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Travel with Marc Gunn on an audio adventure as you hear stories and music from his Celtic Invasion Vacations as well as interviews with musicians from Irish & Celtic Music Podcast.


Itinerary for Celtic Invasion of Westport, Ireland 2023
Every year, I take a small group of people on an exciting adventure overseas. We don't see everything. Instead, we stay in one area. We get to know it through it's culture, history, and legends. EtZvGiAuFJKsacyM2U1d In June 2023, we are going to Westport, Ireland in County Mayo. The itinerary is now online. We will spend seven nights, visiting Matt Malloy's famous pub, hike Croagh Patrick, and ferry to Clare Island. We'll learn more about the Grace O'Malley, the famed Pirate Queen, by visiting her castles. We'll see standing stones and lots more. Check out the itinerary for the Celtic Invasion of Westport, Ireland right now to see if you want to join me in Ireland this summer.
12:19 1/20/23
Celtic Invasion Vacations FAQ
Celebrate Celtic culture and music through travel. I'm gonna tell you what you can expect on my Celtic Invasion Vacations? If you go to the website you won’t find much information. I usually list the itinerary when it becomes available but that can be January or March before the trip. You will find podcasts and links to pictures and videos. I don't know that any of it really paints a good picture. So I thought I would try to break down how these trips work to help you decide if you want to join me in the future. Celtic Invasion Vacations are not your typical travel tour experience. Most tourists travel on big buses. They go place to place. You stay up late. You get up early. There’s 30, 60 or even 90 people packed on one to three tour buses. If you’re like me, that sounds pretty miserable. My first two trips were on tour buses. Everyone was a fan of my music. So that was pretty awesome. The bus drivers were awesome too. But that's a lot of people for an introvert like me. I don’t know how much of the fatigue was from so many people or the staying up late/getting-up-early business. But it’s not my preferred way of traveling. I like small groups. My mom moved to Italy in 1985. So I’ve gone back-and-forth to Europe for a long time. My mom is an awesome adventurer. I went to school on an American military base in Vicenza, Italy for my senior year of high school. While all the other high school seniors went to Remini to get drunk, my mom and I went on in artistic pilgrimage following the works of Piero Della Francesca. She instilled in me the value of planning as well as spontaneity. You see that in my Celtic Invasion Vacations itinerary. When I finally make one that is. Typically, I don't have a full itinerary when I announce the latest trip. I have… ideas. In fact, I usually have one big idea. Then I find a way to make it work. One person told me he was disappointed when my trip to the Highlands of Scotland a few years back did not also include the Isle of Skye, like it was initially listed on the early itinerary. That was because I had a big idea. But when I finally settled on details, I realized it was impractical. I learned from that error. If I make any big changes to what was planned, you are welcome to back out. I don’t usually settle on solid itineraries until December or January. I just don’t have enough details to make a solid decision. That might make some people uncomfortable, especially when you’re putting down nearly $3000, plus air travel, to join me. The adventure is worth it! The great thing about traveling on the Celtic Invasion Vacation in my opinion is that it is a small group. That means maximum flexibility for adventure. So let’s answer some questions. 3:11 - WHEN ARE THE CELTIC INVASION VACATIONS? This can always vary. But typically I run my trips in late May or early June. This seems to be the best time to travel to Ireland and Scotland. People talk about rain in Ireland. June seems to invariably have one of the lightest rain falls ever. It's just... perfect! 3:32 - HOW LONG IS EACH TRIP? Celtic Invasion Vacations are about seven days long. The trips are officially scheduled from Saturday to Saturday. That’s because that’s how long most vacation rentals book. But I’m not going to be taking you to seven hotels in seven days. We stay in one place most of the week. If the vacation rental is more than a couple hours from the airport or there's something cool to see closer, we may stay in a hotel near the airport on the last night of the Invasion. It just depends on how soon everyone on the trip has booked their departure. 4:04 - WHEN SHOULD I ARRIVE? I usually ask Invaders to arrive the day before the trip. That way you can recover from jet lag and adjust to the time change. But that also allows us to leave first thing in the morning on Saturday to drive to our vacation rental. While it is recommended, it is not required. As long as you arrive by 11 am on Saturday, we will adjust. You are also responsible for the hotel on Friday night. But you might find a roommate with other Invaders. 4:43 - WHEN SHOULD I DEPART? Again, it’s up to you. I prefer you to set your departure after noon on Saturday. You can stay as long as you want. I usually leave on Sunday after the trip is over. 4:54 - HOW DO YOU SELECT THE DESTINATIONS? Destinations are chosen by invaders and of course me. I usually have an idea of a place I want to see. I look for a suitable vacation spot. But sometimes I ask for suggestions from Invaders. Our trip to Brittany and Cornwall were both chosen because some regular Invaders wanted to visit all seven Celtic nations. Of course, I get the final say. And if I can't get enough people to attend one of these more remote spots, I may make adjustments. Once we settle on a big destination, the next step is figuring out the generalized itinerary. 5:27 - IS THERE DOWNTIME? Yes. This is not an intense, constantly moving tour. Celtic Invasion Vacations are about relaxation, adventure, and fun. But how much can be up to you. There’s usually at least one day where we are near to the cottage and take it easy. We explore the local town. Wednesday’s have the option of a little extra downtime for those who need it. 5:52 - HOW DO YOU CHOOSE THE ITINERARY? You can't make an itinerary until you know where you are going, right? Well, the challenge for me is that I need to know the exact place we are staying to figure out where our itinerary will go. My next step then is to start researching vacation rentals. I look for rentals in our destination area that hold between 8-12 people (sometimes more). I want it to look nice, comfortable and easily accessible. In fact, I want the majority of the cool stuff that we will explore to be within 30 minutes of where we are staying. Once I know the exact location, I can plan the itinerary. 6:26 - WHAT DOES A TYPICAL ITINERARY LOOK LIKE? The first day of the trip involves driving to our destination. We need at least one interesting place to stop along the way. Maybe two if you include lunch. When we arrive, we need groceries. I confess, there's something extra fun about going to a grocery store in Europe. Some of our Invaders join me for a shopping experience as we load up on breakfast and a couple dinners. I make dinner the first night, typically my secret pasta recipe. That evening is usually concluded with a little music by me. The second day is usually a good day to stay local. So we explore one or two of the cool things nearby. We try to spend time out of the car, walking around. It's good to stretch our legs after traveling. On either the second or the third day, I like to bring in a tour guide, if possible. My trips are not geared around "tours", but local guides are great for adding a little bit of history, culture, and legends to the experience. Guides are also good at giving us a local perspective of things we should check out that are not necessarily on our itinerary. In Brittany, we found some cool cairns that were not on our original itinerary. In Cornwall, we got an overview of Tintagel and found some standing stones I would've never found. In Wales, Gwilym Morus shared the incredible legends of Merlin and introduced us to an eco-resort, hidden in the mountains. In Donegal, we found some great restaurants and a former passage tomb. Around day three, we're ready for a different travel experience. That's when I try to get us out on the water or on a train. Something to shake up the feel of the trip. Day four is the midweek break. Again we stay local. Some choose to relax in our cottage. Others explore something new that’s local. Day five usually takes us on a long adventure. We'll get in the van and drive further to see something outside of our main region. This gives us a nice look at other regions nearby. It also adds to the fun adventure. Day six is intentionally left open. We usually find something cool by this time that we might not have realized before the trip began. Or perhaps a guide or a local we met had a recommendation. That's when we take the advice of others to explore something different The final day is usually spent fairly local. It’s time for last minute exploration of our area. Sometimes we pack up and make our way back  \towards the airport. One or two bonus destinations end up on the final day. 9:20 - WHAT MAKES A CELTIC INVASION VACATION DIFFERENT FROM OTHER TOURS? I like to stress that Celtic Invasion Vacations are not tours. They are vacations. I want my Invaders to feel relaxed and happy by the end of the trip. Not exhausted, like I was on my first two trips to Ireland. You should be energized and excited for the next Celtic Invasion experience. 