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Welcome to Queer Space with Alicia & Brittany -
Welcome to Queer Space with Alicia & Brittany -
47:01 11/21/23
Sin City with Onyx Muse & Valarie Peng of Damiana
Sin City with Onyx Muse & Valarie Peng of Damiana
47:46 11/21/23
Sin City with Onyx Muse and Lana Chairez - @lanachairezcomedy
Checkout this Dope Episode with Onyx Muse and her guest Lana , killer comedian. Checkout this hilarious sex filled episode
51:59 11/21/23
Haze Spotlight with Valerie Peng - Owner & CEO of Hi-Grade Supply Co
Haze Spotlight with Valerie Peng - Owner & CEO of Hi-Grade Supply Co
32:26 11/11/23
Talkin & Tokin with Natures Chemistry Guest Andy
Talkin & Tokin with Natures Chemistry Guest Andy
48:27 11/9/23
The Betty K Show with D3 The Rocstar
The Betty K Show with D3 The Rocstar
51:40 11/9/23
The Betty K Show with Alicia Goku Returns
The Betty K Show with Alicia Goku Returns
59:06 11/9/23
Talkin & Tokin Ep 2
Talkin & Tokin Ep 2
48:03 11/9/23
Talkin & Tokin Intro
Talkin & Tokin Intro
50:50 11/9/23
Sin City with Onyx Muse & Betty Krocker
Checkout the premiere of Sin City with Onyx with Betty Krocker
55:10 11/9/23
The Betty K Show with Earthsmokes
The Betty K Show with Earthsmokes
45:28 11/9/23
Haze Radio Spotlight with Rocky from Lemon Tree
Checkout this super dope episode with old school cali cultivators. As we chop it up with Rocky from Lemon Tree Brands.
38:53 10/8/23
Haze Spotlight with Kush Rush with AL & FOUR
Checkout this dope Episode with this super Chronic Brand and favorite strains get busted out. Check Al from Kush Rush with his homie Four.
38:27 10/1/23
Haze Radio Spotlight with Katie Enright from Lavinia
Checkot this episode with Andrew & His guest from Lavina , Checkout there new adult cannabis product.
32:44 7/17/23
Haze Radio Spotlight with Jordon Ash - Cannabis Attorney
Checkout this great episode with Cannabis Attorney Jordan Ash
30:46 7/17/23
Haze Radio Spotlight with Music Artist , Lincoln Roy
Come hang out with us as we listen to some great tracks with artist Lincoln Roy.
35:29 7/17/23
Haze Radio Spotlight with Astro & Matrix
Checkout this great episode as we blaze it up with Astro & Matrix , Cannabis Enthusiast & Music Artists.
22:33 7/10/23
Dude Where's my Lighter - Stoner Secrets - Meet the Design Mastermind Shaping the Future of HEMPER, Gabe Grant
Join the dudes with special guest Gabe Grant, the Director of Product Development at HEMPER! So grab your favorite strain, settle in, and join us for a captivating conversation about the artistry, and innovation, of HEMPER glass. Get ready for an engaging conversation about the intersection of design, cannabis culture, and the creative process behind crafting our HEMPER Boxes.
59:30 7/7/23
Haze Radio Spotlight with Rob Chambers Dank City
Checkout Haze Radio Spotlight with Andrew & Tyreece as they talk to Cannabis Entrepenuer Rob Chambers
35:04 7/4/23
Dude Where's My Lighter - Synth Vibes, Hazy Highs, and the Creative Mind of JackEL
Flo, Angel, and JackEL talk about music, weed, and personal experiences. They discuss JackEL's background as a DJ, their favorite music, the accessibility and quality of weed, and the challenges of working in the music industry. They also discuss Hemper's move to Vegas, their product line, and plans for a clothing brand.
101:37 6/30/23
Haze Media - Covers Sterling Club Private Cannabis Club
Checkout this dope episode as Haze Media covers the Private Cannabis Sterling Social Club. We interview a few members and get here take on this cool event.
