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And Breathe with Rebecca Dennis

Welcome to And Breathe - the podcast to help you understand more about the power of your breath. Hosted by international author, coach and workshop leader, Rebecca Dennis. Each week you’ll hear experts and inspirational people from all walks of life share the stories and experiences that have changed their lives for the better. Throughout the podcast we will be sharing tips on how our breath can helps us through challenging times and how it’s more than just an inhale and an exhale. Accompanying each episode will be exclusive breathing exercises supporting the theme. You can come back and listen to these at any time you feel the need. They are free, easy to use, relaxing exercises and the more you practice the more you will feel the benefits. Rebecca has specially designed these to help you navigate through life – by reducing stress and anxiety, getting better sleep, feeling more clarity, focus, gain self-confidence and bringing in more energy.


Breath Exercise: Making Space to Make Decisions 14:52 02/22/2022
Change Your Breathing, Change Your Life with Dan Brule 79:59 02/15/2022
Breath Exercise: Finding Calm in the Chaos 08:43 02/08/2022
The Benefits and Science Of CBD Oil with Kloris Founder Kim Smith 39:57 02/01/2022
Breath Exercise: A Journey Into Sleep 14:31 01/25/2022
Combine Science And Sound To Help You Sleep Better with Tom Middleton 73:21 01/18/2022
Breath Exercise: Alleviating Anxiety 10:38 01/11/2022
Speaking Your Truth with Fearne Cotton 59:16 01/06/2022
Exercise For Carers and Those Needing Time To Care For Themselves 12:56 12/16/2021
Breath Exercise: Deep Release 14:41 05/07/2020
Unravelling Trauma and Healing Through Breathwork with Jambo Truong 58:19 05/07/2020
Breath Exercise: Four Suns Meditation 10:19 04/30/2020
Lunar Living with Kirsty Gallagher 55:24 04/30/2020
Breathing and Children with Special Needs with Jo Manuel 63:43 04/23/2020
Breath Exercise: Grounding 12:14 04/23/2020
BONUS Breath Exercise: Breathing Through Lockdown 10:23 04/20/2020
Breath Exercise: Yoga Nidra 13:09 04/16/2020
Thriving vs Surviving with Mark Whittle 57:08 04/16/2020
Breath Exercise: Anxiety 09:25 04/09/2020
The Power of Breath and Healing the Body with Abbie Eastwood 46:34 04/09/2020
Breath Exercise: Gratitude 09:06 04/02/2020
How Our Darkest Experiences Can Bring In The Most Light with Michele Barocchi 56:00 04/02/2020
The Foundations of Breathing 16:25 03/26/2020
Breath Exercise: Chakra Meditation 22:09 03/19/2020
Breathing For Optimum Health with Richie Bostock 73:42 03/19/2020
Breath Exercise: The Art of Letting Go 12:48 03/12/2020
Moving Through Grief with Donna Lancaster 61:28 03/09/2020
Welcome to the And Breathe Podcast 01:03 03/09/2020