9:40 - HOW MANY PEOPLE JOIN THE INVASION? The number can vary. But I usually aim for between 8-12 invaders. Too many people and I start having trouble finding restaurants to eat at. 9:58 - WHAT PERSONAL PAPERS ARE NEEDED FOR TRAVELING ON A CELTIC INVASION VACATION? You DO need a passport. It's usually good to get your passport at least 90 days out. I would suggest applying for one a minimum of six months before you depart. But there are some expedited services that can get them sooner. Just plan ahead. You do NOT need a visa. You don't need an international drivers license either. In fact, your regular driver's license is fine if you plan to drive in Europe with any car company. Make sure you bring that at the very least. But of course, driving on the Invasion is usually done by me. Since the pandemic, you will need a vaccination card. Invasions are like family vacations. We want to take care of our fellow invaders. So your COVID vaccination card is essential for my trip and a lot of European travel. 10:48 - HOW MUCH DO CELTIC INVASION VACATIONS COST? That varies year to year. It starts at about $2800 for the land part of the trip, for each person on the trip. It does not cover the cost of air travel. You handle your own airline tickets. Your fee covers your housing for a full week. That's for a shared room, either a double if you’re a couple or two singles. Depending on our housing, it may cost extra to get a single room to yourself. Your fee covers a breakfast every day and dinner at least five times. Often I cover more than that. Sometimes it works well to make lunches if we're not planning to be near restaurants. So I happily pay for lunch supplies if we need them. But in general, you are responsible for your own lunch. You can have what you like for breakfast each morning. Some days we have a full breakfast with eggs, bacon, yogurt, fruit, cheese, or whatever you want. Grocery shopping usually happens on the first day. So whatever you need, we can probably find it. Other days, if we want to get going early, then we will have a Continental Breakfast with just breads, cheese, yogurt or fruit. And yes, there's coffee. Every morning. And tea too. I need my coffee! I cook dinner at least 2 days during the week. We have my world famous secret pasta meal. And then there's the Celtic Invasion specialty... Prince Charlie... Secret. It's a recipe we picked up years ago and is now a tradition on the Invasions. There may be more than two meals. But of course, we like to eat out too. The toughest thing about dining on the Celtic Invasions is finding a place to eat. If the group is under nine people. That's usually not too difficult. But if we have more than that, it can be a challenge. I plan ahead for that. Because who doesn't like to eat out in Europe!?!?! I consider that a big part of the experience. 12:41 - IS THERE MUSIC? At least twice a week, we spend the evening relaxing at our cottage with dinner... and music. I am, of course, host of the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. But I'm also a musician. I play Celtic music with a sci fi drinking song twist. I call it Sci F'Irish music. You can hear my music through my website at I plan to play for at least an hour. But a lot of it depends on you and how excited you are to hear some music. If we're really lucky, you might bring an instrument too. Then we can have an Irish session with songs and tunes afterward. And if we're really fortunate, I will find a musician or bring in a musician to come play for us. That's frequently difficult to pull off.  But when it happens. It's absolutely amazing! 13:30 - WHEN DOES OUR DAY BEGIN AND END? Breakfast is usually around 7:30 or 8 AM with a departure time of 8:30-9 AM. We don't usually do too much in the evening. Since Irish sessions usually don't begin until 9 PM, it's not something we usually attend outside of our cottage. But if it's something you want to do, we might be able to make it happen. 14:32 - HOW OLD IS TOO OLD? HOW YOUNG IS TOO YOUNG? I have had people ages 18 on into their 70s on my Celtic Invasion Vacations. I'd say the vast majority are in their 40s, 50s and 60s. But I don't really think much about it because I adjust each trip to who's on it. In 2019, the younger group hiked up Skellig Michael while the less physically able landed on the Greater Blaskett Island by boat. The physically active walk, hike and run ahead if they so desire. Those who aren't, take it at their own speed. The Isle of Skye was one of the few places we went where it was better to be physically active. There's a lot of hiking on that island. But ye know, I don't think anyone's vacation fun was hindered by their physical activity. As for younger folks, I typically don't prefer to have young kids on the trip. I know the challenges associated with that. But I'm willing to consider it as long as the you feel the kids are up to getting up and going. One lady asked about a teenager. I think I might be open to a teenager who is a bit more independent but still willing to follow the rules. 15:52 - HOW DO WE TRAVEL? Typically we travel in a van. These are usually large nine-seaters with lots of luggage space. Sometimes we will add a second van or a car to carry extra Invaders. Speaking of luggage, we do have limited space. I find one suitcase per person is plenty, plus a carry on. You typically don't need more. There's usually laundry facilities too. So you can always wash something extra. There's a whole bunch of videos on YouTube where you can learn how to travel light. If you truly need an extra suitcase, that's fine. But your experience is so much better when you travel light. 16:36 - HOW DO YOU SIGN UP? The first step is for me to open up the Invasion to the public. You see, former Invaders get first dibs. Once it's public, here's what you do. First, email an application form to me. Second, send me a check for your deposit. That reserves your spot on the Invasion within 2 weeks of emailing your application form. Finally, just send me your final payment before the deadline and you're golden. Speaking of your final payment, you are welcome to break it up into multiple payments if you don't want to or can't pay all at once. I'm happy to work with you to make the trip happen. 17:09 - HOW DO I CANCEL IF I NEED TO? First off, there is a $400 non-refundable deposit. Though there is a caveat for the "non-refundable" part. If I change the dates, you can get a refund. If you can find someone to take your spot, or someone willing takes your spot, then you can get a refund. However, if you are sick and turned away by an airline or country, I can't offer a refund. Typically, 30-60 days before the trip, once I start paying for things, like our housing, vans, tour guides, whatever, I can no longer offer a refund. That usually starts about the time of the Celtic Invasion deadline. I'm not a corporation though. So there may be flexibility. My goal here is to have people "sign up" and then not drop a month later as happened on my very first Celtic Invasion. If you wanna go, make a commitment with a non-refundable deposit. 17:57 - CELTIC INVASION VACATIONS – CLOSING REMARKS All in all, Celtic Invasion Vacations are about happily experiencing the fun culture, history, and legends of one small but magical location. I hope you'll consider joining me on the next Celtic Invasion Vacation. Sign up at so you don't miss out on this incredible adventure! And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.  
