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Scottish and Irish folk songs combined with the Lord of the Rings music and a wee bit o’Celtic fun. The Brobdingnagian Bards (pronounced brob-din-nahg-EE-en) were The Original Celtic Renaissance music duo from Austin, Texas. Their unique brand of folk music on the autoharp, recorder, and mandolin made them one of the most-popular Celtic music groups online where they continue to give away thousands of free Celtic MP3 downloads daily. From 1999 to 2008, the Brobdingnagian Bards performed coast-to-coast, and in a given month could be found at a Lord of the Rings Oscar Party, a Celtic festival, or a Science Fiction Convention. However, they were an absolute favorite at Renaissance Faires where they added high-energy and wit to make every show a memorable experience. Thanks in part to this podcast, their shows are never done!


Songs that Get Stuck in Your Head 26:35 08/05/2021
A Very Cunning Plan with Bard Coins... or Ducats 36:50 05/19/2021
Banned at Renaissance Faires 38:58 04/15/2021
Old Dun Cow Radio #62 30:04 03/15/2021
Bards on Bards (But Not in a Sexual Way) 45:16 02/10/2021
Bards talk about their Year! 43:42 12/09/2020
Bards at Dragon Con 2020 42:00 09/02/2020
Bog Off! 39:59 05/07/2020
Facing Crisis with Change...the Bardic Way 28:58 04/01/2020
Back to Sherwood Forest Faire 2020 19:56 02/28/2020
Groundhog Day Release of I Will Not Sing Along CD 29:05 01/29/2020
Christmas Memories 31:38 12/14/2019
How Ridiculous Is Thanksgiving? 37:52 11/07/2019
Dragon Con 2019 Reflections 35:52 09/25/2019
Good Enough to STEAL 16:58 05/22/2019
Marked By Great Size 198:39 05/08/2019
I Will NOT Sing Along 15:57 03/27/2019
20 Years of Playing Music 45:22 02/22/2019
2019 Brings A Brobdingnagian Minute Back! 02:49 02/20/2019
Last Brobdingnagian Bards Podcast… Sort of… Plus Oscar Picks 29:54 02/23/2018
Origin Story of Brobbdingnagian Bards: We Made Lemonade 81:42 11/29/2016
Top 5 Movie Round Table of Seven 54:25 11/07/2016
10 Things to do with Worn Out Brobdingnagian Bards CDs 22:18 03/08/2016
Drive to Dragon Con 2015, Brainstorming a Podcast 30:12 09/06/2015
Brainstorming Hobbit Drinking Songs at DragonCon 2015 30:31 07/11/2015
The Bards Review Geek TV Shows 32:26 04/15/2015
April Fool’s and The Autoharp That Could’ve Saved Rome 33:56 04/01/2015
Reunited and It Feels So Good! 08:58 04/01/2015
Announcing Sherwood Celtic Music Festival Reunion 61:12 07/09/2012
Merry Celtic Christmas Soap Opera 57:03 12/22/2011