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People's History of Ideas Podcast

In this podcast, Matthew Rothwell, author of Transpacific Revolutionaries: The Chinese Revolution in Latin America, explores the global history of ideas related to rebellion and revolution. The main focus of this podcast for the near future will be on the history of the Chinese Revolution, going all the way back to its roots in the initial Chinese reactions to British imperialism during the Opium War of 1839-1842, and then following the development of the revolution and many of the ideas that were products of the revolution through to their transnational diffusion in the late 20th century.


From Gym Teacher to General: Zhu De in Revolution and Rebellion (1907-1916) 20:56 09/23/2021
From Poor Peasant to Gym Teacher: The Early Life of Zhu De 27:17 09/16/2021
Engels on Insurrection 24:13 09/09/2021
The Guangzhou Commune (December 11-13, 1927) 21:20 09/02/2021
Red Canton: Background to the Guangzhou Uprising of December 1927 21:26 08/26/2021
‘Blind Actionism’ in Action: Understanding the Hundreds of Small Revolts Led by Communists at the End of the 1920s in China 23:07 08/19/2021
Summing Up Failures, or Playing the Blame Game? The November 1927 Politburo Meeting in Shanghai 28:28 08/12/2021
Sedan Chairs, Tired Intellectuals, and Indifferent Masses: The Denouement of the Nanchang Uprising/Southern Expedition (August to October 1927) 24:49 08/05/2021
Hearts, Minds, and a Head on a Spike: The Unification of People and Forces in the Jinggangshan 28:59 07/29/2021
Secret Agent for International Maoism: José Venturelli, Chinese Informal Diplomacy and Latin American Maoism 49:14 07/22/2021
Two Incursions, One Betrayal, and Six Points for Attention: The Red Army in Chaling and Suichuan (October 1927 to January 1928) 26:15 07/15/2021
Alliances, Discipline, and an Army to Serve the People: The Beginning of the Jinggangshan Base Area (October 1927) 24:18 07/08/2021
The Early Jinggangshan Revolutionary Movement 28:35 07/01/2021
Mao’s Bandit Comrades: Wang Zuo and Yuan Wencai 21:50 06/24/2021
Bandits of the Jinggangshan 26:15 06/17/2021
Background on Society and Economy in the Jinggang Mountains 24:45 06/10/2021
Entering the Jinggangshan: The Sanwan Reorganization of the People’s Army 24:28 06/03/2021
The Autumn Harvest Uprising in Hunan 29:43 05/27/2021
Planning the Autumn Harvest Uprising in Hunan 24:53 05/21/2021
The Autumn Harvest Uprising in Hubei 25:23 05/15/2021
The “Tender-Hearted Communist:” Qu Qiubai 25:00 05/08/2021
Army or Militia? Mao and the Politburo Diverge on Military Policy for the Autumn Harvest Uprising 26:12 04/24/2021
The Decisive Turn to Overthrowing the Guomindang: The 7 August 1927 Emergency Conference 28:07 04/17/2021
The Nanchang Uprising (August 1, 1927) 28:14 02/17/2021
The End of the United Front (June to July 1927) 21:58 02/08/2021
“Like Taking a Bath in a Toilet” (May and June 1927) 26:05 01/29/2021
Mao Tries to Legislate a Peasant Revolution: The Wuhan Land Commission (April to May 1927) 29:39 01/23/2021
“An Example of the Chinese Tenant-Peasant’s Life” 20:10 01/23/2021
The Fifth Party Congress and the ‘Better Fewer but Better’ Approach to Summing up a Massacre 27:59 01/18/2021
Rivers of Blood in the Streets of Shanghai: The Massacre of the Communists by the Guomindang Right 24:51 01/07/2021