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Welcome to Action Packed Travel! Our podcast features amazing travel stories...without having to go anywhere. The episodes are interviews with people who've been inspired by their adventures. They're also full of information and useful links, all of which you can find on our Show Notes. Our podcast can be used for future travel ideas and plans for the days when we can explore the world again! About us: we're Felice & Peter Hardy and we’ve spent half a lifetime travelling to just about every corner of the world, making a living as travel writers out of what we like doing best – and that’s skiing, biking, hiking, eating, exploring, city breaks, seaside…and a whole lot more. We've had lots of favourable reviews, such as: "What an interesting and diverse world you are opening up for us in a nicely laid back way. Very informative and some are also wonderful archive material."


A Century of Cottar's Safaris
This week we're in Kenya talking to safari camp owner, Calvin Cotter, whose family came here from the Great Plains of the Midwest in the years before World War One. 
31:36 5/22/24
The Ultimate Childcare for Skiers
This week, we're exploring the fraught subject of taking small children skiing for the very first time. We're going to start and end with a warning to listeners: If you want to book a nanny service-inclusive holiday for the coming winter, there is really no time to waste. You need to book right now. 
28:59 4/29/24
The Secret Resort of Le Grand-Bornand
Le Grand-Bornand is not a name like Morzine or Chamonix that trips easily off the tongue when we mention skiing, but it's typically and traditionally French. 
23:41 3/24/24
North American Dream in the French Alps
It's the twentieth anniversary of Arc 1950. The resort began as the idea of Canadian resort developer, Intrawest, creator of Mont-Tremblant in Quebec and manager of some 20 other resorts in North America – from Whistler to Mammoth. Music: © Barney & Izzi Hardy 
19:36 2/6/24
Wild Travels In Africa and Asia
This week we're talking to someone who specialises in creating holidays that are entirely different – taking you to places you probably thought were out of bounds to all tourists. 
21:07 1/2/24
From Fjord to Snowfield
We caught up with Rory Dixon who organises skiing-touring trips off a boat in Norway and Greenland,  life-changing adventures to distant corners of the world.Music: © Barney & Izzi Hardy 
21:42 12/2/23
Jess the Horse Nomad
Jess Isbrecht is a digital nomad who travels full time with her horses.  Music: © Barney & Izzi Hardy 
17:09 11/27/23
The World's Most Travelled Man
Harry Mitsidis has travelled to every country in the world, at least twice.  He's the founder of a website called NomadMania.Music: © Barney & Izzi Hardy 
31:51 11/5/23
Walking to the South Pole
To discover a little of what former Royal Marine, Sam Cox, will experience living alone at -30°C, podcaster Peter Hardy spends time in an industrial freezer.Music: © Barney & Izzi Hardy 
23:03 10/27/23
An American in Paris
No, not the 1951 movie starring Gene Kelly and Lesley Caron... Jay Swanson moved from the USA and now lives in Paris where he calls himself: 'a YouTuber, writer, and puppy wrangler.'  He  publishes a guide to the city called Paris in my Pocket.Music: © Barney & Izzi Hardy 
33:15 9/28/23
The Van Life Revisited
We're on the road exploring a thriving sector of the travel industry that continues to explode in popularity across Europe. Music © Barney and Izzi Hardy 
25:43 9/9/23
Wild Skiing in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan
Untamed Borders sets out to satisfy the hunger of that rare breed of traveller who's already been to the far corners of the earth, got the T-shirt but still wants more. Music: © Barney & Izzi Hardy 
28:31 8/27/23
Chefs, Cars and Skiing
This week, we're talking to travel guru, Amin Momen, whose London-based company Momentum Ski organises bespoke holidays. Music © Barney & Izzi Hardy 
27:15 8/15/23
Extreme Travel Dreams
Turn your wildest travel dreams into reality, with superyacht voyages to the end of the earth, intrepid  journeys to deserts, jungles, polar regions and the oceans.Music © Barney & Izzi Hardy
