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How to publish a #1 bestselling book… without writing a word – in Just 7 Minutes with Doug Crowe
What You’ll Learn From This Episode:Why you have to have a really powerful positioning statement about why your book is about.Why 81% of people think about it, or been told to write a book less than 1% actually pull it off.How you can simply talk to a ghostwriter who is able to capture your unique essence and style and repurpose it in a best selling book.Related Links and Resources:Over 2,000,000 Entrepreneurs will Publish a Book in 2023Over 98% of them will Fail... HARDWeird Fact: 100% of people believe they are in the 2%.Not only is this statistically impossible, but without guidance, your book, your message, and you potential influence will leave you...Insignificant & anonymous.Get the solution here: Crowe is an author, speaker, and business growth strategist. He's passionate about helping executives and founders create a personal brand through a book… without them writing a word.His flagship company, Author Your Brand, ghostwrites and publishes books. His client list includes C-suite executives from Starbucks, NASA, Nascar, Pepsi, Touchstone Pictures, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Louis Vuitton, Vistage, and’s been published and featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, the Chicago Tribune, Reuters News, Bloomberg, Daily Cafe, ABC News Chicago, ABC radio Chicago, Daily Herald Chicago, Chicago Business Ledger, Seattle Times, Playboy Radio, and KTLA Los Angeles.Learn more at:
08:20 09/30/2022
Why You Shouldn’t Keep Your Personal Story To Yourself – in Just 7 Minutes with Natasha Miller
What You’ll Learn From This Episode:What do to if you think no one wants to hear your story.Why you should create a timeline of the top five highs and lows in your life.Why publishing your life story could bring pleasant surprises that surpass anything you could dream of.Related Links and Resources:Natasha is gifting you a memoir discovery worksheet that will really open your mind to why you should do this, how you should do this and what benefit you'll get as well as your readers will get afterward.You get your very own by simply emailing and put "memoir discovery worksheet" in the subject line.Summary:Natasha Miller isn’t your average CEO. She sits at the helm of Entire Productions which has been an Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies in America for three years in a row. Natasha studied entrepreneurship at the Harvard Business School and MIT, and is a trained classical violinist and accomplished jazz vocalist. She now resides in San Francisco, CA where she is a member and is on the regional board of EO (Entrepreneurs’ Organization).Learn more at:
07:31 09/28/2022
Remove Your Revenue Roadblocks – in Just 7 Minutes with Tim Fitzpatrick
What You’ll Learn From This Episode:What do to before you hire a marketing person or a marketing firm.Who you need to talk to who will tell you exactly what your customer wants.Why your revenue is not growing anywhere near as fast as it could.Related Links and Resources:Tim is gifting you his Revenue Roadblock Scorecard and a complimentary strategy session. You can get yours here: is an entrepreneur/business owner with marketing and growth expertise. He has 20+ years of entrepreneurial experience with a passion for developing and growing businesses. That passion served him well in operating and managing a wholesale distribution company he co-owned for nine years before being acquired in 2005.Since then, he’s had failures and successes. He started Rialto Marketing in 2013 and has been helping B2B professional service firms that want to accelerate revenue growth and attract more ideal clients. He believes marketing shouldn’t be difficult. But, you must remove your revenue roadblocks if you want to grow consistently and predictably.Learn more at:
08:47 09/26/2022
How To Find Your Purpose – in Just 7 Minutes with Kevin Palmieri
What You’ll Learn From This Episode:How to create new habits for health, wealth, and relationships to get you to the next level.Why low self-esteem is holding you back.How you can get on the path to continuous improvement.Related Links and Resources:Kevin is gifting his signature course - NEXT LEVEL 5 TO THRIVE. You can get yours right here: is the CFO, Founder & Co-Host of Next Level University, a Global Top 100 Self-Improvement Podcast with more than 1,000 episodes and 600K+ listens in over 125 countries.Learn more at:
06:47 09/23/2022
How to Turn Your Podcast Into a Daily Leads and Sales Machine – in Just 7 Minutes with Evans Putman
What You’ll Learn From This Episode:How your podcast can be converted into a lead generation funnel.The key mistakes nearly every podcaster makes over and over again.How you can get others to promote your podcast for you.Related Links and Resources:Get your free ticket to the Podcast Sales Funnel Secrets Masterclass and Learn Exactly How to Cash-In on the Hidden Funnel that Turns Your Podcast Into a Daily Leads and Sales Machine (Without Needing Paid Ads or a Large Audience!)www.PodcastSalesMachine.comSummary:Evans is known as the go-to expert for growing and monetizing podcasts using his unique, new Podcast Sales Funnel Framework.After serving clients in multiple Industries and leading them to successfully generate millions of listeners and millions in revenue using podcasts, his unique methodology has attracted some of The Who’s Who of business leaders today.Evans is on a mission to help podcasting entrepreneurs like you build profitable businesses, create more time freedom, generate infinite positive impact, and change more lives by using his Podcast Sales Funnel Framework.Learn more at:
09:25 09/21/2022
Internet and Digital Marketing: A Three Prong Attack on a Seven Figure Income – in Just 7 Minutes with Tom Antion
What You’ll Learn From This Episode:How most business owners over-complicate what they need to do to succeed wildly.The two key skills you must master first.How you get your online business set up for a few hundred dollars.Related Links and Resources:Tom is gifting you the keys to how to get started fast in his new ebook: "How Tom automates his business, saves millions of keystrokes, and handles customers and prospects lightning fast. Antion has never had a job.He's an Internet Multimillionaire "guy next door" and founder of the only licensed, dedicated Internet marketing school in the country.  He's the subject of a Hollywood Documentary "The American Entrepreneur" premiering in Fall 2022.Learn more at:
