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Most mysteries can be solved by looking at the facts. But sometimes, the truth lies somewhere in the unknown… Enter the realm of true crime’s most bizarre occurrences, and unravel all the possible explanations. No matter how strange or surreal they get. Supernatural with Ashley Flowers is a Spotify Original from Parcast. Listen free, only on Spotify.


MYSTICAL: Lincoln’s Ghost
Throughout his presidency, Abraham Lincoln was reportedly plagued by strange premonitions and recurring nightmares. Some say they were omens of his assassination. And in the aftermath of his death, Lincoln has been seen haunting the White House and elsewhere. 
37:39 3/2/22
ALIEN: The Abduction of Betty & Barney Hill
A weekend road trip ends bizarrely for a New Hampshire couple after they return home with a two-hour gap in their memories. Then the nightmares begin.  
33:24 2/23/22
HAUNTED: The Amityville House
Competing narratives and fictionalized accounts make it hard to say what exactly happened in the house at 112 Ocean Avenue after the Lutz family moved in. Maybe the Amityville house truly was haunted — after all, it was the site of a near-complete family annihilation. But what if what happened to the Lutzes had nothing to do with the house at all? 
29:42 1/26/22
THE UNKNOWN: The Electric Girl
Angélique Cottin was not your typical 19th-century French teenager. For one, she could make huge objects move with the faintest touch. And despite being observed by doctors and scientists across France, no one could conclude anything more than that it had something to do with electricity. 
25:10 1/19/22
MYSTICAL: The Lady in Blue
As a cloistered nun in the 17th century, Maria never left her convent in Spain. But through some miracle, she appeared repeatedly in the American Southwest to spread her religion. Believers said it was bilocation — the ability to be in two places at once. Others feared it was a hoax, or worse: the work of the devil.  
27:25 1/12/22
THE UNKNOWN: Werewolves
Werewolves have been terrorizing our collective psyche for millennia. Can we still separate the men from the monsters from the myths? 
32:39 1/5/22
MYSTICAL: The Comte de Saint Germain
In the 18th century, an alchemist and philosopher became something of an international celebrity, rubbing elbows with royalty, predicting violent revolutions, and allegedly unlocking the secret to eternal life. Who really was Count St. Germain?  
26:57 12/15/21
ALIEN: Ancient Aliens
Fragments of a map from the 1500s sparked a theory that’s been going strong for decades. It holds that extraterrestrials have been visiting Earth for thousands of years, gifting humans with advanced tech far beyond our means. Today we investigate the mysteries that make aliens seem almost plausible. 
26:18 12/8/21
DISAPPEARED: Granger Taylor
A 32-year-old resident of Vancouver Island vanishes in November 1980, leaving behind a note that says he’s heading off on an adventure. But Granger Taylor is not your regular voyager. He’s a mechanical genius who’s built a life-size replica of a flying saucer. And he’s heading to space — with the help of aliens.  
29:06 12/1/21
ALIEN: Zigmund Adamski
In June 1980, police officer Alan Godfrey investigated the strange death of Zigmund Adamski. While his superiors eventually ruled the death an accident, it bore all the hallmarks of an alien abduction. 
25:50 11/24/21
HAUNTED: The Great Amherst Mystery
When strange and terrifying events start happening around 18-year-old Esther Cox, locals blame electricity… then ghosts.  
28:21 11/17/21
THE UNKNOWN: Time Travel
Time travel seems to be firmly in the realm of science fiction, and yet history is filled with alleged cases — from a traveler who broke the internet, to an Italian priest peering into the past.  
32:18 11/10/21
MYSTICAL: Wolf Messing
Born in Poland in 1899, Wolf Messing could reportedly read minds, control people's thoughts, and tell the future. But he wasn't any ordinary psychic. When he met Joseph Stalin in 1940, his powers might've become weapons of war.
28:17 11/3/21
HAUNTED: The Bell Witch
In 1817, the Bell family noticed strange noises in their log cabin in Red River, Tennessee. For the next four years, they’re tormented by an invisible being. Hundreds of people come to see the infamous Bell Witch… but none of them could stop her when her harassment turned homicidal.  
29:29 10/27/21
MYSTICAL: The Red Barn Murder
When Maria Marten disappears in 1827, her stepmother begins having unsettling visions. She dreams that Maria is dead, and buried in a nearby barn. 