18:25 8/29/22
8 St Patrick's Day Party Music Tips
I will share EIGHT great ways for you to have a spectacular St Patrick's Day today Celtfather Music & Travel. The best thing about St Patrick’s Day for me is that is a great time to celebrate Celtic culture. My passion lies in the music.  I immersed myself in nothing but Irish and Scottish music for over a decade. I took that knowledge to create newsletters, blogs, videos, and eventually podcasts that celebrate Celtic culture through music. St Patrick's Day is also my favorite time of year. It makes sense. I play Celtic music, and have done so since the 90s. I host the largest podcast of Celtic music in the world. Oh! And if that's not enough, it's also my birthday. I guess you could say I  know a little something about St Patrick's Day. So let's get started. The cream of the Celtic music crop is the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. Since 2005, this show has shared the music of the Celts from around the world. It's a like your favorite Celtic radio program, except you can download it to you computer or phone. You can listen to it ANYWHERE at ANY TIME. And just like those most of those weekly Celtic radio shows, it's 100% free. It also focuses on the smaller Celtic bands. The ones that you might not hear on your favorite Celtic radio program. That's because most of these bands don't have record labels. They're doing it themselves. And they might be performing in YOUR community. You might not even know about them yet. But they are fantastic. The music ranges from traditional reels and jigs to pub songs to Celtic rock and fusion. It's a HUGE amalgamation of incredible music. And it's available for free on nearly all of your favorite podcatchers. And you can even download a free app to listen to the show on your phone. You can subscribe and find out more at This is a good time to mention the St Patrick's Day Podcast. That was a short-run show that was released by the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast many years ago. The goal was to provide you with a St Patrick's Day playlist of amazing Celtic music by some of the best indie Celtic bands online. There's not a lot of talking. It's mostly about the music. You can find that at And some St Patrick's Day gifts here. Next on the list is the Pub Songs & Stories podcast. I started this show in 2005. It's gone through many renditions over the years, but right now, it is the virtual public house for Celtic and geek culture. I sing songs live in each show. I also chat about Celtic and Geek things that inspire me. I also share stories about my songs, both traditional and original. That's the thing that I love about the show. I love story telling. Pub Stories are stories from primarily Celtic musicians about their songs. It's stories from the road. The things that inspired them to write songs or share music. It's the stories that make you fall in love with Celtic music in the first place. Since I also host the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast, I have direct access to hundreds of Celtic musicians. I'm adding new stories from these amazing bands in every show. It's fantastic! Again, you will find this podcast available EVERYWHERE online. Subscribe to the podcast for free at If you want to find other Celtic podcasts and stay on top of what's new, the Celtic Music Magazine is a great resource. I started publishing the weekly newsletter in 2000. It's still going today. You can still get 34 free Celtic MP3s when you subscribe. And every St Patrick's Day I share 17 more free Celtic MP3s from some of the bands featured on the Irish & Celtic  Music Podcast. But the best part is every podcast that features Celtic music or culture is featured in the newsletter.  It's a great way to find new podcasts of Celtic culture. Sign up so you don't miss  at If you just love Celtic music and want some of the best of the best, the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast hosts the Celtic Top 20 every year. This is where you vote for your favorite songs of each episode of the podcast. At the end of the year, I compile your votes and create a Best Of episode. You can listen to it on the website. However, my goal is to promote indie Celtic musicians. So I also made a playlist of all of these amazing Celtic bands on the Spotify. It's called Top Irish & Celtic Music playlist on Spotify. You'll hear MOST of the bands who won in the Celtic Top 20. Admittedly, some are no longer available. But the vast majority are. And it's a powerhouse playlist with hundreds of listeners. Follow it and enjoy! That alone will probably give you countless hours of Celtic musical entertainment. But before I let you go, I want to share one more really cool thing. Every year, I take a small group of people on the adventure of a lifetime. It's called Celtic Invasion Vacations. We go to the Celtic nations and locations. We stay in one area and get to know the region through it's culture, history and legends. I have numerous videos that highlight these amazing places. We've been to Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, and Brittany so far. You can watch these incredible Celtic Travel videos for free on YouTube. Plus, you get to hear some of my music in each of those travel videos. Finally, I am a performing musician. I've been live streaming video concerts since 2014. Every Thursday at noon eastern, I host Coffee with The Celtfather. These are short, themed concerts where I play for your tips and CD sales. With St Patrick's Day just around the corner, these shows are St Patrick's Day themed. And if you want a longer, even more fun shows, then you want to join my Celtfather Live concert series. These are usually Thursday night concerts. I play for over an hour on a theme. And again, during St Patrick's Day, that theme is Irish and Celtic songs. These concerts, however, are paid events. You can get tickets on my websites. There ye go. Eight amazing ways to celebrate Celtic culture through music this, and every St Patrick's Day. Oh! Before I finish, you often hear St Patrick's Day as mentioned as St Paddy's Day. Well, Paddy is the shortened version Padraig in the Irish language. Patty of course is the shortened version of Patricia. So if you want to say Happy St Paddy's Day, that's fine but mind the spelling. You can learn 11 St Patrick's Day facts in the Pub Songs & Stories podcast. Thanks as always for supporting my music. Podcasts and streaming music give you a quick and easy way to sample all of my music. Digital sales keep my business running. Tips and CD sales allow me to tour. Kickstarter funds physical products like CDs, shirts and other merch. And Patreon funds my songwriting! Join the Gunn Runners Club on Patreon to support my songwriting. You will step behind-the-scenes with new music, bonus podcasts, videos, and live concerts. Thank you for supporting Sci F'Irish music at!
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Swimming the Horses with Gerry O’Beirne
Gerry O'Beirne is an Irish guitarist and songwriter behind the scenes of many great Celtic musicians. I met him when he toured the U.S. with Andy M. Stewart. But his history playing music is long and fascinating. I was surprised on last summer's Celtic Invasion Vacations that he's living in Dingle, Ireland now. He's performing both solo and with many of the top Irish musicians there. Show #266. We talk about his new CD Swimming the Horses, the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast, and how he got started as a songwriter in the desert of America. Find out more about Gerry O'Beirne here.
20:14 7/15/20
Mazz O'Flaherty Interview in Dingle Record Shop
Mazz O'Flaherty owns the smallest record shop in Ireland. It's in Dingle, Ireland. It is a place you don't want to miss. It's walls are lined with music from Irish musicians, especially those in the County Kerry. In 2019, I took my Celtic Invasion Vacations to Dingle, Ireland. Ten years after my last trip. Mazz was as delightful a person to talk to as ever. Show #264
21:14 6/9/20
Irish & Celtic Music Podcast on Spotify?
The Irish & Celtic Music Podcast is no longer on Spotify. But it is still coming out each and every week.   Spotify announced at the beginning of 2020 that they will no longer host music podcasts like ours. So in February, they pulled it from their app.   This stinks, but it is understandable. And it doesn't affect the delivery of the podcast into the future. The podcast still comes out every week.    You can subscribe at    Subscribe on your favorite podcatcher and to our Celtic Music Magazine so you're up-to-date on all of our podcast news.   While you're there, you can download our free app and never, ever miss a single episode.   Thanks for listening on Spotify while you did.   Slainte! Marc Gunn, The Celtfather, show #261 Irish & Celtic Music Podcast
02:06 4/4/20
Oban Scotland Flashback: Celtic Invasion Vacations 2010
