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Queer Writers of Crime

Queer Writers of Crime offers interviews by Brad Shreve with renowned LGBTQ authors, and up and coming talent, of mystery, suspense and thriller novels. Plus Justene gives her weekly book recommendations.


Michael Craft On The Dark Side Of A Sunny Place 62:49 09/07/2021
C.L. Brees Takes Us To Saskatchewan 65:51 08/30/2021
Garrett Hutson Discusses The Ebb And Flow Of LGBTQ Acceptance 60:54 08/24/2021
Lucy Sussex On An 1800s Blockbuster Crime Novel 56:32 08/17/2021
John Copenhaver And The Creepy Things Society Did To Us 58:16 08/10/2021
Marko Realmonte And Jeff Adams - Marko Takes Us Beneath The Streets of Oxford, Plus Jeff From The Big Gay Fiction Podcast Visits 70:00 08/03/2021
Garrick Jones On Men Who Won't Talk About It 61:59 07/27/2021
Chris Holcombe Presents 1926 New York LGBTQ+ Style 55:37 07/20/2021
Meredith Doench And Her Favorite Prison To Visit 58:00 07/13/2021
Christopher Murphy The Thrill Seeking Author 56:39 07/06/2021
Ann McMan There's No Subject She Won't Touch 59:40 06/29/2021
Dean Klinkenberg Presents Ragtime and Murder 59:25 06/22/2021
Shane K. Morton's Drag Queens Aren't A Drag 49:57 06/15/2021
Mia Manansala Serves A Killer Dish 59:13 06/08/2021
Lev Raphael And The Department Of Death 59:40 06/01/2021
Barbara Wilson, A Trailblazer 59:58 05/25/2021
Alan R. Warren, Radio Host of House Of Mystery, And Author Of 12 True Crime Books 62:22 05/18/2021
P.J. Vernon And Not So Fun Thrills At A Bathhouse 57:47 05/11/2021
Tammy Bird: Define Happily Ever After? 60:09 05/04/2021
Robyn Gigl: Was it Murder or Self Defense? 61:51 04/27/2021
Derek Farrell Defines A Cozy Noir Mystery 58:54 04/20/2021
Joseph R.G. DeMarco Discusses The 200 Men He Interviewed 59:59 04/13/2021
Michael Nava Shares How Often He Googles Himself 56:36 04/06/2021
Marco Carocari From Flying To Photographing To Writing 59:35 03/30/2021
William D. Prystauk Serves Up Kink Noir 60:07 03/23/2021
JB Sanders & The Fine Balance Between Suspense & Humor 54:50 03/16/2021
Wendy Heard Discusses Likeability, Being an L.A. Native, And Whether Bisexuals Exist 59:37 03/09/2021
Jack Dickson Discusses Soap Operas, Politics & Circumcision 57:31 03/02/2021
Eliza Lentzski - Historian by Day Author by Night 58:42 02/23/2021
Rick R. Reed & the Similarities Between Love & Horror 57:04 02/16/2021