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Hip-Hop Can Save America

"Hip-Hop Can Save America!" explores the innovative, inspiring, and often surprising ways Hip-Hop music, culture, and sensibilities are improving society in areas such as education, science/technology, health/wellness and more. Hosted by award-winning hip-hop journalist Manny Faces.


Hip Hop Therapy with J.C. Hall 59:13 06/23/2021
Hip-Hop + Youth Empowerment + Social Justice with Khafre Jay 55:08 05/25/2021
Hip-Hop x Civics, Education & Activism with Ellect 48:44 04/02/2021
Hip-Hop x Philosophy with Dr. Mark Sanders 34:32 03/23/2021
This is What Hip-Hop Activism Looks Like [Genesis Be] 39:06 10/29/2020
Mental Health Therapy Through Hip-Hop Beat Making with Dr. Elliot Gann 79:42 10/22/2020
Youth Empowerment, #HipHopEd, and God with Timothy David Jones 59:52 10/06/2020
Freestyle Mondays + 20 Years of Evolving Artistry with Corey James Gray (fka Illspokinn) 70:02 10/02/2020
Entrepreneurship, Black Independent Media & Self-Care Gems with Bondfire Radio 72:51 09/30/2020
#VTDITC: Hip-Hop Studies at Virginia Tech with Craig Arthur 49:57 09/29/2020
How Hip-Hop Can Improve Mental Health Therapy & School Counseling with Dr. Ian P. Levy 72:55 09/26/2020
The Cultural Importance of Mixtapes + Hip-Hop Meets Technology 53:35 09/25/2020
Hip Hop Association of Advancement and Education President Dr. Tasha Iglesias 49:12 09/24/2020
Hip-Hop x College: Guiding Students to Success with Dr. Nate Nevado 44:43 09/23/2020
'Why White Christians Need Hip-Hop' with Delvyn Case 52:45 09/17/2020
Building Community, Connecting Creatives, and Facilitating Impact with #CultureFix 47:12 09/17/2020
How Hip-Hop Remixed The Fashion Industry with Elena Romero 60:10 09/15/2020
How Hip Hop Can Improve Public Health with Lori Rose Benson ( [HHCSA DAILY] 50:34 09/14/2020
Social Justice Meets Hip-Hop With Groundbreaking 'News Beat' Podcast 85:59 09/11/2020
Mikal Amin: Critical Hip-Hop Pedagogy, Working with Institutions and Empowering Youth [HHCSA DAILY] 70:13 09/11/2020
Legendary Hip-Hop Photographer Ernie Paniccioli [HHCSA DAILY] 51:09 09/08/2020
HHCSA DAILY - Dr. Marti Cason on #HipHopEd Pedagogy: Teaching Math & Teaching Teachers 51:09 09/08/2020
The Art, Science, Brilliance and Universal Applications of Freestyle Rap with David "BS" Bradshaw 49:38 09/04/2020
HHCSA DAILY - Adum7 on independent artist evolution & longevity, healthy eating & Wakanda 66:52 09/03/2020
HHCSA DAILY - Dyalekt on Hip-Hop theater + etymology + financial literacy 61:54 09/02/2020
Hip-Hop x Social Justice with Innocence Project Ambassador Silent Knight 51:56 09/01/2020
Hip-Hop, Bluegrass & Freedom with Gangstagrass 65:12 07/11/2020
Can't Stop Hip-Hop Education at Harvard University 37:08 06/30/2020
Mini-Ep! Celebrating Women & Girls In/With Hip-Hop #WomensMonth 08:52 03/06/2020
Keeping Hip-Hop Based Education 'Real,' with Dr. Lauren Leigh Kelly 42:27 02/11/2020