Scotland is an incredible country. In 2010, I led my third Celtic Invasion Vacations to Scotland. I learned a lot from this trip which helped form future invasions. I'm gonna share the comments from some of those invaders in #249 of Celtfather Music & Travel. Greetings my name is Marc Gunn. This show is about the many amazing experiences I have as a musician and an adventurer. In 2010, I hooked with John Wilmott of Celtic Ways, who now runs the Carrowcrory Cottage and Labyrinth Gardens in County Sligo. John used to live in Oban. So he offered to organize my third Celtic Invasion Vacations to Scotland. Unfortunately, he had health issues a few months before the trip. So I was forced to make this trip come to life. It's now eight years since that trip happened. But I was looking for Bootleg Concerts to share for my Heroic Gunn Runners on Patreon when I found the comments of invaders from that trip. Every year, I ask my invaders to share their thoughts of what was cool and what wasn't. This invasion had some of amazing pieces of synchronicity and challenges and fun. It might've helped or hurt that this was the year a volcano erupted in Iceland which grounded a lot of airplanes. So a few invaders arrived late. I wish I kept a more details journal of the invasion. But alas... Interestingly, my wife did keep a little journal. However, this was also the trip where she was pregnant and got sick the first day we arrived. So I think journal was cut short. Now since I don't have a detailed list of what we did. I thought instead, I would share the itinerary, some of my memories of the invasion and then you could hear the feedback from invaders. And then I will comment respond to some of their comments. The Celtic Invasion of Oban, Scotland began in Glasgow. We met up with all the invaders and then drove three cars to Oban. The accommodations were really nice, but sadly, we had such a big group that we were separated into two houses, and separated also by about a 1/2 mile. I actually never saw the second house. The second day was in Oban was scheduled to walk around and see the town. It was a fairly open day, which was good because we were waiting for invaders to arrive, since a couple at least were stopped by the volcano. Day 3, we took a boat to Iona. I honestly don't remember much except for the photo that Gwen I took in front of some church on the island. I used for the release of my single "Christmas in Scotland" which was inspired by this invasion. Day 4, lists oban area chill out, time out, everyone do their thing, shopping, fishing, maybe go walking on nearby islands. That's hilarious because I couldn't tell you what was involved in that. However, I do remember that some folks decided to take a trip to see a castle from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. So I'm assuming that that was this day. Day 5 mentions Kilmartin. Again, no clue. But this might've been the day when we got a private tour of a cemetery from Liam Griffin, as well as lunch. Day 6 took us to Edinburgh. I think we might've stopped in Stirling to climb the William Wallace memorial. But I'm not sure. That evening, we enjoyed bagpipes from Jimi McRae and Sam Ooko. Day 7 was the final exploration of Edinburgh and of course music from me. Okay. Let's see if this recording will jog my memory and I share a few more thoughts about the invasion. INVADER COMMENTS Alright, a few things stuck for me. First, second ferry ride? What the heck? I don't think I remember that ride at all. I maybe remember some musicians on a ferry. But I don't remember if it was to Scotland. I think this was the trip that I realized I have to better plan. After this, I started creating a sort of cookie cutter plan for each trip. A loose one, but a plan nonetheless. I also mention a bus tour. I have no recollection of that. Someone mentioned the late starting times. That was remedied on future trips. I think we were leaving around 10 am, which was just way too late. I think future trips vary between and 8 and 9 am. What was incredible for me was the number of folks who commented on the time with Liam Griffin. So what happened was we had dinner a couple nights at a place called the Barn. I asked them if I could play music. They said that was fine. So we ate dinner. I pulled out the autoharp and sang for an hour or two. I don't really remember. What I do remember is one of the locals, Liam, got really into the show. He called all of his friends to come out. He sang us a song. And he invited all thirteen of us to his place for lunch the following day. Then he gave us a tour of his private historical cemetery. It was an amazing experience and it helped me fine tune my trips. You see, I realized that all of the stuff I planned was not very memorable. What was memorable was our personal experiences with the people and the culture of the region. That's why I say in my ads on the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast, "we get to know the region through its culture, history and legends." It's from trip. I don't remember a whole lot about the stuff we had planned. But I remember the invaders and the people we met. I remember my time with my wife walking around Oban. I remember the joyful, adventure-filled feelings of this incredible vacation. I hope you joined this episode, and I'm gonna leave you with a couple songs from the Bootleg concert I did that final night. If you want to hear the entire concert, join my Heroic Gunn Runners on Patreon. Thanks so much for listening. And if you're new to the podcast, rate the show and subscribe at
24:27 10/27/18
Best and Worst of the Isle of Skye
The 2018 Celtic Invasion of the Isle of Skye is over. We had an amazing vacation. Every year, I ask my invaders for feedback. This year, I decided to do it a little different. I wanted to help you figure out what were some of the best things to see when you come visit. So I’m gonna share my Best and Worst things to see on the Isle of Skye, followed by feedback from Invaders, including some of their favorites. Best of the Isle of Skye. My favorite thing in Skye was the Quiraing. This is up in Trotternish. It’s June, lush and green with powerful, towering mountains. Now Skye is a big hiking area. I think most people go to Skye to hike. Most of our Invaders were not big hikers. We were all happy to hike and explore. But the hardcore hiking was not for us. Now I’m sure there’s some difficult hiking in the Quiraing, but the two places we visited were fairly easy. A third place looked even easier. I guess for me there was more room to relax and enjoy the magnificent mountain range in the Quiraing. If you’re looking for one thing to do in Skye, this is my suggestion. My second favorite thing to do in Skye was the Skye Cruises out of Uig. They offered a three-hour boat tour of the ocean and shoreline. We saw a castle, seals, and even watched puffins flying about. The captain was very friendly. He and a friend started this cruise a couple years ago. It made for a very pleasant experience. They provided free snacks and drinks including Skye Beer from the local brewery. They had binoculars available for seeing the sea life too. Of course, it probably helped that the seas were calm. There was a little bit of rain that fell on us for about ten minutes. Then it was done. They had some good Celtic music playing in the back of the boat. And up front, I played songs and along with Pace. And happily Danny and Christine Faught of Green Man Clan joined us. Okay so that was a benefit of me boating out there. Nevertheless, it was a wonderful relaxing trip. Third in my list of the Best of the Isle of Skye we’re The Fairy Pools. On day three of our Invasion, we got a tour guide to take us to The Fairy Pools. The guide was kind of a flop. Not much more than a driver sadly. But the Pools were brilliant. Tho a little tricky too. It was raining when we arrived. We walked down the hill to the starting point. I say walk, but to be honest l, there was a little sliding. I had my bad shoes. The ground was moist and squishy. So I fell a couple times. That didn’t bode well. At the bottom of the hill, there was a stream and no way to cross it but get your feet a little wet. I wasn’t quite in the mood to plunge in. In fact, I was about to skip it. I’m glad I didn’t. I took off my shoes and walked across the small stream. After that, the walk was a breeze. It was a gentle slope into the valley. A river guides you on the right. And all along it are bunches of small waterfalls and “Fairy Pools”. I didn’t go all the way into the mountains. I took my time and had fun making videos. I sat with my feet in the freezing water. It was delightful. Again, I’m so happy I went. The fourth coolest thing for me was the excitement of finding dinosaur tracks. So we stayed in Staffin Bay Cottages. They are located a 3 minute drive from Staffin Bay Slipway. When we arrived, we learned that there were dinosaur tracks down there. So one evening, we hiked over to the beach and looked for the tracks. It took some time to find them, but eventually we did. They were covered in seaweed. They were also difficult to make out. But we went to the local dinosaur museum to confirm. That was cool and all. But 2-3 months ago, new tracks were discovered at Brother’s Point. On Friday, we finally headed to the point. We arrived just before low tide. So I should point out that there are no markers for these prints. You have to find them. Now what I learned at the dinosaur museum was the footprints were found in sedimentary rock. The first step was to find that. I am no geologist. But I did overhear, that sedimentary rock is layered rock. Most of the rocks out there, I think, are igneous. I found a big slab of sedimentary rock and started looking. I found some small impressions and called over Pace and Selena. Pace told me that they were about a foot in diameter. I spent the next thirty minutes staring at the rock. How weird is that! Eventually I noticed differences. I saw breaks in the rock and looking at puddles, I realized the indentations were different from the breaks. I called over Pace and we jokingly decided we found dinosaur tracks. I got some pictures and videos but I don’t think you’ll see much of anything. Pace got a good picture. We decided to take his picture to the dinosaur museum to confirm it. We were thrilled they said yes! Yay. I’m officially an amateur dinosaur track hunter. I was trying to settle on my top 5 of Skye but I couldn’t. So for number