09:55 09/19/2022
The 7 Essential Stories Charismatic Leaders Tell – in Just 7 Minutes with Kurian Tharakan
What You’ll Learn From This Episode:Why story-telling is essential to being a great leader.What your core story needs to be.Why you must have all 7 stories perfected to consistently demonstrate your leadership abilities.Related Links and Resources:Kurian is giving you a copy of his next book "Leadership Parables". You can get on the waiting list right here: is the founder of the sales and marketing strategy firm StrategyPeak Sales & Marketing Advisors and a 27-year veteran of the sales and marketing industry.Mr. Tharakan is also the author of the Amazon Bestseller, “The 7 Essential Stories Charismatic Leaders Tell,” which details how anyone can move people and mountains with the power of story.Learn more at:
06:56 09/16/2022
Empowering Retail Business Owners To Create More Time & Freedom By Increasing Their CASH FLOW & PROFIT – in Just 7 Minutes with Alvin Narsey
What You’ll Learn From This Episode:Why your revenue is growing, but there's no money left over.How you overcomplicate the whole process of understanding the numbers in your business.Why you need to start tracking your cash flow manually yourself for a few weeks.Related Links and Resources:Alvin is offering a free 15 minute cash flow and profit audit with him personally. Simply go to his Linkedin page and tell you heard this offer on Bill Prater's podcast: Narsey has had an exciting journey buying and selling multiple Pharmacy Businesses in Australia over the past 16 years.  He is known for his ability to simplify the fundamentals in growing retail businesses.Alvin has a framework that boils down to implementing the basics, focussing on CASHFLOW and PROFIT and from day one setting everything up so your retail business runs without YOU.Learn more at:
06:56 09/14/2022
Conversation vs Confrontation – in Just 7 Minutes with Jay Williams
What You’ll Learn From This Episode:How to get people to follow you and love to do so.How to communicate from the other person's perspective.How to recognize and deal with the quiet quitters in your company.Related Links and Resources:Jay is gifting you several complimentary gifts. You will find them right here: helps leaders from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies achieve desired outcomes through his leadership philosophy and methodology. He has significant experience in executive development, sales, process analysis and transformation, client services, and change management.Learn more at:
10:11 09/12/2022
A 4-Part Framework for Becoming a People First Leader – in Just 7 Minutes with Kyle Gillette
What You’ll Learn From This Episode:SAGE is an acronym for Self-awareness, Accountability, Growth, and Empowerment.Why it is so difficult to change your mindset.A different approach to leadership.Related Links and Resources:Kyle is gifting his proprietary guide to accountability. You can get your hands on it at his website:, Kyle has just finished his new book: bit about Kyle:Kyle Gillette has helped small business owners and leaders around the world to take their businesses from good to great.He is an ICF-certified coach, behavioral analyst, and creator of the SAGE Mindset Framework that helps leaders and small business owners become the leaders they’re meant to be.As a mindset coach helping clients understand how their thoughts affect their lives and business, Kyle understands what it takes for someone’s mindset to change.SAGE is an acronym for Self-awareness, Accountability, Growth, and Empowerment.He focuses on helping his clients build a foundation of Self-awareness in their life and business. Create exceptional Accountability to achieve big goals, dreams, and results with a Growth mindset that Empowers others to do, have, and be more than they ever thought possible!He’s the host of the SAGE Mindset podcast, developer of the SAGE Leadership Framework, the SAGE Mindset App, and owner of SAGE Mindset Coaching – a coaching and consulting organization.
09:18 09/07/2022
How Podcasting Can Accelerate Your Revenue – in Just 7 Minutes with Michael Harris
What You’ll Learn From This Episode: Why entrepreneurs who really have messages and stories to tell about their business and really want to exponentially grow their business, but are stuck. How the lack of self-esteem can hold you back from getting the message inside you out to those who need it. How blackberry pies relate to podcasting. Related Links and Resources: Michael created a complete guide to Podcasting for Your Business. Get yours at: Summary: Michael is the author of the #1 bestselling book, Falling Down Getting UP.  He is a dynamic business coach, lifelong entrepreneur, yoga teacher and co-founder of Endless Stages - a company dedicated to help motivated authors, speakers and experts get their voice, message and story out to the world. Over the years, he’s dived into photography, real estate, option trading, coaching and yoga. Michael struggled and healed himself from chronic health conditions and is grateful that he's been able to take his personal challenges and help others find what inspires and motivates them.
09:43 09/05/2022
How To Gain Visibility For Your Business & Attract Your Ideal Clients Without Paid Ads – in Just 7 Minutes with Tracy Beavers
What You’ll Learn From This Episode: How to attract new clients consistently without paid advertising. The importance of creating outstanding content on a consistent basis. Why having great social media profiles factor into your visibility and attracting your ideal clients. Related Links and Resources: Tracy is gifting a course and guide titled, "You really can create social media content with ease!". Get yours at: Summary: Tracy Beavers is a Business and Sales coach from Arkansas. She has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs over the years with everything from overcoming the fear of sales to growing their business visibility through organic marketing strategies. She walks hand in hand with her clients providing them a roadmap of clear action steps so they can put their blinders on and confidently get to work. Building your business does NOT have to be a struggle. Tracy can show you how to build with EASE.