31:19 7/17/23
The Tennis Champion Who Escaped the Nazis
We're in Vienna for an unusual episode of Action Packed Travel – unusual because our principal guest is Felice herself. She's just published a book about her grandparents' dramatic escape from Vienna to London on the eve of World War II. Music © Barney & Izzi Hardy 
27:32 7/1/23
Cycling From Antarctic To Arctic
Chris and his girlfriend Phoebe are in the saddle, for what you might describe by any standards as a rather long bike ride.Music: © Barney & Izzi Hardy 
32:16 6/21/23
Thermae Bath Spa – A Fusion Of Old And New
With the sunny weather outside, we felt it was time to republish this episode about Bath Thermae Spa. Bath in the southwest of England is famous for its Roman baths. In its Regency heyday, the supposedly curative waters attracted the cream of British society…and of course, Jane Austen. 2,000 years later, the  waters were re-harnessed in the magnificent thermal spa located just a soap bath's throw away from the original. Music: © Barney & Izzi Hardy 
21:28 5/28/23
Travels With The Hungry Cyclist
Tom Kevill-Davies has managed to carve a highly successful career for himself out of his twin passions, cycling and eating. Music © Barney & Izzi Hardy
28:25 5/19/23
The Future Of European Skiing
Only a handful of  ski resorts in the Alps will in future offer reliable snow cover throughout the season. These include Val d'Isere, Tignes and Val Thorens in France, Cervinia in Italy, and Zermatt in Switzerland – not forgetting the Austrian glaciers.
26:33 5/9/23
The Ultimate Ski Chalets
Globally, there's just a handful of specialist operators who look after their guests on this giddy level. London-based Consensio is the leader of the pack. 
28:03 4/24/23
Music On A Train
Cheryl B Engelhardt is a singer-songwriter who composed and recorded her album, Passenger, on a train journey from New York City to Los Angeles. Music: © Barney & Izzi Hardy 
29:36 4/12/23
Sea and Ski With Melody Sky
Action woman extraordinary – mountain and ocean photographer, skier and freediver, Melody lives her life on the edge.Music: © Barney & Izzi Hardy 
26:49 4/3/23
Cervinia – On The Italian Side Of The Matterhorn
It was three years ago that we launched our podcast and today we're in a village that dates back to 1930. It is now evolving into what should become one of the most important  future destinations for skiers in the whole of Europe. Music: © Barney & Izzi Hardy 
24:51 3/13/23
Short Break at Longueville Manor
The island of Jersey's top five-star hotel is a very special place indeed. Music: © Barney & Izzi Hardy 
20:03 2/20/23
Jersey's Occupation in the Second World War
We went on a lightning tour of some of the crumbling coastal defences linked by a network of underground passages and even an underground German hospital.Music: © Barney & Izzi Hardy 
28:53 2/8/23
Morzine: A Bird's Eye View
A vast ski area, environmentally-friendly chalets, and birds of prey are just a few of the attractions of Morzine.Music: © Barney & Izzi Hardy 
28:18 1/30/23
There's a Lot More to Cheltenham than Racing
With its glorious terraced houses, tree-lined promenades and grand public buildings, Cheltenham in Gloucestershire is said to be the most complete Regency town in Britain. Of course, it's best known these days for horse racing. Music: © Barney & Izzi Hardy 
20:07 1/20/23
The Secret Gardens Of Somerset Revisited
We first visited in summer and are now looking forward to better weather to come when we can explore the gardens of The Newt once again – all 17 acres of them.Music: © Barney & Izzi Hardy 
26:46 1/13/23
The Man Who Skis Faster than a F1 Car
Jacob Perkins' idea of fun is to travel down a mountainside in a straight line, reaching  impossible speeds of up to 150mph without any form of motor. Music: © Barney & Izzi Hardy 
28:31 12/23/22
Secrets Of The Royal Family
For the past 40 years, Richard Kay has been the expert on the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace and has travelled the world to report on the comings and goings of the Royal Family.Music: © Barney & Izzi Hardy 
33:43 12/5/22

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