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Clever Name Podcast is a "comedy" podcast with hot takes and unfunny commentary. We are like the ugly chick in the hot friend group, extremely unappealing but when you run out of options we are always here.


Super Cyst Smash Bros - Clever Name Podcast #345
Martin is live from Pennsylvania, Ryan's cyst has regrown and Blake is itching to take care of  it. We play guess the lady boy game and the newsiest thing causing blood clots is mis information. All this and more on this weeks Clever Name Podcast.
89:54 12/05/2022
What's In The Box - Clever Name Podcast #344
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
95:21 11/28/2022
5 Minute Pussy Crafts - Clever Name Podcast #343
It's the day of trans remembrance so we decide to play some fun games, watch some educational videos and learn all about the reality of being trans. We watch a brave and beautiful woman carry her team to victory and we find out how to win gender. All this and more on this week's Clever Name Podcast.
78:56 11/21/2022
BANNED FROM YOUTUBE - Clever Name Podcast #342
Gay Martin has claimed responsibility for the attack on our YouTube channel. We have been banned permanently with threats of gay sex are the only way to get it back. We play another round of Clever Name Jeopardy with brand new categories. Marvel has partnered to with Pfizer to producer the worlds greatest comic book, plus we find out when you just ask random girls to suck your d*ick. All this and so much more on this weeks clever name podcast.
106:50 11/14/2022
Elon Musks Dick - Clever Name Podcast #341
A guy in an SS costume gets kicked out of a bar, its racist to swim and turns out telling kids no sometimes is a good thing. Crystal wanted to be a cat when she was a kid and would be a furry today if left unchecked. There is a man with more butt space than any other human, a roofer with the least amouth of clothes and a man with a penis for which Elon Musk would be proud. All this an more on this weeks Clever Name Podcast.  
96:46 11/07/2022
I Poopped In My Pumpkin MP3 - Clever Name Podcast #340
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
81:00 10/31/2022
Aunts Watermelon - Clever Name Podcast #339
We talk about stuff that's so horrible and disgusting that we can even type it out. Honestly, if you are reading this then wtf are you doing? no I'm really asking? This is a podcast, you listen to it. If you like it then keep listening to the other stuff or if you don't then wait a bit we will talk about something else. Don't feel like doing that? Then why have you read so far into this description? You clearly have time on your hands. We are kinda like meth, at first you'll hate it but soon you'll be hooked and have wasted so much of your life that it will be pointless to turn back. Love, The Clever Name Podcast Team. 
77:32 10/24/2022
R.F.D. - Clever Name Podcast #338
Blake is at home nursing his aids or "BLAIDS" so we have an important conversation on how you wash your hair. We discuss the dangers of using a Ouija board and trying to summon a demon. Nickelback just dropped some hot new member berries and puberty blockers are the hip new drugs the kids are doing. New York candidate for congress released some borderline hostage porn as promotion for his "sex positive" campaign. 
115:03 10/17/2022
Clever Name Jeopardy - Clever Name Podcast #337
Turns out men only learn speed metal not to get girls but impress other dudes. Ryan is ungrateful about his birthday gift and we debate the if he is justified. We play Clever Name Jeopardy the Jeopardy inspired game with questions about Clever Name Podcast. We check out the self-proclaimed girl who is too hot to be arrested and we listen to a bit of her music. All this and more on this weeks Clever Name podcast
72:48 10/10/2022
Alphabet Civil War - Clever Name Podcast #336
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
77:50 10/03/2022
Girl Cop Push Ups - Clever Name Podcast #335
Its Ryans birthday and we celebrate by doing a female cop amount of push ups. Martin is back from Buffalo interviews my dog poncho. Hurricanes in the East Coast of Canada have put a strain on the local Tim Hortons. Blake is disappointed that Canada was almost great again and we find out who pees in pools.
