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The Culture Design Show

Steve Chaparro hosts the Culture Design Show where he features leaders and thinkers from some of the top creative firms in the world including architecture, design, and technology who are passionate about culture and design. What's the one thing they all have in common? They all believe in the power of culture and design.


Empowering Leaders Through the Culture Journey with Tony Martignetti 33:42 02/16/2021
Leading Great Culture Through A Great Crisis with Craig Forman 47:35 02/09/2021
Making Culture Conscious, Tangible and Visible with Brett Putter 38:31 02/02/2021
Transforming Dysfunctional Creators into Cross-Functional Designers with Peter Markatos 43:10 01/26/2021
How the Scribe Method Helps Authors Get Their Stories Written with Jevon McCormick 27:32 01/19/2021
The Scribe Tribe Breaks Cultural Records with Jevon McCormick 53:38 01/13/2021
Leading a Co-Creative Agency with Phil Burgess 41:31 01/05/2021
Building Cultures Founded on Authenticity and Self-Awareness with Elicia Banks-Gabriel 46:08 12/31/2020
Crafting A Valuable Experience Through Design with Aaron Keller 45:50 12/29/2020
Every Touchpoint Matters with Ben McCraw 50:26 12/15/2020
Navigating and Thriving in Moments of Change and Transition with Sara Whitman 57:30 12/11/2020
Ensuring Your Creative Firm’s Longevity in the Face of Crisis and Disruption with Ed Warren 46:30 12/07/2020
Creating an Agile and Inclusive Company Culture with Joy Sybesma 66:09 12/03/2020
Putting the “Human” Back into Human Resources with Jacques Spitzer and Danny Kim 70:06 12/01/2020
Developing a Culture Worth Staying For with Cindy N Gordon 42:11 09/21/2020
Cultivating Workplace Culture That Adapts and Grows with Robert Glazer 39:45 07/29/2020
Shaping Your Company Culture Through Emotional Conversations with Tina Jones 36:50 07/28/2020
Putting Creative Power Back into the Hands of Your People with Michael Ruby 53:57 07/23/2020
Unlocking Your Team’s Creative and Collaborative Potential with Alison Rand 62:51 07/21/2020
Leading Well in Every Moment Through Improvisation with David A. Miller 62:34 07/17/2020
Cultivating Culture by Magnifying the People Experience with Deborah Hankin 58:03 07/15/2020
How AirBNB and IBM Adopt Cultural Design - Step 3, Adoption 16:37 07/07/2020
How to Create Collaborative Design for a Creative Firm - Step 2, Application 23:19 07/03/2020
How to Create Collaborative Design for a Creative Firm - Step 1, Awareness 21:53 06/30/2020
Using Grief as a Launching Pad to a Brighter Future with Maria Giudice and Diana Chaparro-Clark 54:48 06/26/2020
An Empathetic Approach to Leading Organizations with Steve Usher 50:48 06/18/2020
The Leader as Facilitator vs. The Leader as Architect with Steve Chaparro, Founder of Culture Design Studio 17:08 06/16/2020
The Importance of Organizational Culture to Attract and Retain Employees with Diane Domeyer 44:53 06/12/2020
Fostering a Sense of Belonging Among Employees with Mark Levy 52:39 06/10/2020
Weathering Uncertainty by Putting Your People First with Maurice Cherry 48:20 06/05/2020