28:45 10/20/21
THE UNKNOWN: The Flatwoods Monster
In 1952, a small group of people in Flatwoods, West Virginia ventured into the dark to find a downed UFO. They came across a strange aircraft… piloted by a monster.  
32:08 10/13/21
ALIEN: The Rendlesham Forest Incident
In December 1980, just outside of London, several members of the U.S. Air Force spotted an indescribable craft in the forest. But this wasn't an ordinary sighting. It communicated with one of the officers — and offered an explanation about UFOs that completely turns the concept on its head. 
31:52 10/6/21
THE UNKNOWN: Robert Johnson and the Devil
In the 1930s, Robert Johnson broke barriers in the American South to become the king of Delta blues. His music is legendary. But his journey from flop to fame? Downright otherworldly. At least, if you believe the stories that he made a deal with the devil…  
26:44 9/29/21
MYSTICAL: Bridey Murphy
When a housewife in the U.S. undergoes hypnosis in 1952, she recalls detailed memories of a past life in 19th-century Ireland.  
26:40 9/22/21
In 1989, Bob Lazar joined a top secret project out of Area 51 — supposedly reverse engineering alien technologies. When he was threatened to stay silent about his work, Bob took the opposite approach, blowing the whistle on the government's knowledge about UFOs. Today, he's still paying the price. 
29:41 9/15/21
HAUNTED: The Winchester Mystery House
This odd 24,000-square-foot Victorian mansion boasts winding staircases that lead to nowhere, windows built into the floors, and doors that open to 13-foot drops. But the oddest thing about this structure is who Sarah Winchester may have built it for.  
29:22 9/8/21
THE UNKNOWN: Gef the Talking Mongoose
In 1931, the Irving family started hearing the pitter patter of a rodent living behind their walls. Three months later, that animal starts to talk. He tells them he’s a mongoose and his name is Gef. 
29:53 9/1/21
CONSPIRACY: Philip Taylor Kramer
Rock star. Rocket scientist. Computer programmer. Philip Taylor Kramer seemed capable of doing everything. His mysterious disappearance in 1995 may be evidence that he invented a new technology that would shake the foundations of modern physics. 
27:38 8/25/21
ALIEN: The Pascagoula Abduction
In 1973, fishing buddies Charlie Hickson and Calvin Parker turned up terrified at the Pascagoula, Mississippi Sheriff's Station. Over years of hypnosis, interviews, and public ridicule, Charlie and Calvin convinced multiple experts that they had been abducted and probed by aliens. 
28:03 8/18/21
DISAPPEARED: The Franklin Expedition
In 1845, the Franklin Expedition left London to chart the Northwest Passage. When Sir Franklin and his crew went missing, his wife turned to the psychic world for answers about his location. But she didn't anticipate those answers coming from the ghost of a child... 
35:45 8/11/21
THE UNKNOWN: Sleep Paralysis
In the terrifying, mysterious experience known as sleep paralysis, people wake up to find their bodies completely paralyzed. They are frozen in place, unable to do anything but watch and listen as they are assaulted by nightmarish, shadowy demons. 
28:10 8/4/21
CONSPIRACY: The Chupacabra
After a wave of animal murders terrorized Puerto Rican farms in 1995, locals banded together to hunt a beast they called the Chupacabra. Some called it a genetic experiment. Others swore it was an alien. But whatever it was, the Chupacabra would soon take its reign of terror across the entire world. 
30:00 7/28/21
MYSTICAL: The Fountain of Youth
Explorer Juan Ponce de León made the quest for the Fountain of Youth what we know it as today, but it's possible that he was searching for something much larger than simply water that turns back time…  
25:03 7/21/21
THE UNKNOWN: Charles Hatfield, Rainmaker
Over a hundred years ago, the city of San Diego hired a rainmaker. His fee was huge, his methods were chemical, and he promised rain — then delivered a deluge. Against all odds, Charles Hatfield’s experiments prefaced the worst flooding in that region’s history.  
25:22 7/14/21
MYSTICAL: The Fox Sisters
In the spring of 1848, the Fox sisters heard the chilling sounds of rapping and thumping on their walls. When the noise wouldn't stop, the girls started rapping back. Soon after that, they started speaking to the dead. 
29:39 7/7/21

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