00:06 09/02/2022
How to Make the Leap from Thought Leader to Published Author – in Just 7 Minutes with Dan Gerstein
What You’ll Learn From This Episode:You are a true expert, you just don't know how to get your story out to the world.Why it is essential to have a trusting relationship with your partner—the ghostwriter.It is highly likely you underestimate how much time and mental energy it takes to write a book.Related Links and Resources:Dan is gifting the formula for writing and publishing your book. You can get your hands on it at his website:, by simply emailing and asking for is founder and CEO of Gotham Ghostwriters, the country’s premier ghostwriting agency. Featuring a network of more than 3000 experienced freelance editorial pros, Gotham specializes in sophisticated, long-form writing (such as books, speeches, and reports) for authors, speakers, and thinkers who need expert help telling and selling their stories.
09:32 08/29/2022
Secrets to Positioning Yourself for Success as an Expert – in Just 7 Minutes with Debbie Allen
What You’ll Learn From This Episode:You are an expert, you are just not monetizing it enough.How to define your niche that loves your expertise.Why you need to take action and stop getting ready.Related Links and Resources:Debbie is gifting you a literal blueprint detailing how to become an expert in your niche in just a few simple steps. You will find it right here: Summary:Debbie is the World’s #1 Authority on Expert Positioning. She is an internationally recognized business growth and market positioning expert.Debbie has been a professional speaker and business mentor for 25 years and presented before thousands of people in 28 countries. She is also the bestselling author of 10 books, including The Highly Paid Expert, Success Is Easy, and her newest book Expert Positioning.Learn more at
10:59 08/26/2022
How To Operate Your Entire Business With One Software– in Just 7 Minutes with Tammy Lane
What You’ll Learn From This Episode: How to stop buying the next great software because it "sounds good". How to build your entire sales funnel without lifting a finger. How to have a high-performance funnel delivering sales in just 6 weeks. Related Links and Resources: Want an entire library of all of the most effective funnels right now? Tammy is giving them to you; Summary: Tammy Lane and her amazing team have been creating funnels since the dawn of Facebook, and in those years she has brought in more than $20 million of sales online. Before Tammy spotted the enormous gap screaming for a simple, one-stop funnel software, Tammy spent some significant time in the trenches creating her own multi-million-dollar businesses - three times! She has also worked as a CPA (Accountant) which means she looks at everything from a risk vs reward perspective and always ensures the numbers will make sense for her clients. For more than 15 years, Tammy has been building 7-figure Facebook funnels for her private clients so they can reap the benefits of never-ending, high-quality leads, clients, and sales while they do great things in the world. After realizing it could have been so much quicker, cheaper, and way less painful if she’d just had the right solution to start with (for herself and her clients), she decided to build the solution… FunnelCures. Chris’ Valuable Free Action (VFA): Pick one funnel that will deliver the results you want and get it implemented.
09:12 08/22/2022
Are Google Ads right for your Business? – in Just 7 Minutes with Andy Janaitis
What You’ll Learn From This Episode: The value of paid ads Know how to be strategic in your approach to marketing Why you need to clearly define your goal before you ever place an ad anywhere Related Links and Resources: Simply go to where you will find tons of resources to pick from. About our guest: Andy Janaitis is the founder and chief strategist of PPC Pitbulls, an e-commerce digital marketing agency, supporting craft food, beverage, and clothing brands with Google and Facebook ads as well as email marketing.Andy has over 10 years of agency experience in the digital space, across several industries and now focuses on creating custom strategies and driving measurable results for businesses looking to grow and find more customers online. Andy's Valuable Free Action (VFA): A great tool to help you begin forging a strategy for your marketing efforts -
10:12 08/15/2022
How to Build a Culture Where Top Talent Loves to Work – Pam Boney
What you need to know about our guest:Personality is important, but it’s your strength of character that determines your destiny.Pam is an innovator in the leadership and team assessments domain. After two decades of experience as a senior leader in the hospitality industry with Embassy Suites and later Hilton, she formed an original leadership theory and framework based on 12 character strengths that grow positive influence in people, teams and culture. She observed that there was ONE difference between dysfunctional teams and teams that flourish. And that one thing is measured by and taught with the use of the Tilt Suite of Development Assessments. has a worldwide network of partners working around the world to grow character strengths in business. Its mission is to help the next generation of leaders produce ethical innovations that solve the complex problems of our time. "The one thing that can make the world a better place, is growing our inner character strength. The surprising byproduct of making that investment in yourself is a profound increase in your happiness in life and work.” Pam BoneyWe serve team leaders and their teams, as well as the talented professionals who help them grow. The problem we solve is extremes that arise from four hidden ego-fears that create dysfunction in teams. We solve these problems through innovative assessments and solutions that grow character strengths and team agility. We are different in that we don’t stop at the bias of personality type. We teach people how to grow well-rounded character strengths so their interactions are more productive, positive, and innovative. Knowing your preferred patterns can actually cause self-limiting beliefs, so we help you see the path to whole-person integration.Related Links:Company site: Email:
34:26 08/15/2022
Reinventing Insurance for Travelers and Expats – Andrew Jernigan
What you need to know about our guest:Andrew Jernigan has lived/worked across five continents over the last twenty-five years, as single, married, and with his family. Serving as CEO of Insured Nomads, he leads the direction and vision for insurance as a service (IaaS) through a hybrid fintech/insurtech/traveltech platform for the globally mobile – whether vacationing, able to work from anywhere short term or long term, digital nomad, retiree, student or expat – they’ve got the coverage that is needed for this lifestyle. Insured Nomads, the evolution of insurance for the revolution of travel.Related Links:Company site: https://insurednomads.comCompany LinkedIn:  LinkedIn Profile: Facebook: Profile: Twitter: Profile: Instagram: Profile: members@insurednomadsThe Question Andrew Enjoys Explaining:"What is even more dangerous for travelers than the health and safety concerns of traveling for work, pleasure and exploration?"Answer:We're in a scenario in the world right now where there between 45 and 50 million people are affected by human slavery today. And that's it's occurring in every continent. I mean, every country, every city and every town is affected.We're striving for a world where people and the planet function in harmony, a world where no one is for sale. A lot of money comes through the hands of insurance companies and all of our team there to provide great coverage, but also to give a fortune away to those who need assistance in coming out of a vulnerable or exploited situation that leads to human traffic.
