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Welcome to Action Packed Travel! Our podcast features amazing travel stories...without having to go anywhere. The episodes are interviews with people who've been inspired by their adventures. They're also full of information and useful links, all of which you can find on our Show Notes. Our podcast can be used for future travel ideas and plans for the days when we can explore the world again! About us: we're Felice & Peter Hardy and we’ve spent half a lifetime travelling to just about every corner of the world, making a living as travel writers out of what we like doing best – and that’s skiing, biking, hiking, eating, exploring, city breaks, seaside…and a whole lot more. We've had lots of favourable reviews, such as: "What an interesting and diverse world you are opening up for us in a nicely laid back way. Very informative and some are also wonderful archive material."


Secrets Of The Royal Family
For the past 40 years, Richard Kay has been the expert on the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace and has travelled the world to report on the comings and goings of the Royal Family.Music: © Barney & Izzi Hardy 
33:43 12/05/2022
Lacock, In Photography and On Film
The village of Lacock was once a quaint medieval community with cobbled streets,  cottages and coaching inns set around a tumbling stream. It all looks rather familiar because we've seen it in the cinema, movie theatre and TV screens – scenes from Pride and Prejudice, Downton Abbey and Harry Potter were all shot in Lacock. Music © Barney & Izzi Hardy 
17:22 11/17/2022
More Brown Bears in The Pyrenees
High in the central Pyrenees, a one-hour drive from Toulouse Airport, we're in search of big and beautiful brown bears. Music © Barney & Izzi Hardy 
28:34 11/06/2022
Adventure Sailing For Beginners
Explore a world of polar bears and icebergs, or cross the Atlantic to forgotten corners of the Caribbean. You need the right spirit, but absolutely no previous seafaring experience is necessary. 
32:57 10/29/2022
Is the Saalbach Ski Area the Best in Austria?
Cows that milk themselves, oysters up a mountain, and a sommelier who plays Mozart to his wines...find out more when we take an intimate look at one of Austria's largest, most diverse and exciting ski areas.  Music © Barney & Izzi Hardy 
15:39 10/10/2022
Winging it in the Mountains
We loved last year's episode featuring Geraldine Fasnacht so much that we've decided to air it again.  Geraldine’s idea of a little light, adrenaline-fuelled recreation is to climb one of Europe's highest peaks and then dive off it in a wing suit at speeds of up to 180 kilometers per hour. Music © Barney & Izzi Hardy 
31:18 09/26/2022
Glamping in Somerset
The future of Marston Park is at risk due to planning permission controversy. Listen here to see if you'd like to support it. 
20:25 09/16/2022
The Great Adventures of John Blashford Snell
Legendary explorer, John Blashford-Snell is never happier than when he finds himself astride an elephant in India or paddling a dugout canoe in the South American rainforest, or shooting rapids in the crocodile-infested waters of the Nile.Music @ Barney and Izzi Hardy
28:50 09/09/2022
Verbier in Summer – for Hiking, Golf and Mountain Biking
Most people don't truly appreciate the glory of the Alps that's revealed when the snow melts, the cows leave their winter quarters and chew the cud in meadows and high pastures sprinkled with flowers. They also fight each other!Music: © Barney & Izzi Hardy 
24:56 08/31/2022
Racing Powerboats
Another watery sport for this hot weather is powerboat racing, which is said to be the fastest growing marine motor sport. Music: © Barney & Izzi Hardy 
25:49 08/14/2022
Where To Go Open Water Swimming
Here in the UK with its current heatwave, our thoughts turn to water. What bliss it would be to go swimming in crystal clear waters – all you really need is a pair of Speedos, goggles, a hat and the ability to swim a few kilometres in the warm waters of the Mediterranean or the Caribbean. Music @ Barney and Izzi Hardy
32:35 08/10/2022
More Secrets Of The New Forest
In Hampshire and Dorset in the south of England, we explored the country's most visited national park. It's a wild and beautiful place where the locals, ponies, cattle and even pigs roam free under obscure common laws that date back to feudal times. We met up with Anthony Climpson, boss of the tourist enterprise, Go New Forest.Music © Barney & Izzi Hardy 
29:35 08/04/2022
Blenheim Palace Revisited
