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The Wealth Standard – Empowering Individual Financial Independence

We live in the most revolutionary and inspiring time in history, yet our culture settles for a mediocre life, not the one they dream about and deserve. The Mission of The Wealth Standard Podcast is to empower you to take control of your life, your career, and your wealth and to ultimately achieve financial independence. Society has programmed us to take orders, from our educational system to the way we save and invest. And what is the incentive? To someday, retire? If 1987, 2001, and 2008 weren’t red flags that caused you to question conventional wisdom, I hope 2020 is enough to ask better questions. Join host Patrick Donohoe, best-selling author, CEO, and financial advisor as he empowers you to implement the principles, processes, and strategies - and live financially free.


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Diving Deep Into The $1.9 Trillion Stimulus Bill With Patrick Donohoe 19:18 03/11/2021
What People Can Do To Survive The Inflation With Ken McElroy 18:48 03/04/2021
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Will The Biden Economy Make, Break, Or Transform You? 26:56 02/18/2021
Seeking The Uncertainty You Can Comfortably Live With 15:02 02/11/2021
On James Rickards’ “The New Great Depression” And The Greatest Lesson Of 2020 With Andy Tanner 53:26 01/28/2021
The New Great Depression: What Happens In A Post-Pandemic World With James Rickards 45:35 01/21/2021
New Year Thoughts, Realizations, And Reflections 14:24 01/14/2021
The Rich Doctor: Creating Financial Freedom To Design The Life That You Want With Tom Burns, MD 31:08 12/24/2020
A Daily Legacy: Creating And Passing On Generational Wealth To Your Descendants 26:01 12/17/2020
How To Properly Optimize Your Energy And Time 30:27 12/10/2020
How To Bring Your Life To The Next Level 32:11 12/03/2020
When Selfish Is Okay: Selfishness From A Perspective Of Abundance With Gary Pinkerton 42:43 11/19/2020
Achieving Your Goals And Beyond 16:34 11/12/2020
Experiencing Life: The True Essence Of Wealth 14:07 11/05/2020
Overcoming Obstacles And The Nature Of Leadership 37:20 10/29/2020
True Wealth: How To Navigate Toward What You Really Want In Life 15:28 10/22/2020
Introducing A Course Survey That Will Take Your Life To The Next Level 17:35 10/16/2020
What You Want: Getting Clear About Your Goals And Desires 20:24 10/09/2020
Brock Pierce: Bringing A Message Of Unity To A Divided Nation 24:37 10/07/2020