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Podcasts by DiannAbroad, international solo nomad, author, travel blogger, and photographer include writing tips, travel tips, and her views of life, from savvy and thoughtful to quirky and humorous. Copyright 2020 DiannAbroad All rights reserved.


Interview with Marla McDaniel, Amelia Island Writers
This is a rerelease of the original podcast recorded on February 3, 2002, to celebrate Marla McDaniel's dedication to the Amelia Island Writers. She is retiring and starting a new chapter in her life in Florida. We thank her and wish her well!      Marla grew up between homes in south Florida and an Indiana family farm. She enjoys small towns, country roads, islands, antiques, and history. Amelia Island contains, within its small area, the qualities she and her family enjoy as their residence. Appreciation of historical sites led her to efforts in the preservation of old railroads, bridges and depots. She took part in the nationwide transportation agenda to recycle abandoned railroads into community trails. She likes to write non-fiction and values the camaraderie and support of writers in a vibrant artistic community. Marla retires as the coordinator of Amelia Island Writers (AIW), a chapter of FL Writers Association. AIW hosts monthly programs of interest for established and aspiring writers of all genres. Contact her at:   Please contact: Music attributes:  "Miracle"  Music by Dream Machine; "Tiny People" Music by Alexei De Bronhe; Smile" Music by Gabriel   Widescreen Episode Artwork attribute:  116245741 © Rawpixel Images |  
17:02 7/20/23
A Writer's Life: A Setting Surprise
With my current thriller manuscript ("Claim Denied") in the hands of beta readers, I had time to think about writing another book: a sequel, a thriller set in a small town with fascinating, quirky characters. When I looked back at a community on the Eastern Shore of Virginia I visited a few times in early 2000, I came upon a startling, sweet surprise! I dug deeper! It was clear: I had to write this novel!  I joined J. Thorn's 5-day challenge using his "Three Story Method", outlined the entire story, and uploaded the details in Plottr. I can access it at any time and get cracking! I'll do exactly that as soon as "Claim Denied" is published. Publication release is January 2021. Story and Song Neighborhood Bookstore on Amelia Island, FL has agreed to a book launch.  Please email me at to receive publication information and an invitation to the book launch. Thank you for listening!  Please leave a comment and a rating. Music for this podcast was provided by Rafael Javadov ("The Amelia Island Sun"), Ilya Truhanov ("Russian Soap Opera"), and Setuniman (violin sounds).  
16:47 1/17/23
Travel Bug, Marketa and Milly
Diann Schindler, DiannAbroad, takes us back to her 3rd grade geography class in Hamilton, Ohio, when her first thought of travelling outside the United States burst forth, infiltrating her head and her heart. She was nine years old. But, it wasn't until decades later that she truly acted on that notion, with full conviction, and came to understand that travelling is all about the people...meeting people from all walks of life and lands. Making connections is the true essence of broadening horizons, tolerance, understanding, and love. Diann tells us about two women she met: Marketa in Prague and Milly in Fez, Morocco. They helped her understand women are women, are women, all over the world, often with the same painful experiences.   BLOG: Prague, the City of 100 Bridges with a 1,100 year history.   Get your copy of "Claim Denied" HERE. Intro music is "The Amelia Island Sun" by Rafael Javadov.  Interlude is "Flight" Check out my websites: and Write to Diann at    
20:23 5/18/22
Frustrations and Joys: My Portugal
This is my first podcast of 2022! Why? You'll just have to listen. Meanwhile, here is the supporting information.  Here I am in Cascais, PT... my 40 minutes trek once a week from my apartment in Monte Estoril. Below, pics of the Men's International Tennis Tournament. The Estoril Open. That's Gasquet serving. Great day!  Dinner on the ocean with Cidalia and Nelia in Cascais. Below is a photo of my last book, "Claim Denied" published last year. To get your copy, click HERE. I talk about the challenges of writing the sequel, "The Secrets of Selby" (working title) in this podcast.  Thank you so much for listening Diann Schindler Intro and Outgo music by Musician and Composer, Rafael Javadov Other music "Smile" by Gabriel from Cons8
22:37 5/2/22
Meditation, Madeira/Monte Estoril and My Need to Nest
From her new home in Portugal and her last podcast for 2021, Diann Schindler focuses on mind improving meditation; moving from Madeira Island to Monte Estoril; and after 6 years as a solo nomad, her need to find a permanent home - where she can return after traveling.  Deepak Chopra's 21 Days of Abundance meditation podcasts.  Me on the northeast coast of Madeira Island.     Monte Estoril, the Monte Carlo of Portugal - my new community, near Lisbon, on the Iberian Peninsula.  My books: "Claim Denied"  "Just A Girl," and "The Essential Guide to a Life of Travel." My Amazon author page. Music is provided by my friend and incredible artist, Rafael Javadov: "The Amelia Island Sun, and "Journey" Thank you for listening! Diann Schindler, Facebook Author Page Diann Schindler Author Website
23:28 12/27/21
Madeira, Machico, Moby Dick and More!
