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Step inside the contemporary Dior mind with ‘Dior Talks’, a series of podcasts aimed at bringing together both the people who directly shape the creative direction of the House and those whose artistic, cultural or intellectual impact influence its narrative. The sixth series, ‘Feminism’, focuses on the women who have inspired Maria Grazia Chiuri, both professionally and personally, and who have been involved in the bold collaborations with the House that the Creative Director of Women’s collections has orchestrated and championed since her arrival in 2016. These podcasts provide a stimulating outlet for the voices of these influential and empowered figures, who talk openly and honestly about their lives, their motivations, the challenges they’ve overcome and their hopes for the future. The series is hosted by Justine Picardie, the London-based journalist and biographer.


[Heritage] Maria Grazia Chiuri and Justine Picardie unpick the multilayered heritage of Dior to reveal some surprising synchronicities 16:18 10/11/2021
[Feminism] Justine Picardie talks to Dior’s very own Creative Director of Women’s collections Maria Grazia Chiuri & her daughter Rachele 30:39 09/20/2021
[Feminism] Felicity Jones talks about acting, gender politics and her rejection of all-male environments 25:21 08/30/2021
[Feminist Art] Katy Hessel talks to artist Eva Jospin, responsible for the huge embroidered work at the most recent haute couture show 37:11 08/10/2021
[Feminist Art] Katy Hessel talks to musical artist Ioanna Gika who performed at the Cruise 2022 show in Athens, Greece 37:07 06/21/2021
[Feminism] Eleonora Abbagnato, star of international ballet & regular collaborator with Dior, discusses feminism & childhood dreams of dance 28:24 03/25/2021
[Feminism] Robin Morgan, the poet, author & a key figure in the American women’s movement, talks time, progress and her extraordinary career 32:28 03/18/2021
[Feminism] Sharon Eyal, the singular dancer and choreographer, talks to Justine Picardie about her passions, inspirations and career 29:39 03/11/2021
[Lady Art] Discover Song Dong’s Window Bag into the Soul for Dior Lady Art 21:54 02/25/2021
[Lady Art] Olga Titus on Creating an “Emotional Community” Around the Lady Dior Bag 24:48 02/18/2021
[Lady Art] Mai-Thu Perret on Exploring the Chamaeleon Qualities of the Lady Dior 21:40 02/11/2021
[Lady Art] Claire Tabouret on Exploring Wearable Art with the Lady Dior 29:46 02/04/2021
[Lady Art] Bharti Kher on Adapting her Feminist, Bindi-Themed Universe to the Lady Dior 25:39 01/28/2021
[Lady Art] Recycle Group’s Georgy Kuznetsov and Andrey Blokhin Talk Hacking Reality for Dior Lady Art 31:07 01/21/2021
[Lady Art] Chris Soal on Combining the Haute and the Humble for Dior Lady Art 33:04 01/14/2021
[Lady Art] Gisela Colon Talks Taking the Lady Dior to the Moon 28:56 01/07/2021
[Lady Art] Joël Andrianomearisoa on Materializing Emotion Through Art and Getting Lost in the Lady Dior Labyrinth 30:00 12/17/2020
[Lady Art] Judy Chicago Talks Metamorphosing the ‘Lady Dior’, Fashion as a Vehicle for Empowerment, and What She Keeps in Her Handbag 30:38 12/10/2020
[Lady Art] The New Dior Lady Art Dior Talks Podcast Series and the Legacy of the Lady Dior 05:38 12/03/2020
[Lady Art Teaser] Introducing the Dior Talks Dior Lady Art Podcast Series 01:05 12/03/2020
[Joaillerie] Eric Troncy, critique d’art et commissaire d’exposition, interroge Victoire de Castellane sur son processus créatif 36:43 11/26/2020
[Joaillerie] Donatien Grau, philosophe & critique d’art, échange sur les représentations & le pouvoir du bijou dans l’histoire de l'art 48:37 11/26/2020
[Joaillerie] Patrizia Ciambelli, ethnologue et fille de joaillier, nous transporte dans ses souvenirs et partage sa notion d’héritage 39:16 11/19/2020
[Joaillerie] Georges Vigarello, agrégé de philosophie, nous conte l’évolution des bijoux et de leur symbolique au fil des siècles 31:46 11/19/2020
[Joaillerie] Vannina Micheli-Rechtman, psychanalyste et médecin psychiatre, nous transmet sa vision du rapport du bijou au corps 24:20 11/12/2020
[Joaillerie] Olivier Saillard, historien de la mode, nous partage son riche savoir sur la joaillerie 25:40 11/12/2020
[Joaillerie Teaser] Victoire de Castellane, créatrice de la haute joaillerie de la Maison Dior, nous emporte dans son univers fantastique 01:33 11/05/2020
[Female gaze] The feminist art historian and critic discusses self-portraiture and photography as tools for female self-expression 31:05 10/29/2020
[Female gaze] Artist and photographer Viviane Sassen discusses the connections between fine art & fashion elements of her creative practice 29:47 10/22/2020
[Female gaze] The photography rule-breaking fashion photographer discusses her career, aesthetic, and portraying women 32:06 10/15/2020