00:25 08/09/2022
How to Improve Your Business – Fast! – in Just 7 Minutes with David Deane-spread
What You’ll Learn From This Episode:'Deadly Quad' - biggest risk in the businessApplying the 5CsEffects of high level of stress in the businessRelated Links and Resources:David is giving a free diagnostic so that you will get that clarity around your business. Go to Deane-Spread is a 25-year veteran CEO coach and founder of Metattude.  His clients range across federal and state government, public and private companies to small & medium businesses – his favorites, because they have the most skin in the game!David honed his skills in the military, law enforcement and another discreet agency where he specialized in developing and leading covert operators. He later adapted those skills to serve as a CEO and managing director of both private and public companies in Australia and Europe, before realizing his true calling was developing leaders, because they have the biggest impact on the workplace.Here are the highlights of this episode:David informed us that his ideal client would be a business owner who has about 200 staff and want to improve their business.He says that the 'deadly quad' is the biggest risks to the business. First would be the difficult behaviors that block progress, suck energy and cause mistrust. Secondly would be the misalignment and that's wasting time, resources, and causing confusion. Then you've got poor delegation which really impacts performance and productivity. And finally, those badly run meetings that everyone complains. Which actually causes a total waste of time at disengagement.There is a high level of stress when things are not working, and people start to feel frustration and disappointment because of slow or no progress in strategy execution. Then there would be unnecessary conflict. So, the customer satisfaction turns out to be at a lower level because the people aren't behaving the way the boss would really like them to behave.They tolerate unacceptable behavior because they can't afford to lose them. So, they hang in there and deal with all the problems around them. Then they will start to micromanage because of the situation. And once they micromanaged, then they're going to really annoy people. Threats and micromanagement don't work. David’s Valuable Free Action (VFA):Business owners should get absolute clarity about the actual state of their business regarding to that deadly quad, because too many business leaders make assumptions about those areas. Where are the bad behaviors? What's it doing to us? To what extent are we aligned or misaligned? Is our delegation process working and are our meetings effective? And if they don't have clarity around that, then they're going to be bumbling around in the dark.
14:01 06/28/2022
How to Create Time, Reduce Errors And Scale Your Profits With Proven Business Systems – in Just 7 Minutes with David Jenyns
What You’ll Learn From This Episode: Removing 'key person' dependency Applying 'critical client' flow Systemizing business if you don't like systems Related Links and Resources: If you go to, they'll find there a bunch of resources and one of them is the 'client flow template'. It's a PDF with the empty spaces for you to fill in. Summary: In 2016, David Jenyns successfully systemised himself out of his business, one of Australia’s most trusted digital agencies, Melbourne SEO. Through this process he became a systems devotee – founding systemHUB & SYSTEMology. Today, his mission is to free all business owners worldwide from the daily operations of running their business. Here are the highlights of this episode: During the interview, David told us that his ideal client would be a business owner who finds themself as the bottleneck in their business. They're starting to scale or wanting to scale, but they're really finding that everything needs to come through them. And that really seems to be the biggest linchpin or the thing that's holding them back from growth. The problem that they really help solve centers around the same thing, is helping businesses become more repeatable. He said that businesses and business owners must remove key person dependency, whether it's themselves or any other team member in order to make business a lot stronger and a lot more scalable. Oftentimes if the business owner feels like they're running an adult daycare center; constantly having to tend to different team members and clients when they come in. Maybe they've tried to systemize their business and they haven't failed. Business owner just loves to do everything and they think they're the best at everything. Therefore, they need to create the systems, but oftentimes they're not a system person. A lot of business owners tend to overcomplicate things. It's quite natural for the business owner to not like documenting systems, but that doesn't mean you can’t run a systems driven business. Every business should be working towards building systems, reducing that key person dependency and making sure that the business can grow without them because that's the real key. David's Valuable Free Action (VFA): David has an exercise called 'critical client' flow. On a paper,  you map the linear journey of your dream client and selling your primary product or service to that dream client. From start to finish, think about "How do you grab their attention? How do you handle the inquiry when it comes into you? What's your sales process? How do you invoice them or take money? How do you onboard them? How do you deliver your core products or service? And then how do you get them to come back?" Literally map that out on a four bit of paper. You don't use more than about two or three words to explain each of the different steps. Exercise alone can be really eye opening for determining where should you start or what systems should you put in place. Just focus on the critical client flow and you'll get a tremendous result.
