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The Run Wave podcast features in-person weekly interviews with a variety of runners, about topics that affect the run community. We'll have lots of laughs, address the topics the we only talk about in our group texts, you'll maybe hear a few bad words here and there, but this will be an overall positive and welcoming environment for all things running! Follow this wave that we ❤️ called running!


Is Racing Really Back? 21:17 05/27/2021
2:48:43 BQ...Crushed It! Featuring Tommie_Runz 82:32 05/05/2021
Run Crews featuring Black Girls Do Run UK 🇬🇧 59:40 04/28/2021
Run Crews featuring Zone Fitness Training Run Club 62:26 04/21/2021
Run Crews featuring A Tribe Called Run 53:25 04/14/2021
Run Crews featuring Chasing Roses Run Club 48:54 04/07/2021
Run Crews featuring East Harlem United Runners 38:25 03/31/2021
Celebrating Women featuring Dionne DeGourville, Runner, Triathlete, Coach, & Author 60:54 03/24/2021
Celebrating Women featuring Jackie Kirchner, Registered Dietician Nutritionist 49:06 03/17/2021
Celebrating Women featuring Stephanie aka @thefauxathlete 57:29 03/10/2021
NYC Marathon's New Race Director, & The Shameful IRONMAN Group 23:03 02/24/2021
Michael DreamChaser Smith | Extraordinary Athletes Doing Extraordinary Things 87:02 02/17/2021
Soj Jibowu of Varlo Apparel | Extraordinary Athletes Doing Extraordinary Things 46:43 02/10/2021
Run Crews featuring We Run 313 38:48 02/03/2021
Run Crews featuring R.I.O.T. Squad Running 34:25 01/27/2021
Run Crews featuring More Than Runnin 🇬🇧 39:09 01/20/2021
Run Crews featuring F.E.A.R. MKE 39:57 01/13/2021
Lets Talk: The Best of 2020, a Run Wave Recap 32:12 12/30/2020
🚨Giveaway Alert🚨 Ends Jan 1, 2021 00:53 12/30/2020
Lets Talk: The RRCA Organization & Coaching Certification Program featuring President of the Board George Rehmet & Randy Accetta 46:08 12/23/2020
Lets Talk: Changes at NYRR & Setting Records featuring Corey Joyner 44:03 12/08/2020
Lets Talk: Run, Race, Vote featuring Michael Martinez 46:55 11/03/2020
Lets Talk: Top 10 Race Picks & Why You Should Do Them 44:16 10/23/2020
Lets Talk: Rock N Roll, Ironman, AND Why It's Time To Stop Supporting Them 35:26 10/13/2020
Lets Talk: Boston Marathon, Runners Doing Good, & Rebuild NYRR 26:00 09/16/2020
Lets Talk: Unique Workouts, Nutrition, & Runners Safety featuring TreadChic 38:26 09/08/2020
Lets Talk: Peachtree Road Race Follow Up with Jay Holder & Rich Kenah of Atlanta Track Club 39:00 09/01/2020
Lets Talk: Virtual Race Debacles, Spotlight on Atlanta Track Club 35:57 08/25/2020
Lets Talk: An Epic 1000 Day Run Streak, Entrepreneurship, & Positive Run Vibes featuring Liv 25:44 08/18/2020
Lets Talk: Runner’s Working the Frontlines During Covid-19 53:30 08/10/2020