Last year we visited Blenheim Palace and were struck by its splendour. It is set in thousands of acres of rolling parkland outside the village of Woodstock in Oxfordshire. It's bigger than Buckingham Palace, but it's also privately owned by the family that built it over 300 years ago. It's been the seat of the Dukes of Marlborough since 1704  and was the birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill.Music © Barney & Izzi Hardy 
29:49 07/28/2022
The Dreaming Spires Of Oxford
When you visit, you need to be prepared for pelotons of bicycles, mostly not of the sporty type that you see in the Tour de France, but the ancient sit-up- and-beg variety with a basket for books on the front, and in the saddle an undergraduate in a hurry, or a don in a flowing black cloak. You'll meet them – and hopefully miss them – around every corner. Music: © Barney & Izzi Hardy 
24:35 07/16/2022
Everything You Want To Know About The Roman City Of Bath
What did Jane Austen and the Roman emperor, Claudius, have in common? The answer is: a love of bathwater.  Here's a repeat of one of our popular episodes. Music: ©Barney & Izzi Hardy 
31:54 07/08/2022
A Complete Guide to Stonehenge
We revisit one of our popular episodes, which is all about the world's number one neolithic site.  Music © Barney & Izzi Hardy
31:26 07/02/2022
What Lies Beneath Frome
Have you ever thought about what lies beneath your feet, under the pavement, under the road? This week, we're going underground to explore a network of mysterious tunnels hidden beneath the ancient Somerset town of Frome. It is 20 minutes south of Bath, and it has a long history dating back to Anglo Saxon times.Music: © Barney & Izzi Hardy 
22:23 06/25/2022
Travels With A Cello
Contemporary classical cellist, Eva Boecker, is one of 19 soloists from 9 countries who plays with Ensemble Modern. Every year the group performs about 100 concerts in Europe and worldwide.
29:24 06/10/2022
Bletchley Park: A Well-Kept Secret
This week we're at Bletchley Park, the country mansion 35 minutes by train northwest of London, where Alan Turing and his team of cryptanalysts cracked the complicated codes of the German Enigma machine. Music © Barney & Izzi Hardy 
22:16 05/29/2022
Oxford's Iconic Randolph Hotel
Inspector Morse is the most famous TV show that was filmed in Oxford, and Colin Dexter, who used to sit in the hotel's Morse Bar penning his latest novel,  would often write the Randolph into his stories.  Freddie Mercury did  a concert here, Lewis Carroll, Oscar Wilde and J.R.R. Tolkien  visited.Music © Barney & Izzi Hardy  
23:30 05/18/2022
Living The Van Life
This week, we're on the road exploring the one sector of the travel industry that has absolutely thrived throughout the pandemic and now continues to explode in popularity across Europe. Music © Barney and Izzi Hardy 
25:43 04/30/2022
Thermae Bath Spa – A Fusion Of Old And New
Thermae Bath Spa in the Roman city of Bath is in a building that looks not only to the past, but also to the future. Music © Barney and Izzi Hardy 
21:28 04/12/2022
Music On A Train
Cheryl B Engelhardt is a singer-songwriter who composed and recorded her latest album, Passenger, on a train journey from New York City to Los Angeles. Music © Cheryl B Engelhardt, and also by Barney & Izzi Hardy 
29:36 03/28/2022
Focus On Action Packed Travel
This week we are switching things around and playing you an interview with the two of us. Music © Barney and Izzi Hardy 
33:39 03/10/2022
A New Podcast About Travel Podcasts
Ted Cragg in Quebec makes podcast episodes about travel podcasts. His is called Travel Podcast The World.Music: © Barney & Izzi Hardy 
28:41 02/28/2022
La Plagne By Train
This week we're going skiing to La Plagne and letting the train take the strain. Travelski is a brand new charter that takes snow lovers from St Pancras in central London to Moûtiers and Bourg St Maurice in the French Alps. Music © Barney & Izzi Hardy 
23:39 02/20/2022
Corvara In The Italian Dolomites
The Sella Ronda is one of those world renowned but slightly mysterious ski circuits – but no one ever quite explains what it actually is, and indeed how good you have to be to be able to complete it. Music: © Barney & Izzi Hardy 
21:18 02/05/2022
Jobs That Take You To Exotic Places
Whether it's in a beach villa or a mountain chalet, Izzy Boland of helps people find their dream job. Music © Barney & Izzi Hardy 
26:45 01/23/2022
Ski Instructor To The Stars
Warren Smith is one of our favourite ski gurus, so we decided to revisit this episode from last year.Music © Barney & Izzi Hardy 
31:32 01/14/2022
The Best Of Action Packed Travel 2021
We celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of a new one with a look back at a few of our favourite episodes. 
33:25 01/08/2022