09:22 06/21/2022
Jumpstart Your ‘Someday When’ Project – in Just 7 Minutes with Kristin Swanson
What You’ll Learn From This Episode: Learning to take consistent action Handling productivity shame Taking that messy, small, action! Related Links and Resources: If you go to you can download the free "Make it Happen Planner." Make a plan to start taking action, breaking it down into your quarters and months and make this happen. Summary: Kristin Swanson helps people execute their “someday when” procrastinated projects with ease.  As a completion expert, coach & cancer survivor, Kristin has learned the importance of getting out of one’s own way and stop waiting until “someday” to make a unique impact. Realizing deeply that “you only live once,” she has gained perspective, tools and strategies to overcome the illusions fear instills in us. Here are the highlights of this episode: When we asked Kristin who she catered to, she told us that her ideal clients would be entrepreneurs and solopreneurs who have the urgency to turn their 'someday wind projects' into reality. She said it's important to take consistent action. Most of these clients she encountered had this feeling of "productivity shame". A feeling at the end of the day, like you didn't get to the things that you really wanted to get done. There would be feelings of regret and they tell themselves "I'm not spending my time where I really truly want to be spending my time." The problem is, they start taking all the courses, reading all the books and not implementing on a day-to-day basis. Not integrating it to your day-to-day life and just the waiting. Waiting until I feel ready, seems to be the biggest mistake. You should take action every day if you can. If there is something in the back of your mind that is whispering at you. I believe these are "soul led goals" that comes with no regrets and they're big projects that are not going to happen overnight anyway. Start small and start now. Once you get started, you'll be astounded with the compound effect and really the synchronicities that start to happen when you do that. Kristin’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): The action that I would say is to get quiet and visualize your future self in having done the thing. And then asking that future self "What are some possible action steps I could have taken to get to where you are?" and just start taking action every day. Messy, small, action!
07:21 06/07/2022
How To Set Aggressive But Realistic Growth Goals – in Just 7 Minutes with Darrell Amy
What You’ll Learn From This Episode: Creating a realistic growth goals Knowing what a 'ruler method' is Importance of having the right goal and clients Related Links and Resources: Darrell wrote a book called "Revenue Growth Engine", you can get that on Amazon or you can text the word 'revenue' to 21,000 and get instant access to the audio. You'll get access to our toolkit and also the opportunity to get access to a book full of ideas and strategies to help you accelerate your growth. Go to Summary: Darrell Amy, is passionate about helping great Kingdom[1]minded companies grow revenue. He’s the author of the best-selling book Revenue Growth Engine: How To Align Sales & Marketing To Drive Accelerate Growth. In addition to his work helping businesses grow, he’s the co-founder of the Kingdom Missions Fund and the executive director of the ManAlive EXPEDITION. As a Revenue Growth Strategist, he enjoys getting behind the scenes, rolling up his sleeves, and helping company owners, sales leaders, and marketing teams build revenue growth strategies so they can maximize their impact. Here are the highlights of this episode: Darrell has shared with us that he enjoys working with B2B companies that have sales teams. The problem that he sees is that these companies are setting in what he calls aggressive but realistic growth goals. A lot of companies have unrealistic growth goals and Darrell says it's really critical that businesses get very competent at setting goals that their team believes in. Most companies can do more when they get strategic about how they're going to fuel that growth. If you're feeling that tension and that frustration, it may be time to take a look at the systems that are driving your revenue growth or lack thereof. Let's look at the two drivers of growth; net new business and cross sell revenue. How many new clients can we bring on board and cross sell? What processes can we put in place to increase our revenue per client? You're going to find it's aggressive because when you get net new and cross sell going at the same time. You move from linear growth to exponential growth. Darrell's Valuable Free Action (VFA): Darrell's advice is that if you want to compound net new and cross sell, you need to have the types of clients that can buy everything that you offer, and he calls them 'ideal clients'. Those clients that can keeps coming back for your entire portfolio. Ultimately, they're the type of client that aligns with your company values that they're going to stick around. If we want to accelerate growth, we need the type of clients
12:35 05/03/2022
Your Big Book Idea – in Just 7 Minutes with Jeff Goins
What You’ll Learn From This Episode: Inspiration for writing a book is based on gut feeling Aspire to write something interesting not just a good book What you need to do when you are not inspired writing anymore Related Links and Resources: If you have an idea for a book and you'd like some free feedback, you can visit, fill out our contact form and share your big idea. Or email Jeff directly at Summary: Jeff Goins is a writer, keynote speaker, and entrepreneur with a reputation for challenging the status quo. He is the best-selling author of five books including The Art of Work and Real Artists Don’t Starve, his award-winning blog is visited by millions of people every year, and his work has been featured in the Washington Post, USA Today, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Psychology Today, Business Insider, Time, and many others. A father of two and a guacamole aficionado, Jeff lives just outside of Nashville, Tennessee. Here are the highlights of this episode: Jeff told us that his ideal client would be any person with a big idea that want to turn into a bestselling book. He says that it's no surprise to most people that publishing a book today is relatively easy with all of the print-on demand technologies that is available. The problem that they help their clients solve is helping them not to write bad books. He thinks that the inspiration for writing a book has to come from literally your gut. It is a sort of physical sensation welling in your stomach especially when you hear somebody talking about their book or you see somebody doing something and it provokes jealousy, intrigue, or excitement. these are all kind of the same emotional callings that are prompting us to step into writing a book. And the biggest mistake that Jeff sees people make is trying to write good books when they should aspire to write interesting ones, because interesting is what captivates an audience's attention. It is very easy to write a good book that unfortunately, falls on deaf ears.  Jeff’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): The first hurdle is your big book idea.  When people are asking you what you're writing about, tell them this: everybody thinks X about a given topic, but what's actually true is Y so everybody thinks working at least 40 hours a week is what you need to succeed in the business world today. But what's actually true is you can work no more than four hours per week and live like a millionaire. So, everybody thinks X, but what's actually true is Y.
