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Garbled Twistory: A US History Podcast told through elections!

Garbled Twistory is a podcast that’s primary objective is to humanize history, through humorizing history. It re-tells history in a way that places special emphasis on the most unusual elements and indiscriminately injects F.U.N by the bucketload! The first season’s focus is US History: as told by all of its presidential elections and all of its presidential election candidates! There will be biographical episodes for every presidential candidate, episodes for every election, and episodes for the years in between them! Get Excited! Expect a new episode to pop up here every Sunday! You can listen on iTunes, Stitcher, many a place! We also have a Facebook Page!


Belva Ann Lockwood: A Veteran Lady Lawyer? In the 1800s??
Ok so the first prezzy prezzy candidate for 1884 is like... Possibly more rare than a unicorn! Not only is she a woman in 1800s politics, but like... She fought her way through law school too?? Impressive!
05:58 10/29/23
Thomas Andrews Hendricks: WHOA! He's back?
The final VP candidee of 1884 is just... My goodness what is he doing back here? Okay? I guess this is a REBROADCAST with the NEW INFO at the 9:39 mark!
12:13 10/23/23
John Alexander Logan: Most Improved?
This VP Candidate seems to have lived a fairly easy life, floating around the government as he preps for 1884...
04:46 10/16/23
William Daniel: Keeping An Eye On The Drunks!
These prohibition folks are STILL AT IT in 1884, and this next VP candidate is no exception, that's for sure!
04:26 10/9/23
Absolom Madden West: A Career Traitor. Don't Trust Him.
This next 1884 VP candidate is rather unknown... But um. He DOES have a habit of changing allegiances so be careful around him...
03:00 10/2/23
Marietta Stow: Wait, A Woman?
The first VP candidate we're looking at for 1884 ALSO happens to be the first woman to ever run for VP... I mean, it only took a hundred years, but better late than never I guess!
04:05 9/25/23
1883: Fyre Fest But He's A Cannibal
Ok so for this final in-between-election episode some crazy man ate people and he's in court now in 1883 and like... I don't like him.
10:18 9/18/23
1882: You Ain't Never Leaving Vulcan Street
In this next in-betweener it's time for a cute little story about the invention of how generate electricity in ya household!
03:37 9/11/23
1881: Cleopatra in the Big City!
We are now getting into these in-between-election events! And things are already starting off crazy cuz there's some 1400 BCE stuff going on here!
06:05 9/4/23
The 1880 election is here and why does all this nonsense sound so freaking familiar?
14:39 8/28/23
James Abram Garfield: Stark-Raving Abolitionist Mathemetician!
We have arrived at the final official presidential potential for 1880 and this man's done some rather unusual things indeed!
18:50 8/21/23
Winfield Scott Hancock: A Many-Faced Demon
The second-to-last 1880 Prezzy Wezzy candidee has experienced a great deal of recent history from a great number of vantage points all because of his reputation for being frighteningly reliable...
12:47 8/14/23
James Baird Weaver: Man of the Future!
As these 1880 Prezzy Wezzy candidates wind down, we find ourselves ahead of our time somehow with this guy...
11:50 8/6/23
Neal Dow: The Forever War Against Alcahol!
This presidential candidate for 1880 definitely has one of the stranger backstories regarding his motivations, or should I say primarily singular motivation...
12:58 7/31/23
John Wolcott Phelps: A Soldier in Perhaps Too Many Ways or Just Enough Ways!
The first prezzy wezzy candidate for 1880 we're looking at has a very weird, contradictory military history. I don't know what to do with him.
04:46 7/24/23
Chester Alan Arthur: The Slimiest Abolitionist Ever
The final VP candidate we are looking at for 1880 has done some of the wildest political shenanigans I have seen in a long time... New York goes CRAZY bro!
13:15 7/17/23
William Hayden English: Willing To Compromise Literally Anything
As these VP candidates wind down we meet a dude who honestly is such a square that he's lucky he's from Indiana.
07:14 7/9/23
Barzillai Jefferson Chambers: The Crazed Landlord!
These 1880 VP Candidates are really turning out to be an unusual bunch, and BARZILLAI over here is no exception.
06:38 7/2/23
Henry Adams Thompson: He's Just A Math Tearcher Bro.
Yes it's another VP candidate for 1880 and uh... his qualifications are uh... Integral Calculus I Guess?
04:35 6/25/23
Samuel Clarke Pomeroy: You want to do WHAT in Panama?
It's 1880 election season time! We must discuss! This first vp potential is a little weirdo who maybe bribed one person that one time? Maybe. It's conjecture.
04:39 6/18/23
1879: Colorado Chaos!
There's always an insane number of wars with the natives happening. Literally at any point in the 1800s the US is warring with some local original residents over land... But let's check in on the situation anyways!
06:46 6/11/23
1878: Tornado of Terror!
In our second in-between-election episode in this series, we discuss the one thing that unites ALL New Englanders... storm season, for some reason... I don't make the rules!
03:47 6/4/23
1877: Don't Mess With Lizzie Maguire!
It is time for the first in-between-election episode of 1877 and MY GOODNESS some of the CRAZIEST things have been happening in Pennsylvania! What in the world?!
13:36 5/28/23
The 1876 election is UPON US, and my goodness, the flames of conflict in this one feel... scarily familiar.
11:25 5/22/23
Rutherford B. Hayes: That War Really Banged Him Up!
Here we are! The final Prezzy Wezzy cadlidee before the 1876 election! This dude sure seems to be a mover and a shaker...
12:58 5/15/23
Samuel J. Tilden: The Drug Dealer Who Took Down Boss Tweed!
This next Prezzy Wezzy Candidate for 1876 has one of the... WILDER stories I've read in a WHILE okay?
07:37 5/8/23
Peter Cooper: One of the Coolest New York Philanthropists!
We are starting to wind down on these 1876 Presidential Potentials and this man? This man is why New York is the way it is when people have good things to say about New York.
07:37 5/1/23
Green Clay Smith: That Sounds Like A Minecraft Item...
Alright, it is time to begin discussing the major presidential pieces of this 1876, and this first guy... He's just kinda here isn't he?
03:34 4/23/23
William Almon Wheeler: He Scammed His Way Through College But That's Okay
We have made it to the final VP potential of this 1876 saga! Somehow he's flown under the radar the whole time for all this chaos, which baffles me, but hey, let's take a closer look!
04:41 4/16/23
Thomas Andrews Hendricks: He's got the Indiana Recession Blues!
Ok, this second-to-last VP candidate for 1876 still seems to be riding gloriously on the wave of a deceased predecessor. Yeah. I wonder if that'll work out for him. Anyway, this is a REBROADCAST with the NEW INFO at the 7:40 mark!
10:38 4/10/23

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