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Word Sound & Power Hour

Join Christafari on their first podcast where they speak about their experiences as Musicianaries around the world, the Word of God, the sound of Gospel reggae music, and the power of the Holy Spirit.


The Ragamuffin Gospel with David Mullins, honoring Rich Mullins. 67:40 09/21/2021
Guryel Ali: Leaving Islam, Loving Muslims, and Making Music for Christ (Mighty G) 60:28 04/20/2021
Jailed for Jesus with Brother R 45:54 03/23/2021
PT 2 The Church With The Most Fines In The USA (Pastor Mike McClure) 36:59 03/09/2021
The Church With The Most Fines In The USA (Pastor Mike McClure PT 1) 50:43 02/26/2021
The Reasons Behind Reggae Christmas 2: Reason for the Season 27:05 12/24/2020
Reasoning with a Rastafarian - Rev. Clinton Chisholm, the Controversial Clergyman 80:39 12/10/2020
Bob Beeman: Reaching the Unreachable 63:56 11/16/2020
Steve Richardson: The Peace Child - Discovering Redemptive Analogies in The Mission Field 63:58 10/28/2020
Chris Rodriguera: Gaining the World, Feeling Empty, and Finding Jesus (The Hot Rain Band) 60:25 10/15/2020
Benny Prasad: World Record Travel and Dependence on God 67:46 09/21/2020
Josh McDowell: Overcoming a Horrible Past & Proving Christ True 42:59 09/06/2020
Gwynn Lewis, How a Former Drug Dealer And Prisoner Now Leads Our Missions Organization 63:49 08/30/2020
Life Transformation with Papa San 68:43 08/23/2020
The Radical Salvation Army & Social Justice 81:47 08/17/2020
The Greatest Misconceptions About Christafari 60:35 07/15/2020
Make A Message Out of Your Mess 53:06 05/28/2020
When Mark Met Avion Pt. 2 - How to Find The Love Of Your Life 68:07 05/20/2020
When Mark Met Avion - The Uncut Story From Hurt To Healing To Love 56:50 05/13/2020
Praying Through the Toughest of Time 60:09 05/06/2020
Keeping In Step with The Spirit Through Trials. 62:15 04/28/2020
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of the Changing Church 67:36 04/21/2020
Finding Peace In A Pandemic 47:45 04/17/2020
What Is The Greatest Miracle of All? 56:51 04/07/2020
Making Hope Viral 47:17 04/01/2020
13 Hacks to Survive a Pandemic 60:22 03/19/2020