10:03 04/26/2022
How to Build a Beautiful Business – in Just 7 Minutes with Steven Morris
What You’ll Learn From This Episode: Unifying the brand, culture, and business strategy door Importance of knowing the core belief systems of your organization Why would anyone build a people first organization? Related Links and Resources: The resource that Steve put together on is 'how to build a people first organization' and talks about the 10 principles within it. You can go to  Summary: Steven Morris helps business leaders build unignorable brands, cultures, and businesses through his work as an advisor, author, and speaker. He has worked with business leaders from Samsung, Sony, Habitat for Humanity, Amazon, International Trademark Association, NFL, MLB, and over 250 other brands. Over his 27 years as an entrepreneur, he’s served more than 3,000 global business leaders. He reaches 25,000+ readers through his blog and writes about branding, culture, leadership, and the intersection between work and life as a contributing writer for Retail Observer, Wisdom Well, Business Week, Brand Week, Conscious Company Magazine, Communication Arts, HOW Magazine and MarketingProfs. Here are the highlights of this episode: Steve stated that his ideal client is an apex of two things. Talking about the size between 7 to 9-figure company, having at least five years under their belt and they're looking for a big evolution. They're at the apex of change. They want to take their business to the next level. The companies he worked with come in through one of the three doors; it's either the brand, the culture door, or the business strategy door. And the common problem that exists is typically something that has to do with the unification or integrity between those three systems. These businesses are either having a marketing penetration issue, engagement issue, or capturing and retaining customers. The mistakes Steve notice is that they build a brand and the culture side that represents the exterior of their organization without tethering that into the heart and soul of their company. While on the culture side, they tend to treat the people as more a revolving door rather than really identify what is the core drivers behind our organization.  Steve’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): Start as deeply inside the beliefs within your organization as you possibly can. Practice around by asking "What is the essence of our company? Why are we really in business beyond just making money?" and have a very clear set of answers to that.
10:44 04/19/2022
How do Double Your Sales, with Zero Salespeople – in Just 7 Minutes with Andy Buyting
What You’ll Learn From This Episode: The importance of digital marketing to grow your business Learning first your business strategy for your marketing strategy Knowing how to apply 'Smarketing' Related Links and Resources: Andy's team is offering a free website Audit. They will have one of their certified marketing guides go through your website. They will video record them talking their way through your website and giving you pointers. They, and they'll send you a video typically it's three to five, six minutes. NO COST for that. Go to www.TM.Media/website/review You can also get a free chapter download and you can buy the book from www.TM.Media/doublesales Summary: Andy Buyting is a two-time international bestselling author, serial entrepreneur, and strategic advisor. He is a leader in business development and marketing and has helped businesses grow all over North America with his integrated “SMarketing” strategy. Here are the highlights of this episode: Andy has shared with us that they ideally work with B2B clients or companies who wants to grow their businesses online whether that's locally, nationally or internationally. He believes that Google has not made it easy for people to market. Andy stated that digital marketing is part art and science, but it's not easy for most of us who are busy with everything in their business to devote the time to really become an expert and to understand online digital marketing. They don't know where to start and therefore they felt overwhelmed and intimidated. People should not use old fashioned sales tactics. In his company, they eliminated the whole sales department turned to online digital marketing to replace the inbound leads and opportunities. Then have production talk to those prospect clients who have inquiries. This way, he sees that digital marketing can be so effective and cost efficient as well. However, there are those who spent so much budget in digital marketing but they weren't using it in a smart way. He says that every good marketing strategy starts with a business strategy, so it's important to have a plan.  Andy's Valuable Free Action (VFA): You should ask yourself if your website pass the grunt test in three seconds: Can they tell exactly what you do and what problem you solve? If they can't do that or if they need to look further, you'll lose them. Don't make it hard for them to buy. Don't make it hard for them to figure out what you do.
