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I am Agi Keramidas, and six years ago, I was unfulfilled and unmotivated, like I had lost my sense of purpose and my life was merely passing by. Since then, I’ve been on a continuous journey of personal development that has transformed my life physically, financially, and spiritually. Now my mission is to inspire you to grow, stand out, and take action towards a purposeful and fulfilling life. I have interviewed hundreds of successful entrepreneurs, authors, thought leaders, and spiritual teachers, who share their journey, a-ha moments, milestones and failures for you to find both the inspiration to grow and the specific actions to implement. In each episode, Monday and Thursday, you will find actionable takeaways that you can implement right now, even if you only have limited time. If you’re ready to transform your life right now, click FOLLOW and start your journey towards Personal Development Mastery!


#224 Genevieve Pepin: on the most common misconception about productivity, getting out of a burnout, and how an improv comedy principle can boost your efficiency. 41:45 05/16/2022
#223 Consolidating the knowledge (Money mindset, Financial independence, Abundance and giving.) 13:01 05/12/2022
#222 Simon Paul Sutton: from burglar to Buddha, the personas we identify with, and life as a precious gift to be revered. 67:23 05/09/2022
#221 Solo episode: Growth Mindset and how to cultivate it (a module from my online course). 21:59 05/05/2022
#220 Cassandra Bodzak: on understanding our body intuition, living mindfully, and how to manifest using meditation. 49:02 05/02/2022
#219 Consolidating the knowledge (Communication, story telling, and having uncomfortable conversations). 14:22 04/25/2022
#218 Melissa Corley Carter: on running as a metaphor for life, the inner journey, and your purpose is being you. 46:50 04/18/2022
#217 A brief solo episode and the weeks ahead. 08:39 04/14/2022
#216 Barry Shore: on J.O.Y, seeing miracles in life every day, and your obligation to live exuberantly. 54:16 04/11/2022
#215 Consolidating the knowledge (Intuition, Body Intelligence, Leaps of Faith). 22:34 04/07/2022
#214 Zoe Rizokosta: on reinventing yourself, being open to change, and offering your gifts to others. 47:37 04/04/2022
#213 Dare to achieve: My interview at Grace Redman’s podcast “Real Talk”. 41:03 03/31/2022
#212 Natalie Bailey: a conversation across 2 podcasts on confidence building, personal development, and the times we’re living in. 61:26 03/28/2022
#211 Consolidating the knowledge: How to Visualise and how long it takes until Manifestation. 23:20 03/24/2022
#210 Barbara Lima: on regenerative culture, awakening journeys, and spiritual development. 56:47 03/21/2022
#209 Consolidating the knowledge (Limiting Beliefs and our Reality) 15:19 03/17/2022
#208 Tim van der Vliet: on breathwork as the key to happiness, the minimum morning routine, and learning to listen to your body’s intelligence. 68:49 03/14/2022
#207 Consolidating the knowledge (9. Passion and Purpose.) 13:10 03/10/2022
#206 Mahima: on self-mastery, meditation, and the power of now. 68:31 03/07/2022
#205 My interview at Steve Werner’s podcast “Grow your Income, Impact, and Influence”. 35:03 03/03/2022
#204 Lisa Towles: on storytelling techniques, strategic self-care, and celebrating the small wins. 53:43 02/28/2022
#203 Consolidating the knowledge (8. Finding your purpose and living a purpose-driven life.) 18:12 02/24/2022
#202 Alex Dudgon: on wealth consciousness, the spiritual side of cryptocurrencies, and reframing your money mindset. 47:53 02/21/2022
#201 A quick solo episode (sharing the love). 05:29 02/17/2022
#200: Two years of Personal Development Mastery podcast: Agi is interviewed by Will Polston. 46:09 02/14/2022
#199: 2 years of Personal Development Mastery podcast and a competition for reaching #200. 06:40 02/10/2022
#198 Shireen Jaffer: on learning how to learn, thinking better, and what it means to be a super learner. 47:02 02/07/2022
#197 My appearance on 'All About The Voice' podcast with Victoria Rader. 35:50 02/03/2022
#196 Yemi Penn: on creating your own memo, cleaning our trauma, and engineering powerful people. 41:37 01/31/2022
#195 Consolidating the knowledge (7. Wealth, Money mindset, Financial success.) 16:47 01/27/2022