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Do you love geocaching? Maybe you're new to the game and have questions. Maybe you're a seasoned cacher with thousands of find under you belt. Either way the Geocache Adventures podcast has something for you. On this podcast, I your host, Amie, Geocaching name Shadowdragn1, talk about geocaching topics from the very basics of advice for beginners to interviews with seasoned caches and their experiences with the game and what the bring to it. Like cacher moun10bike, father of the geocoin. I also take a look at geocaching related items such as the "Cache Me if You Can" geocaching board game and Geocaching Adventures LLC Travel agency that creates vacation around geocaching and more. New episodes release every two weeks. Contact at


S3E20: Wherigo Geocaches explained
A wherigo is a unique type of geocache.  They have a physical container like a traditional cache and immerse you in unique experience a bit like an adventure lab.  They are truly one or a kind.  However, they also present some unique challenges.  From trying to create a wherigo to trying to load the cartridge, these geocaches are known for frustrating geocahers.  In this episode, I talk with fellow geocacher, Steve Miller, about wherigo geocaches.  We take a look about how to create them, how to play them, and how they compare to adventure labs. Show notes can be found at   Web: Facebook: @Geocache.adventures.podcast Instagram: @geocache_adventures
51:19 09/28/2022
S3E19: Geocaching With Halemeister
So many geocachers are passionate about the game of geocaching and that passion can manifest in many different ways.  Many host events and create hides while many others enjoy documenting their travels and adventures in blog or vlog form.  Once such geocacher, who you may be familiar with, is Halemeister from the Geocaching with Halemeister YouTube Channel.  In this episode, I'm joined by Halemeister as we discuss everything from how he got started vlogging, to the origins of Mr. Bill, and much more. Show notes can be found at   Web: Facebook: @Geocache.adventures.podcast Instagram: @geocache_adventures
40:48 09/15/2022
S3E18: Geocache Search and Rescue Training
If you listen to this podcast then you know what geocaching is and most of us have probably heard of search and rescue teams before either from the news or TV or movies.  But how do the two go together and how do you train dogs to do it?  In this episode, I'm joined by returning guest Kitten Davis, to talk about her background in search in rescue and how she uses it, not only for navigation training, but to train dogs for evidence recovery. Show notes can be found at   Web: Facebook: @Geocache.adventures.podcast Instagram: @geocache_adventures
65:16 09/01/2022
S3E17: Geocache Maintenance - What you Need to Know
If you're going to talk about hiding geocaches then you should really talk about maintaining them as well right?  So it only made sense to me to do the two back to back.  Maintaining a cache may seem like common sense to some but not to all and there are so many caches out there that aren't maintained well or at all.  And so many cachers wanting to help a CO and doing maintenance on caches they find.  It seemed like to good idea take a look at the topic and shed some light on the subject for newer caches and give a refresher course to the rest of us.  Join me as I talk to returning guest Scott Miller, GSMx2, on everything from how to maintain geocaches, how to report a geocache needs maintenance, temporarily disabling a geocache vs archiving a geocache and more.   Show notes can be found at   Web: Facebook: @Geocache.adventures.podcast Instagram: @geocache_adventures
58:21 08/18/2022
Short story contest
Listen for detials on how you can enter this year's annual fictional short story contest. Music: Halloween Theme 1 by Alexander Nakarada | Music promoted by Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)
02:01 08/10/2022
S3E16 Hiding Caches
We all love finding geocaches but not everyone loves to hide them.  Maybe you're not sure how to go about hiding a geocache.  Well in this episode we cover the basics of how to hide a geocache and even some tips for hiding a geocache.  But if you're a seasoned pro at hiding geocaches, this episode has something for you as well.  In this episode I talk to fellow geocacher Trycacheus, from Gilby, North Dakota, the Disney of Geocaching and take a look at some of his gadget cache hides as well as some hides he's helped others with. Show notes can be found at   Web: Facebook: @Geocache.adventures.podcast Instagram: @geocache_adventures