51:49 6/21/23
Dude Where's My Lighter - Beyond the Strip , Unveiling Secrets as a Content Creator in Sin City with Danny Steele & Alex Coal -
Adult stars Alex Coal and Danny Steele join Angel and Flo to smoke up and talk shop. They discuss their love for cannabis, experiences in the restaurant industry, favorite food and drinks, and their passion projects. They also touch on topics such as VR porn, subscription platforms for performers, and the challenges facing the cannabis industry. The show gets hot, steamy, smoky, and a little tipsy. Listen now and get caught up on the cutting edge of the cannabis and adult industries.
147:10 6/16/23
Dude Where's My Lighter - Tantalizing Tales: OnlyFans, Traveling, and Tacos with Domo Monster
Special guest Domo Monster joins Angel and Flo to discuss all things smokable, and their experiences in the industry. They also talk about their favorite spots in Los Angeles, martial arts, and their meeting on Clubhouse. Check out all the great product featured in this video, and see how many pipes and bongs they can power through before they get the munchies!
80:52 6/9/23
Dude Where's My Lighter - Adulting with Alexis Fawx
On this episode, we're joined by Alexis Fawx. She explores the various levels of pools and how athletes use oxygenated pools for health benefits. We discuss the dangers of social media scams and the importance of being careful when traveling. She shares her excitement about her new dining room table and then discusses the art of squirting. It's a super fun conversation on a wide-ranging number of topics. Please enjoy.
105:47 6/7/23
Dude Where's My Lighter - The Most Creative and Successful Cannabis Business Strategies
Andrew Haze, from Haze Radio Network, dives into the world of Cannabis culture and industry with "Dude, Where's My Lighter," hosts Flo and Angel. They explore the significance of cannabis accessories, the industry's rapid growth, and the triumphs of various cannabis companies. The trio also shares their personal preferences for different strains and excitement for the then-upcoming 4/20 holiday. They discuss the guest's adventures in Las Vegas, where he learned about the latest trends in dabbing and oiling smoking devices, a hilariously tense encounter with security at a cannabis-related event, and the latest trends in Marijuana strains also, whether or not folks should consider going to the Sandlot theater for an upcoming smoking event.
40:31 6/2/23
Dude Where's My Lighter - Katie Kush Gives Dude, Where’s My Lighter her XXX Seal of Approval (EP.03)
Katie Kush comes on the show to hang with Angel and Flo. They discuss a variety of topics, including their gym routines, strip clubs, favorite movies, cars, allergies, travels, and experiences with drugs. They share stories about their first experiences with cannabis, their favorite strains, and how they incorporate smoking into their daily lives. They also discuss the benefits and drawbacks of smoking versus other methods of consumption. Don’t forget to check out some of Hemper’s products that all have the Katie Kush XXX seal of approval.
64:02 5/20/23
Dude Where's My Lighter - Smoking and Microdosing with Dab Som Moe
Angel and Flo are joined by weed influencer Dab Som Moe to talk smoking, dabbing, and microdosing. They also delve into other interesting subjects such as social media verification, traveling to cannabis expos, and their favorite childhood movies. They touch on upcoming events in the industry, and share personal stories and opinions on topics such as psychedelic drugs and skydiving. Chill with Angel, Flo, and Dab Som Moe, and hear about how Hemper products can maximize your high.
75:56 5/20/23
Dude Where's My Lighter - Shooting the Breeze with Snow
In this inaugural episode, Angel and Flo are joined by Snow for a wide-ranging conversation including a look at some of their favorite pieces from Hemper's monthly subscription box. The discussion shifts to Snow's journey in the cannabis landscape, where she shares her experiences and insights into the industry. She talks about her work in the cannabis business and how she has seen it evolve over the years. They also discuss the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the cannabis industry and how it has affected them personally. The trio shoot the breeze, and discuss their favorite movies and music to enjoy while high. Listen in to this fun and engaging conversation, sure to entertain and inform listeners who share a love for cannabis and its culture.
66:28 5/20/23
Behind The Leaf with Jairo - DC Budtenders Delivery
This week’s guest on Behind the Leaf is Jairo, founder of DC Nugtenders. Hear how he started and operates his cannabis delivery service located in DC.
56:00 4/21/23
Dude Where's My Lighter ? With Scotty Ball - Powered by HEMPER
Check out this legendary episode of Dude Wheres My Lighter - with Florin And Angel - Powered by HEMPER as the blaze up with Scotty Ball
55:06 4/15/23

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