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We interview some of the best entrepreneurs, experts and executives in the tech and eCommerce space. We want to share their perspective on the current trends, their stories about success and failure and how they attract and recruit talent. Our aim is to keep it real and simple - share the relevant lessons and have an open conversation. Follow-ups on our website for more details:


#79: Boosting E-commerce Growth through Technology and Culture
*Hosted by Andrei Palamariu*I had a great conversation with Tobias Sjölin, CTO of Fulfilment & Logistics at Boozt. In this episode, we discussed Tobias's career journey- helping to build Boozt's in-house technology capabilities from seven developers to over 200 today. He shares insights into Boozt's entrepreneurial culture and how it empowers teams through autonomy, flexibility, and exciting challenges. He explains how Boozt encourages daily innovation and uses AI to automate tasks and elevate developers' work. He also outlines Boozt's future growth strategies and how fulfilling the consumer experience is central to their supply chain improvements. Discover more details here.Questions I asked:What are the big milestones from your career so far?What are the key characteristics that define an ideal candidate?How is AI implemented in Boozt, and what is its impact?What are the expectations, trends, and sustainability on the fulfillment side?Where do you see Boozt going in the next five years?If you could offer advice to executives in the supply chain industry, regardless of the sector, with a focus on the consumer perspective, what would it be?Follow us on:Instagram:
33:33 5/23/24
#78: In Supply Chain Design, Fun is Not Optional, Fun is Required
*Hosted by Andrei Palamariu*I had a great conversation with Donald Hicks, CEO and Founder of Optilogic. He had such a wonderful career journey as a leader in his field. He shared in our conversation how a talk from a college student back when he was young inspired him to pursue a career as an Operations Research Systems Engineer. We also dived into his time with Llamasoft, buying a bar and finally starting Optilogic.  Discover more details here.Questions I asked:Can you share with us some of the milestones you had in your career so far?What is the significance of LLama in LLamasoft? And why did you choose the name Cosmic Frog?Can you give us an example where one of your clients applied the design thinking strategy and had a great outcome after? If you could change one thing in the way supply chain professionals act or think, what would that one thing be? And why?Follow us on:Instagram:
51:39 5/2/24
#77: Embracing Resiliency and Eliminating Supply Chain Risks
*Hosted by Andrei Palamariu*In this episode, I interviewed Jennifer Bisceglie, Founder and CEO of Interos. We started the discussion with some of the highlights of Jennifer’s career—starting a company 19 years ago. Jennifer emphasizes the importance of transparency in the supply chain, mentioning how technology helps.  Discover more details here.Questions I asked:What makes Interos different from other players in the space?How does Interos help supply chains in terms of cost saving?How does Interos’ system help in addressing disruptions like climate change and geopolitical instability?How do you address the challenges of demand forecasting and allocating inventory?How do you manage the resistance from the organization during the implementation of your solution?What advice would you give supply chain leaders in terms of risk management?Follow us on:Instagram:
38:36 4/23/24
#76: Exploring the Impact of Transformative Tech in India's Logistics
In this episode, I interviewed Pali Tripathi, the CEO of Taabi Mobility,  an Indian conglomerate. She has 16 years of experience across diverse leadership roles across Unilever, EY, Booz, and CEAT Tyres.We discussed how logistics, infrastructure, and technology contribute to the business momentum in India, what value Taabi Mobility brings to its customers, and how the journey of a female CEO in India is - both fun moments and challenges.  Discover more details here.Questions I asked:What determined, and what was your journey from HR to business leadership?What is driving the overall business momentum in India?How has technology changed the game in the logistics space? Can you share some RPG success stories in the manufacturing industry: made in India for the world, made in India for India?What are the problems Taabi Mobility is solving, and what’s on the horizon?As a female CEO in India, you must have broken many barriers - what have been some fun moments and challenges along the way, and how have you navigated them?What career advice would you give to your younger self? Would you have done anything differently?Follow us on:Instagram:
44:00 1/26/24
#75: Anticipate and Act - the new norm in Supply Chain