46:14 08/04/2022
S3E15: World Wide Flash Mob (WWFM) Geocaching Event
You've probably heard about Mega events and even Giga events.  But what about a world wide geocaching event?  Well it just so happens there is one and it last about 15 minutes in total.  It's the Wold Wide Flash Mob (WWFM) Geocaching Event.  Join me this episode as I talk with Sonny, on of the host of the Podcacher Podcast and creators of this world wide event.  Hear the story of how it came about and maybe even get a few ideas for hosting one yourself. Show notes can be found at   Web: Facebook: @Geocache.adventures.podcast Instagram: @geocache_adventures
34:43 07/21/2022
S3E14: A Pocket Full of Caches - A Look at Pocket Queries
Maybe you've heard the term pocket queries thrown around but don't really know what they are.  Maybe you know they are a great way to create offline list but aren't sure how to do it.  If so, you're in the same category as me.  Maybe you absolutely love them and use them all the time.  If so, then you're in good company with returning guest Rich Cunningham.  You may remember Rich from part 1 of our human trackables mini series (link available below under related episodes).  Well he is back and is an avid user or pocket queries.  In this episode I talk with Rich to learn just exactly what a pocket query is, their benefits, and how to create them. Show notes can be found at   Web: Facebook: @Geocache.adventures.podcast Instagram: @geocache_adventures
35:45 07/07/2022
S3E13: Geocaching hazards ways to stay safe in the woods
There are many urban caches in the world but there are many out in the wilderness as well.  For the most part, the woods are fairly safe.  Especially if you're in an area you know or a national park or conservation area.  But there can still be some hazards lurking about.  In this episode I am joined by Dan who is a Media Specialist with the Missouri Department of Conservation to take a look at ways to stay safe in the woods.  We look at a range of topics from dealing with bugs and poison ivy to what to do if you're bitten by a snake or get lost while in the woods. Show notes can be found at   Web: Facebook: @Geocache.adventures.podcast Instagram: @geocache_adventures
64:57 06/23/2022
S3E12 Travel Bugs Band
If you love geocaching and you love music, you should check out The Travel Bugs.  With songs of all different genres and all about geocaching, there's something for everyone.  Join me as I talk with Steve, the creator of the Travel Bugs.  We talk about the origins and inspiration behind the band as well as past performances and upcoming projects and the current Travel Bugs album, Fount It! Show notes can be found at   Web: Facebook: @Geocache.adventures.podcast Instagram: @geocache_adventures
59:57 06/09/2022
S3E11: Geocaching on Vacation
Geocaching can take us to come amazing places we may never have seen without it.  So it make sense that you may want to plan a vacation around it or use it to amplify your vacation experience.  Join me as I explore how to cache on vacation, including what to do ahead of time, and hear some caching on vacation tips from other geocachers. Show notes can be found at   Web: Facebook: @Geocache.adventures.podcast Instagram: @geocache_adventures
32:32 05/26/2022
S3E10: (Mostly) Live at MOGA 2022
I hit the road (with family in tow) and head to Clark County, IL to attend MOGA 2022.  The theme was "Big Things Small Towns".  Spaning across three small towns in Illinois, who are know for hosting some world records for largest things, such as the world's largest rocking chair and world's largest gavel (just to name a couple), the theme fit very well.  What an amazing time we had exploring the area with adventure labs highlighting so many large things, going through the GPS Maze, and talking with other geocachers at the event.  Join me this episode to hear about our trip and hear from other geocacheres while at MOGA, including geocacher, AKF, the host of the MOGA. Show notes can be found at   Web: Facebook: @Geocache.adventures.podcast Instagram: @geocache_adventures
50:02 05/12/2022
S3E9: Geocaching with Kids - A Geo Mom Round Table
