Daylight (Stripped)

Jordy Searcy, Phillip Vo


last night I swear I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face

With these memories in the way

Of every demon thought I’d beaten came out swinging at me

they all had something to say

raided my skeleton closets

Showed you the shame I’d forgotten

Thats when you grabbed my hand and promised that it won’t make you leave

Been so long since I had seen a “Good morning”

Then I see the daylight

Oh oh, daylight

Right inside of your eyes

I can see the daylight daylight

My whole life

I been searching for a sunrise

But then I looked into your eyes

And now I can see the daylight

But what if every night reminds of the days that you lost

You’re up late counting the cost

Of all the daydreams of the people and the places you loved

They fell away one by one

waiting from midnight til morning

or seeds you planted to flourish

You told me once that flowers only grow when rain meets the sun

The distance from your head to your heart

Is the same as from the light to the dark

Woulda never saw the morning til you

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