14:05 04/12/2022
Journey Into the World of eCommerce – in Just 7 Minutes with Andy Hooper
What You’ll Learn From This Episode: Expanding and growing your brand abroad Struggles you may face in expansion journey Know the 7 steps pathway to expansion Related Links and Resources: Andy and his team created a success pathway on how people successfully expand into Europe. Go to There'll be able to go to a specific download for this podcast and it's our seven step E-book. So, in that E-book, you'll be able to get the seven steps, what you need to take in order to expand to Europe and a whole load of information on how to do that. Summary: Andy Hooper is the CEO of Global E-Commerce Experts and has been successfully expanding businesses into new markets for over 15 years. As an accomplished specialist in eCommerce, Andy now works with companies around the world providing comprehensive gateways and solutions to new markets, especially US-based organizations transitioning into the EU. Here are the highlights of this episode: Andy said that their ideal clients are e-commerce sellers who are typically based in the US doing over about half a million dollars. Now they're looking for additional opportunities to grow or scale their brand. And that's where we come in. By identifying the EU, being an epic market would be a great place for them to access. That common problem probably comes in two different parts. The first problem is they need to expand their brand before their competitors do. It's about making sure your brand is the one that is a global brand. Second would be the expansion journey which can be difficult and complicated.  So, what we do is we have that all under one roof so sellers won't get confuse. What complexities are you struggling with? Is it the logistics? Is it the compliance? And that's when they should contact our team when they're hitting those roadblocks. The problems come when they haven't done all the research and they don't understand the fine details of the regulations to make sure that they're compliant either as a business. So how does Andy and his team make this as simple and as frictionless as possible? Download the E-book to know the 7 steps seamless and frictionless expansion! Andy’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): There's so many different complexities to this and first ways is to talk to a consultant that can help you. We can take you through all of those different bits, step-by-step on what you need to do and how to do it. And it's free, all of the information's there, you can go and do it yourself.
10:22 03/29/2022
How do you make Better Hiring Decisions – in Just 7 Minutes with Scott Drake
What You’ll Learn From This Episode: The results of bad hiring decisions Applying the "you get to" mindset How do you inspire a candidate to be authentic? Related Links and Resources: If go to We usually do 30 questions as a basis when hiring. What are the skills that people need to do, what are the pay, what are the extreme motivators that we can offer, etc. It will help people to know what do we really need and who's going to be happy. Answering those questions is our foundation in answering those score cards, interview process, and so on. Summary: Scott Drake is the Founder and Executive Director at JumpCoach, a social enterprise on a mission to make best-in-class leadership training available to everyone who needs it. He is a sought-after consultant and trainer who made every mistake when rising through the leadership ranks. After seeing emerging leaders on his teams repeating the same mistakes, he set out to find a simpler and faster way to grow leaders. When he couldn’t find a shortcut, he invented one. Here are the highlights of this episode: Scott has told us during this interview that they work with small to medium size enterprises, specifically people hiring knowledge workers.  A lot of people are just 'winging it' or not doing strategic or good hiring decisions. They fall into two buckets; one is business outcomes. Are you getting results? Is the team productive in actually delivering results that needs to be done? Bad hiring decisions can cause some of these problems. If you're having people who aren't happy, part of hiring has to be "Who will actually enjoy this work?". So, if you have an unhappy team who doesn't want to be there, then it goes back to bad hiring decisions. Number two is the process. There's some problem in their interview process where maybe good candidates are falling out. They have to be careful in not eliminating those good candidates. It's important to establish a score card or structured interview process. We're really bad in the tech world of putting people through test that aren't reflective of the work, so we created these artificial barriers. If you want to inspire a candidate to be authentic or be truthful in interviews, it should be a collaborative conversation not an interrogation. Don't put up those test or artificial barriers. Be more open to what your process is. The more authentic you can be, the more authentic they are.    Scott’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): Must people start out with I NEED; "I need someone who can do X, I need someone with X, Y, and Z skills..." it's about what I need as a manager. One you can do is flip that and start saying "you get to candidate who joins this organization, you get to solve this problem, you get to help this customer, you get to work with this team. Start to think about it not on the perspective of the hiring manager of 'what do I need' but thinking about it from the perspective of the person who's going to join your team and hopefully be happy and deliver those results and solve those problems. With that shift of mindset can really help people start to think about hiring in a much better way.
11:33 03/22/2022
Leaders Do It & Be It! – in Just 7 Minutes with Carrie Benedet
What You’ll Learn From This Episode: Understanding people that surrounds us The metaphor of writing things down What would you do if you know you could not fail? Related Links and Resources: Carrie got this "Nine Ways to be Human-centered Leaders" for the next decade, for 2030 That's easily found at Carrie's website at Another thing you can do also is email Carrie at They're really looking for skillsets and mindsets for 2030. It is something that you can use as a tool to talk with your team. Summary: Carrie Benedet has 24 years of industry experience in creating, leading and hosting leadership experiences, programs and courses. She is a global leadership coach, dynamic facilitator and keynote speaker who shares her belief and passion for developing future leaders and teams. Carrie has a global conference presence and podcast, Thriving Matters, where ordinary ‘gals and guys’ doing extra-ordinary things in life and work share their thriving habits and stories. Here are the highlights of this episode: Carrie ideally likes to work with curious educators and leaders who are really seekers and servants. We're surrounded with people, we work with people, our relationships are mostly with people, and sometimes they are the biggest pain of our existence because we just don't understand them. if they're wanting to continue to get to know the people that they're working with so they can lead them better, within some period they will feel burnout, stress, overwhelmed, etc. and that's taking a bit of toll. And there are some of those who wants to lead but never get the opportunity because they might not look the part. They don't want to be seen at not able to do the job or an impostor. And we should understand that working together is a good way to collaborate and come up with more solutions. Working with other people helps us learn about how they see the world and why they see it the way they do. If you start to wonder, what would you do if you knew you could not fail, well basically is the aspirational view. What are you so scared of or keep locking yourself in? That's actually stop you from being limitless in your imagination, creativity, and the way you connect your relationships. If leaders and educators would use that as a question, if they really want to look into the future, that's the question they need to ask themselves. It will then open the pandora's box!  Carrie’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): Get your thoughts down; start with what you know your strengths are, then what areas you wanted to develop. The metaphor of writing it down will lead you to be able to say "I can't do this alone and I need someone to walk with me." Surround yourself with someone you can trust and you can work with.