David Warrick is a thought leader and industry expert in the field of Global Supply Chain and is currently the Executive Vice President, Enterprise at Overhaul. In his current role, he is responsible for the strategy and growth of the Enterprise business, as well as being a key member of the Executive Team.  Overhaul, is a software-based, supply-chain visibility, integrity, safety and security solution for the world's leading brands.Discover more details here.Some of the highlights of the episode:David’s supply chain journey- joining Microsoft, the rollout of the first Xbox gaming systems, and joining OverhaulCase studies on addressing supply chain challenges and building partnershipsWhat makes Overhaul different and partnership with MicrosoftA quick dive into the tech space in supply chain - how Amara’s Law is affecting the industryThe supply chain challenge is that you’re kind of judged on your last failure and not on your last successAdvice to startups and up-and-coming supply chain executivesFollow us on:Instagram:
41:47 10/25/23
#74: Johanna Småros, Co-founder at RELEX Solutions
 Johanna Småros (PhD) is one of RELEX Solutions’ three co-founders. Before founding RELEX, Johanna conducted ground-breaking research on retail supply chains. Johanna received the Young Scientist Entrepreneur Award in 2014 and the Veuve Clicquot Business Woman Award in 2017. In 2021, Johanna was recognized as one of the Top 100 Women in Supply Chain by Supply Chain Digital. Discover more details here.Some of the highlights of the episode:Growing from around 800 to 2000 employees in the span of 3 yearsWhat are the most important milestones for RELEX - how they closed 500 mil euro funding round 10 mil euro donated and 100 mil euro in stock for the RELEX Foundation  Five core values in RELEX - What does "Humble World Domination" mean to RELEX?Reducing food waste - how this makes a huge difference in the purpose of each RELEX employeeWhat’s next for RELEX - expansion and growth Follow us on:Instagram:
35:07 6/1/23
#73: Ami Daniel, CEO and Co-Founder at Winward
Ami Daniel is the CEO & co-founder of Windward. He developed his passion for the sea during his seven-year veteran in the Israeli Navy and founded Windward with the mission of bringing Predictive Intelligence and big data analytics to the maritime ecosystem. In the last two decades, Ami has harnessed innovation and a relentless focus on driving transformative change to build successful organizations in both the nonprofit and private sectors. He holds a BA in Law & Business from Tel Aviv University, and won numerous accolades over the course of his career, including the Ilan Ramon Award for Excellence and the Israeli President's Award for Social Good.Discover more details here.Some of the highlights of the episode:Ami’s story from a Naval Officer to becoming Winward’s CEOWhat does Winward do and how they assist company clientsData collection process at WinwardPrioritizing mental health and caring for personal and HR cultureEssential soft skills for Winward is looking for future employeesBook recommendations by AmiFollow us on:Instagram:
45:46 3/13/23
#72: Martin Thaysen, Chief Commercial Officer and Board Member at Controlant
Martin Thaysen is the Chief Commercial Officer of Controlant. Prior to Controlant, he held a number of C-level positions as a CEO, CCO and Board Member within Supply Chain, Logistics, Shipping, Manufacturing, Professional Services in publicly listed and privately held companies. Martin is passionate about making a difference to businesses through Customer Experience, Digitalisation, Talent and Sustainability.Discover more details here.Some of the highlights of the episode:Cold Chain is the new trend - Controlant’s storyControlant’s story - founding and their focusedQuality and skills for a commercial talentTeam’s career perspective at ControlantMajor supply chain challenges pharma companies are facingMost sought skills in supply chain tech sectorsFollow us on:Instagram:
22:11 1/25/23
#71: Matt Petot, Founder and CEO at CargoAI
Matt Petot is Founder and CEO at CargoAI. He has a creative and out-of-the-box thinker, pragmatic and proactive, has strong leadership, and team management, has good communication abilities, result driven mindset, fast learner, is multicultural and a team player, and is well-organized.He also has experience in analytics, operations performance improvement, and global business strategy.Discover more details here.Some of the highlights of the episode:How did Matt start his journey as an entrepreneur and ending up with air cargoWhat is the difference between Air Freight and Sea FreightThe upside of air cargo due to the pandemicCargoAI for the next 5 to 10 yearsSolutions related to carbon neutralizingKeeping up with the team's mental healthFollow us on:Instagram:
31:14 11/2/22
#70: Simon Borg, Group CEO & Co-Founder of Navia