Diann reports on her first 2 weeks as a resident of Portugal. Starting with Madeira Island, she discusses the village of Machico and how it got its name in 1419, the filming of the 1956 "Moby Dick" movie off the shores of northeastern Madeira Island, and the challenging adjustments to living in a new culture.  Madeira Island Machico Church - listen to those bells! Machico Beach: Whalers of Madeira. Museu da Baleia Streets surfaces on Madeira that Diann discussed: My first apartment in Canico.   "Claim Denied" on Amazon Please comment, rate this podcast, and share with your friends. You can contact me at  Be sure to subscribe! Check out my websites, as well:  and  The introduction and conclusion music is by Rafael Javadov, "The Amelia Island Sun." Interlude music is "Tiny People" by Alexei De Bronhe. Thank you for listening!
21:00 8/24/21
"Wives Who Kill" True Crime Story - Interview Dr. K. Walters
Dr. Phyllis Kuehnl Walters, aka Dr. K Walters, s is a retired clinical/forensic psychologist from Ohio. She was in private practice for over forty years and taught psychology classes at Sinclair Community College and The University of Dayton. She is married and enjoys being a wife, mother, Yaya, great grandmother, and friend to many!  She and her husband have been on 7 mission trips and are actively involved at Fairway Christian Church in The Villages, Florida. Dr. Kuehnl Walters is now “re-fired” as a published author of Christian inspirational books as well as her soon to be launched crime/romance novel. She served as Academic Dean of Casa Hope, International where she taught men who have mostly served time for alcohol and drug offenses. Dr. Kuehnl-Walters also enjoys playing golf, games, bookstores, beaches, sunsets, gospel and 60’s music. She belongs to Florida Writers Association, Word Weavers International, Inc. and previously served as treasurer of the Writers League of The Villages. “Wives Who Kill” - Sophie and Hannah: Two women with different backgrounds, different circumstances, and different mindsets. Yet, both are wanted for murder. What made them do it? Court-appointed forensic psychologist Dr. Rosie Klein untangles the web of circumstances surrounding each violent crime . . . and much more! At the recommendation of the judges and attorneys who appoint her to the cases, Dr. Klein first evaluates Sophie's case, then Hannah's state of mind at the time the women committed their separate crimes. Her search for mitigating factors, and her recommendations, will assist the Court during the sentencing phase of each woman's trial. Or should their charges of murder be commuted . . .based on what Dr. Rosie finds? You be the judge after you read the reasons behind Wives Who Kill. Click HERE for the FIRST podcast with Dr. Kuehnl Walters on March 5, 2020. *** “The Christmas Slayings” “Worry, Fret, and Fear... No More!: Covid-19 Edition” “Become a Beacon of Light: Develop the Fruit of the Spirit and Reflect God's Love” “Creating Balance & Purpose in Life: Finding Meaning in All Seasons & Stages of Life” Click HERE for Dr. Phyllis Kuehnl Walters Amazon Author Page.   You, too, can be interviewed on "In the Know!"  More information.      Music: “The Amelia Island Sun” by Rafael Javadov    Thank you for listening.    
