity, equity, health systems transformation and modernizing the delivery and financing of long-term care. Listen in as we discuss a range of topics around building a competitive future for all through the workplace, highlighting new ways of thinking about mentoring, the benefits of investing in learning and development and the need to reinvest and reinvent organizations to align with the evolving talent market.   Connect with Jean Accius Email: LinkedIn: Connect with Susan Morgan Bailey Email:  LinkedIn:
46:20 2/11/23
Employee Assistance Programs – An Important & Underutilized Benefit: A conversation with Mark Attridge, PhD.
Historically, about 1 in 4 working adults in the United States met clinical criteria for having a behavioral health condition. The consequences of leaving anxiety, depression, alcohol, drugs, and other common behavioral disorders unidentified and untreated have negative impacts in several areas relevant to employers. These problems influence absenteeism, presenteeism, health care treatment costs, workplace safety risks and more. Many of these behavioral health conditions became more prevalent since the start of COVID-19 pandemic and organizations are focusing like never before on providing support for mental health to their employees.  This episode focuses on an underutilized mental health resource that has been around for decades – the Employee Assistance Program also known as an EAP. My guest for this episode is Dr. Mark Attridge, a thought leader with deep expertise in the mental/behavioral health field. Mark brings a unique scholarly approach to his consulting and this discussion. We start with the basics – what is an EAP and then move on to steps employers can take to insure they are maximizing their investment in their EAP as a component of a broader culture strategy to support mental wellbeing in the workplace. Connect with Mark Attridge Email: LinkedIn: Connect with Susan Morgan Bailey Email:  LinkedIn:
45:03 1/19/23
The Power of Strong Ties at Work: A conversation with Art Markman
There are many reasons driving employee disengagement and departures these days. The latest episode aims to shed light on how to address one of the drivers – lack of connection. My guest, Art Markman and I explore the difference between family, neighbors and strangers – how you treat them and what you expect from them and what we can learn from these differences and apply in the workplace to increase connection and organizational commitment. Art Markman,  is a professor of psychology and vice provost of Academic Affairs at the University of Texas Austin.  Art is the author of smart thinking and habits of leadership, smart change, brain briefs, and, most recently, bring your brain to work. Listen in as we explore the non-rational, human dimension of organizations, walk through a foundational framework for thinking about connection at work and the 3 questions people leaders should be asking their team members regularly.  Connect with Art MarkmanEmail: LinkedIn: Connect with Susan Morgan Bailey Email: LinkedIn:
52:15 12/14/22
A Cure For the Common Company: A conversation with Richard Safeer, MD
Dr. Richard Safeer leads the employee health and well-being initiative, Healthy at Hopkins at Johns Hopkins Medicine.  He also advises the institution on matters related to health plan benefits, occupational health and the employee assistance program.  He has published many journal articles and regularly speaks on employee health and wellbeing, in particular on how to create healthy workplace cultures. In January 2023, his book, “A Cure for the Common Company” will be released and that book and his culture building blocks serve as the foundation for our discussion.   Listen in to learn steps an organization of any size or type, with or without a budget can take to create a culture of wellbeing. Connect with Richard Safeer LinkedIn - @Richard Safeer  Connect with Susan Morgan Bailey Email:  LinkedIn:
50:53 11/28/22
Aiming for the Win-Win (Employee + Customer Love): A conversation with Diamondback Covers CEO Ben Eltz and CPO Morgan Forney
It is possible to offer a highly engaging and rewarding work experience in a manufacturing environment and this episode provides insight into a few ways to accomplish this goal. This episode features truckbed cover and accessory manufacturer, Diamondback Covers CEO, Ben Eltz and Chief People Offer, Morgan Forney.   Listen in as Ben and Morgan share their perspective on creating a workplace employees love by focusing on 4 bottom lines – Finance, Customers, Community and Employees and how utilizing company values to guide decision making in each area has helped them grow successfully and sustainably. Connect with Diamondback Covers Website: Ben Eltz - Morgan Forney - Connect with Susan Morgan Bailey Email:  LinkedIn:
53:32 11/3/22
Reimagining Workplace Well-Being: A conversation with Jessica Grossmeier
In 2022 and the focus for employers has expanded well beyond physical wellbeing to include financial and mental wellbeing (in most companies) and social, community and professional wellbeing in organizations that have taken a more comprehensive approach.   The wisest employers recognize creating a culture of health requires an intentional, multi—level approach and meeting employees where they are at.   My guest for this episode is Jessica Grossmeier, PhD, MPH is the author of Reimagining Workplace Well-being: Fostering a Culture of Purpose, Connection, and Transcendence. She is a leading voice in workplace well-being, having dedicated her career to identifying evidence-based strategies that promote a thriving workforce. In this episode, Jess and I dive deep into the basics and spiritual wellbeing – having a sense of connection to purpose, others and something larger than self.  She explains how spiritual well-being is an essential element of a comprehensive and effective program impacting everything from health to reducing turnover and highlights a few of the many steps organizations can take to dip a toe in the spiritual wellbeing waters.  Connect with Jessica:  Website:  Email: LinkedIn:  Twitter: @jgrossmeier Connect with Susan Morgan Bailey Email:  LinkedIn:
47:20 10/4/22
Love, Kinship and Compassion as a Business Model for Success: A conversation with Homeboy Industries CEO Tom Vozzo
There is a belief that we can all get what we want if we just pull up our bootstraps and go for it.  But what happens to those who simply don’t have boots?  It’s tough for someone to move forward if they don’t have the basics.   This episode is about a business that looks at business differently…My guest for this episode is Tom Vozzo, CEO of Homeboy Industries. Tom left his career in corporate America convinced there had to be a better way to define success. In 2012, Tom became the first-ever CEO of Homeboy Industries, the largest and most successful gang intervention, rehabilitation, and re-entry program in the world. This discussion hits on a lot of opportunities for business to think differently – for the benefit of all involved.   From letting go of judgement, to creating a space where employees feel loved and supported the experience Tom shares can apply to any organization.   Listen in as Tom shares a few of the 55 rules he believes more businesses need to break, speaks the power of asking employees what they need and why love, kinship and compassion are the key to creating a workplace where employees can thrive. Connect with Tom:  LinkedIn: Tom's Book - The Homeboy Way Homeboy Industries LinkedIn: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook:   Connect with Susan Morgan Bailey Email:  LinkedIn:
43:36 9/20/22
Helping Employees Overcome Obstacles: A conversation with Mark Peters
Everyday across the globe, people bring their whole selves to work.  They bring every experience from the moment they are born to the moment before they walk in the door each day.  All of it. The good, the bad, the traumatic.   The stuff they bring can be called the Social Determinants of Health.  The determinants are big buckets of factors – environment, genetics, individual behaviors, social circumstances and medical care – that influence an individual’s ability to be healthy and THRIVE.   Recognizing these factors influence one’s ability to focus and engage at work or even just show up at work opens up a door of possibility for employers.  Employers who provide “benefits” to employees as part of a compensation package are uniquely positioned to provide resources and support that can help to address the factors that can be barriers to an individual who is trying to remain employed. My guest for this episode is Mark Peters, CEO of Butterball Farms, Inc. Mark recognized a long time ago, he could choose to learn about his employees’ issues or ignore them and not play that role.   He learned quickly – everyone benefited when he and the organization decided to come alongside their employees to help struggling employees find resources they needed to help them keep their jobs and care for their families.  In 2003, he organized a pioneering group of CEOs and community leaders to found The Source, a not-for-profit organization that has helped hundreds of workers navigate personal challenges that interfere with their jobs. Listen in as Mark shares many of the lessons he learned along the way, actions organizations can take today to better understand the challenges their employees face and steps leaders can take to provide support that leads to reduced turnover and increased employee happiness.  Connect with Mark Peters Instagram: i_3leadership Facebook: i3Leadership1 LinkedIn: i-3 Leadership Connect with Susan Morgan Bailey Email:  LinkedIn:  
