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Coffee with Belinda - Challenge Family podcast

Always wanted to know what the daily life of a pro triathlete looks like? In this podcast the amazing Belinda Granger will call pro athletes to talk about the news, their training and their daily life!


Daytona Special 3 - Recap with Magnus Ditlev and Kasper Pedersen
Time to look back at the incredible PTO 2020 Championship at Challenge Daytona. Belinda is talking with the 23-years old Magnus Ditlev, who had the fastest bike split in Daytona, and his manager Kasper Pedersen.
56:58 12/17/20
Daytona special 2 - Jodie Stimpson
In less than three weeks it's time for the PTO 2020 Championship at Challenge Daytona. Belinda and Jodie are discussing what the impact of the 100K distance (2k swim, 80k bike and 18k run) on the race. Who's gonna give it a try to go full gas on the run? How is it possible that the UK is having so many great female athletes? And what is the impact of the Professional Triathletes Organisation on our sport? Enjoy!
58:27 11/18/20
Daytona special 1 - Paula Findlay and Eric Lagerstrom
In just over a month it's time for the PTO 2020 Championship at Challenge Daytona. Together with Paula Findlay, last year's winner of Challenge Daytona, and her amazing husband, Eric Lagerstrom, Belinda will look forward to the biggest race of this year. How strong are the short course athletes? Can you get used to a triathlon bike in just a few weeks? How important will the swim and the transitions be? And of course: what are the consequences of the introduction of the 20-meter drafting rule? Enough great things to discuss, enjoy!
49:27 11/3/20
Episode 19 - Daniel Bækkegard
This week it was time for a great chat with Daniel Bækkegard. Belinda talked with the, only 24-years old, athlete about the first years of his career, the mental perspective on training, learning how to race and of course, they're previewing on the PTO 2020 Championship at Challenge Daytona.
69:01 10/8/20
Epsiode 18 - Asker Jeukendrup
What a great chat we had with one of the best sports nutritionists there is in the world: Asker Jeukendrup! He's working for one of the best cycling teams in the world and is also involved in the world of triathlon. A podcast about: PowerBar and innovation in sports nutrition, different types of diets, planning your nutrition with CORE Nutrition Planning, and some of the most common mistakes among athletes.
78:20 9/4/20
Episode 17 - Sebastian Kienle
After a short summer break, Belinda had a great chat with the 'German biking powerhouse' Sebastian Kienle. In this podcast, Sebi is previewing on the first race of the season: Challenge Davos. Next to that, we're talking about the start of his career, (not) giving up and the amazing career this superstar had so far. (Due to some technical issues, the quality of this podcast may not be as good as it's used to be.)
80:58 8/25/20
Episode 16 - Rachel McBride
We had a really great conversation with the Canadian Rachel McBride. They are non-binary and want to explain to you a little more about this. Next to that, we talked about mental health issues, helping each other and we discussed some bucket list events. Enjoy! "Because of the sport, I have this platform and I have people listening. There are other non-binary folks out there listening or people who are questioning their gender. Or there are people listening that are learning a whole lot about this world I didn't know about. I hope that this personal connection helps folks learn and feel that compassion and empathy."
65:33 7/30/20
Episode 15 - Lucy Charles-Barclay & Reece Barclay
Unfortunately no Challenge Roth today, but luckily we can look back with last year's winner! She is probably the most popular triathlete in the world and is coached by her husband, who is also a pretty great triathlete himself! Let's talk with Lucy Charles-Barclay and Reece Barclay! Belinda talks with them about Lucy victory in Challenge Roth, her three victories at The Championship and three second places in Kona. Is it possible to focus on your own races when you're also your wife's coach? Will we race at Challenge Daytona this year? What does the ultimate paincave look like? And of course we can't ignore Lola the minijack.
65:33 7/5/20
Episode 14 - Daniela Bleymehl
It's time to go back in time and talk with Daniela Bleymehl about her legendary race at Challenge Roth 2018 in which she beat Lucy Charles by only 9 seconds! Next to that Belinda talks to her about balancing being a professional athlete and being a mom. And what is it that makes Germans such excellent triathletes?
69:23 6/24/20
Episode 13 - Matt Hanson
Time to chat with Matt Hanson, probably the best runner in the world of long-distance triathlon! Belinda talks with him about his entire career: from wrestler to professor to full-time triathlon pro. What is Matt doing to become better and better? And what is it like to have an own triathlon team?