36:53 3/15/21
Bollinger's 7th Medical Thriller: "The Healing Tree"
Darryl Bollinger and his wife, June, live in western North Carolina. He has a master’s degree in health care administration from Trinity University and spent twenty-eight years working in the health care industry. He has always loved reading. As a child growing up in middle-class surroundings, books offered an escape and a chance to experience the world in ways he never thought possible. A successful businessman and entrepreneur, he finally decided to pursue his first love of writing. Darryl’s wish is that his readers will be transported and entertained in the same way that he still is today. He is on the board of the Florida Authors and Publishers Association, a member of the Florida Writers Association, and former president of the Tallahassee Writers Association. His new novel, "The Healing Tree", and the topic of this podcast, opens in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and is his second novel set in the area. Read MORE about all of his novels. Also, email Darryl at for questions and/or comments. And be among the first to have a copy of “The Healing Tree” before it is available for the general public by letting Darryl know you’d like to order an advanced copy. You can purchase Darryl’s books on Amazon. Here’s his author page. Click HERE to purchase "The Healing Tree." And you can purchase at the Blue Ridge Books, 428 Hazelwood Ave., Waynesville, NC 28786. (828) 456-6000  Darryl mentioned “Trails of Tears” by John Ehle. You can find it HERE. "The Healing Tree" Virtual Book Launch. Please help Darryl choose a date and time for his Virtual Book Launch which will take place on Zoom in late March, either March 23, 24, or 25. Time? Either 2:00, 4:00 or 6:30. He wants to hear from you!  Click HERE to access the form. Fill it out and send it to Thank you so much!  Intro and Outgo music is Rafael Javadov’s “The Amelia Island Sun” Interlude music is “Dusk” by Dream Machine.  "Eagle Feather" Pan Flute by Kerri Lake Comments: Thank you for listening.
26:57 2/25/21
Writer's Block and What To Do About It.
Writers' block is real, and it came at me with a vengeance, cloaked in what I thought was celebratory excitement at the point I released my thriller novel manuscript to beta readers. When I mustered the courage to face the truth, paralysis was poised to take control. I had to change my thoughts, my emotions, my mind. Listen to my strategies to address a personal variety of writer’s block. My next novel, a thriller entitled "Claim Denied" is coming soon. Email me at for an advanced copy and/or for launching information.   "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron (Three morning pages.) Note, I reference writing three morning pages but, to be clear, I didn't include it as a strategy for improving tennis ... only for addressing my writer's block.   "Short Tarot-Centered Meditation for Artists to Overcome Writing Fear" by Thea Fiore-Bloom (Scroll down to the middle of the page to find this meditation.) "The War of Art" by Steven Pressfield. Intro and outgo music: "The Amelia Island Sun" by Rafael Javadov Interlude music: "Headache" by Dream Machine Thank you for listening.
21:33 2/9/21
2020 to 2021 Looking Forward: Goals
I'm back to podcasting again after a 6-week hiatus and I'm writing goals for 2021. First, in order to look forward, I needed to look back to 2020...briefly, at least. This podcast does that: I look back and then talk about my 2021 goals with an eye to encouraging you to write your goals for 2021. I mentioned two previous podcasts for your listening pleasure:  "A Writer's Life: A Setting Surprise"  Thriller: "Claim Denied" A Reading Also, I developed a 2020 Goal setting worksheet. If you would like a copy, please email me at I'll send you a blank worksheet and a sample, as well. Music for this podcast: "The Amelia Island Sun" by Rafael Javadov and "Bach-6-3" by Courante. Thank you for listening. Diann        
21:51 1/21/21
Thriller "Claim Denied": A Reading.
Schindler's latest book, "Claim Denied," is an electrifying international cyber-espionage thriller. It emerged from her experiences as a higher educational consultant at an American University in Kosovo. Publication is late 2020.  Blurb on the back cover:  Feisty and outspoken Margot Evelyn Hart and her fiancé, the charming and wealthy activist Andrey Orlov Stephen, left Minnesota to launch a new life abroad. Their plan: he’d work for the State Department and she’d teach English. Together, they’d make a difference in peoples’ lives throughout the world. One country at a time, starting in Prishtina, Kosovo. Within days of their arrival in Prishtina, her world crashed. Margot learned someone had killed Andy,  a single gunshot to the back of his head. She refused to believe it until an ominous stranger banged on her door, and she learned undeniable facts. Andy was dead and she was prey. Margot knew one person in all of Kosovo. Andy’s friend, Grey Valentin. She loathed the rotund and awkward know-it-all. But he was her only hope of untangling this traumatic murder. Why would anyone want to kill her beloved Andy? How had she become the hunted? Can she decode the clues in time? Will she survive? --- For more information about her virtual interactive book launching and publication information for "Claim Denied," email her at Music is "Journey" by Rafael Javadov. Click here for his Facebook page.  Thank you for listening. Please be sure to leave a comment and a rating.  Thank you again.
