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OK, everyone knows that #APKnowsIT. Our global team of 500+ geeks, who work globally on five continents, across 33+ countries, are #CreatingExcellence every day. We want to share our excellence with the IT community. We aim to educate, inspire, and motivate IT, professionals, worldwide. Every third Friday in a month, we are hosting our best experts for a lively discussion about the hot topics in the IT industry. Disclaimer: The views expressed in the podcasts are the speaker’s own and do not reflect the view of Authority Partners. ® AP 1998 - 2022


Erica Olsen & Dino Beslic, Topic: “Strategic Planning” 30:42 05/20/2022
Larisa Halilovic, Topic: 'Leadership in hybrid times' 28:51 04/15/2022
Amina Karic & Zerina Mandzo, Topic: ‘Women in Information Technology Sector’ 29:05 03/18/2022
Dino Esposito & Mirano Galijasevic, Topic: ‘Helping Junior Developers to Grow’ 35:06 02/18/2022
Ena Durmisevic, Topic: ‘Scrum + DevOps, Better Together?’ 36:28 01/21/2022
Erol & Maja Karabeg, Topic: ‘Founders interview: AP Journey to the Next Level of Excellence and Growth’ 23:23 12/17/2021
Dalibor Marijanovic, Topic: ‘How curiosity leads to innovation in digital transformation?’ 29:44 11/19/2021
Steve Smith & Mirano Galijasevic, Topic: ‘Cloud Architecture and Microservices Design Patterns’ 26:44 10/15/2021
Burak Atamguc, Topic: ‘The Importance of Strengthening Relationships with Clients’ 12:20 09/17/2021
Ena Taslaman, Topic: ‘Creating Shared Purpose and Commitment Through Internal Communication’ 16:26 08/20/2021
Amela IvkoviC O'Reilly and Adnan Catovic, Topic: 'Happy, Healthy Programmer' 43:03 07/16/2021
Lidia Mansur, Topic: “Emotional Intelligence from Business Analyst Perspective” 22:43 06/18/2021
Amila Kurtović, Tema: “Feedback kultura u AP-u” 22:00 05/21/2021
Amila Kurtovic, Topic: “Feedback Culture in AP” 17:45 05/21/2021
Ervina Muftic, Topic: “The importance of negotiating” 20:03 04/23/2021
Aida Beganovic, Topic: “Managing client expectations and constant changes” 18:01 03/19/2021
Kenan Hadzirovic, Topic: ‘How AP Lab Transforms Careers?’ 18:19 02/19/2021
Hana Kocan Bibic, Topic: ‘AP Culture: How to know if we are a match?’ 15:09 01/15/2021
Emir Karabeg and Greg Kaplan, Topic: ‘College admissions process in the US and the future of education’ 27:03 12/18/2020
Alen Durgut, Topic: ‘How to deal with Enterprise Software?’ 26:18 11/20/2020
Dino Buljubasic, Topic: ‘System engineer - Swiss Army Knife of IT’ 11:24 10/16/2020
Ammar Salosevic, Topic: ‘Automation testing within SDLC’ 14:38 09/18/2020
Zerina Sulejmanovic Terzic, Topic: ‘How to ace a job interview at Authority Partners?’ 10:05 08/21/2020
Dino Esposito, Topic: ‘Architecting Intelligent Software’ (Part 2) 21:39 07/17/2020
Dino Esposito, Topic: ‘Architecting Intelligent Software’ (Part 1) 20:46 06/19/2020
Ema Borovina, Topic: ‘Productivity and work-life balance when working from home’ 23:18 05/15/2020
Ema Borovina, Tema: ‘Produktivnost i ravnoteža poslovnog života kada radite od kuće’ 26:58 05/15/2020
Mustafa Mehmedic, Topic: ‘Cross-System Cross-Functional teams’ 15:14 04/16/2020
Ioanna Papakanderaki, Topic: 'Sprint Goal - Key element for happy Scrum Team' 13:39 03/20/2020
Adnan Mujkanovic, Topic: 'Quality vs deadlines' 06:13 02/21/2020