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Discover what our energy past tells us about our energy future.Renowned energy pundit Peter Tertzakian weaves tales from our energy past with his own research and expertise to help you understand our current energy landscape and plan for the future. Full of insight, humour and thought-provoking wisdom, these stories are essential listening for anybody interested in what powers our world — because the business of energy is everybody's business.The quintessential energyphile, Peter Tertzakian has devoted his career to energy. He is the Executive Director of ARC Energy Research Institute and the creator of Energyphile, an innovative project that offers a whole new way to think about energy. To find out more, visit


Reinventing the Wheel 24:49 07/22/2021
Hubris Defined 08:35 03/06/2020
The Investor Visit 17:09 03/06/2020
The Great Aha 14:27 03/06/2020
Rocket Man 11:12 03/05/2020
When Stoke Stokes 14:33 03/05/2020
Stairway to Hell 22:05 03/05/2020
Nobody Tips a Scandiscope 22:13 03/05/2020
Long Way Around 14:27 03/05/2020
Alfred Dickie's Utility Bill 17:53 03/05/2020
Once Upon a Time 14:28 03/05/2020