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Publicis Sapient dives into the world of retail. This is a watershed moment for retailers -- many are not up to the challenge of succeeding, or even staying alive, in these times. The imperative for transformation is clear: Retailers need to focus on e-commerce profits, harnessing data to drive growth and seamlessly integrating their offline and online experiences. Net, they need to win in digital. We discuss how retailers can make the seemingly impossible, possible.


Episode 16: Retail executives weigh in on their commerce investments
Next in Retail podcast discusses findings from our recent survey of global retail executives with Salesforce retail expert Michelle Grant. 
90:41 10/9/22
Bold predictions for 2022 in Retail & CP
Experts in Retail and CP face-off with their predictions for 2022 and beyond.
27:56 3/18/22
The New Digital Frontier in Grocery
In this episode, we’re going to talk about the latest challenges and trends for grocers from supply chain constraints to managing the digital awakening.
28:58 11/19/21
Buckle up Retailers, the Holidays are here
In 2020, Cyber 5, or Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday, saw the highest online spend ever. With the shifting tides and consumer behaviors comes the clear call to action to retailers. It’s never too early to start planning for holiday and ensuring you’re prepared for what the ever-evolving customer is seeking. In today’s episode, we‘re going to discuss what 2021 expectations are and how retailers should be preparing. Joining me today is Andy Halliwell, Publicis Sapient Retail Strategy Lead for EMEA and APAC, and Hilding Anderson, Retail Strategy Lead for North America at Publicis Sapient. I’m your host for the session Reva Bhatia. 
25:09 11/17/21
Solving the returns issue in Retail
Expert takes on tackling the trillion dollar returns problem in retail
19:22 7/7/21
Stopping the e-commerce margin bleed
Unpacking how retailers can beef-up their profitability in e-commerce
26:25 7/7/21
Retailers, Get Ready for 2021
Experts take on what to expect in ’21 in the wild-world of Retail2020 was a whirlwind. Let’s take a look back at some of the key themes that emerged and zero-in on what we should expect for 2021 – with a focus on giving retailers an edge on where they need to focus in order to succeed.
21:46 2/4/21
John Mackey on Unpacking Whole Foods' Digital Journey
Publicis Sapient interviews Whole Foods CEO John Mackey on his novel "Conscious Leadership" and the evolving role that digital plays in their organization
19:59 12/17/20
Harnessing Data in Retail
Retail experts from Publicis Sapient, Adobe and 451 Research discuss market research on data maturity in retail, and double-click into reviewing “what good looks like” in this ecosystem in 2020 with the goal of equipping retailers with better clarity on understanding what it takes to truly harness data to drive growth
58:07 10/29/20
Holiday Plus Pandemic: Is Your E-Commerce Ready?
According to research, data shows that e-commerce spend has nearly doubled during the COVID-19 pandemic with June increases showing an uptick of close to 80% over the prior year. These staggering increases beg the question: can retailers continue to sustain these peak volumes indefinitely? Adding fuel to the fire, many retailers are also now prepping for the impending holiday season. With retailers like Walmart and Target calling off the ever-popular Black Friday and doubling down on their cyber-offers – we are all bracing for the one-two punch that will be this year’s holiday shopping season. In today’s episode we will discuss what the accelerated consumer adoption of e-commerce means for retailers, and how they should think about managing for these unpredictable times.
26:00 9/7/20
Retail’s New Normal
Going into 2020, many retailers were being faced with immense challenges. Then COVID-19 hit and all the “pre-existing conditions” that retailers had were exacerbated. Those that were slow to invest in digital have felt even more pain, and the grocers of the world were forced into “digital maturity” overnight. In this episode, we explore how retailers have adapted during this crisis, and we discuss what adaptations are likely here to stay.
33:03 6/24/20
Supply Chain Modernization for the ‘New Normal’ in Retail
This recording of a live session highlights the vast changes that retail supply chains have endured, and how retailers should be considering adapting their digital ecosystems to adjust to these unprecedented times.
35:47 5/5/20
Retail’s Roaring ‘20s
The roaring ‘20s have arrived. It has been a rocky road for retailers over the past few years. Every day, we wake up to news of vast changes in the industry—from folks closing shop to those breaking into new waters in an effort to stay afloat. What does this new decade have in store for the retail sector? Retail experts from Publicis Sapient gaze into their crystal balls and discuss their predictions for what lies ahead.
24:28 3/27/20
The Death of Free Shipping With Retailers
Publicis Sapient explores how retailers should approach the rise of free shipping. Retailers are swimming in a sea where they're considering supply chain optimization, e-commerce margins and data. Their list of concerns makes shipping a heavy anchor.
37:00 3/10/20
What it Means to Be a Big & Nimble Retailer
Publicis Sapient discusses what it takes for retailers to compete in an era where small, agile, digital natives are cannibalizing their sales. Gone are the days when big retailers could slowly adapt to changes around them. In this era where dramatic transformation is a necessity, we explore whether retailers can "dip their toe in" digital transformation, or need to make sweeping changes. Taking pages from those who are successfully adjusting (we're looking at you, Walmart) – where should retailers start in their journey to becoming the proverbial "elephant on the balancing ball"?
26:00 3/3/20
It's Time for Retailers to Get to Know Gen Z
Publicis Sapient delves into how retailers need to adapt in order to prepare for Gen Z consumers. Gen Z is a generation that has always been online, they've engaged with social media for most of their lives and they have unique demands for the brands they're loyal to. Retailers need to adopt a L.E.A.D. approach, one that is light, ethical, accessible and "dataful" to win with this cohort.
40:38 2/25/20

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