In the world of parenting, where is no manual, and you're never entirely sure if you're doing it right, its so reassuring to hear other parents deal with the same things.  The same thing is true when it comes to geocaching with kids.  Join me as I talk with three other geocaching moms, Angie, Kelsey, and Lanisa as we discuss the joys and struggles of geocaching with kids and answer from questions from social media.   Show notes can be found at   Web: Facebook: @Geocache.adventures.podcast Instagram: @geocache_adventures
50:23 04/28/2022
S3E8: The first geocacher to complete Route66 AL serires
On multiple episodes you've heard mentioned and discussed the Route 66 Adventure Lab Series. It is a series of adventure labs spanning across the length of historical Route 66 from Chicago, IL to Santa Monica, CA and highlights locations and history along the route. In this episodes I talk with fellow geocacher Wendy, who is the first person to complete every adventure lab location in the series. Join me as I talk with Wendy and learn the story behind her journey along the mother road. Show notes can be found at   Web: Facebook: @Geocache.adventures.podcast Instagram: @geocache_adventures
28:55 04/14/2022
S3E7 Human Trackables Karen
or the third and final part of the Human Trackables Mini Series, I talk with Kitten Davis.  Much like Rich (from part 1) and Amanda (from part 2), Kitten is a human trackable.  Unlike Rich and Amanda, Kitten's trackable is more elusive and can't be seen by the human eye.  In fact, it takes a special ToTT (tool of the trade) to discover it.  But don't worry, she keeps one on hand so if you meet her you can just use hers.  Join me as I talk with Kitten to learn more about her unique trackable and her story behind it. Show notes can be found at   Web: Facebook: @Geocache.adventures.podcast Instagram: @geocache_adventures    
36:06 03/31/2022
S3E6 Human Trackables Amanda
Much like Rich in part 1 of the series, she too has a trackable tattoo.  However, the story behind it is entirely different.  Join me as I talk to Amanda and discover the story behind her unique trackable tattoo. Show notes can be found at   Web: Facebook: @Geocache.adventures.podcast Instagram: @geocache_adventures  
28:24 03/17/2022
S3E5: Human Trackables Mini Series Part 1
Becoming a human trackable is a trend that is steadily on the rise, with several caches choosing to get tattoos that include a geocaching trackable code. Including my guest, Rich Cunningham, aka GratefulCacher, who is the proud owner of a trackable tattoo. Join me as I talk with Rich and learn his story of becoming a human trackable. Show Notes
39:28 03/03/2022
S3E4 Much a do about nothing
When I found out there was a mystery cache in mid Missouri that was published 10 years ago without anyone finding it, I was mind boggled. But how do you talk a mystery cache without giving away any hints? Turns out it's kind of hard. That didn't stop me and my guest, Unitzoid, from having a good time talking about geocaching. Join us for some talk about an unfound mystery cache and several tangent conversations that I hope you find as entertaining as we did. Show Notes
70:30 02/17/2022
S3E3: Geocaching 101 - Wirting Good Logs
We all writing find logs when we find a geocache or log a trackable. But what makes a good log? What do you include in your logs? How much should you write? Do you add pictures? There's not a wrong way to write a log and there's no set rules for what they should include but there are certain things that make a log stand out from others. Join me as I dive into what it takes to write a good log and why they matter. Show Notes
29:54 02/03/2022
S3E2: Adventure Lab Tips and Tricks
Adventure labs or lab caches are a geocache type that allows for a different type of aspect to the geocaching game and are growing in popularity. But are you really getting the most out of your adventure lab finds? Join me and returning guest Scott Miller, aka GSMx2, as Scott shares with us some of the tips and tricks he has learned for both finding and creating adventure lab. Show Notes
67:09 01/20/2022
S3E1: Challenge Caches With Cache the Line
Maybe you've never heard of challenge caches. Maybe you know of them but don't really know how to go about attempting them. Maybe you love them and they are your favorite kind of cache. Geoff, aka theBruce0 from Cache the Line, loves them. Join me and Geoff as we discuss the ins and out of challenge caches. We take a look at the rules for them, and get a few tips from Geoff himself for finding and logging them. Show Notes
52:29 01/06/2022
S2E22 Whereisitnow!