16:59 10/27/20
Barbara Rein's "Tales from the EERie Canal" - An Interview
Barbara Rein debuted her first book series in fourth grade, The Adventures of Cassandra McGillicuddy in Outer Space, complete with stick figures drawings. Admonished by her teacher for doing book reports on her own books (and didn't she have chutzpah), she put writing aside for years while stories piled up in her head. One day she opened her laptop and out they poured. She's now an award-winning and Amazon-best-selling author. She lives with her husband and dachshund, traveling with a well-packed suitcase between New York and Florida. Barbara writes strange, fantastical, and downright weird short stories. Darkly brilliant tales that teeter on the edge of reality. Reimagined nightmares concocted from a childhood diet of macabre fairy tales and endless episodes of Twilight Zone. She also writes chuckle-inducing personal essays inspired by the quirks and oddities that bounce her way. Click HERE to purchase "Tales from the EERie Canal." Barbara Rein Facebook Page Barbara Rein Amazon Author Page Edward St. John Gorey (February 22, 1925 – April 15, 2000) was an American writer and artist noted for his illustrated books. His characteristic pen-and-ink drawings often depict vaguely unsettling narrative scenes in Victorian and Edwardian settings.  Music by Rafael Javadov "The Amelia Island Sun" and Alexei De Bronhe's "To Take Courage." Thank you for listening.  
31:23 10/22/20
Techno Thriller "The Crucible of Steele" by Linda M. Whitaker: An Interview
Linda M. Whitaker is a retail data scientist, and a writer of science and technology thrillers.  By day she plays with numbers, by night, with words. Linda started writing around 2011 when she took her first mystery class with Ellen Hart, a prolific Minneapolis author.   Many years of learning and perseverance have finally led to her debut novel. Linda resides with her husband in the mountains of Western North Carolina.  She loves running in the forest, gardening, cooking, and playing with her dog and cat. Debut Novel, “The Crucible of Steele” - Thriller, near future Science Fiction BUY on Amazon: US, CA, UK, etc “Emiko's Story” - If you'd like to learn more about Georgia Steele's world, click HERE for a free copy of Emiko's Story as told through the teen’s eyes. Accompany Emiko as she goes on her search for Georgia.  To learn more about “The Darwin Letters” and Sir Francis Galton, click on Whitaker’s Blog HERE. "Elon Musk Announces Neuralink Advance Toward Syncing Our Brains with AI"   Linda M. Whitaker Author Facebook Page Linda Whitaker Twitter handle:  @lindamwhitaker ----- For the “In the Know” Interview Request Form, click HERE.  Click HERE for Diann’s new book: “Claim Denied”   Music by Rafael Javadov: “The Amelia Island Sun” and “Hunt Valley” ©Copyright All Rights Reserved 2020 Thank you for listening. Please leave comments and forward to your friends.  
39:14 10/8/20
Escape into Small Town Genre: Books and Movies
Readers love stories that take place in small towns. Everyone has something to hide. The characters are steeped in juicy stuff such as, pure and simple small politics, personal rivalries, hidden agendas, and petty vendettas that often have little to do the broader matters at hand - none the less, engaging drama. Setting is more intimate in a small town. The characters are in a close-knit community. When characters are “close knit” it can be dreadful for the protagonist. Remember old man Potter from the Building and Loan in “It’s a Wonderful Life”? The story wouldn’t be a story without protagonist Potter.  When well done, we get involved and experience more emotion in the circle of personalities in a small-town story. Diann lists a few classic small-town novels and discusses small-town movies. Her latest novel is  “Claim Denied”. Intro and out go music is “The Amelia Island Sun” composed and performed by Rafael Javadov. Musical Interludes: “Golden Memories” by Vadim Derepa  
22:10 10/1/20
Agde, France July 2017 Revisited
In July 2017, I stayed in The Petite House (Airbnb) in Agde, France, a tiny village of 22,450 pop. a mile north of Cap de Agde, the seaside resort on the Mediterranean Sea. Giving this is the first week of the French Open, I thought it fitting I indulge myself and reminisce  about this lovely village. I mentioned VPNBaron - great way to watch the French Open Tennis Tournament live and free. Take a few minutes to view the Agde, France Photo Gallery.  I also mentioned the video I made while I was there: Agde, France  Intro and outgo music is "The Amelia Island Sun" by Rafael Javadov.  Interlude music is "Golden Memories" by Vadim Derepa. Thank you for listening!  Please leave a comment and review. Also please share with your family and friends. 