five, I picked two. First is the Skye Museum of Island Life. It’s located in the north end of Trotternish. It was a small Croft community. But now it’s a museum. I guess I liked it because it’s the only bit of history we got on Skye. That’s because this was also the place that Flora McDonald was buried. Flora is the woman from the song “Skye Boat Song” who carried the Bonnie Prince Charlie to safety after his defeat at Culloden, which marked the end of the Jacobite Revolution. The museum told that story along with the story of the crofters. I also loved Neist Point. There’s a lighthouse and soaring cliffs and gorgeous ocean vistas. It was stunning. I also recorded a couple videos while I was out there. That was my best of the Isle of Skye. What was the worst? I’m sure many would disagree, but my least favorite thing about Skye was Old Man of Storr. There are some stunning pictures of Storr. As far as I can see, they are either aerial photographs or from way up top on Storr. I don’t have an airplane, and I didn’t have the desire to climb all the way to. I climbed up thru the third gate. About halfway. The view was nice. But not worth the effort. I’d rather go back to the Quiraing. Kilt Rock a beautifully named with almost pleated rocks. But it’s view is located in a very safe and boring park off the road. It was uninspiring. I was disappointed with Talisker Distillery. I like the whisky, but there was no tasting room. You had to do the tour. I’ve done whisky tours before. They’re mildly interesting. It’s the whisky that’s the best thing about them. I bought a bottle but even the store was limited. I think I’m a bit spoiled by Guinness and Bushmills. They’ve got a TON of incredible shops. Plus tastings. Now it’s not a least favorite location but Skye is pretty windy. When it isn’t windy, at least during the summer, the midges are our in full force. Midges are small biting gnats. Think of tiny barely visible mosquitoes. Unless they’re swarming. During the summer, restaurants book up. So make sure you get reservations unless you’re fine with eating at 9 or 10 o’clock. Finally, this is the ultimate in #FirstWorldProblems. But the internet was worse here than pretty everywhere we’ve invaded. Bad internet and bad cell phone. I know. I know. Whine whine whine. You’re on the Isle of Skye! But I was wanting to stay in touch with my girls back home and was sorely disappointed. The house internet was slow. The data on my phone didn’t work at all. Our house was a dead zone for phones as well. I guess the point is you should expect to disconnected. Alright.  That’s what I thought of Skye. Let’s see what folks thought of the Celtic Invasion of the Isle of Skye. -- I hope you enjoyed my Invader feedback. Again, the Celtic Invasion of Skye was a huge success. I'm excited to share some photos and videos from the trip in the coming months. Now I just announced the net two locations that I am planning for the future. In 2019, we're gonna have the Celtic Invasion of Star Wars... We're going back to Dingle, Ireland and this time we're gonna visit Skellig Michael. That's the island from The Last Jedi film. Then in 2020, we're going to Venice, Italy. This is the Origin of Celtic Invasions Vacation. Because the area was conquered by a Celtic tribe called the Veneti that later migrated to Brittany in France, before heading to Cornwall, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. If you find out more about that history, check out two episodes I released last year: The Secret History of the Celts #231 and History of Celtic Brittany #232. And head over to if you want to join one of these awesome vacations. Now I want to ask you to head on over to Spotify and Follow My Music. You will find links to everything I mentioned in the shownotes at where you can also subscribe to this podcast and download 21 songs for free.
21:41 7/19/18
10 Fun St Patrick’s Day Facts
St Patrick's Day is coming soon. I'm gonna share with you TEN fun facts about St Patrick's Day in show #238 of Celtfather Music & Travel. As a Celtic musician and host of the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast, I thought I’d also pick songs you can listen to to go with each fact.   CELTFATHER NEWS If you missed the latest CeltfatherLive Internet Concert of Shiny St Patrick’s Day CD Release Party, you can watch a free replay through March 17 at The show celebrates the release of my new album of Browncoats Drinking songs, called As Long As I’m Flyin. Plus some fun St Patrick’s Day Songs. You can sing along to many of those songs through the Irish song lyrics website. I have two extra-Long episodes of St Patrick’s Day Music on the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. The first came out last week and features the Best Celtic songs in the podcast in 2017. The second is out this Thursday. It will feature 17 for St Patrick’s Day. As a special bonus you will be able to download all 17 songs as mp3 singles. I’ll include a link to that article in the shownotes. I have published my 17 Free Celtic MP3s for St Patrick’s Day article since 2003.   10 Fun Facts about St Patrick's Day Millions of people around the world celebrate St. Patrick's Day. You could say everyone is Irish on St Patrick's Day. But I prefer to see this as a holiday for everyone of Celtic ancestry. I don’t know how many kilts I’ve seen worn on the holiday, but it’s a lot. I think that’s a good place to start these fun facts. 1. Ireland is one of seven Celtic nations. These are the places that the Celts settled after invading their way from central Europe before finally being conquered by the Romans and driven to the fringes of continent. The nations include: Ireland, Scotland, Wales, the Isle of Man, Cornwall in Southwest England, Brittany in France, and Galicia in Northwest Spain. While the Celts settled in those locations, they were eventually pushed out of those homelands to places around the world. New Orleans was one of the top 3 immigration points for the Irish during the potato blight of the 1800s. So I’m gonna kick off my musical recommendation with “Men of New Basin Canal” that honors the 30K Irishmen who died digging that canal. 2. St Patrick was not Irish. He was born in Scotland or Wales in the 4th century. Originally, he was enslaved and taken to Ireland. He escaped, became a Christian and went back to convert the Celts. He died in Ireland on March 17, 461. I was born on St Patrick's Day. I have a song for all those born on March 17th or of Irish heritage. It's called "Happy Birthday from Ireland." 3.  March 17th is the holy day of St. Patrick in the Catholic church. Because of this, it was not celebrated like you find it today. In fact, March 17 was a dry holiday in Ireland until the 70s. All the pubs were closed. In 1995 they began celebrating it like in America. It's quite a ironic that as a sainted holiday, St Patrick's Day is celebrated with drinking. Thus my next song recommendation, "St Patrick Never Drank". 4. The first St Patrick’s day parade was celebrated in New York in 1762. The Irish were trying to hold on to their heritage. Parades sprang up around the world since then, most notably in Chicago where the river is dyed green. Dublin too now has a big St. Patrick’s Day parade. I want to recommend song “McNamara‘s Band” song by Bing Crosby. 5. Green is most-often associated with St Patrick’s Day. But St Patrick’s color was actually blue. And as a wild twist, I was told that the Scots wore orange. It wasn’t until much later I realized that green was the color of Catholics and orange was the color of Protestants. And of course the Republic of Ireland is largely Catholic. From Brobdingnagian Bards, try the song “The Orange and the Green”. 6. St Paddy’s day is the shortened version of St Patrick’s Day. However, that shortened name is often misspelled. It should be spelled Paddy. Not Patty. Patty is a girls name. Paddy is short for the Irish name Padraig. Check out the song “Paddy Worked on the Railway” by The Muckers 7. The most famous Irish song is Danny Boy. But it’s not actually Irish. Okay the melody is an Irish tune called “Derry Aire”. But the lyrics were written by an English lawyer and songwriter named Frederic Weatherly. I get the song requested so much that I play two versions of “Danny Boy”, the original and a parody about cats. 8. The leprechaun is a fascinating and mischievous creature from Irish lore. The modern representation was actually started as a means to belittle the Irish immigrants in the early 1900s. It seems Irish Americans embraced and rebirthed the myth. Oh and apparently, there are no female leprechauns in the lore. I wrote a song that celebrates America’s contribution to the leprechaun myth and to Irish music. It’s called “The Leprechaun”. 9. Slainte Mhaith is an Irish toast. It means “here’s to your good health”. In lovely Gaelic fashion, it’s spelled nothing like it sounds in English. So if you’re out drinking, be it Guinness or tea, raise a glass and repeat the      Phrase. I wrote a song about it. It’s called "Slainte Mhaith". 10. More than 13 million pints of Guinness are consumed on St Patrick’s Day. I hope you will raise a glass also to Charlie Mopps, the fictious inventor of beer. You can learn him in the song “Beer, Beer, Beer”. One final bonus fact. The music of the Celts is called Celtic music. This is not to be confused the Boston Celtics. Celtic is spoken with a hard-K sound. I host the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. You will find over 400 hours of free Celtic music to listen to on St Patrick’s Day. Thank you so much for listening. I hope you enjoyed these fun facts. If you want to listen to the songs, you can search for them on Apple Music or you can check out my Geek Pub Songs playlist over on Spotify. --- You can also support this podcast for as little as $1 per month when you join the Gunn Runners Club on Patreon. You'll get hours of great content for one low fee and help me create new music for you. You can also subscribe to the podcast and download free music at