78:57 09/27/2022
LNMO Titties - Clever Name Podcast 334
Martin is still in an active shooting situation in Buffalo so Crystal fills in for him. Crystal wants Ryan to have professional fighter Micky Gall's body, we play Pronoun Or ProNaw where we guess if pronouns are real. A teacher in Ontario Canada has big fake boobs and a guy is called gay by a trans woman for thinking a trans woman is hot. If you want to win a chess tournament you have to use anal bead and now there is no excuse for being short. All this and more on this weeks Clever Name Podcast
72:34 09/19/2022
RoloDicks - Clever Name Podcast #333
Jack makes his return to the show to play the Racial Slur Database Game. Martin is in Buffalo getting shot at a grocery store. Kobe Bryant is back and better than ever and we find out what Vabbing could be. But first we hear from a couple who explains their cucking situation and its more sad than you can believe. All this and more on this weeks Clever Name Podcast
105:24 09/12/2022
Who's The Dumbest - Clever Name Podcast #332
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
86:10 09/05/2022
Current Thing Tier List - Clever Name Podcast #331
Ryan confronts his dad about about his online porn business and we all have different opinions. Andrew Tate is taken off the internet so we play Tate Or Fake where we guess the real Andrew Tate Quote. We do The Current Thing tier list and find out what thing will earn us the most woke points. 
114:42 08/29/2022
Dab-A-Booger - Clever Name Podcast #330
Ale Caripá (@alcaripa) created some amazing art for us, please go check out their stuff and show some love. The live action Balldo video just dropped, the child mullet championship just happened and we check in on the finalist. The same man we discussed before with no arms is back stabbing tourists in Florida. Kids are trolling teachers with pronouns now and we learn the key to living a long life from some old lady with a smelly hole in her chest. 
95:22 08/22/2022
Gender = Fahrenheit - Clever Name Podcast #329
Martin and Blake had their car towed last week and we went on an adventure to get them back, the end result is a parking lot podcast. A man fell into a wood chipper, something happened in 2021 that is causing unexplained health conditions and scientists are baffled on what is to blame. Japanese vending machines are not just for panties anymore and white people are oppressing people of color with the gender binary. All this and more on this weeks Clever Name Podcast 
116:51 08/15/2022
Gay Nazis - Clever Name Podcast #328
Ryan has the great idea of starting the show with girlfriend cheating stories, a guy is trying to trade a cheese string online and we give him a call. Ryan is triggered by Italian pizza. Gay Nazis with monkey pox are taking over Ireland and its giving people anxiety. All this and more on this weeks Clever Name Podcast. 
70:55 08/08/2022
Blakes Browns - Clever Name Podcast #327
Ryan is all worked up about something, the guys are going to open a weed shop and gyms need to run on people running. We run primordial's gauntlet and watch all the awful videos in our discord. We get an excerpt from the Hugo nominated book Space Raptor Butt Trilogy. We find out there was a musical mad about the biggest drug bust that happened in our town and we find the promo video. All this and more on this weeks Clever Name Podcast. 
95:29 08/01/2022
AOC's Juicy Booty - Clever Name Podcast #326
Chris Hansen is on Cameo and its not worth it but Stitches the rapper is worth every penny. Black Trans Abortion advocate Alex Stein, our favorite troll is back at it again so we go through his best hits. Alex visits the capitol steps to tell AOC that she is his favorite big booty Latina (LATINX). Which leads up to ask the age old questions "is there AOC deep fake porn?". Short Answer, yes A lot. A brazilin Doctor was caught jamming is genitals in to unconscious patients mouths and that is frowned on in Brazil. All this and So Much More On This Weeks Clever Name Podcast.
128:04 07/26/2022
Roses Or Prolapse - Clever Name Podcast #325
Everyone thinks Ryan was molested as a kid, we find the cure for prolapsed assholes and Hunter Biden Gets Ripped Off For Some Crack. A woke café is forced to close because they aren't woke enough and we guess the movie from Blakes Description. Al this and more on this weeks Clever Name Podcast
107:57 07/18/2022
Twerk For CNP - Clever Name Podcast #324
Mochi traveled all the way from Washington State to come visit us so we force feed her Canadian snacks. We make mochi feel at home by watching some videos of the thriving state of Washington. We try to guess the Biden quote and we all twerk for injustice. Elmo gets vaccinated and a man has testicles growing on his face. All this and more on this weeks Clever Name Podcast. 
92:09 07/11/2022
How The Prime Minister Stole Freedom - Clever Name Podcast #323
We find out what this months awareness is about and some moms on Instagram tell us how we should or shouldn't celebrate Canada Day. Some terrible podcasts are doxing supreme court justices because abortions. WE read The book "How The Prime Minister Stole Freedom" in its entirety. Japan has a fully functioning Gundam Robot, we learn some new CPR techniques and expert level moves for the bedroom. All this and more on this weeks Clever Name Podcast. 