You may recall me mentioning the Whereisitnow! podcast a few times. Or maybe you've seen a few post on the Facebook page and group with links to certain episodes. It's a geocaching podcast that I personally enjoy and finally the stars have aligned (or rather our schedules have) to have host and geocacher, Mike a.k.a Whereisitnow! on as a guest to talk about his podcast. It's always fun talking to Mike and boy do we have some banter on this one. Join us for some fun and laughs as we learn the behind the sense of the Whereisitnow! geocaching podcast. Show Notes Please feel free to contact me at or on, username Shadowdragn1 Facebook: @Geocache.adventures.podcast Instagram: @geocache_adventures
46:49 11/18/2021
2021 Spooky Geocache Short Story Winner
Congratulations to Rachel Milne, the winner of the 2021 Spooky Geocache Halloween Short Story Contest. Thank you all who participated. And a big thanks to Author Stephen Mark Rainey for helping to choose the winner.
09:45 10/31/2021
S2E21: Cemetery Caches
Some people love cemeteries, some find them creepy, and some geocache in them. Join me and and my guest, fellow geocacher and podcaster, Leah as we explore geocaching in cemeteries, the difference between a cemetery and graveyard, and some of the history behind them. Show Notes
43:06 10/21/2021
S2E20: Handi Cache Geo-Art and More
Three geocachers have band together and created an entirely handicap accessible geo-art. What was their inspiration behind it? Friendship. It's a touching story of three friends who created the series for a friend who became wheelchair bound after a stroke. But this isn't their first geo-art. Join me as I talk with Ray Joe and John about the Handi-cache series, other geo-art, GPS's, the ET highway and more. Show Notes
36:18 10/07/2021
S2E19: The Goecaching Vlogger
Many of us have heard of Joshua the Geocaching Vlogger and seen his videos (if not, check it out, he's got some cool ones). His excitement and love for the game shows in this videos and and you can hear it in his voice when he talks about it and its contagious. This episode I talk with Joshua and hear the story of his first ever geocache find, how his vlog got started, and his love of geocaching. Show Notes
58:55 09/23/2021
S2E18: TineySuperman
It's a bird. It's a plan. No it's TinySuperman. But is he a superhero loves to geocache or a Geocacher who just really likes Superman? Well I don't know about the superhero part but from a Superman trackables featured on Instagram to a Superman geo-art, I'd say it's safe to bet he's a fan. Join me as I talk with Stu, aka TinySuperman, to learn more about his geo-art and his em-famous trackable. Show Notes
30:32 09/09/2021
S2E17: Route 66 Adventure Series
Thanks to the new Adventure lab series, now you can get your kicks and Lab caches on Route 66. Join me as I talk to G. Scott Miller (aka gsmx2), the coordinator of this impressive series to find out the inspiration behind the series and how it came together. Show Notes
52:00 08/26/2021
Short Story Contest 2021
Theme: Spooky/Halloween Geocaching Story Word Limit: Up to 1200 words Start: August 11th Deadline: Oct 1st  11:59 pm Central Standard Time Must be submitted as Microsoft word doc or PDF to Winner announced: Oct 27th Prize: Winning story read as special podcast episode to air Oct 31st.  The winner will also get a Geocache Adventures trackable and some SWAG. Horror writer, Stephen Mark Rainey to help choose winner.
01:23 08/12/2021
S2E16: Geocaching Giga Events
Event caches are a special type of geocache where cachers get together to talk, swap stories, and have fun. But what exactly makes an event a Giga and what are they all about? Join me, Shadowdragn1, as I discuss what a Giga and we hear first hand from Lee Katz what a Giga event is like. Show Notes
47:11 08/12/2021