07:41 3/11/18
Demystifying Irish Sessions with Shannon Heaton
As a Celtic singer and autoharper, I've never felt super comfortable going to Irish sessions. I had a couple dirty looks when I first got into Irish music. It biased me a lot against them since. But I love Irish music. So I was excited to watch a video by Shannon Heaton where she provides a sort of how to guide to Irish sessions. It was very inspiring. Shannon Heaton hosts the Irish Music Stories podcast. She hosted an episode of the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast last June. And I wanted to find out more about her. We had a great chat a couple months back. My bandcamp store now offers the Celtfather Classics USB. This album features all my music from 1995 through 2009. You'll get 10 albums, including all of my current cat CDs, plus a bunch of exclusive EPs and podcasts, all for just $50. This is a way-to-generous deal. Follow the link to my Bandcamp store for details. Coffee with The Celtfather is a new live streaming show I'm hosting on my Facebook fan page. I go live on Monday morning around 9 am. We will chat and have fun while we sing along together with your song requests. Come join me. Oh! And the more you share the show and tip, the longer I will play. The show is off right now, but it will be back in January. Finally, I want to share some Christmas music with you. You may know I host the Celtic Christmas Podcast. But you might not yet be aware of my Spotify playlists. My two favorites right now are Christmas Drinking Songs and Fun Christmas Songs for Kids and Families. Oh! Speaking of Spotify, this show will be available on Spotify at the beginning of 2018. Yup! You will be able to listen directly through your Spotify account. Interview with Shannon Heaton How Shannon Heaton found Irish music Irish Music Stories How do you create your podcast stories YouTube Channel Irish Session Culture Touring as an Irish musician Favorite Places in Ireland: Cruise's Pub in Ennis in County Clarre, Crane Bar in Galway City Clare.Fm for trad music in Ennis Desert Island Discs Handful of Earth by Dick Gaughan Kitty Lies Over by Mick O'Brien and Caoimhim O' Raghallaigh Music featured in this show: "Thady Casey's & Reel of Rio" by Matt & Shannon Heaton from Blue Skies Above "Mantle of Green" by Matt & Shannon Heaton from Tell You in Earnest I hope you enjoyed this interview, if you did, then please support Shannon Heaton. Subscribe to her podcast. Listen. Share it with your friends. Buy a CD. She's an awesome lady and deserves your kind support. You can support my music and travels for as little as $1 per month when you join the Gunn Runners Club and become a patron of my music. If you enjoy this show, subscribe to the podcast and my mailing list at
45:17 12/19/17
History of Celtic Brittany #232
Join me as I talk with Samuel of Visite Bretagne about the history of the Celts in Brittany, France. You'll learn how the Celts got to Cornwall, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland. And how they came back to Brittany. You'll find out the best places to visit while you're there, and a lot more. Brittany is a great place to visit. Subscribe to Celtfather Music & Travel at Celtfather Weekly News This Sunday, October 22, 2017 is my fourth annual Celtic Halloween music special. I will broadcast live on YouTube starting at 8 PM CDT. Go to the #CeltfatherLive page on my website to get a special reminder on the day of the event. My Celtic Halloween single can be found everywhere. Three songs for $3 bucks. If you order a copy of the album, email me your receipt and I'll send you a copy of the fourth song that was originally released on the EP for free. My Hobbit Music CD Collection is now on sale. You can save over 50% when you buy those CDs on my Bandcamp page. The Kilted Kings shirt and album are now available on Bandcamp as well. Finally, I shared my newest Travel Vlog. It's a music video from Auray, Brittany where today's interview took place. The History of the Celts in Brittany In the summer of 2017, I lead a Celtic Invasion Vacation to town of Carnac in region of Brittany in France. On second day of the invasion, I invited Samuel of Visite Bretagne to share his knowledge about the history of the Celts in Brittany. We sat down on a windy day in Auray to talk about it. If you'd like to join me on the Celtic Invasion of Isle of Skye in Scotland, I still have space available and you can save money when you sign before the end of October. Go to for details. You can support my music and travels for as little as $1 per month when you join the Gunn Runners Club and become a patron of my music. If you enjoy this show, subscribe to the podcast and my mailing list at
18:30 10/17/17
Secret History of the Celts #231
There's a lot about the Celts that I did not realize until I went on my Celtic Invasion of Brittany. It opened a secret history that most of us don't think about. In this episode, I'm gonna share how Venice is a part of that Celtic history and lots more. Subscribe at Celtfather Weekly Buy my new 3-song single, Celtic Halloween, on Oct 3. You can also get my Firefly single "The Long Arm" The next Celtfather Live show is scheduled Sunday, October 22nd. Celtic Halloween Special on YouTube. This weekend, Kilted Kings are at Indiana Renaissance Festival Watch the new Tullamore Dew Video. It's AMAZING! Thanks to newest Gunn Runners: Kurt Goodyear, Jeremy Handon Celtic Holocaust episode from Dan Carlin's Hardcore History Celtic Tribes on Wikipedia Celtic Invasion of Isle of Skye itinerary is now online. The Secret History of the Celts I sent an email to the Celtic Invasion Vacations mailing list about doing a Celtic Invasion of Venice. Someone responded what does Italy have to do with the Celts. It turns out a lot. The Celts were a group of people who shared a common tongue. They are believed to have originated around Austria between 800-450 BC. They migrated in there in every direction, fighting and conquering as they went. They were in fact one of the barbarian hordes that sacked Rome. The Celts didn't just invade places. They also settled them. Dan Carlin's podcast Hardcore History has a brilliant 6 hour long episode called the Celtic Holocaust which describes how Caesar decimated the Celts in Europe. I highly recommend it. What I really never thought about was the fact that the Celts were all over Europe at one point in time. There is a historical record of Celtic people BEFORE the seven Celtic nations. So Celts in Venice actually makes sense. It was all brought home on this year's Celtic Invasion of Brittany. One of the things I try to do on my Celtic Invasion Vacations is to provide a little history and legends into the mix. I bring in a tour guide for one day to get an overview of the region we are staying in. This year, I brought in Visite Bretagne. They talked about the city of Vannes that we visited. It was originally founded by the Veneti, one of the Celtic tribes who settled in Northwest France. They were in fact one of the bigger tribes of the region. We learned in the Celtic Holocaust episode that the Veneti were actually decimated by Caesar, though not before many of them migrated north to Cornwall, Wales and Scotland. This was all fascinating, but what really brought my story together was when my step-dad Tiziano shared with us a book about the Celtic Tribes that settled in Italy. They mention the Veneti as a Celtic tribe that originally settled near Venice. At this point, I should share with you a few placenames. Venice is located in a region called The Veneto. There is a river in near Carnac and in the Veneto called the Po River. And of course Vannes, where the Veneti called home in Brittany, was located in marshy land with lots of small islands, just like a certain city that is now sinking in Italy called Venice. Yes. It is believed that the Veneti of Veneto region in Northeast Italy migrated to Brittany and settled a similar region. For the past couple years, Tiziano has been researching the Celtic history of the Veneto. And there's a lot. The Celts lived in that region for several generations before moving on or being assimilated. Sure, it's not as vast is in Ireland and Scotland, but it exists. And you can find numerous festivals celebrating Celtic culture of recent times and long ago. This is one of the reasons that CIV goes anywhere. For me, my Invasions aren't about a location. Sure, most subscribers to my list want to go to Ireland or Scotland. But many just want to see the world. My trips are more about experiencing magical moments with like-minded people, than going to the obvious destinations. The itinerary for the Celtic Invasion of the Isle of Skye is now on the website. It is a very loose itinerary since I'm waiting on a few more people before I book the housing. It looks like there will be room for 8 people unless there's some overwhelming demand. At which point, there might be room for 10 people. You can support my music and travels for as little as $1 per month when you join the Gunn Runners Club and become a patron of my music. If you enjoy this show, subscribe to the podcast and my mailing list at
08:31 10/3/17
True Story Behind Drinking With Hobbits for Hobbit Day #230
