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Welcome to Action Packed Travel! Our podcast features amazing travel stories...without having to go anywhere. The episodes are interviews with people who've been inspired by their adventures. They're also full of information and useful links, all of which you can find on our Show Notes. Our podcast can be used for future travel ideas and plans for the days when we can explore the world again! About us: we're Felice & Peter Hardy and we’ve spent half a lifetime travelling to just about every corner of the world, making a living as travel writers out of what we like doing best – and that’s skiing, biking, hiking, eating, exploring, city breaks, seaside…and a whole lot more. "What an interesting and diverse world you are opening up for us in a nicely laid back way. Very informative and some are also wonderful archive material."


The Secret Gardens Of Somerset 26:46 10/24/2021
Peter Hardy: From War Reporter To Ski Writer 34:45 10/09/2021
Chilled-Out Luxury Ski Holidays 31:14 10/02/2021
The New Ski Train To The Alps 22:12 09/26/2021
A Modern-Day Horse Nomad 17:09 09/19/2021
The Marathon Man 27:23 09/12/2021
The Slow Cyclist Revisited 34:29 08/29/2021
Will Community Tourism Have A Positive Impact? 28:51 08/20/2021
How To Work In The Frenetic World Of Travel PR 26:44 08/14/2021
How To Live An Offbeat Life As A Digital Nomad 23:50 08/06/2021
Glamping at Marston Park in Somerset 20:25 08/01/2021
Action Woman at Action Packed Travel 25:27 07/23/2021
Time Well Spent On The Ultimate Holiday 44:14 07/17/2021
The Best Ski Solutions for This Winter 21:31 07/10/2021
Colombia is Cool 27:28 07/02/2021
Fly Fishing Revisited 36:25 06/25/2021
Tales From Blenheim Palace 29:49 06/19/2021
The Amazing Giraffe Manor in Kenya 19:12 06/11/2021
Joanna Hardy, the Jewellery Expert 48:37 06/04/2021
How to Spend the Day at Warwick Castle 15:15 05/29/2021
The Home of Traditional Cheddar Cheese 09:11 05/21/2021
Secrets of The New Forest 29:35 05/14/2021
Saving Bees in South Africa 21:24 05/08/2021
Theatre and Play for Refugee Children in The Middle East 23:00 04/30/2021
Powerboat Racing with Daisy and Sam Coleman 25:49 04/23/2021
Wild Adventures in Wales 30:34 04/16/2021
A Travel Podcast: One Year On 31:14 04/09/2021
The Misadventures of the Adventurists 17:39 04/02/2021
Legendary Explorer: John Blashford-Snell 28:50 03/26/2021
Geraldine Fasnacht: On a Wing and a Prayer 31:18 03/19/2021