08:55 9/29/20
Bona's Bite-Size Nuggets: Dialogue 102
Bona Hayes is a writer and editor who helps authors craft and self publish their works. Her goal is to take YOUR art and make it readable the way you hear it.  She works with you to engage and enthuse your readers. Podcast: Dialogue 101  Dialogue 102: Creating dialogue to avoid "monomouth." Editor Bona Hayes and Diann Schindler provide examples of dialogue illustrating word choice, cadence, pet words and phrases, and reactions to stress, shock, and excitement.  The term "monomouth" is mentioned in and borrowed from The Career Author (Zach Bohannon and J. Thorn) Podcast: The Dialogue Doctor: Jeff Elkins. Millard Johnson, The Villages FL, Author, check out his books on Amazon. Marjorie Speirs, Author and Blogger: "A Woman of a Certain Age"  The latest book on Diann's night stand is Laura Kaye's "Hard As It Gets" - a romance. Bona's night stand book is Anne Lamott's "Bird by Bird - Some Instructions on Writing & Life" Diann's Media Kit Page.  If you would like a free copy of the "Media Kit List," please email your request to  For more information about Diann's latest novel, "Claim Denied" click HERE . To receive publication updates, please write to her at Thank you for listening.  Please subscribe, leave comments and or requests. Also, forward to your family and friends. Intro and out go music is "The Amelia Island Sun" composed and performed by Rafael Javadov.  Interlude music is "Russian Soap Opera" by Ilya Truhanov and "Golden Memories" by Vadim Derepa.
34:41 9/25/20
From Prishtina to Chiang Mai: RERELEASE
DiannAbroad, solo nomad, travel blogger, and travel photographer, captures her experiences working for the American University of Kosovo and facing a series of eye surgeries in Prishtina, the capital city of Kosovo. After a very long 6 months, she escapes to Chiang Mai, Thailand, the Land of Smiles.   There, she finds the zen-like serenity preys on her mind and allows her to see how she has repressed fear of blindness. Diann goes on to illustrate how she managed to face her fears and change her mind.  
17:59 9/19/20
Bona's Bite Size Nuggets: Dialogue 101
Enjoy fun and substantive discussions about writing.  Bona's Bite Size Nuggets recordings are released the fourth Thursday of every month. This month's topic is DIALOGUE 101 For September 25, 2020 the topic will be DIALOGUE 102. To get a head start, check out "Your Guide to Writing  Better Dialogue."  NY Book Editor Bona Hayes is an editor who hears the words and cadence of written work much like a conductor hears a symphony. She has an ear for writing and combines it with her professional background in business communications, to edit manuscripts for authors. Put sparkle in your writing!  Bona Hayes Website. Bona Hayes Facebook Page   During this episode, Bona read some good examples of dialogue from her nightstand book:  JR Minard's "Coach in Cottage C". Bona is also reading Dr. J's "Chemical [sex]X 2 just one more: An Erotic Chocolate Anthology."  I interviewed Bona Hayes in a previous episode  Confessions with Editor Bona Hayes.     Diann's nightstand book is Syd Field's "Screenplay: The Foundations of Screenwriting".  Diann Schindler Author Facebook   THANK YOU FOR LISTENING!   Music: Rafael Javadov The Amelia Island Sun and interludes Cerulean Skies by Ilya Truhanov.  
33:07 8/27/20
Bona's Bite Size Nuggets: Showing vs Telling
Enjoy fun and substantive discussions about writing.  Conversations for all levels of writers: beginners, intermediate and advanced. Bona's Bite Size Nuggets recordings are released the fourth Thursday of every month. This month's topic is SHOWING VS TELLING For August 2020 the topic will be DIALOGUE.  To get a head start, check out "Your Guide to Writing Better Dialogue."  NY Book Editor Bona Hayes is an editor who hears the words and cadence of written work much like a conductor hears a symphony. She has an ear for writing and combines it with her professional background in business communications, to edit manuscripts for authors. She enjoys working with writers to retain their voice and style. Her goal is to identify, engage, and enthuse their target markets. Put sparkle in your writing!  Bona Hayes Website. Bona Hayes Facebook Page During this episode, Bona read some good examples of showing from JJ Clarke's "Dared to Run." I interviewed Bona Hayes in a previous episode  Confessions with Editor Bona Hayes.   Bona's nightstand book "The Complete Guide to Writing Fiction and NonFiction: and Getting It Published"  by Kubis and Howland.    Diann's nightstand book "Writing a Killer Thriller: an editor's guide to writing compelling fiction" by Jodie Renner.   Reedsy blog Jenkins:  Show, Don't Tell  Diann Schindler Author Facebook   THANK YOU FOR LISTENING!   Music: Rafael Javadov The Amelia Island Sun. and interludes Cerulean Skies by Ilya Truhanov.  