As co-founder and CEO of Navia, Simon Borg is committed to making people’s lives easier through innovative freight solutions. He works with a world-class team, that continues to find ways to exceed our customers’ expectations and future-proof our offer through constant innovation. From one side of the world to the other, they take the complications out of it through their freight and logistic solutions.Simon is an avid futurist – always interested in how technology can add value to their customers and to Navia. He is actively involved in their technology team, specializing in big data, blockchain, IoT, automation, ML, and process improvement.Navia is a fully integrated freight and logistics company offering all aspects of freight forwarding logistics including sea freight, air freight, customs clearance, 3PL, and e-commerce.Discover more details here.Some of the highlights of the episode:Simon’s perspective on the “trends in supply chain”Journey in the freight forwarding businessHow the pandemic highlighted supply chain and how it helped Navia in terms of growthRegions Navia is currently covering and expansionLeadership style and company cultureThe situation of supply chain during a recessionFollow us on:Instagram:
36:24 10/12/22
#69: Terry Chan, Founder & CEO of JUSTT GROUP
 Terry Chan is an eCommerce Supply Chain Leader with 25 years of experience in driving business growth.Awarded the "Most promising business leader of Asia 2019" by Economic Times in Singapore, featured by Forbes in 2018 in Vietnam, and invited by World Bank as a speaker in 2018 in Vietnam.An entrepreneur and executive: JUSTT GROUP (eCommerce Enabler), JUSTT BEAUTY (Healthcare), EC-POST (LogTech), Hong Kong eCommerce Supply Chain Association (HKeCSC) (the First & Only One in HK), held multinational organization leaderships (former GM Supply Chain Management at Alibaba/Lazada, general management/experience at FedEX, DHL eCommerce, S.F. Express, Swedish & Danish Post, KMB, Cathay Pacific).Adjunct lecturer at the University of Hong Kong. Advisor/mentor/trainer for Hong Kong Sciences & Technology Park Corporation (HKSTP), Hong Kong Trade & Development Council (HKTDC), City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Federation of Youths Group (HKFYG). Consultant for Estee Lauder, UBM, GLG, Atheneum, KPMG, EY, Mckinsey, Deloitte, Accenture, 300+ Startups. Chairperson/Keynote speaker/Moderator for 120+ international conferences. Discover more details here.Some of the highlights of the episode:Terry’s career highlights and Justt Group offeringsStrengths and weaknesses of big eCommerce compared to the Western eCommerce businessesHow can Western eCommerce businesses learn from AsiaPain points and lessons learned from eCommerce businessesHow Justt group tackles the waste and environmental issuesFollow us on:Instagram:
24:55 10/11/22
#68: Stephan Sieber, Chief Executive Officer of Transporeon
Since 12 November 2019, Stephan has been CEO of Transporeon. His professional focus has always been to use his wealth of experience to help organisations grow – and that is also his goal at Transporeon. Stephan spent 13 years working for SAP, including his role as managing director of SAP Switzerland and as chief operating officer for the DACH region. After his time at SAP, Stephan successfully shaped the development of ERP provider Unit4 over a period of five years, three of which as CEO with responsibility for more than 4,000 employees. Stephan holds an MBA from the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto.Discover more details here.Some of the highlights of the episode:How the last two years impacted Transporeon and the future of the companyAcquisition and cultural alignmentTransporeon’s sustainability initiativesWhat makes Transporeon uniqueOverview numbers of carriers and shippers in the company’s platformHow they made their acquisitions - culture was a big part of itTransporeon’s culture and successFollow us on:Instagram:
33:49 9/23/22
#67: Nick Bartlett & Chris Crutchley, Director of CBIP Logistics
About Nick Bartlett :Nick Bartlett is a Co-Founder & Director of Sales & Marketing for CBIP Logistics. Nick brings 12+ years of experience across logistics, e-commerce, marketing, supply chain, and traditional retail across multiple from Asia pacific to US and UK. Nick who founded CBIP in 2015 and saw a unique opportunity in the market for approaching logistics services differently. About Chris Crutchley:Chris Crutchley is the Finance and Operations Director for CBIP Logistics - a global B2B and e-commerce logistics company. Chris brings 10 years of corporate finance and operational expertise throughout Asia Pacific to this role. He strives to continuously innovate and challenge the way traditional logistics business is done and enjoys working with a vast range of clients to make their supply chains more efficient, to break into new markets, to allow clients to focus on growing their business. Discover more details here.Some of the highlights of the episode:How Nick and Chris started CBIP LogisticsWorking on sustainability offsetting and carbon footprint emissionChallenge for the next six months will look like for the freight business and logisticsFuture plans for CBIP Logistics and understanding what customers needThe most important long term decisionSoft skill required to be successful within the businessFollow us on:Instagram:
43:49 8/18/22