Hobbit Day is on September 22nd. We're gonna celebrate it with the true story behind my popular song and album "Don't Go Drinking With Hobbits". I'll share the origins of Hobbit Day and how I fell in love with The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings as well all of the exciting things that have happened due to my love of hobbits. Subscribe to my mailing list for a free hobbit song and to the podcast at What's in this Week's Show Origins of Hobbit Day How I Discovered Hobbits Halflings and D&D Psychology of a hobbit The facts as I remember them of the truth behind "Don't Go Drinking With Hobbits" Origins of Memories of Middle earth How you can have a happy hobbit birthday Hobbit Resources Mentioned Don't Go Drinking With Hobbits CD Memories of Middle earth CD How to Have a Hobbit Birthday eBook Tolkien Society Review of our LOTR Oscar Party. (Oh! I just saw this feature of Brobdingnagian Bards in the Austin Chronicle, but it's unrelated) Hobbit Birthday Song A Long Expected Party Listen to Don't Go Drinking With Hobbits on the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast More Hobbit Songs .com Celtfather News New Single: "The Long Arm" from the upcoming album As Long As I'm Flyin'. Watch the lyric video for "The Long Arm". The single is out on September 21, 2017. Watch The Mercenary Show on Concert Window on Thursday evening. Details here. One song left to finish for my Browncoat album Check out my Halfway to St Patrick's Day shows on the Pub Songs Podcast and the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. Also check out Dan Carlin's Hardcore History podcast where he talks about the Celtic Holocaust. I blogged a bunch this week. Check out what I wrote here. Get Brobdingnagian Bards new album Dragons and Virgins. You can only buy it in September. You can also get 5 Classic Marc Gunn CDs for just $24. Huge thanks to New Patrons in the Gunn Runners Club: Anita Gorrell, Raeyln Bangel, Matthew MacMillan, Linda Reynolds-Burkins, Justin Lawrence, Robyn Louise Finner, Tom Smith, Robert Eby, Evan Meehan. You can support my music and travels for as little as $1 per month when you join the Gunn Runners Club and become a patron of my music. If you enjoy this show, subscribe to the podcast and my mailing list at
16:09 9/19/17
Music of Brittany with Dom Duff #229
Dom Duff brought his guitar and charm over to Carnac during the 2017 Celtic Invasion of Brittany. We talked and then he shared stories about Breton music and culture along with his own original songwriting. You will hear some great music by Dom Duff, learn how to say "slainte" in the Breton language, and you'll learn the twisted meaning behind a famous song of Brittany. Subscribe to Celtfather & Travel at Notes Join me on Thursday, September 21, 2017 for the Mercenary Show on Concert Window. This is a FREE internet concert at 8 PM CDT. I'll play for 30 minutes or until the paid song requests stop coming. Get the details and get notified here. The Brobdingnagian Bards have a new CD! It's called Dragons and Virgins. This is a live album recorded at DragonCon in 2016. We are releasing only a limited number of physical CDs. You have until the end of September to one. While you're at it, you can also pick up 5 additional CDs in an incredible CD clearance. You'll get You'll get Kilted For Her Pleasure, What Color Is Your Dragon?, The Bridge, Happy Songs of Death, Not Every Day Is St Patrick's Day for less than the price of two CDs.  Just head on over to our store. If this sounds like fun, then you might also enjoy joining me on the Celtic Invasion of the Isle of Skye in 2018. Details will be on the website by the end of September. You can hear more of Dom Duff's music and find out more about him on his website. Songs Played This Week Coming soon! 11:13 15:26 18:58 23:12 27:19 "E Pardon Speied" by Dom Duff  32:06 35:20 How to say "slainte" in Breton 35:58 41:32 46:08 50:37    You can support my music and travels for as little as $1 per month when you join the Gunn Runners Club and become a patron of my music. If you enjoy this show, subscribe to the podcast and my mailing list at
54:00 9/5/17
Paddy Rock Interview #223
Phil Duckworth loves Celtic Punk. When I want that music for the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast, I call Phil, aka Grinning Beggar. You'll meet a man who started off in metal, found his way to Celtic and roots music. He listens to music with passion. He hosts Grinning Beggar's Paddy Rock Podcast and will be my guest host this week on my Celtic music podcast. Find out more at Paddy Rock Radio Irish & Celtic Music Podcast You can support my music and travels for as little as $1 per month when you join the Gunn Runners Club and become a patron of my music. If you enjoy this show, subscribe to the podcast and my mailing list at
12:52 6/13/17
Celtic Music Journal with Steve Behrens #221
May and June are always a tough time of year for me. I have so much to do to get ready for my Celtic Invasion Vacations and never enough time. I find myself frantically trying to keep up with the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast during this time period. It's frustrating. This year, I have special guest hosts planned for the show. Steve Behrens runs, a Celtic music promotions company. He also hosts the Celtic Music Journal, a show on YouTube highlighting Celtic musicians. He has graciously offered to host the podcast while I'm in Brittany during the first week of June.  We talk about The Corrs, Celtic metal, how different styles of Celtic music bring new fans of the genre into the fold. If you enjoy this podcast, make sure you subscribe at
16:57 5/23/17
Things to Do on a Celtic Invasion of Brittany? #220
I realized I hadn't shared the latest itinerary for the Celtic Invasion of Brittany. How else am I gonna make you jealous and long to join me on one of my Celtic Invasion Vacations if I don't talk more about it? So you will hear about some of the oldest and most-condensed standing stones in the world in Carnac, Brittany. Plus, we'll explore the Broceliande and Arthurian legend as well as other great legends and history from Brittany. It's gonna be an exciting trip. Look for more podcasts and videos in the weeks to come. Celtfather Music & Travel News I had a great turnout at the earlier hours of Johnnie MacCracken's Celtic Pub. I plan to talk to the pub owner see if I can keep those hours in the future. There are just 3 days Left on Kickstarter for As Long As I'm Flyin', my Browncoat album. We're $984 away from 3rd stretch goal. Please keep telling folks about it. My new Video Strategy is working well. I release new music videos weekly and other videos more frequently as well. My latest video, "Wear the Brown with Pride" is from my upcoming album and was recorded live in the studio. The final migration of takes place this week. Look for downtime on the website. Don't Go Drinking With Hobbits - How Did It Do? Did you notice I rebranded this podcast title...again? It's now called "Celtfather Music & Travel". That's the name and what it will be about. I'm brainstorming additional trips to exotic locations, maybe even a music retreat. But I could use your feedback. What would excite you in a retreat to Venice? Or Dingle? Would you like to learn some session tunes? Maybe learn some Irish songs? Learn to play the autoharp? Or perhaps you'd like to play D&D? LOL. All in an exotic location with good food, good drink and good company. If you enjoy this podcast, please sign up to the mailing list and subscribe at
23:46 5/16/17
A Celtic Session in a Cornish Kitchen
One of the highlights of my Celtic Invasion Vacations is playing music for my invaders. That's because the setting is small and intimate. The music is often requested by my invaders who enjoy the many shades of Celtic music I play. On the Celtic Invasion of Cornwall, we had a beautiful house in Instow. I pulled out my autoharp and played a few songs for a couple evenings. You will enjoy one of those shows in a moment. The show was performed in the kitchen after one of my home-cooked meals. Before I share the show, I want to let you know that I play concerts live on the internet. I have a few such shows in October. On Thursday, October 20, 2016, I will play my third annual Halloween music special, performing spooky Halloween stories about death, ghosts, murder, and all sorts of haunted fun. SONGS IN THIS SHOW 1. "The Leprechaun" from Soul of a Harper 2. "Close Your Eyes" from Kilted for Her Pleasure 3. "Middle Earth Bragging Song" from Soul of a Harper 4. "Whiskey in the Jar" from Not Every Day Is St. Patrick's Day 5. "I Will Not Sing Along" is unreleased 6. "Lily the Pink" from Brobdingnagian Fairy Tales 7. "Paddy McCullough" from Songs of Ireland 8. "Black Is the Color (of My Cat's Fur)" from Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers 9. "Mingulay Cat Song" is Patron's Only 10. "Monahan's Mudder's Milk" from Firefly Drinking Songs   You can subscribe to my internet concert mailing list. I will send you emails only when I have a big internet concert. Go to to sign up today! If you want to experience one of these shows first hand, then join me on my Celtic Invasion of Brittany. Next year's trip is scheduled for June 3-10, 2017. Subscribe to my mailing list to join the invasion at Special thanks to all of my Gunn Runners on Patreon. They pledge $1 or more per month to support my music. You can too and you'll get free music, early versions of songs and lyrics, behind-the-scenes podcasts, and first look at new videos. Find details on Patreon at The Celtfather was produced by Marc Gunn. If you enjoyed this episode, then please post a review on iTunes or your favorite podcatcher. I want to invite you again to my website at You can subscribe to my mailing list and download my free album. You'll enjoys hours of music plus a few free gifts.