10:17 03/15/2022
The Secrets of Compelling Content: The Alchemy of Neurology and Storytelling – in Just 7 Minutes with Kathryn Gillett
What You’ll Learn From This Episode: The importance of human-to-human connection Create a story of your transformation The biggest misperception about compelling content Related Links and Resources: Go to and look for whatever interests you. There are various tracks that you can dive into and there's all kinds of free stuff there. There are special reports, eBooks, checklists, and you can also try her free discovery call. During that 20-minute call, we can hone your story of transformation. Summary: Kathryn Gillett is the creator of The HERO Method … and the author of two best-selling books on the subject. Her mission is all about helping companies get more clients by talking and writing about what they do in a way that gets a “WOW!” instead of a “Huh?”. She has a degree in psychology, a minor in anthropology, and 40+ years’ experience in marketing. As a messaging, story, and content strategist, she has consulted with global companies like Philips and GE, Amazon, Microsoft, and Dell. And as a copywriter, her work has been translated for distribution into more countries than are in the UN. Using a powerful alchemy of neuroscience and storytelling, The HERO Method helps companies create messaging and content that has proven to measurably increase response, revenue, list size, and year-over-year growth. Here are the highlights of this episode: Kathryn ideally enjoys working with business decision-makers who want to increase their sales by doing an authentic human to human connection. Whether it's email, content, website or presentation, they know their content can play a key role in helping them increase their revenue. The problem they face is that they are not getting that 'wow' response and they know they're missing something. If you don't have that connection or are not interesting the audience, then the conversations' over. These folks feel frustrated because they know that their solution is awesome but their audience is not engaging. They are not able to convey the right words so that people can see the value of what they do. Whether it's a solopreneur or a team in an organization, they think that they're the subject matter experts of what their solution is about. They then feel that they're the best qualified to come up with the messaging for it. But it's like a surgeon; they can't do heart surgery on themselves. You really can't talk about it from the perspective of your audience in a way that's going to connect with them. What's the biggest misperception about what's needed to create compelling content? Well, most people think and were taught that our solution is the hero of our story, that our solution is supposed to be the center of the spotlight. But the hero method would tell you that your hero is your audience.  Therefore, if the audience is the hero, and the elixir is your solution, then your marketing materials is the mentor. Once you get that, everything changes.  Kathryn’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): Kathryn is advising everyone to create a story of your transformation. Try to put yourself in the seat of your audience and ask yourself "where are they and why are they stuck because you're not in their life?", she calls this 'the wounded land'. Your audience is stuck and it's the words that they will use to describe what their situation is. Then, look at what they are wanting or needing for, not what you think they should get to. Then, how your solution helps them get from where they are to where they want to be. So, if you put it into your audience's perspective, that's what get them interested.
11:41 03/08/2022
How to Generate 2% to 4% in the market – in Just 7 Minutes with Mark Yegge
What You’ll Learn From This Episode: Attain to be excellent and not just average Importance of getting educated when it comes to money The advantage of targeting 2% to 4% in the market Related Links and Resources: Mark wants everyone to get an opportunity to get their eBook called "Regular Paychecks from the Stock Market". A lot of people are interested to get that passive income, but a lot people doesn't know exactly how to do it.  Visit Summary: Mark Yegge (YEG-ee), the Wealth Architect, is a lifelong learner, author, course-creator, mentor, and fund manager. He’s traded over $14-billion worth of securities. Using his experience and expertise, Mark is on a mission to change the way we invest. Along the way, he garnered awards as Small Business of the Year, the Florida 100, and the Inc Magazine Fast 500 - recognizing the fastest-growing companies in America. Personally, he was recognized twice by Deloitte as an Entrepreneur of the Year finalist. Here are the highlights of this episode: Mark has informed us that they usually deal with 7 to 8-figure investors, stressing to them on how to create a solid, reliable income from the stock market. The programming that comes from Wallstreet or perhaps the lack of knowledge that we get from the school system, or just about mediocrity and be average. You need to go for excellence and not just median. If you're not someone who's not doing well in the market or experiencing some down times, and then over diversify, you may think diversification will protect you. But if there's big money movement out of assets, it happens to all the assets. Mark and his team has a system to help them smooth out that riot along the way. A lot of people have given up a lot of their personal choices when it comes to their health, wealth, and time. They trust a lot of those sales people that makes you seem like they're financial planners. They just give up their power, they believe that some people have more power than we do in our own money. You need to figure out a system. You got to learn that there's variables that lead to repeatable result. Mark believes in diversifying among assets but concentrating within them. Mark and his team teach investors how to target 2% to 4% in the market. And they do that by letting them create income from the stocks that they own or the stocks that they wanted on. Not just any stocks, but the good ones, the big capitalized ones, that you can use to create income into a portfolio. You can predict and dial in the amount of income and risk that you want to have. And Mark advises these folks to shoot for 2 to 4% a month.  Mark’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): It's important to get educated especially when it comes to your money. Dedicate and taking control of your financial life is the most valuable thing that you can be doing.
09:29 03/01/2022