#66: James Chin Moody, Founder and CEO of Sendle
James Chin Moody is co-founder and CEO of Sendle. Sendle builds shipping that is good for the world that helps small businesses thrive by making package delivery simple, reliable and affordable and is the only 100% Carbon Neutral Delivery Service in Australia and the United States.James is an experienced senior executive and board member. He was a member of the Executive team at Australia’s national research agency, CSIRO, for eight years with organisational-wide responsibility for business development, government relations, international development and strategic foresight. He was also the Chief Systems Engineer for FedSat, the first Australian satellite to be launched in 30 years.Discover more details here.Some of the highlights of the episode:Sendle’s origin storyHow Sendle became so big in Australia and USAReaching a 100% Carbon Neutral Delivery ServiceSkills required to be successful in SendleHow to keep your sanity at workFollow us on:Instagram:
37:20 7/21/22
#65: Johnny Slattery, Chief Executive Officer of SCNX
Johnny Slattery is the Chief Executive Officer at SCNX. He is a seasoned technologist and has been building software for 20+ years. Verticals of focus include derivatives trading, management consulting and logistics. Johnny has rich experience building and running companies and maintains a passion for developing novel technical solutions that solve real problems.Discover more details here.Some of the highlights of the episode:Becoming the CEO of SCNXSCNX’s portfolio and servicesDeploying technology using IoT and machine learningCulture and skills needed within supply chain tech industryAdvices to young graduates and interns that will enter corporate worldFollow us on:Instagram:
32:46 5/18/22
#64: Jamil Khan, President & Amanda Cole, Co-Founder and CEO of Sayurbox
About Jamil Khan:Jamil Khan is the President of Sayurbox. Jamil is an International Logistics Leader, bringing almost 30 years of Operational & Supply Chain experience, having lived in 6 and worked in 11 countries across Europe & Asia. He is an experienced senior leader, with a great career as EVP of Logistics at Lazada, and VP of Operations of Redmart, Jamil has also worked in Tesco, METRO Group and Dairy Farm International, in a variety of roles and locations.He is the driver of a culture that is Customer centric and focussed on quality. Jamil believes in finding talent, building capability through coaching and training to create extraordinary teams at all levels. Jamil has built operational capacity and resilience and has scaled massively in a cost effective way.About Amanda Cole:Amanda Susanti Cole is the Co-Founder and CEO of Sayurbox.Amanda has spent most of her career in agriculture and distribution. Graduating from Manchester university, she headed the supply chain and operations of her family’s distribution company before finding her passion in agriculture. She started and built a farm as well as closely working with farmers to supply high end restaurant. Seeing the inefficiencies in the fresh produce supply chain, she co-founded Sayurbox as a means to distribute fresh produce directly from farmers to end consumers.Discover more details here.Some of the highlights of the episode:Sayurbox origin storyHow Sayurbox is building relationships with the farmersUpsides and challenges that Sayurbox faced in times of disruptionSayurbox future plans in the next 5 to 10 yearsManaging sustainability and some initiativesCulture and skills needed within the organizationFollow us on:Instagram:
44:13 5/4/22
#63: Lalit Das, Founder & CEO of 3SC
Lalit Das is a Founder and CEO of SS Supply Chain Solutions Pvt Ltd (3SC).  He worked in the various segments of the Supply Chain Domain and Manufacturing & Services Sector in Supply Chain Functions.He founded 3SC in 2012, the firm holds strong expertise in Predictive, Prescriptive and Descriptive analytics combined with collaborative and consultative approach.  3SC orchestrates organizations to streamline the entire supply chain and create value for customers in order to gain competitive advantage.Discover more details here.Some of the highlights of the episode:Lalit’s career journey and how 3SC startedForecast accuracy and using machine learning and neural network algorithmsDifferent products by 3SC and product integration lead timeHow 3SC is helping their clients in terms of sustainabilityDemand planning and challenges in data forecastingFollow us on:Instagram:
49:28 5/2/22
#62: Jonathan Savoir, CEO & Co-Founder of Quincus
