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The 100+ Podcast

A podcast bringing together stories of people affected by cancer. 1 in 2 people born after 1965 in the United Kingdom will develop cancer in their lifetime. This means the majority of the population will either be directly or indirectly affected by it. In each episode Helena Traill will introduce a new guest who has been affected by cancer. Discussions will include why open conversation is so important, how social media has enabled or disabled these conversations and why cancer is still perceived as a taboo subject. Find out more at


Bumper Episode: Helena Traill explains why and how she started 100 Stories 55:27 07/21/2020
Claudia Knowles and founder of Black Women Rising, Leanne Pero: The Power of Narrative 25:19 07/14/2020
Radiotherapy in a Pandemic with Nicheless Dey 29:44 07/07/2020
Brain Tumour Charity Special with High Profile Supporter Hal Cruttenden 32:28 06/30/2020
Putting you in control of your cancer care with Paul Landau 20:38 06/23/2020
Ellen Bisci: the Late Affects of Cancer 21:02 06/16/2020
Delightfully Depressing with Emma Louise McAuley 29:05 06/09/2020
Blogging and Wellness with Nikki Bednall 18:33 06/02/2020
Mental Health and Starting 'A Friendly Movement' with Sashia Palmqvist 21:42 05/26/2020
Jolene Dyke: Living with Melanoma 16:03 05/19/2020
Bald Boobless and Beautiful with Laura Middleton-Hughs 24:09 05/12/2020
Finding Like-minded Friends Online with Ella Jane Dawson 20:42 05/05/2020
Childhood Bone Cancer with Sophie Hartley 22:57 04/28/2020
Katie Ruane: Living with Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia 25:12 04/21/2020
Pugs, Jaffacakes and Cancer with Georgie Swallow 26:20 04/13/2020
Fler Wright: Starting The WOLO Foundation after Breast Cancer 21:37 04/11/2020
Embracing Body Positivity with Grace Latter 25:19 04/07/2020
Juliet FitzPatrick: Living Flat after Breast Cancer 27:23 04/04/2020
Open Conversation and Language with Jen Taylor 24:23 03/31/2020
James McNaught: Founder of Cancer On Board 19:34 03/28/2020
Helena Traill introduces The 100+ Podcast: bringing together people affected by cancer 02:01 03/25/2020