49:38 7/23/20
Bona's Bite Size Nuggets
BONA'S BITE SIZE NUGGETS: Enjoy fun and substantive discussions about writing.  Conversations for all levels of writers: beginners, intermediate and even advanced. Bona Hayes is an editor who hears the words and cadence of written work much like a conductor hears a symphony. She has an “ear” for writing and combines it with her professional background in business communications, to edit manuscripts for authors. She enjoys working with writers to retain their voice and style. Her goal is to identify, engage, and enthuse their target markets. Bona splits her time between New Hampshire and Florida, where she is a member of the Florida Writers’ Association and a local writer’s group.  Contact Info: on Facebook I interviewed Bona Hayes in a previous episode:  Confessions with Editor Bona Hayes.   This episode is about Point of View. The point of view of a book is the method and perspective an author uses for conveying the story.  Writers may choose to tell their story from one of four perspectives: First person point of view.First person is when “I” am telling the story. The character is in the story, relating his or her experiences directly. Second person point of view.The story is told to “you.” This POV is not common in fiction, but it’s still good to know (it is common in nonfiction). Third person point of view, limited.The story is about “he” or “she.” This is the most common point of view in commercial fiction. The narrator is outside of the story and relating the experiences of a character. Third person point of view, omniscient. The story is still about “he” or “she,” but the narrator has full access to the thoughts and experiences of all characters in the story. For more information, check out "Point of View: First, Second and Third Person POV."  and "The Ultimate Point of View Guide: Third Person Omniscient vs. Third Person Limited vs. First Person."  We read from Dared to Run by J.J. Clarke.  You can buy her books here: Bona's Bite Size Nuggets will be released every 4th Thursday of the month.  Our next episode focuses on "showing vs. telling."  If you have time, prior listening to Bona's next episode on July 23rd, bone up by reading this article:  "The Difference Between Showing and Telling." Please subscribe, comment and rate.  Let us know what you want Bona to talk about in future episodes. Email me at  Or Bona at  Musical interludes are from music by Ilya Truhanov Intro and out go music is "The Amelia Island Sun"  by Rafael Javadov. Thank you for listening!    
19:16 6/25/20
Interview: Marilyn Atlas, Film Producer/Personal Manager
Diann interviews Marilyn R. Atlas – Film Producer/Personal Manager, a charismatic and down -to-earth professional with great tips for character development; and creating bold, complex and memorable characters.  She is a delight!    Marilyn R. Atlas is a talent and literary manager, author, and award-winning producer. Among her credits as a film producer are “Real Women Have Curves” for HBO, which won the Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival; “A Certain Desire,” starring Sam Waterston; and “Echoes,” which won the Gold Award at the Texas International Film Festival. In addition to producing a variety of programming for the cable/pay TV market, Marilyn’s also produced live theater. She co-produced the West Coast premiere of the musical “God Bless You Mr. Rosewater” by Ashman and Menken (the writers of “Enchanted” and “Tangled”). And, her list of credit goes on! Purchase her book  “Dating Your Character…a Sexy Guide to Screenwriting for im and TV”:   for the hard copy -    for the e-book   Click here for book flyer and more information: *** Darryl Bollinger is the award-winning author of six novels, all medical thrillers, and is currently working on number seven.  His last novel, The Cure, is set in Western North Carolina. In 2018, The Cure won a gold medal from the Florida Authors and Publishers Association in their President’s Book Awards national contest. Kirkus Reviews had this to say about the book: "The author continues his streak of engrossing medical tales with this winner."   “The Cure” TAGLINE:   If you already have the cure, all you need is the disease. When the FDA denies approval for a new flu vaccine, Dr. Eric Carter desperately searches for a way to save the drug and the company. Little does he know, others are crafting a man-made virus. When the virus appears, Carter must race to find a solution before it's too late. Buy your copy here:  *** Dr.J. Retired Sex Therapist Turned Erotica Writer:  What happens when thirteen erotica authors become tempted with aphrodisiac chocolates? They create bite-sized erotic treats guaranteed to satisfy even the most discerning tastes. From mythic lovers to well-dressed hunks, and breaking down barriers, to taming a beast, each story is delightfully infused with sexy shenanigans. Chemical [se]X 2 delivers the desserts.     “Chemical [se]X 2”  Buy it here: *** Thank you for listening! -  Music for this Episode: Rafael Javadov "The Amelia Island Sun." "Sunrise" Music by Ilya Marfin from Fugue "Family Table" Music by Ilya Truhanov from Fugue Tiny People    Music by Alexei De Bronhe from Fugue  
39:15 6/4/20
Confessions of an Editor with Bona Hayes
