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Franchise Euphoria

Josh Brown, an Indiana-based franchise attorney and entrepreneur, shares his insights, strategies, frameworks, and best practices gained through more than 15 years of experience in the franchising industry. Franchise Euphoria sheds light on how to design the right business plan for you and your business, avoid the most common and costly mistakes, manage growth, and achieve your business dreams. You will hear from leading franchise and business experts as well as many franchisors who are in the process of growing their franchised businesses. Josh’s approach to business and the franchise world is honest, real, and authentic.


Scaling Nonprofits for Social Good with David Keil, Founder of Franchise For Good 29:34 08/02/2022
Leveraging Technology to Bring the Stadium Home with Michael Kraner of My Backyard Sports 27:37 07/19/2022
Expanding in the Franchise Market with Peter Stern of Mr Jeff 28:33 07/05/2022
Keeping it Simple at Pancheros with Joe Gale 25:06 03/27/2022
Building a Franchise From the Ground Up with Amy Leclerc 48:06 03/01/2022
Healthcare & Franchising with Pete First from BrightStar Care 30:13 09/30/2021
The Wealthy Franchisee 56:57 06/15/2021
Identifying Key Partnerships with Josh Skolnick and Zachery Beutler of Horse Power Brands 48:26 05/25/2021
Expanding Your Value Proposition with Dr. Gavin Hamer of FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers 24:45 05/18/2021
Providing Ongoing Value to your Franchisees with Brittany Driscoll of Squeeze Massage 39:18 05/04/2021
Maintaining Authenticity in Your Franchise System with Yianni Kosmides of Apola Greek Grill 43:12 04/14/2021
The Enduring Franchise System: Proving Viability with Scalability featuring Jim Donnelly of Restore 47:17 03/31/2021
The Enduring Franchise System: Proving Viability with Marketability featuring Jamie Izaks of All Points PR 35:46 03/23/2021
The Enduring Franchise System: Proving Viability with Data and Analysis featuring Tom Britt of Towne Post Network 57:06 03/16/2021
Best of Franchise Euphoria with Tim Vogel of Scenthound 25:55 03/09/2021
Best of Franchise Euphoria with Rick Cesari 35:47 03/02/2021
Best of Franchise Euphoria with Tra Williams 27:09 02/23/2021
Best of Franchise Euphoria with Scott Schubiger of LunchboxWax 23:46 02/16/2021
Best of Franchise Euphoria with Roger Martin of RockBox Fitness 31:35 02/09/2021
Keeping Your Franchise System Simplified with Mike Gould of Houndstown USA 37:37 01/26/2021
Focusing Your Brand On Your Core Products with Nick Binnings of Southern Classic Chicken 21:55 01/19/2021
Growing Your Business Through a Corporate Structure with Mike Bausch of Andolini's Pizza 38:36 01/12/2021
The Ins and Outs of Franchise Insurance with Devin Hernandez of Brown & Brown, Inc. 30:06 01/05/2021
Franchising as a Lifestyle with Mark Setterington of Island Fin Poke 22:10 12/29/2020
Discussing the Reality of the Print Industry with Mike Cline of Alliance Franchise Brands 25:51 12/22/2020
Utilizing Networking To Springboard Your Franchise with Tim Conn of Image One Facility Solutions 26:14 12/15/2020
Strategizing for Gradual Expansion with Shahpour Nejad of Pizza Guys 31:38 12/08/2020
Finessing Your System Before You Franchise with Belina Nernberg of 1Heart Caregiver Services 21:44 12/01/2020
Expanding Your Franchise System into Non-Traditional Units with Ben Crosbie of THE DRIPBaR 18:26 11/24/2020
Providing Ongoing Value for your Franchisees with Mark Stubler of Joe Homebuyer 26:24 11/17/2020