52:51 8/29/22
Culture is Your #1 Talent Attraction & Retention Tool (rebroadcast)
Summer Replay 2022: We're revisiting a few relevant & helpful episodes from the past until we return with a new episode in Late August 2022.  Earlier this year, MIT Sloan Management Review published a survey that revealed that toxic culture is the leading predictor of employee departures.  My guest for this episode proves positive cultures have the opposite effect - they help to attract and retain talent by offering an employee experience that supports team members growth, wellbeing and flourishing. Garry Ridge is chairman and chief executive officer of WD-40 Company. He is passionate about the learning and empowering organizational culture he has helped establish at the WD-40 Company, and his vision and leadership have positively impacted the WD-40 Company in both measurable and immeasurable ways.  Listen in as Garry walks through his experience evolving the culture over the past 20+ years.  We touch upon the idea that profit is the “applause of people doing great work”; the benefits of building a “fortress of health”; and, the power of learning moments.   This episode was originally published on April 21, 2021 Connect with Garry Ridge Website: LinkedIn : Connect with Susan Morgan Bailey Email: LinkedIn:
51:48 8/16/22
Helping Employees Find Purpose Beyond a Paycheck: Revisiting a conversation with Zach Mercurio
Summer Replay 2022: We're revisiting a few relevant & helpful episodes from the past until we return with a new episode in Late August 2022.  The best companies relentlessly focus on their contribution to the world and the humans in it and trust the effects (profitability, growth, lower turnover, etc.) will follow.   Culture and how people feel when they work, directly affects their ability to flourish and make positive contributions.  This episode replay features Zach Mercurio - the most popular guest on the Growth Collective podcast.  Zach helps leaders enable the daily experience of purpose, meaningfulness, and mattering. He is a researcher and Honorary Fellow of Psychology in the Center for Meaning and Purpose at Colorado State University and author of "The Invisible Leader: Transform Your Life, Work, and Organization with the Power of Authentic Purpose." Listen in as we walk through how to find meaning and approach work as purposeful and talk through the benefits of helping employees find purpose in every type of work on the planet. This episode was originally published on September 15, 2020.  Connect with Zach Mercurio Email: Website:  LinkedIn: Connect with Susan Morgan Bailey Email:  LinkedIn:
59:58 8/2/22
What is Culture? A metaphor to bring culture to life (Rebroadcast: Episode 0)
Summer Replay 2022: We're revisiting a few relevant & helpful episodes from the past until we return with a new episode in Late August 2022.  Employees are more likely to stay with an organization if they believe they can thrive there. What factors influence thriving in an organization?  It is more than perks and benefits. It's the daily experience of working for the's how it feels to be a part of it and the factors that enable that feeling.   In this episode, I explore culture in metaphor. Trees and humans have a lot in common... to thrive they must be surrounded by supportive and enabling conditions.   Listen to learn more about the similarities between a healthy productive forest and a healthy organizational culture and the key elements of creating a culture to support employee thriving.  This episode was originally published on March 4, 2020.  Connect with Susan Morgan Bailey Email: LinkedIn:
13:43 7/19/22
A Manufacturing Culture Transformation Story: A conversation with Webasto’s Corey Stowell
It is possible to turn a culture around.  This episodes guest is proof positive.   From toxic to family.   It takes work  and commitment at all levels in the organization.  The payoff - a company with staying power, happy employees and long-term potential.  My guest for this episode is Corey Stowell, VP of Human Resources at Webasto Americas.  Corey’s passion for people, wellbeing, mindful leadership and coaching come through loud and clear in our discussion. His ability to understand employees AND help leaders and key stakeholders develop their own empathy skills contributed to the turnaround of a culture that had lost its way in the early 2000s as market forces pushed hard on the company to take actions that led a culture of fear and distrust. Listen in as Corey walks through the steps they took to renovate their culture to one that provides employees a great environment each day.  Connect with Corey Stowell LinkedIn: LinkedIn:   Connect with Susan Morgan Bailey Email: LinkedIn:
46:39 6/7/22
Tactics for Supporting Mental Health in the Workplace: A conversation with Dr. David Ballard
Mental and behavioral health challenges affect 1 in 4 adults worldwide. Given that the majority of awake time is spent at work, the workplace is an ideal setting for promoting good mental health. For employers, supporting a healthy workforce, particularly one emotionally and cognitively healthy, can also drive productivity, improve attendance, produce long-term health care cost savings, and help attract and retain top talent. My guest for this episode is fellow employee wellbeing and organizational performance consultant Dr. David Ballard.  Listen in to learn more about mental health, what it is exactly and what is the employers role in supporting it.   Connect with Dr. David Ballard Email:  dballard@ghostnoteconsulting LinkedIn: Twitter:   Connect with Susan Morgan Bailey Email: LinkedIn: Link to Paper: ISO 45003:2021 - Occupational health and safety management — Psychological health and safety at work — Guidelines for managing psychosocial risks Carolyn C. Mattingly Award for Mental health in the Workplace  
48:34 6/7/22
Designing Space for Thriving: A conversation with Ghafari CEO Ki Hammer
This podcast is focused on helping organizations create spaces where employees can thrive so the business can thrive too.  This episode's guest leads an organization that so seriously believes in the purpose of thriving it’s woven into the customer and employee value propositions. Ki Hammer is president and CEO of Ghafari, a global engineering, architecture, process design, consulting and construction services firm.  Listen in as Ki shares how her flat organization gets work done, with an entrepreneurial spirit that has been key to the successful growth and stability of the organization alongside their commitment to doing what it takes to enable team member thriving. Website: Website: LinkedIn: ghafari-associates Instagram: ghafari_associates Facebook: ghafariassociates Twitter: GhafariCo Connect with Susan Morgan Bailey Email: LinkedIn:
36:12 5/17/22
Social Determinants of Health Deep Dive: A conversation with Treger Strasberg
Recent data (from January 2020 – a little laggy due to the pandemic) showed there were 580,466 people experiencing homelessness in Amerca.  70% were individuals and the rest were people living in families with children.  They lived in every state and territory and reflect the diversity of the US.  Homelessness is a big topic that plays a role in individual and community wellbeing. In this episode we only scratch the surface of it.   The part that answers a few questions – what are some of the solutions, what are the challenges related to those solutions and  what can individuals and organizations do to help. My guest for this unique episode is Treger Strasberg, founder of Humble Design.  Humble Design is an organization focused on chaing lives and communities by custom designing and fully furnishing home interiors for individuals, families and veterans emerging from homelessness. Listen in as we talk through the challenges and rewards of running a non-profit that's making a difference one home at a time.  Website: Humble Design Website: LinkedIn : Facebook National: @humbledesignnational Detroit: @humbledesigninc Chicago: @humblechitown Cleveland: @humbledesigncleveland San Diego: @humbledesignsandiego  Seattle: @humbledesignseattle   Instagram National: @humbledesignnational Detroit: @humbledesigndetroit Chicago: @humblechitown Cleveland: @humbledesigncleveland San Diego: @humbledesignsandiego Seattle: @humbledesignseattle Connect with Susan Morgan Bailey Email: LinkedIn:
48:44 4/19/22
Making Memories Purposefully in Retail: A conversation with Charlie Malouf
Everyday organizations are working hard to attract and retain talent and in this tight labor market, they’re employing a lot of tactics to draw people in from signing bonuses to expanded benefits.  Behavior science tells us, tactics like this only inspire short-term commitment.  In order to engage talent long-term...the culture must nurture employees and provide inspiration beyond a paycheck.  My guest for this episode is Charlie Malouf is the President and CEO of Broad River Retail, a large independently owned and operated licensee of 29 Ashley HomeStores. As President and CEO, Charlie has the distinct privilege of leading a highly talented team of over 800 Memory Makers (employees) in their purpose of furnishing life’s best memories.   Culture takes time to build and Broad River is still a work in progress.   In Charlie’s words… you can’t microwave culture.  Listen in as we talk through lessons learned along the way and steps the organization plans to take to continue to evolve culture and Thrive.
