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The 9Gs Podcast - An Aviation Podcast

The 9Gs Podcast - An Aviation Podcast was created to share the journey and experiences of professional aviators. Launched in March 2020 in the middle of one of the toughest times in the 21st century, it allows the growing audience to get an insight view of the professional and amateur aviation world. From Bush pilots, Commercial aviators to Fighter pilots, the guests will share their unique journey relating multiple aviation stories. This podcast is not a professional show. The guests and the host are speaking for themselves, every opinion expressed on this show are personnal and no-one is speaking for any official firm or government. About the host: Fast jet and Wide body driver.


Andrew "Scrabble" Neofytou, Former Royal Navy Sea Harrier Pilot, B787 First Officer 39:40 02/01/2021
Obet Mazinyi, Zimbabwean Boeing 747-8 Pilot 37:40 12/29/2020
End of 2020 Q&A 12:27 12/05/2020
Tanis, Canadian Boeing 777 Pilot, Aviation enthusiast 42:09 10/30/2020
Antoine, A320 Airline Pilot, Host of Parlons Aviation podcast 47:33 10/07/2020
Bonus French content : Bryan "Squirrel" Geiger, US Navy Rafale and F18 Super Hornet pilot 09:18 09/21/2020
Bryan "Squirrel" Geiger, US Navy Rafale and F18 Super Hornet pilot 39:45 09/17/2020
Daniel Bolton, Grumman Mallard Pilot, Host of On The Step With That Mallard Guy Podcast 36:46 08/27/2020
John "Rain" Waters, Former F16 Demo Pilot, Commercial Pilot 44:55 08/06/2020
Justin "Hasard" Lee, USAF F35 Pilot, Host of The Professionals Playbook Podcast 37:30 07/15/2020
George Nolly, USAF Vietnam War Veteran, Author 54:12 06/25/2020
Deon Mitton, Floatplane pilot, Bush pilot, Photographer 57:39 06/12/2020
Vincent "Jell-O" Aiello, Host of the Fighter Pilot Podcast, Former US Navy F18 and F16 Pilot 29:45 05/30/2020
Matt Hall, 2019 Red Bull Air Race World Champion, RAAF Fighter Pilot, Aerobatics Pilot 54:20 05/16/2020
Louis Luxor Maloux, Air Canada Pilot, French Navy and RCAF fighter pilot 56:20 05/06/2020
Tommy Suell, Reno Air Races competitor, PC24 pilot, Planes Junky 39:56 04/24/2020
Eva Claire Marseille, Cargo pilot and Influencer 33:33 04/14/2020
Major Peck, Test Pilot, Fighter Pilot, Engineer 29:34 04/04/2020
Introduction 02:02 03/31/2020