Jonathan Savoir is the CEO and Co-founder of Quincus. Jonathan grew up in Belgium and Luxembourg and attended colleges in London and in the USA. In college, he studied engineering and economics. Upon completing his Master's Degree at 20, he pursued his Ph.D. and decided to drop out at 21 to make some global investments and build startups. In 2014 he founded Quincus with his co-founder.Quincus Execution and Intelligence platforms allow ground providers, port operators, and airlines to adapt and optimize their operations to efficiently execute their logistics inflows and outflows. Quincus’ platforms and open APIs are fundamentally underpinned by its state-of-the-art artificially intelligent supply chain optimization and geo-mapping to allow for real-time data, visibility, and operation in hypercomplex regions.Discover more details here.Some of the highlights of the episode:[01:47] Creation story of Quincus; becoming an operating system for logistics [05:54] How Quincus is different and focuses on data accuracy [08:18] Quincus’ product implementation and training [10:25] Trends seen in the industry with the disruptions happening globally [13:12] Getting diverse teams to work together [18:10] What keeps Jonathan up at night and excites him in the morningFollow us on:Instagram:
22:06 4/26/22
#61: Kathleen Chan, Founder and CEO of Calico
Kathleen Chan is the Founder and CEO of Calico, the supply chain OS that powers the $1.4 trillion eCommerce production market from concept to doorstep. Kathleen is a serial founder, previously starting several D2C brands and scaling them from zero to six figures in revenues in the first six months of operations. Prior to Calico, Kathleen was the youngest professor at Centennial College in Toronto and ran national marketing campaigns at Microsoft.Discover more details here.Some of the highlights of the episode:Calico’s origin story and how are they differentSerena Williams Venture investing on CalicoVision of the company in 5 to 10 yearsSoft skills and hard skills Calico is looking forWhat are the internal challenges Calico is  facingFollow us on:Instagram:
33:42 4/19/22
#60: Philipp Ortwein,Co-Founder and Managing Director of InstaFreight
Philipp Ortwein is Co-Founder and Managing Director of InstaFreight, a digital forwarding company. He graduated with a Master in Management from the University of Mannheim and did his executive education at Harvard and Stanford. During 9 years of work experience at Bain & Company and 2 Startups, he gained expertise in digitization and Industry 4.0.Discover more details here.Some of the highlights of the episode:InstaFreight’s origin storyHow InstaFreight faces challenges in times of disruptionInstaFreight’s future plansSoft skills and hard skills to be successful at InstaFreightMaintaining the company culture intactFollow us on:Instagram:
45:06 3/24/22
#59: John Hefter, Senior Vice President & Founder at
As a founder of Thrasio, John has been fortunate to witness their original team of 4 grow into a 1000 person, billion-dollar powerhouse. At work and in life,  he is a polymath with unrelenting energy and curiosity. He enjoys regularly deploying his expertise in branding, creative, neuroscience marketing, business development, acquisitions, leadership, culture building, and product development across diverse sets of business domains. If there is a challenge met, John will face it openly with creativity, humor, and persistence.Discover more details here.Some of the highlights of the’s origin storyHow the COVID-19 pandemic affected’s evaluation processUsing human touch and technology together to analyze businessesHow plans to reach the audienceSoft skills and hard skills and building teamsFollow us on:Instagram:
42:13 1/7/22
#58: Sandeep Sreekumar, COO & Rolf Knoerzer, CEO of IndustryApps
About Sandeep Sreekumar:Sandeep Sreekumar is the COO and Co-Founder of IndustryApps. Sandeep has 15 years of digitalization experience. He specializes in Smart Factory, IT/OT Domain, IoT, ML, AI, Plant Engineering, and Process Engineering. Before IndustryApps, he was a Global Head – Digital Factory.About Rolf Knoerzer:Rolf Knoerzer is the CEO and Co-Founder of IndustryApps. Rolf has 25 years of building and running businesses. He specializes in Operations & Supply Chain, Smart Factory, Production Systems, Lean, KAIZEN, MTM, REFA. Before IndustryApps, he was a VP Operations & Supply Chain APAC.Discover more details here.Some of the highlights of the episode:Rolf and Sandeep’s journey in working together and starting a startupHurdles on the industry and how they solve itHow IndustryApps helps its clients and how long the onboarding process isCurrent manufacturing trends Rolf and Sandeep are seeingCertain policies around IndustryApps developersPiece of advice regards shift from a corporate type of job to startupHow different industries respond to digitalization Follow us on:Instagram:
48:14 10/31/21
#57: David Shillingford, Chief Strategy Officer of Everstream Analytics
David Shillingford is the Chief Strategy Officer of Everstream Analytics (formerly Resilience360 and Riskpulse), a leading supply chain risk analytics company that enables greater resilience and agility in the supply chains of many of the world’s best-known companies. David has led the development of several industry-wide data and analytics platforms both as an entrepreneur and as SVP Supply Chain at Verisk Analytics, ranked by Forbes magazine as one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies.  David’s first career was as a special operations officer in the British Army.Discover more details here.Some of the highlights of the episode:How Everstream is helping their clients and problems they are solvingCase studies on how they brought significant change to your clientsChallenges and hurdles Everstream went throughEverstream’s sustainability initiativesWhat makes Everstream unique in terms of hiring and attracting talentFollow us on:Instagram:
17:59 10/22/21
#56: Evan Smith CEO & Co-Founder of Altana AI
Evan Smith is the CEO and Co-founder of Altana AI. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Yale University. Before Altana AI, Evan led enterprise solution and strategic partnership at Panjiva, a trades data science company. Before Panjiva, Evan co-managed a private equity partnership and the family office sponsor and served as the CEO of IMDU Technologies, a wholly-owned portfolio company providing textile supply chain automation software. Discover more details here.Some of the highlights of the episode:Acquiring and selling Panjiva and founding Altana AITaking advantage of the big market opportunitiesPiloting projects on the supply chain insurance sideEnabling Globalization 2.0 - challenges and opportunitiesHow Altana AI is protecting their system from  data breaches- data privacy, security, and intellectual property protectionWhat Altana AI is looking for in terms of talentWhat machine learning means to Altana AIFollow us on:Instagram:
45:42 10/13/21
#55: Romain Moulin CEO of Exotec
Romain Moulin is the CEO of Exotec, a company he co-founded with Renaud Heitz in 2015. As a former robotics architect and technical engineer at GE and BA Système, Romain spent 10+ years immersed in deep technology systems before he shifted his attention to solving the challenge of retail warehouse automation. He was born and raised in France and graduated from a top French engineering university, SUPAERO.Exotec is a global robotics company, building scalable warehouse robotic solutions that power the world’s largest brands. The company offers flexible warehouse automation to improve operational efficiency and economics. Exotec’s signature solution, The Skypod system, utilizes robots that can reach a height of 36 feet to enable high-density inventory storage and retrieval. Exotec supports 25+ industry-leading brands spanning e-commerce, grocery, retail, manufacturing, and 3PL sectors. To date, Exotec has secured $115M in funding from industry-leading investors including 83North, Dell Technologies Capital, Iris Capital, 360 Capital Partners, and Breega.Discover more details here.Some of the highlights of the episode:Integrating robotics in the supply chainWhat makes Exotec different and case studies on how they are helping their clientsPartnerships and hiring talentsHow Exotec is protecting and securing their systemsFollow us on:Instagram:
39:29 9/28/21
#54: Michael Wax Co-Founder and CEO of Forto
Michael Wax is the Co-Founder and CEO of Forto, Europe’s first digital freight forwarding company and the largest one as well. They are building the digital backbone for the multi-trillion global trade market and are currently at 1.2 billion valuation. They have raised a number of big rounds with the latest one, backed by SoftBank, which was 240 million. They are present in 14 locations worldwide and have about 600 people in a very short span of time.Discover more details here.Some of the highlights of the episode:How the idea for Forto came aboutThe future of the 3PL Industry 3-10 years from now- will Forto become one of the top 10?Forto’s interview structure and why is performance revenue structure essential- giving candidates a good hiring experience New way of measuring inflation- unemployment rate and increase in prices.Advice to people making the shift from a corporate type of job to a startup entrepreneurial typeFollow us on:Instagram:
27:33 8/3/21
#53: Alok Bhanot EVP & CTO of Cloudleaf
Alok Bhanot is a seasoned technology and business leader with a stellar career leading large and startup teams across a spectrum of companies like eBay, PayPal, Verifone, Visa, and startups like Inkiru and Qopper. He has built highly scalable platforms, systems, and services for e-commerce, risk modeling, payment transactions, real-time predictive analytics, and IoT-based operations systems.Discover more details here.Some of the highlights of the episode:[11:00] What makes Cloudleaf different – defining solutions for an entire ecosystem.[14:59] Working with Csafe and Cold Chain Technologies to have continuous visibility over their operations.[17:19] Improving the customer’s experience – why is it a priority?[18:46] Working with 400 different APIs – grouping them for specific workflows.[20:41] Cloudleaf’s plans for the future – going even deeper – the digital twin modeling.[24:54] Healthy expectations for artificial intelligence.[29:42] Talent, hiring, and building a successful career.Follow us on:Instagram:
36:09 4/26/21
#52: Karen Leavitt CMO of Locus Robotics
