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Plant Based Eating for Health

A show for plant based eaters and vegans who are committed to healthy, whole food diets, compassion to animals and the planet. Only 100% plant based & vegan lifestylists, authors, consultants, business owners are featured on the show. This show is great for those eager to learn how to transition to a plant based and vegan life. We have a strong focus on a balanced protocol of nutrition, exercise, meditation and community. Eating a whole food diet without animal products has the potential to prevent and reverse diseases and obesity, which improves our health and longevity. There is a focus on how plant based eating can actually improve your performance in business. We are extremely committed to compassion for animals of all breeds and a life void of abuse to animals.


102: Secrets to Becoming a Fit Vegan 36:23 08/04/2022
101: Reversing the Aging Process with a Whole Food, Plant-Based, Vegan Diet 47:12 07/30/2022
100: What's Changed in 100 Episodes 18:46 07/28/2022
They're Killing Our Children 28:11 04/30/2022
098: Out of the Mouth of Babes is the Truth about Nowadays 25:53 04/19/2022
097: 5 Simple Steps to a Healthier You the Plant Based Eating Way with Kathleen Gage 16:34 04/04/2022
096: Body Temple Through the Power of Purity 42:44 02/27/2022
095: Healing Naturally with Plant Based Foods with Dr. Egypt Iredia 24:14 02/18/2022
094: DNA, genes and plant based eating...what's the story? 26:36 02/11/2022
093: Healthy #VeganBaby is Topic of Heated Debate on TikTok 13:04 02/03/2022
092: Vegan vs Plant Based... which is best? 16:45 01/20/2022
091: My Favorite Books (and other resources) for Those New to Plant Based Eating 12:50 12/06/2021
090: Redeemed & Reclaimed Through Plant Based & Vegan Lifestyle Choices with Kristi Davis 34:51 12/01/2021
089: Daniel Fast: A Bridge to Healthy Living with Sersie Blue and Gigi Carter 31:21 11/10/2021
088: Achieve Whole Life Goals by Being Your Own Guru with Anthony Cotter 27:18 11/06/2021
087: Are TikTok Influencers Encouraging Unhealthy Food Consumption 16:38 10/22/2021
086: Budget Friendly Vegan the Plant Based Way with Kathy Davis 27:10 10/06/2021
085: End Suffering Through a Clean Mind, Body and Soul with Geoff Palmer 30:49 09/19/2021
084: Menopause and a Plant Based Diet... A Great Combination with Claudia Kaldenbach 31:00 09/12/2021
083: Why Becoming a Fit Vegan WILL Develop You as a Leader with Gabriel Zhanay 34:20 09/03/2021
082: Vegan Bakery Owner, Carina Comer, Reveals There is Light Even in the Darkest Places 20:10 08/24/2021
081: Clear Mind, Clear Brain with Alexi Bracy 23:51 08/19/2021
080: Plant Based on a Budget with Toni Okamoto 45:16 08/16/2021
079: Vegan Beauty Goes Beyond Skin Deep with Marvita Washington 19:49 08/09/2021
078: 30-Year Vegan Inspired by World's Fastest Runner with Paul Shapiro 21:55 07/26/2021
077: Reverse Disease the Plant Based Way with Sherra Aguirre 24:22 07/16/2021
076: Semper Fi the Vegan Way (Dennis Jones) 42:45 06/25/2021
075: The Intersection of Travel & Veganism with Rebecca Gade Sawicki 29:25 06/12/2021
074: Building a Pro-Vegan World One Business as a Time with Stephanie Redcross West 32:57 05/28/2021
073: The Future of an All Vegan Virtual Marketplace with Kory Zelickson 29:25 05/21/2021