Author Biography-J.J. Clarke J.J. Clarke, author of the Kate Anderson mystery series, draws on extensive experience in law enforcement and a degree in psychology to craft compelling characters and stories. Clarke’s scenes arise from real-life experiences as a bond investigator, parole officer, and district administrator of the largest penitentiary in the state of Missouri. She knows her stuff and spins a good story with a kick-ass heroine, humor and convincing dialogue.  Clarke lives in Florida and is a member of the Florida Writers’ Association and a local writer’s group. She loves to speak to book clubs and social groups. Contact Info: on Facebook jjclarkeauthor  on Twitter       Editor Biography - Bona Hayes Bona Hayes is a writer and editor who draws on a professional career in training, marketing and human resources to craft manuscripts for aspiring authors and help them publish their works.  She has experience in communications, special events, seminars, and writing for print ads and websites.  Bona takes the writer’s art and translates it into a reader’s experience. Her goal is to engage and enthuse the target market. Bona lives in Florida and is a member of the Florida Writers’ Association and a local writer’s group. Contact Info: on Facebook Dared to Return and Dared to Run - Fiction/Mystery/Thriller Buy J.J. Clarke's books with these links: DARED TO RUN -  A KATE ANDERSON MYSTERY-THRILLER by J.J. CLARKE “Fast-paced engaging story of a young heroine facing what seemed like insurmountable odds. Quirky plot twists and comical scenes kept me on the edge of my seat.” – Paula Tucker, Author, Surviving: A Kent State Memoir  “Keeps the reader in enjoyable suspense.” – Riley Moon Book club members rate it 5 stars. In an elite FBI academy, Kate Anderson, a new college grad, is stalked and terrorized by a corrupt deputy sheriff.  Unable to stop the harassment because of his powerful connections and threats to her family, Kate is forced to try desperate measures to protect herself and her grandparents. As her terror increases, she discovers an underground network of women helping victims escape abusive men. Meet Dirty Sally, Sister Anne, and a trucker nicknamed The Black Angel—women who orchestrate Kate’s escape. When the deputy is shot, Kate is accused of the crime,  and goes on the run rather than risk an unjust conviction. Take a high-tension ride with Kate through Missouri and Georgia as she avoids capture, relying on friends, the network, and grit to stay one step ahead of the law. With a bounty on her head, will Kate evade the marshals? Can she keep up the disguise? Will she ever see her family again? Dared to Run is a thriller not to be missed! Previous podcast interview with Valerie Frances. Interview Request Form  Music:  "The Amelia Island Sun" Rafael Javadov and "Dusk" Dream Machine.
37:52 5/14/20
"Guam: Where America’s Day Begins" (a preview) by Margaret Best
Margaret Best was born in New York, graduated high school in Germany and college in Louisiana. She married in Illinois and moved back to Louisiana. She has two sons born in Texas and one daughter born in New Mexico and eight grandchildren. She lived in several countries, states and territories-Germany, Puerto Rico, Egypt, Japan, Guam, and the United States. She retired from teaching elementary school in Florida before pursuing a career as an author. Her books are available on Amazon and at Barns $ Noble. She has two memoirs: Unsung Hero, and  Dandelion Child: A Soldier’s Daughter. Her newest book, a memoir/travel titled Guam: Where America’s Day Begins will be available in 2021. Best's books, “Unsung Hero” (memoir/biography) and “Dandelion Child: A Soldier’s Daughter,” (coming of age memoir), are available on Amazon Facebook pages: DiannAbroad  
39:24 5/9/20
"Surviving: A Kent State Memoir" Author Paula Stone Tucker- Rerelease
(This interview was initially released January 3, 2020. ) Diann Schindler interviews awarding winning author Paula Stone Tucker: "Surviving: A Kent State Memoir." Paula Stone Tucker was 30 yards in front of the National Guard when they fired into a crowd of students on May 4, 1970 at Kent State University. A retired clinical psychologist, she worked with families, couples,  and  survivors of trauma and abuse. In her younger days she was a reporter for the Akron Beacon Journal and the Daily Kent Stater. She grew up in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio and graduated from Kent State University.  She splits her time between northeast Ohio and The Villages, Florida where she writes, plays the flute and is learning to play golf. Her first book, Surviving: A Kent State Memoir, is the Silver Medal Award winner in the Memoir and Biography category of the Florida Writers Association 2019 Literary Award Competition. She is available for interviews.  You can contact her at, at, or on Facebook at Paula Tucker, Author. She looks forward to hearing from you and reading your reviews. Buy Paula's book on Amazon. Would you like to be interviewed on "In the Know!"?  Simply complete this Interview Request Form and forward to  Thank you for listening!  Please be sure to leave a comment.  Share share with your family and friends.  Finally, rate this episode.   Midroll music is "Tiny People" by Alexei De Bronhe.   Questions or comments?