In her role as CMO of Locus Robotics, Karen brings over twenty years of experience developing innovative, creative, and effective marketing programs for a wide range of technology companies, from start‐ups to Fortune 1000 public companies. Karen’s outstanding analytical and technical abilities deliver insight and innovative programs that consistently deliver positive marketing ROI. She also serves as Locus’s dynamic and articulate corporate spokesperson before the press, analysts, customers, partners, and investors.Locus Robotics' revolutionary, the multi-bot solution incorporates powerful and intelligent autonomous mobile robots that operate collaboratively with human workers to dramatically improve piece-handling productivity 2 – 3x, with less labor compared to traditional piece handling systems. This award-winning solution helps retailers, 3PLs, and specialty warehouses efficiently meet and exceed the increasingly complex and demanding requirements of fulfillment environments, easily integrating into existing warehouse infrastructures without disrupting workflows, instantly transforming productivity without transforming the warehouse. For more information, visit more details here.Some of the highlights of the episode:[05:00] How Locus Robotics robots increase productivity[12:50] Scaling up – After the initial deployment, any robot that’s added will just automatically join the rest of the robot team.[15:45] Driving down employee walking time by about 80%.[24:29] The immediate need for the robots is to handle a high volume, the ultimate gift is the business intelligence from the data.[32:50] “If you like our robots, you’ll love our humans.”[38:30] Advice for a successful careerFollow us on:Instagram:
41:37 4/19/21
#51: Andrew Hogenson Partner & Global Head of Consumer, Retail and Logistics Practice at Infosys
Andrew joined Infosys Consulting in 2020 and heads our Consumer Goods, Retail, and Logistics (CRL) practice globally. He is a lifelong consultant with over 30 years of experience driving large transformation programs and high-value consulting work. Andrew has a stellar track record in the turnaround and monetization of practices, holding senior leadership roles previously in EY, Accenture, and Manugistics. A regular speaker at the University of Stanford, Berkeley, and the University of Washington.Andrew is often featured in publications like the Wall Street Journal, Logistics Journals, and various industry analyst reports. He has been featured on the NBC Nightly News as an industry expert quite a few times. He is also a regular speaker at retail and supply chain events such as Oracle Retail Executive Forum, SAP Retail Executive Forum, and USC Global Supply Chain Conference. Andrew is an alum of Seattle University, where he completed his mechanical engineering degree, and the University of North Carolina, where he received his MBA.Discover more details here.Some of the highlights of the episode:[01:45] From Accenture to Infosys – Andrew’s passion for consumer-facing industries[07:14] The consulting company is not there to replace the client’s team but to enhance their strengths [17:05] Working with one of the biggest global retailers – endless aisle extended to partners and suppliers[23:18] Partnerships and developing networks – why is supply chain resilience critical?[27:04] Impact of the microchip crunch and improving supply planning [32:38] The value a consultant brings is not limited to their knowledge but also the network of people they can tap into to solve the issue at hand.[38:22] Importance of advocating for your own careerFollow us on:Instagram:
41:38 3/30/21
#50: Gaurav Saran CEO of ReverseLogix
Gaurav Saran is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur with a passion for leveraging disruptive and emerging technologies to provide innovative enterprise solutions. As founder and CEO of ReverseLogix, Gaurav brings deep industry expertise and is responsible for driving the overall company direction and product strategy. His ability to combine customer vision with methodical execution and thought leadership has positioned the company as a game-changer in its field. Previously, he was with Microsoft for over six years, leading enterprise sales for Fortune 500 companies and driving strategic executive relationships. Prior to Microsoft, Gaurav has worked at Silicon Valley start-ups such as Zoho, executing strategy, business development, sales, and marketing, taking them from early stages to established growth companies. Gaurav holds a BS in e-commerce marketing and telecommunications and an MBA in global strategic management from California State University, Hayward.Discover more details here.Some of the highlights of the episode:[06:19] How reverse logistics transforming supply chains globally – the end-to-end system for returns[15:01] Results? At least a 5% increase in profitability and a 15% to 25% increase in customer satisfaction.[18:00] How long does the implementation take?[21:33] ReverseLogix’s culture and hiring – the customer always comes first[29:27] How do you spend your time as the CEO?Follow us on:Instagram:
34:58 3/11/21

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