51:42 4/5/22
Impacting the Manner in Which Business is Done: A conversation with Rhino Foods’ Ted Castle
From the beginning, Ted Castle’s desire to own a company that develops its employees, has a positive impact on the community, and shares innovative workplace practices has set the course of their growth and their culture.  Over time this has evolved into purpose and principles that are not just words on a wall, they are the foundation of living the Rhino Foods culture. The “right thing to do” guides all they do and you’ll hear how it comes to life in so many ways in my chat with Ted from hiring practices to financial wellbeing strategies and proving working together for something bigger than ourselves is an extraordinary and powerful form of motivation money can’t buy. I also learned… A group of Rhinos is called a Crash. Here’s the crash course on what we cover in the episode: Unique business practices that enable employee thriving Lessons learned about inclusive hiring practices How you can make your company stronger while improving your employees’ lives and your community Connect With Ted Castle: Website: LinkedIn: Connect with Susan Morgan Bailey: Email: LinkedIn:
46:32 3/8/22
Invisible Factors Driving the Great Resignation: A conversation with Zach Mercurio
Long before the pandemic led to the great resignation organizations who understood the power of establishing meaningfulness in work had an easier time engaging and keeping top talent.   Not surprisingly, the organizations losing the most talent are those that haven’t been intentional about this. My guest for the podcast understands the human element of the work world well.  Zach Mercurio is one of the leading experts on the role of purpose and meaning in organizations, work, and life. Through speaking, consulting, and research, Zach has helped diverse organizations and individuals around the world understand how purpose and meaning unleashes human potential to create thriving organizations and lives. Listen in as we talk through three invisible factors leading employees to look for new jobs: desire for meaning, connection to purpose and freedom. We walk through steps you can take to enhance your organization culture and engage top talent.   Connect with Zach Mercurio: Website: LinkedIn : Twitter: @zachmercurio Connect with Susan Morgan Bailey Email: LinkedIn:
47:23 2/4/22
Self-Care for Thriving Leaders: A conversation with Dr. Michelle Thompson
This episode is for those who want to keep going.   Who want to not just survive, you want to thrive.   As we head into the holiday season – which brings a whole new set of stressors – there are steps we can take to boost our resilience and maybe even come out of the holiday season (or any challenging time of life) stronger. My guest for this episode is Dr. Michelle Thompson, a Triple-board certified physician in Integrative, Lifestyle and Osteopathic Family Medicine. In this episode, Michelle reminds us – at any given time, there is more right with us than is wrong with us.  If you haven’t paused to check in with yourself in a while, there is no time like the present.  We need you in the game.  Listen in for tips to recharge and renew your body, mind and soul. Connect with Michelle  Website: LinkedIn: Instagram: Connect with Susan Morgan Bailey Email: LinkedIn:
37:51 11/17/21
Thinking Outside the Box to Support Resilience: A conversation with Promedica’s Kate Sommerfeld and Randy Oostra
Approximately 40-60% of our current state of health is driven by non-clinical factors. How much money we have in the bank, the depth and breadth of our social support network and the stress of finding reliable childcare all have impact on our health and risk for disease.   Organizations looking to improve the health of their workforce would be wise to keep this in mind – understand and address basic need challenges exist among your workforce – before focusing on improvement of individual health risk factors. My guests for this episode understand the power of helping individuals meet basic needs.   Kate Sommerfeld is the President of the Social Determinants of Health Institute and she is joined by Randy Oostra, President and CEO of Promedica Health System based in Toledo, Ohio.  Listen in as Kate and Randy walk through the steps they have taken to provide resources that address basic needs to those they serve and to their own employees.  They share the lessons they’ve learned through their partnership with Kumanu provider of the Resourceful app the two organizations developed together to help organizations understand what’s truly holding employees back from being present, productive, and resilient. If you’ve been thinking your wellness strategy needs a reboot, this episode is for you. Connect with Kate Sommerfeld Website: LinkedIn : Brussels Sprouts Video: Resourceful App: Connect with Randy Oostra Website: LinkedIn: Connect with Susan Morgan Bailey Email: LinkedIn:
48:35 11/9/21
Building an Attractive & Fulfilling Culture: A conversation with Scribe Media CEO JeVon McCormick
Scribe Media believes company culture is the operating system for their organization.  They so strongly believe in the concept of intentional culture, they created an open-access, living document call the Scribe Culture Bible that lays out what they believe, why they believe it and how they live by it.  From there the values are baked into their DNA and everything they do.  My guest for this episode is author and Scribe Media CEO, JeVon McCormick.  JeVon understands well the power of words and actions and strives daily to lead an organization that stands by its words and with careful awareness uses words them to foster a culture of transparency, compassion and openness.   Listen in to hear JeVon share his journey from poverty to joyful CEO, the steps he has taken to nurture a culture that thrived through the pandemic, his advice for rethinking how we think about the opportunity leaders have in organizations to support growth and the need to change the way we speak about the way we do business.   Connect with JeVon McCormick Website: LinkedIn : Scribe Culture Bible: Connect with Susan Morgan Bailey Email: LinkedIn:
55:17 11/2/21
The Power and Potential of Conscious Capitalism: A conversation with CEO Alexander McCobin
As more individuals seek work that has purpose and meaning, in combination with growing interest in working for organizations that are making a positive difference in the world, leaders are opening up to the idea that they can and should focus on the impact they have on all stakeholders. My guest for this episode is Alexander McCobin, the CEO of Conscious Capitalism, Inc. a US-based nonprofit whose purpose is to build a movement of business leaders improving the practice and perception of capitalism to elevate humanity so that billions of people can flourish, leading lives infused with passion, purpose, love and creativity; a world of freedom, harmony, prosperity, and compassion. Listen in as we walk through the framework of Conscious Capitalism, steps organizations can take to elevate their purpose and create value well beyond the bottom line. Connect with Alexander  Website: LinkedIn : Connect with Susan Morgan Bailey Email: LinkedIn:
42:09 10/26/21
More Rest+Less Work: Exploring the power of a shorter workweek with Alex Soojung-Kim Pang
Iceland recently made headlines following the world’s largest trial of a shorter work week when it declared the trial a success when they results showed workers were happier, healthier and more productive. At a time when the theme of work is focused on avoiding burnout and mental health issues, feeling happier and healthier while working seems like a dream.   My guest for this episode, futurist and author Alex Soojung-Kim Pang, has done the research. Through his work, he has demonstrated fewer work hours is absolutely a path toward a win-win – happy, engaged employees and successful business. Listen in as we walk through why we work the way we do, the elements necessary to enable employee thriving, the exponential benefits of rest and a shorter work week. Connect with Alex Soojung-Kim Pang Website: LinkedIn : TED Ideas Article: Connect with Susan Morgan Bailey Email: LinkedIn:
59:46 10/12/21
Mental Health Support in the Workplace: Why it matters and how to help with Tremaine El-Amin
4 in 5 employees feel emotionally drained from their work, an early sign of burnout. 9 in 10 employees report their workplace stress affects their mental health 3 in 5 employees are not receiving adequate support from supervisors to help manage stress This data from the 2021 Work Health Survey conducted by Mental Health America tells us what we already knew…Humans were stressed before the pandemic began and it’s only gotten worse.  Many lacked effective coping skills.  And now, far too many are struggling. And others are powering through… buoyed by coping and resilience skills learned through experience or courses offered in the community or at their place of work.   My guest for this episode is Tramaine El-Amin, the ClientExperience Officer at Mental Health First Aid a program of the National Council for Mental Wellbeing.  Listen in as we talk about the current state of mental health in the US, steps organizations can take to reduce mental health stigma in their organizations and walk through the basics of Mental Health First Aid – a technique for supporting mental health in any organization.
47:27 9/29/21
Happiness, Purpose and the Future of Work: A conversation with Tracy Brower, PhD
The future of work looks different and the same.  The actions organizations took to build culture with everyone in the room can and should be utilized to build culture wherever your team sits.  My guest for this episode is Dr. Tracy Brower a PhD sociologist studying work-life fulfillment and happiness. She is the author of The Secrets to Happiness at Work and Bring Work to Life and writes for and Fast Company. She is also a principal with Steelcase’s Applied Research + Consulting group where she gets to do exciting purpose focused work every day. Listen in as Tracy walks the drivers for employee engagement and happiness, how organizations can put the drivers to work and steps leaders will need to take to build culture in a hybrid world. We reference these articles in our discussion. How to Sustain Company Culture in a Hybrid Work Model  To Bring People Back, Your Office Must Change: Here’s How  Connect with Tracy Brower Website: LinkedIn : Connect with Susan Morgan Bailey Email: LinkedIn:  
47:39 9/13/21
Thriving Culture in a Hybrid World: A conversation with Robert Glazer
We are knee deep into the great resignation.  Earlier in 2021, surveys said 27% would leave their jobs.  More recent surveys indicate as many at 95% of the workforce are looking for new jobs.   As employees reevaluate their values and commitments, it can be tempting to think the grass is greener somewhere else.  And it might be if an organization doesn’t take steps to evolve culture and commit to creating a workplace the supports employee wellbeing. My guest for this episode, book author, podcaster, CEO and Friday Forward blog creator, Robert Glazer, literally wrote the book on Thriving in a Virtual Workplace. Robert runs a 100% remote organization.  He has successfully done this for years.   In this episode, he shares lessons he’s learned along the way that support the idea that culture is not a place. Culture is built upon the vision, values and goals you set for your organization and your efforts to consistently weave them in to all you do with clarity.   Connect with Robert Glazer Website: LinkedIn : Connect with Susan Morgan Bailey Email: LinkedIn:
37:32 9/13/21