39:07 10/17/16
Feedback from Celtic Invasion of Cornwall
Every year, I host a Celtic Invasion Vacation. We travel to various locations around the world get to know a small region through its culture, history, legends and music.  In 2016, we invaded Cornwall in the Southwestern portion of England. Cornwall is one of the seven Celtic nations and has a lot to offer. We only tapped a small portion of it. But the experience left many great memories. Next year is the Celtic Invasion of Brittany. Applications are now open. Only 8-10 people will join us. We have four booked as of this writing. So if you want to reserve a spot, send in your deposit and application soon. Details about the 2017 trip will be announced in November at --- I want to send Special Thanks to all of my Gunn Runners on Patreon who pledge just $1 or more per month to help me make a living as a musician. You'll get free music, early versions of songs and lyrics, behind-the-scenes podcasts, and first look at new videos. You'll find all the details on Patreon at The Celtfather was produced by Marc Gunn. If you enjoyed this episode, then please post a review on iTunes or your favorite podcatcher. I want to invite you again to my website at You can subscribe to my mailing list and download my free album. You'll enjoys hours of music plus a few free gifts.
13:19 10/12/16
Interview with Randy Wothke of The Rogues (formerly Scottish Rogues)
The bad news is that The Rogues have split up. The good news is that Randy Wothke is reuniting with The Rogues classic (Lars, Jimmy, and Bryan) to release a new album and all new shows. This is some of the best news for anyone who loves bagpipes & drums. What's next for these most amazing Scottish Rogues? Listen and rejoice! Find out more about the group on their website at .
04:26 11/2/15
Celtic Travel as a Priority in Your Life #45
Traveling will fill your life with joy and satisfaction. You experience life more fully when you hit the road and leave your comfort zone. I've felt its rewards more fully through my years on the road. I've grown and learned a lot, much like Mark Twain. Twain wrote: “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.” This week, I share some of my reasoning behind why I love to travel and also how you can kickstart your travel experience. Plus, I share a Celtic Music Spotlight on Abby Green and offer you a free copy of my album Not Every Day Is St. Patrick's Day. Join me for the as we delve into WHY you should travel too. Find the shownotes at  
16:34 9/21/15
Cornwall Itinerary 2016 Celtic Invasion Vacations #37
It's funny how when I start planning this podcast, I frequently have NO news to share. Then I start searching to see what I did the past week, or what I have planned to come. Everything comes together. I end up with a longer show. I start the show off as usual with my Celtic Music Spotlight of the Scottish band Breabach. I also made an update to my Gunn Runners page to earn more patrons on Patreon. I talk about how I created this week's Irish & Celtic Music Podcast which features three hours of awesome Celtic music picked from my past ten years producing this podcast. I also share about some of my plans for GenCon this weekend. Finally, I finished the "itinerary" of next year's Celtic Invasion of Cornwall. I picked Cornwall because of its Arthurian history more than it's Celtic. But both are super important. I give you a day-by-day glimpse of what is completed thus far for next year's vacation. It's gonna be fun and exciting. Will you join me? Find shownotes at Find out more about the Celtic Invasion of Cornwall at
19:03 7/27/15
Birth of Inara Claire Gunn
Inara Claire Gunn was born yesterday at 7:08 pm. She's a happy, healthy girl of 7lbs. 11 oz and 20.5 inches long. Come meet her this Sunday on Concert Window. Find out more at
04:23 5/19/15
A Glimpse Inside a Donegal Vacation
There's still no news on the baby front. And we're less than one week away from the birth of Inara. Today, I share a little catch up news as well as do a short highlight of my Celtic Invasion of Donegal, Ireland in a few weeks. Find shownotes at To subscribe, go to iTunes, or go to where you can also join my mailing list. This show is sponsored by my Patrons at Your generous monthly donation feeds a human family of three and half plus three cats. Post feedback in the shownotes, use the hashtag #celtfather on social media, or email me
11:52 5/12/15
Irish Music vs. Scottish, The Art of Asking
St. Patrick's Week starts tomorrow. So it's time to start philosophizing about Celtic music, awesome songs and fulfilling my promises through your generous patronage, including some thoughts I learned from Amanda Palmer. You'll find a link to the full shownotes at To subscribe, go to iTunes, or go to where you can also join my mailing list. This show is sponsored by my Patrons at Your generous monthly donation feeds a human family of three and half plus three cats. Post feedback in the shownotes, use the hashtag #celtfather on social media, or email me
20:47 3/9/15
Dublin Harpers Interview
I've been sharing the stage with the Dublin Harpers, a family of Celtic musicians from Dublin, Ohio. As the name says, they play harp music, but it's not like harp music you've heard before. There are at least two harpers, a bodhran player, and occasional other instruments mixed in by the whole family. The music is also upbeat, with reels and jigs that sound like reels and jigs. If you usually think of harp music as slow and pretty, then give this a listen and find out how wrong you are. Find out more about the band at 
10:32 11/17/14
Whiskey Bay Rovers Interview
The Whiskey Bay Rovers came by to chat with me at the Louisiana Renaissance Festival after a show. We talked origin stories of these pirates from Lafayette.
05:40 11/16/14
Bail Money, Pirate History, and Secret Tracks: The Bilge Pumps Interview
The Bilge Pumps sent me their newest CD, Bail Money, last month. I had the pleasure of seeing them at the Louisiana Renaissance Festival where I dug deeper into their murky history. Subscribe to the podcast at  You can become a patron of the podcast at 
11:11 11/10/14
ALEP Year and Hobbit Love - CG058
ALEP was wonderful. Now it's another ALEP Year until the next one. You'll have to listen to find out how an ALEP Year is. In this week's episode, I talk about my favorite moments at ALEP. Plus, I announce a bunch of shows that are coming up. The show is brought to you by ALEP. Go to to find out more.
13:34 10/6/14
Michael Drout Interview with a Tolkien Professor, How to Read the Silmarillion - CG057
Michael Drout is an amazing professor who teaches the works of JRR Tolkien. He's also a regular guest of A Long Expected Party, aka ALEP, the ultimate Tolkien gathering in the world. I had the pleasure of talking to him about his love of Tolkien and he also provided valuable insight on how to read The Silmarillion. If you are passionate about hobbits and all things Lord of the Rings, then find out more about ALEP at
29:11 10/2/14

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