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Leaders in Tech and Ecommerce

We interview some of the best entrepreneurs, experts and executives in the tech and eCommerce space. We want to share their perspective on the current trends, their stories about success and failure and how they attract and recruit talent. Our aim is to keep it real and simple - share the relevant lessons and have an open conversation. Follow-ups on our website for more details:


John Hefter, Senior Vice President & Founder at 42:13 01/07/2022
Sandeep Sreekumar, COO & Rolf Knoerzer, CEO of IndustryApps 48:14 10/31/2021
David Shillingford, Chief Strategy Officer of Everstream Analytics 17:59 10/22/2021
Evan Smith CEO & Co-Founder of Altana AI 45:42 10/13/2021
Romain Moulin CEO of Exotec 39:29 09/28/2021
Michael Wax Co-Founder and CEO of Forto 27:33 08/03/2021
Alok Bhanot EVP & CTO of Cloudleaf 36:09 04/26/2021
Karen Leavitt CMO of Locus Robotics 41:37 04/19/2021
Andrew Hogenson Partner & Global Head of Consumer, Retail and Logistics Practice at Infosys 41:38 03/30/2021
Gaurav Saran CEO of ReverseLogix 34:58 03/11/2021
Mark Messina Chief Operating Officer of Geek+ 37:11 02/17/2021
David Glick Chief Technology Officer of FLEXE 34:19 12/21/2020
Robert Garrison CEO of Mercado Labs 45:24 12/15/2020
Mathew Elenjickal Founder & CEO of FourKites and Stephan de Barse EVP of o9 Solutions 32:49 11/17/2020
Dr. Alan Barnard CEO of Goldratt Research Labs 45:47 11/04/2020
Phil Opamuratawongse Co-Founder of Shipper 36:46 10/27/2020
Candice Ong Chief Commercial Officer of ShopBack 28:38 10/06/2020
Christopher Hatfield Head of eBusiness Oceania at Nestle 41:46 09/29/2020
Adam Compain Founder & CEO of ClearMetal 38:48 09/29/2020
Niklas Hedin CEO of Centiro 51:38 09/09/2020
Joe Bellini Chief Operating Officer of One Network 49:36 08/24/2020
Jim Bureau CEO of JAGGAER 39:37 08/14/2020
Vaibhav Dabhade Founder & CEO of Anchanto 47:20 08/13/2020
Stephan Sieber CEO of Transporeon 43:27 08/05/2020
Andrew Kirkwood CEO of Blujay Solutions 40:07 07/27/2020
Pascal Bensoussan Chief Product Officer of Ivalua 40:05 07/07/2020
Michael Farlekas President & Chief Executive Officer of E2open 50:11 06/24/2020
Tom Raftery Global VP at SAP 25:55 06/23/2020
Gabe Perez VP APAC at Coupa Software 36:51 06/16/2020
Monica Truelsch Senior Director of Solutions Strategy for Transportation at Infor 56:08 06/09/2020