Show cover of Emigrant's Life - Stories of people who left their country to chase a better life

Emigrant's Life - Stories of people who left their country to chase a better life

Hi, I'm Daniel De Biasi, and I'm fascinated by people who achieved incredible things. In this podcast, I want to share with you stories of people who emigrate and re-start their life in a new country. I invite you to join me as I explore emigrant's stories. We would dive deep into how they did it, what reasons pushed them to leave their life behind, what challenges they faced, and what they managed to accomplish. I left Italy at 27, moved to the opposite side of the world, New Zealand, and then to Canada. If you have emigrated or thinking of doing it, or just curious about other people's stories, this is the podcast for you.


Erez - Immigration secrets to SUCCESSFULLY move to Germany 40:59 01/17/2022
Jason & Arielle - Start a business as an immigrant in Canada 85:48 11/22/2021
David - Real life examples for reaching your goals and dreams overseas 65:02 11/08/2021
Cindy - Financial tips to save more money before you move abroad 49:40 10/25/2021
Brandon - Great advice on how successfully move and settle into Canada 82:17 10/11/2021
Stephen - Teaching English around the world 74:13 09/27/2021
Isabel - Stop living someone else life and start fresh by study abroad 49:34 09/13/2021
Annette - How to Become a Digital Nomad and Travel the World 55:15 08/30/2021
Dorit - Emigrating twice and coping with reverse culture shock 60:27 08/16/2021
Daniel - The story behind the voice of the Emigrant's Life Podcast 43:47 08/02/2021
Zara - Overcoming the fear of moving abroad with the right positive mindset 44:21 07/19/2021
Katrina - How to find a job, make friends and connections in Canada 37:59 07/05/2021
Jadranka - Is this what life looks like on the other side? 84:41 06/21/2021
Tim - Fighting rejection and self doubts by moving to the other side of the world 62:10 06/07/2021
Fiona - Moving to France to escape the rat race and give a better childhood to their kids 52:32 05/24/2021
Ruairi - From moving to Canada to Moving 2 Canada 50:48 05/10/2021
Joanna - Chasing your big dream and moving to Canada on an IEC visa 59:18 04/23/2021
Sarah - Moving abroad as a couple. What the challenges are and how to overcome them 38:21 04/12/2021
Jamie - Resilience: The Emigrant's Superpower (2020) 44:58 03/29/2021
Borjana - Surviving a civil war and start a new life in Hawaii 65:50 03/16/2021
Rafael - How to become a citizen using opportunities and humility 43:09 03/03/2021
Ashlee - Starting fresh and finding yourself in a new country 40:51 02/22/2021
Louise - Moving to Portugal in her 50s 56:04 02/16/2021
Mo - Leaving Nigeria to study and being accepted into Oxford 33:58 02/08/2021
Daniel - Challenges of moving to your partner's country 63:39 02/02/2021
Eleonora - hired by an LA start-up company through Instagram, and getting ready to leave Italy 49:12 01/25/2021
Amanda - Move to Thailand to teach English and start an online business 37:59 01/18/2021
Kimberley - Teaching English abroad 49:36 01/13/2021
Craig - Visa approved and reunited with the family. 32:06 01/04/2021
Special 2020 - Motivational and inspiring highlights from this year's interviews 47:35 12/31/2020