29:48 5/2/20
Spiritual Leader Sharon Snir discusses her books, isolation, miracles, and more.
Sharon Snir was born in Sydney, Australia and began her professional life as an early childhood educator. Following the birth of her five children Sharon changed professions and trained as a clinical psychotherapist and worked in that field for over thirty years, while also giving regular local and international workshops and seminars. In her blog, Speed of Light Heartedness, she shares her philosophical and spiritual musings. Over the past ten years she has written three books is now in the process of writing her fourth. To purchase her books, "The Little Book of Everyday Miracles," "The 12 Levels of Being,"  and "Looking for Lionel- How I Lost and Found my Mother Through Dementia",  click HERE. Sharon Snir   The Speed of Light Heartedness  Music: "The Amelia Island Sun" by Rafael Javadov and "Tiny People" by Alexei De Bronhe
51:44 4/23/20
J.R. Minard Interview: "Coach in Cottage C" Historical Fiction
A long time Florida resident, J.R. Minard taught in high school and junior college classrooms and raised two teenage daughters.  She later became part of the faculty at the Job Corps in Charles Town, WV and taught the GED program to young men and women who wished to complete their high school diploma and become employed. She spends time as a volunteer with the Patriotic Service Dogs who are trained at Lowell Correctional Institute in Ocala, Florida. A mid-life crisis and a reunion with a dear friend, Rose Imregi, ignited a buried determination to write. A chance encounter with a well- known FSU football quarterback who told of his life changing experiences the following evening, clinched the deal. Together they wrote a passionate novel that sets the story straight about the Florida School for Boys, a boys’ reform school now known as the Dozier School for Boys. Links to where people can buy your book(s):  Jane's website : Click here to read the review of "Coach in Cottage C."  Musical intro and outgo is "The Amelia Island Sun" composed and performed by Rafael Javadov.  Also, interludes are from "Dusk" by Dream Machine
31:49 4/20/20
The Camera Man and Other Relationship Revelations Part 2
This is rerelease of this episode, first released in December, 2018. Listen to Part 2 of Diann's true story of leaving a marriage, her view of romantic relationships, a surprise meeting with the Camera Man, and what happens next. In case you missed it, listen to Part I, here.  Thank you for listening and please subscribe. Copyright 2020 DiannAbroad All rights reserved.  
21:30 4/17/20
The Camera Man and Other Relationship Revelations: A Short Story Part One
Listen to Diann's true story of leaving a marriage, her view of romantic relationships, and a surprise meeting: the camera man. (First published in December, 2018.) Copyright  DiannAbroad All rights reserved.
19:25 4/10/20
Romantic Mystery Author Geralyn Vilar: An Interview
Geralyn Vilar Geralyn Vilar was born and raised in Belleville, New Jersey. After high school she married and while raising her children, she  received her A.A.S. degree in nursing from   Essex County College. Later in life she received her BSN. Part of her education for   her BSN included a class in poetry. Her professor was taken by her work and she began to seriously consider writing. Her first novel, "One Spring Day" was published on March 12, 2020 and is available through Amazon. She is a mother and grandmother and lives with her husband David in The Villages, Florida. Amazon Author Page     Buy One Spring Day Write to Geralyn:  Find out more about Scrivener HERE.  Find free lance services at Fivver. To interview on "In the Know!" click here for more information.  NOTE:  the fee is reduced to $50 during this time we are all looking to stay safe and healthy with the threat of COVID-19.  Please email me at for questions. Music Sources:  "The Amelia Island Sun" by Rafael Javadov and "Smile" by Gabriel. Thank you for listening.  Diann
30:55 4/3/20
"I am grateful...." A list by Diann Schindler, Ph.D.
This is a good time for me to take a moment to list those things for which I am grateful, especially during this lengthy isolation. What are you grateful for?  Please comment. Thank you for listening.  Music is "Miracle Music" written by Dream Machine Intro and Outgo Music:  "The Amelia Island Sun" Rafael Javadov
06:57 4/2/20