87:41 07/06/2022
Summer Of Hard R - Clever Name Podcast #322
Blake is at his annual Juneteenth celebration so Martin and Ryan wrap up the last podcast of pride month with the Personal Pride flag contest. We go through all of the entries and pick a winner. People are upset of the overturning of roe vs wade and we check out some of the worst reactions on twitter and tictok. The left isn't so tolerant when things don't go their way. It turns out you can use the n word if you are really mad and want to make a point and when that doesn't work, just twerk for abortions. We watch the best of the Russian MMA fighting league including a 600lb man fighting a small woman and two armless men having a kick fight. We also learn that elephant are not bird. All this and more on this weeks Clever Name Podcast. 
79:41 06/27/2022
Big Flag Making You Gay - Clever Name Podcast #321
Hockey fights taking place off the ice and intergender fights in the streets, poverty porn is a big thing in china, a penis falls out at a family friendly drag show and we try to guess what flags are gay. All this and more on this weeks Clever Name Podcast  Every Saturday at 4:20pm EST (roughly) we are live and uncensored on Audio will STILL BE STREAMED TO TWITCH LIVE and video will be uploaded to Youtube and all podcast platforms every Monday. If you want to catch it live, uncensored and 2 days early all you have to do is go to join our discord: Get some extras: Hangout with us on Twitch: Check Out @slowmochoclates on Instagram If you wanna get yourself a Balldo use this link:
101:06 06/20/2022
Vagina Rorschach Test - Clever Name Podcast #320
Youtube gave us a strike for reading a childrens book, we find a coloring book filled with vaginas and we determine the events for the cnp Olympics. Pride is getting out of hand on this weeks iin woke and we have some unethical but will defiantly work life tips. All this and more eon this weeks Clever Name Podcast. 
83:27 06/13/2022
C*CK GLOCK - Clever Name Podcast #319
Pride month is here and we celebrate by watching a guy speed run transitioning by using a gun. We read a Childrens book that is in school that sounds like porn. We have our pandemic predictions and a glimmer of hope is still alive for Canada. We trying to give away headphones and create our own Olympics. All this and mor eon this weeks Clever Name Podcast.   Every Saturday at 4:20pm EST (roughly) we are live and uncensored on Audio will STILL BE STREAMED TO TWITCH LIVE and video will be uploaded to Youtube and all podcast platforms every Monday. If you want to catch it live, uncensored and 2 days early all you have to do is go to
93:59 06/06/2022
Pimple Popping Pandemic Predictions - Clever Name Podcast #318
Ryan has herpies or something, we start a pimple popping contest for free headphones, more topless Ukraine protests happened and a Japanese man became the ultimate furry. A lady permanently closes her vagina and Martin desperately wants to know what "fistenchen" is, we learn about the "Gayborhood" and Michael Jordan tells us to not do drugs. Monkey pox is coming and next week we make our pandemic predictions. All This And More on this weeks Clever Name Podcast
87:30 05/30/2022
Crickets On The Moon - Clever Name Podcast #317
We found the perfect mothers day gift for the mom that has everything, Adidas put out an ad for bras that just shows weird shaped boobs. A man regrew his dick on his forearm and re attached it with an inflatable pump button. Martin wants to fight blindfolded Ralph with a shock collar on. New pronouns just dropped and the list of genders keeps growing. We have another edition of Byren teaches Urban Dictionary. All this an Much More on the weeks Clever Name Podcast.
103:26 05/23/2022
Ookie cookie - Clever Name Podcast 316
Ryan has a backlog of weird news stories that we rapid fire go through to start the show. Blake makes one of the greatest intro we have every made to date and we watch some weird Japanese Pornhub channel. As experts on racism we try to find who is most racist in a group of viral videos. Bald people are being sexually harassed all over this great nation and its time for us to put it to a stop. AS the number one news source for people getting poop throwing in their face, we report on cups of diarrhea being thrown in C.O's faces on prison and they are somehow being filmed. In this week in woke we look at the home work of a kindergarten kid where the assignment was to drawn the privet places you could masturbate in your home. All this an so much more on this weeks Clever Name Podcast.
82:06 05/16/2022