65:45 6/9/20
Episode 12 - Braden Currie
It's time to have a chat with Braden Currie! Belinda talks with him about the importance of a family, how to train, and about racing in the upcoming months. Enjoy!
50:49 6/4/20
Episode 11 - Terenzo Bozzone
Time to chat with Terenzo Bozonne, one of New Zealand's most succesful triathletes. About goals, getting back after an injury, the daily life of an athlete and what to do in a life after triathlon?
57:49 5/27/20
Episode 10 - Josh Amberger
"I just love triathlon. Every distance. Some days I love a full distance and others days I love to do an Olympic distance." Belinda had a great talk with Josh Amberger. Next to an amazing athlete, he's also an awesome guy. A one hour conversation about the love for the sport and flora and fauna, future goals and having a family.
64:48 5/19/20
Episode 9 - Luke and Beth McKenzie
Belinda is talking to Luke and Beth McKenzie, who were planning to retire after Challenge Roth. How is the coronavirus affecting their plans? And what are their new plans?
47:16 5/12/20
Episode 8 - Radka Kahlefeldt
Time to chat with 'Super Mom' Radka Kahlefeldt. Radka is one of the fastest triathletes on the middle distance and is the winner of 2019's Challenge Family's World Bonus. Belinda talks with her about combining being a mom and a professional triathlete. And, of course, more about the PTO World Championship at Challenge Daytona, which was announced this week.
71:20 5/3/20
Episode 7 - Kieran Lindars
In this episode Belinda Granger will talk to Kieran Lindars, a 23 years old athlete from Great Britain. Last year Kieran did his first long distance triathlon at the European Championship at Challenge Almere-Amsterdam. He came first out of the water and finished 6th in the final rankings. In this podcast Kieran will tell his incredible story of how he started with triathlon, how he switched to long distance racing and how he had only 10 weeks to prepare for his first full distance race. Among other things we will talk with Kieran about the amazing triathletes Great Britain holds, the reason why Great Britain has so many great athletes and about his very promising career, which just started. Enjoy!
91:11 4/26/20
Episode 6 - Sarah Crowley
Time to chat with amazing triathlete Sarah Crowley. Crowley is a multiple Kona podium finisher, last year's Challenge Roth runner-up and multiple long distance champion. Belinda talks with her about the start of her career, the training philosophy of Trisutto, the first virtual Zwift race between long- and short distance triathletes and on how to stay motivated after so many years of racing.
57:07 4/19/20
Episode 5: Cameron Wurf
Time to chat with one of the best triathletes in the world: Cameron Wurf. About combining being a pro triathlete and cyclist, Team INEOS, training while in lock-down, trolling other athletes and some great advices for age group athletes.
71:29 4/12/20
Episode 4: Laura Siddall
It's time for a long talk with Laura Siddall, one of the nicest triathletes we know. Belinda talks with Laura about her career, the upcoming years, what to do during this time of the year and lots of other topics. Enjoy!
91:56 4/8/20
Episode 3: Dylan McNeice
It's time to chat with Dylan McNeice, multiple full and middle distance triathlon winner and known as one of the fastest swimmers in the triathlon world. Belinda talks with him about the beginning of the PTO, how to train during quarantine and about Dylan's further career. Time for a coffee!
46:07 4/5/20
Episode 1: Steve McKenna
In our very first podcast Belinda is calling with Steve McKenna, a 28 years old pro triathlete from Australia. Steve won Challenge Vietnam, Challenge Korea and Challenge Iskandar-Puteri last year and finished second in the World Bonus ranking. In this podcast it's time to talk about training in the current situation, combing being a pro triathlete and having an almost fulltime job and Steve's long term goals. Time for a coffee!
37:08 4/2/20
Episode 2: Timothy O'Donnell and Mirinda Carfrae
In this podcast Belinda is calling with the famous triathlon couple Timothy O'Donnell and Mirinda Carfrae. Tim has won multiple long distance triathlons, among which the ITU World Championships and became second in Hawaii last year. Mirinda is a multiple Hawaii champion and Challenge Roth winner, making her on of the most succesful female triathletes ever. In this podcast they will discuss the cancellation of Challenge Roth, the Professional Triathletes Organisation, training with Julie Dibens, combing being a pro triathlete and having a family and of course: wine! Time for a coffee!
48:51 4/1/20